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Monday, October 29, 2018


It’s All The one Narrative, & the steepened price of cold reality

by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator,                                                                           911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Now those of us who don’t appreciate the Zionist State of Israel’s already almost iron-clad exemption from criticism of any sort here in America, paired with their virtual iron-clad lock-step (or goose-step) control over our federal government, elected and unelected, and of our nation’s establishment-brandished institutions, and of our unjustly-popular, ruinous war-making machinery, as well and their own realm of apartheid and genocide, are being targeted to be muzzled by the controlled media. If you don’s like the Zionist ideology by which a small, in-your-face country, bolstered by Big Brother US, and its iron rod, runs an imagined subservient world’s affairs from atop its figurative, also nonexistent hill of moral rectitude, you’d better just shut up. Because, remember: “If you’re not with us, you’re with the enemy.”

     That’s how the music goes running through our media-induced narrative. And, with the attendant shutdown of dissenting voices online, the wholly-controlled media alone is permitted to paint reality with a broad brush for all. (What, if you recall, happened next after a hundred flowers were allowed to bloom?)

     But don’t forget that Zionists – both American neocons and uniquely specially-privileged US-Israeli dual citizens, and Israeli nationals themselves – left their fingerprints all over 9/11 – but were let off because they weren’t Muslims and were insiders, hence outside the pre-written narrative. Plus, they were “allies”, “allies” who have attempted to sink American ships with impunity and have led us by the nose to bomb, invade, and destroy their perceived “enemies” (translated to mean ancient, established nations sitting on large stretches of land and resources the Zionists have coveted as their birthright and Middle East manifest destiny to take over and expand into, just as they have Palestine. Descending mostly from northern and eastern Europe, they pushed their way over the past two generations, fueled directly or indirectly by Rothschild bribe money and their victimhood narrative, to displace and take over Palestine, the platform for expansion, and claim the prize swath of the Mideast extending from the Nile to the Euphrates as their rightful fiefdom. Arising from the ashes in 1948, the prize, within a few generations, the true prize in the lust of their eyes being overlordship of the globe, as they read the three-millennia-old Torah prophecy, subjecting all other nations. That’s what’s going on – the rights and liberties of all the non-elites in the world be damned. Step by step, with Central Banking illusionary money. It’s not that the Zionists necessarily buy into the prophesy, it’s that they want the world to think they do – as do most of the religious in the United States, at least more or less.

     I concede that the longstanding critics of Israel were right. Israel is anything but our friend. World leaders must surely know it: The Zionism resident in Israel, in the Central Banking world, in Washington-New York and the EU, with millions of adherents, is the globalist New World Order. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”. The evidence is everywhere. Note: I didn’t say “the Jews”, who, like all general groups of run-of-the-mill people, are non-conspiratorial in the vast majority, hence, not the ones to be blamed – although the Zionist-subservient media are out to convince you, just now, that to be anti-Zionist is to be anti-Jewish. And if you speak against Zionism and Israel, you have, they insist, committed hate-speech.

     Which is what the Zionist-owned, Deep State-controlled media are saying just now by declaring the tragic-enough multiple-casualty shooting in the Pittsburgh synagogue “a negative turning-point in our nation’s history” and calling it “genocide”, words they didn’t utter, or probably think to utter, after other mass-shootings. Because, whatever Zionists, the masters of Israel (and, in effect, America) do is sacrosanct and, beyond blameless, meritorious (although Zionism is in fact as much the enemy of Jews as anyone else) – leading to a serious movement in Congress to criminalize criticism of anything Israel, the special-case Zionist State, does. And you can believe Israel’s NGOs, like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are solidly behind the legislation. And there goes our First Amendment, the anchor of all our rights. For heaven’s sake, don’t swallow the government’s sanction on America. More accurately, don’t let it swallow us all. Oppose Zionism and Israel’s perverse entitlement and narcissistic megalomania (the NWO) – not Jews – for all you’re worth.

JH: 10/29/18

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