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Friday, September 14, 2018

The League Of Power: Russian Collusion Didn't Work Out, So Now They Want To Kill Us

That Russian Collusion Thing Didn’t Pan Out, So Now They Want to Kill Us
After 19 exhaustive months of searching for evidence of Russian collusion, the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Department of Justice, OJ Simpson and Special Counsel Robert Mueller have failed to produce any evidence. So, the Democrats have decided they’re just going to have to kill us all.

The fall election season has seen deranged, out of control Democrats launching violent attacks against Trump supporters all across the country. It’s starting to look like the 1960s all over again out there. The good news is that the Democrats’ labor unions have made public education so bad in America that Millennials for Hillary – or Antifa, as they’re calling themselves these days – are too stupid to build bombs that work.


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GOP candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a deranged leftist while manning his booth at a fair in Castro Valley, CA last Sunday. Peters is running against incumbent Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). Local California media described the suspect as an “Area Man” – which is always fake news code for when the suspect is an illegal alien or a Muslim immigrant. Anyway, “Area Man” Farzad Fazelli started screaming and cursing at Peters about President Trump and Republicans.

Fazelli then attacked Peters and pulled out a switchblade knife while screaming, “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” in front of several hundred witnesses. Except when Fazelli kept trying to operate the switchblade, he couldn’t make the blade pop out so he could actually cut the villainous Republican who had so violently triggered him. Peters then bashed Fazelli with a campaign sign, presumably while laughing at him, before Fazelli ran off.

This entire story is like one big metaphor for being married to a Democrat. Lots of insane cursing and fiery rhetoric, but when the big moment comes he can’t perform.

This won’t surprise anyone, but none of the mainstream media outlets covered this impromptu assassination attempt against a Republican candidate. CNN interviewed Swalwell a couple of hours after the attack and didn’t ask him a single question about “Area Man” trying to stab his opponent.

“Area Man’s” defense attorney told the judge that Peters physically attacked his client. Yes, because that’s what political candidates often do at the county fair with plenty of witnesses around. So, the California judge bought it and released the deranged wannabe killer on bail.

Soon, every violent Democrat who gets arrested for assault, attempted murder or (hopefully not) murder of a Republican will be able to plead “not guilty by reason of Trump sent a mean Tweet about my cousin who is a refugee.” You can always count on Democrats to project their worst impulses onto conservatives. “I didn’t mean to attack – she made me do it!”

Trump supporters trying to have a meeting at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC were interrupted when a battalion of DC cops showed up on Tuesday. An anonymous liberal on Twitter, using an account that supports the Democratic Socialists, sent a message that he was bringing a gun to the meeting and planning to collect a bunch of blood-soaked MAGA hats.

No one was hurt and no one showed up with a gun, but liberals are no longer content to let us have our own separate meetings. If we have meetings at all and publicize them, they’re fine with threatening to kill us.

Their goal is to make us too afraid to have meetings to begin with, or to even show our faces in public. If they can make us too scared to go out and vote in November, even better!

In Somerville, MA, a veteran was driving by the local veterans’ cemetery this week when he spotted a fat, ugly millennial couple yanking American flags off of the graves. We know they were Democrats because the man proceeded to throw the flags on the ground and urinate on them while the woman played lookout. So… another metaphor for marriage to a Democrat. The veteran snapped photos of them and the cops are trying to identify them.

Incidentally, stories like this one are the reason why every adult in America immediately recognized that the Russian potty dossier was a fake Hillary Clinton campaign hit piece. Democrats are always whizzing on things that are important to Americans because they think it’s edgy and funny.

And because they think everyone acts the same way that they do, they think it’s safe to accuse us of acting like them. That’s how you get a fake Russian potty dossier (more on this in a moment!).

Denise McCallister, a conservative columnist and frequent Fox News guest, is in hiding with her family right now because of insane leftist stalkers. She sent out a single tweet denouncing abortion the other day. In response, she started getting threats outside of Twitter from Democrats claiming to know where she lives. The threats also involved raping and strangling her. So, she has to go live in hiding for a while and the police are watching her home in the meantime.

A new GOP field office in Wyoming was set on fire by an arsonist a couple of weeks ago. The Secret Service is having a “chat” with a Broadway actress who “joked” about assassinating President Trump the other day. The list goes on and on.

By the way, why does the Secret Service never lock these nuts up? They always “talk” to them after they threaten to kill the president.

In the midst of all of this violence and depravity against Trump supporters, here’s another story the mainstream media is ignoring. This is a throwaway line that appeared in a longer unrelated story on Politico:

A former top counterintelligence official “described his consternation at the recklessness of State Department officials of both sexes during the Obama years who indulged in sexual favors from in-room masseurs during their stays at the Moscow Ritz.”

Uh oh! Hey, isn’t that the same hotel mentioned in the salacious and unverified Trump Russia dossier? Why, yes it is! Say, who was running the State Department in those long-ago years when Obama was president, anyway?

Paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama slept in? What kind of sick person would make something like that up? Unless, of course, the story wasn’t entirely made up and the names were changed to prosecute the innocent in a paid Clinton campaign hit piece.

We’d bet dollars to donuts that the next shoe to drop in the investigation will be that someone did, in fact, pay Russian hookers to wet the bed at the Ritz – and it wasn’t Donald Trump!

Anybody want to take that bet?

In the meantime, stay safe out there, everybody. Buy guns and plenty of ammunition if you haven’t done so already, because you never know when “Area Man” might be triggered by your hat.


Mark Patricks

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