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Friday, August 24, 2018

Newsmax: Was Omarosa A Mole Implanted In The White House?

OK, so can this get any crazier?
Right now this seems like sheer lunacy; however…
What you’re about to discover is far more serious than you think.
As soon as you hear it you’re going to let out an audible *GASP* right before the shockwaves rip through you.
In fact, when word hits the streets about what’s really taking place…
You’re probably going to be terrified when you realize something like this can happen right under our noses.
Millions of people are going to realize they’ve been blindsided — duped — never saw it coming.
You probably got out the popcorn bucket and are watching intently as this whole debacle with Omarosa and President Trump plays out, right?
Now we’ve talked to so many people who believe she’s just nutty.
We’re not disputing that — trust us. But…
That’s exactly what they want you to think. “Who?” you may ask.
The Deep State — America’s deadly shadow government. Yes, the same organization amassing as much firepower as they can to take Trump out… at any cost.
Listen… do you remember a few months ago when we said we knew there was a mole in the White House? Maybe more than one...
We expected they would find an entire nest of informants itching to subvert the president.
Is Omarosa one of them?
Think about it…
She secretly recorded conversations in the White House and possibly inside the Situation Room. Who does that and jeopardizes national security… without batting an eyelash?
Who encouraged her to do this?
Now she’s trying to label Trump as racist and paint him as unstable all over the news media, on TV and on her book tour.
She’s doing everything humanly possible to undermine him — and the confidence of the people of the United States.
Today she says she plans to speak out against him through the midterms.
Of course, she is…
Are her moves being orchestrated by the sinister Deep State operatives who call all the shots?
Who would know?
Dr. Corsi’s New York Times bestseller, Killing the Deep State — it’s all there.
It’s such a shocking exposé we reserved a FREE copy in your nameThat’s how much we believe you should read it.
Now, when you get your FREE BOOK, look on page 24…
You’ll see the plan the Deep State has laid out — and how they’ll violate any law to get what they want.
Remember: We told you the name of the plan (it’s called “PRUDENTIAL”) and it was actually referred to by Deep State operatives BEFORE Donald Trump took the Oath.
Now, let’s also not forget Omarosa worked in the White House under Clinton. What does that tell you?
Omarosa wormed her way in, to work for a man she says is a bigot, a racist, a misogynist — and oh, yes, CRAZY!  
No doubt about it…
Someone is behind Omarosa.
The Deep State wants Trump out so badly they’ll do anything.
The media allies of the Deep State, they LOVE Omarosa. Wall-to-wall coverage.
Your eyes will be opened when you understand the PLAN.
This is why if you still haven’t read it, you must read Killing the Deep State.
Dr. Corsi even shows you the Deep State’s strategy for inciting race riots — he wrote about this six months ago!
Omarosa calling Trump a “racist” doesn’t help. It’s right there on pages 54 and 139…
This is why you must read Killing the Deep State.
You have nothing to lose. We already bought the book for you, saving you $29.99. Claim your FREE copy here.
You won’t be sorry and we guarantee you’re going to see this explosive Omarosa debacle in a new light.
That’s it for today, folks…
Another mole uncovered… another shocking revelation.

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