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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


6 Random Suppositions
by James Hufferd, PhD, Coordinator,                                                         911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     What the ____ is going on? Anyone alive in the here & now must be asking Whoever they ask such a question daily or even hourly, about now. Because the “information” mix scrambling our perceptual screens keeps changing faster than the screens of our TVs and assorted other virtual reality devices.
     Here is a list of some of the soft conclusions (suppositions) that I think I have come up with in answer of late – sort of my current keys to post-definitional cosmology, if you will. And they change daily.
1)    That the powers-that-be (from here on to be designated “the controllers”) are working systematically to destroy the constitutional, unified United States by making its united procedures impossible (i.e., by jamming its gears), to literally force reconstitution of all that survives to their own advantage.
2)    That the fact that George Soros is never seriously prosecuted, even though he is routinely and roundly blamed for instigating and/or pushing and bankrolling much of the above by an endless rash of overt actions. The fact that he’s not legally charged for serious criminality suggests that said conspiracy-to-boggle is far wider and more resourceful than ever reported, and mostly hidden.
3)    Generalizing a bit, no one with any real power gives a fig about either improving or safeguarding the lives of any of the 7 billion people in the world besides themselves (the unique legitimate reason for having governments) except when pro-regular people actions can first forward their own positions.
4)    The “others” (regular people) in #3 could effectively, but rarely do, push back against predatory actions permitted, mainly because they have no knowledge of such or of what to do to protect and advantage themselves in response.
5)    The media as the mainline establishment control mechanism in place has significantly lost followers, thus effectiveness, panicking the controllers. Failure through probably related now conspicuous overreach of certain other attack mechanisms arrayed against the general population, hence exposing the Plan in its basic elements (population reduction, bogglement through excess and disorderly migration, dissention), is occurring simultaneously.
6)    The thoroughly maligned, repudiated and demonized “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, regardless of its origin, and while not outlining the full story of the controllers’ great gambit, provides at least a largely accurate overview, its virtually spot-on accuracy becoming clear as astounding events continue to play out. Not that all Jews (or casually supportive non-Jews) are in any way conspiratorial or culpable, of course. Such is simply not the case. A current alternative explanation is that the results of what appears to be a conspiracy simply occur because the Jews are much smarter than other humans. (You may recall that this same argument was made to account for the surge of extraordinary success of Japanese business a few decades ago.)
JH: 10/23/18 

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