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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Abel Danger: Operation Classified Update From Field McConnell

Operation Classified Update from Field McConnell

by Site Admin
To all receiving this message. While in Dallas over weekend of 26-28 October I was advised of two persons who transmitted a death threat against me: Field McConnell 0116513 USMC
Therefore I have already secured notes to my speaking engagement set for 1100/11-11-18 in 3 locations. The nature of my proposed speaking at Operation CLASSIFIED is the history of airline/transport category aircraft MURDERS FOR HIRE from December 1960 to recent Lion Air 610. All 22 crashes that I an "expert" on bear the signature of Hillary Clinton's crime network and this information
has been in the hands of a Wisconsin Court since 21 August, 2014.
Field McConnell
Serco and United States Senior Executive Service INTERSECT @ Kristine Marcy who I have report to President Trump on TREASON charges. The last individual if charge with Treason was executed.

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