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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Patrick Wood: The Threat Is HAPPENING Before Our Eyes - It's Time To DO, Not Just Hand-Wring

Dear Friend,

I am appalled at the ingrained apathy toward issues that really matter while great outcries are made over stupid and distracting issues such as Russian meddling in US elections, Q and Q Anon, bashing Trump, locking up Hillary, race baiting, etc.

This is exactly what our enemies are orchestrating us to do: excess over meaningless trivia while they put the noose around our collective neck to hang us.

Oh, America. Wake up!

Recent articles posted in Technocracy News trumpet the clear and present danger of Scientific Dictatorship, massive social engineering, crushing censorship of conservative thought and smothering surveillance.

I pick these articles from all around the world and never from conspiracy theory media. This week I posted from MIT Technology Review, Slate, The Intercept and World Economic Forum to name a few. They all say essentially the same thing: we are cooking like frogs in a pot and the water is about to boil.

If you don't like it, there are plenty of things that you can do about it. The problem is, nobody wants to do anything about it -- except perhaps complain that nobody is doing anything about it.

In the end (if nothing changes very soon), I suppose America is going get what it deserves for sleeping through the invasion and rolling over into digital slavery. Slavery by any other name is... still... slavery.

The fact is, those who say that they love their country but do nothing to save it don't really love it at all. It's just empty rhetoric, leading to a false sense of security.

Recognized or not, engaged or not, today is the day of battle and each American must decide on their own response.

Note that there are no links in this email. No offers, no requests. No appeals. No nothing. Just my rant and ever-nagging warning.

Yours for Liberty,

Patrick Wood
Editor, Technocracy News and Trends

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