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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

SRN News: What It's Come To - Young Woman Arrested For Handing Out Copies Of US Constitution

If there’s anything that clearly illustrates how hostile college campuses have become towards the First Amendment, it’s what happened to Michelle Gregoire.

Michelle was arrested on a public sidewalk at Kellogg Community College in Michigan.

Her crime?

Handing out copies of the Constitution.

Yes, you read that right. A young lady was arrested for handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on an American college campus.

Here’s what happened...

Michelle and four other supporters of Young Americans for Liberty were standing on a large, public walkway on campus talking to students about the club. They handed out pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution and asked questions like, “Do you like freedom and liberty?”

College administrators and campus security eventually showed up. But Michelle and the others didn’t think they had anything to fear. After all, they were simply exercising their rights authorized by the very document they were handing out.

But school officials didn’t see it that way.

They told Michelle and her group that they were violating school policies and needed to obtain prior authorization from the college to exercise their free speech. But they didn’t stop there. The officials also said that the school would even have to tell them where they could stand when exercising their freedoms.

They then told Michelle and the others that they must stop engaging in their speech activities and leave campus immediately—or else.

But the group from Young Americans for Liberty knew their rights. Michelle and two of the others politely informed the school chief of public safety that they were going to continue exercising their First Amendment freedoms.

That’s when he arrested them and charged them with trespassing.

Arrested. For handing out the Constitution!

It’s hard to believe—isn’t it? College campuses are supposed to be places where free speech thrives! Instead, more and more often, conservative and Christian students are silenced and censored for exercising their First Amendment rights.

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