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Friday, November 30, 2018

Former President George H W Bush Has Died At 94

G20 Summit Top Agenda Item: Bye Bye, American Empire

Is Reality A Hologram?

Trump: US Troops Will Stay In Middle East To Protect Israel

Patrick Buchanan: Why Is Ukraine's Kerch Crisis Any Of Our Business?

The Long, Brutal US War On Children In The Middle East

Solved: Strange Seismic Waves Rocked The Globe On November 11

Protecting The Queen: FBI Raids Home Of Whistleblower On Clinton Foundation

":Long Overdue": Scientists Warn Of Impending 8.5 Magnitude Earthquake In Himalayas

Artificial Intelligence May Destroy Humanity By Accident (But It Won't Apologize)

G20 Cringefest - Awkward Gaffs From The Top Summit

Beijing Demands US Stop Provocations, Scolds US For South China Sea Sail By

Go Figure: No Downside For Trump In Shutting Down The Government To Get Full Wall Funding

Democrats Stole The Election In California - Legally Through "Ballot Harvesting" (A Technique Completely Illegal Elsewhere)

Alaska Rocked After Major Earthquake Hits Near Anchorage

Ukraine Bans Russian Men Aged 16 -60 From Entering The Country

Anglo-American Psy-Op Agency Exposed

The RussiaHoax Fiasco Will End Soon With Dueling Court Cases - A Big, Fat Constitutional Crisis

Corbett: 9-11 Truth Gets A Grand Jury

Angelo Codevilla: Come The Revolution: Our Most Dangerous Enemy, The Tactics Of The Left

Abel Danger: The Deindustrialization Of America

The Clinton Foundation Finally Comes Under Congressional Scrutiny

The Female "Patsy" Whose Mission It Is To Start World War III

Is Your Cellphone A Psychotronic Weapon That's Controlling Your Mind? Some Experts Think So

Tensions Mount In Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Disputes, Difficult Issues Loom Over G-20

New Congressperson Protects Parents' Right To Inflict Genital Mutilation

The Deep State Seen As Winning The Battles For Removing Trump

Global Dimming Scheme: Now Scientists Want To Fill The Atmosphere With Smog To Save The Planet

Corporate Gratitude: GM Bailed Out, Leaves

Give Credit: Trump Revealed Caravan's Fate, And It Wasn't What Anyone Was Expecting

Forbidden Knowledge: The Hidden History Of Humanity (Special Feature Documentary)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Kiev Closes Land Route To Crimea For Foreigners

Merkel's Plane Breaks Down, Makes Emergency Landing On Way To G-20 Summit

Pentagon Gives $15 Billion Arms Deal In Place Of Punishment For Saudis

Hillary And Bill Panicked As New Scandal Erupts

Mexican Authorities Claim Caravan Members Carrying Tuberculosis

Trump Threatens To Hit Dems With Declassified Documents If They Go Down Harassment Track

How Soviet MIG-21 Thwarted CIA Op 45 Years Ago

Beijing Plans AI-Driven Base 6,000 Feet Under Water In Disputed South China Sea

Quakers In Britain Rise Against Israeli Apartheid

US And Ukraine Give Russia Perfect Opportunity To Increase Crimea Defenses

White House Prevented CIA Chief From Testifying On Khashoggi

Chinese Report Success Of Gene-Edited Babies

Glowing Green Fireball Buzzes Over Putin's Top-Secret Research Labs

Mark Dice: Technical Difficulties

Bayer To Fire 12,000 - On Out Of Every 10 Workers - After Mosanto Legal Troubles

US Senate Advances Resolution To Stop Backing Saudi Genocide In Yemen

These Countries Are Quickly And Quietly Dumping The Dollar

Luke Rudkowski: The Situation Will Only Get Worst With Caravan In Tijuana

Brennan And Clapper Spied On Congress Illegally - Prosecution In The Cards?

Company Facebook Relies On For Who To Purge Is Advising Saudis On Spin Of Khashoggi Murder

A Russian View: Next In Ukraine - Terrorist Dictatorship Or Disintegration Of The Country

Meet A Typical Mueller RussiaHoax Team: Member: Clinton Attack Dog Jeannie Rhee

Russian Conservatism Today Stands For Family Values And Resistance To Globalism

Have We Passed The Zenith Of The God Soros?

Putin: The Dollar Is Ditching Us, Not We It

Dmitry Orlov: The West Resembles A Decapitated Rooster

There Really Is A Plan To Replace White People In The West

Russia Is Key To Asia's Future Development

Trump Is Winning The War With The Federal Reserve

Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein: America's Mr. Pedophile (Video)

Trump Said To Have Cancelled Putin Meeting Over Ukraine Crisis - We'll See

British Thought Police Out To Stop Crimes That Haven't Been Committed

"Mysterious Helicopters" Rescuing ISIS And Al-Qaeda: A Brief Timline

8 Shocking Demographic Trends Which Will Shape America's Future

Heartbreaking Video A Startling Reminder Of How Humans Are Destroying The Planet At An Astonishing Rate

Why America's Largest Agricultural State Is Also Its Hungriest

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump Regime Blocks CIA Chief From Testifying About Khashoggi's Murder

Chemotherapy Revealed As Toxic Poison For Every Living Cell In The Human Body

Clinton's Speaking Tour Opens To 83% Empty Seats, Coughing Fit

Obama: Trump's Nationalism "Not Pride In Country But Hatred Of Foreigners"

Trump/Putin Meeting At G20 On Or Off? Showdown With China's Xi?

New Counter-Claim: Global Cooling Is Real - Major Temperature Low 2046?

Yes, We Have The Right To Talk Back To The Government, But It Could Get You Killed

The Art Of The Lie: Its Vietnam War Roots

The New, Incurable Polio Said To Be Injected Into US By Illegal Immigrants

Between 6,000 And 10,000 Churches In US Are Dying Each Year... 100 This Week

Why Britain Doesn't Want Trump To Declassify Obamagate Documents

Luke Rudkowski: US Media Won't Report A Major Event They Can't Spin

Survey: A Third Of Europeans Know Little Or Nothing About The Holocaust

Truth Is Dangerous! Unfair! Former Homeland Security Official Laments RT's Truth-Telling

Putin: "Kiev Would Get Away Even With Eating Babies"

Canada's Main TV Channel, CBC Is A Great Big Globalist Channel For War

Bolsheviks Tricked The Russians 100 Years Ago - The Same People Are Bamboozling Americans Today

Is This Rat Finally Cornered? Herr Gestapo Robert Mueller...

What We See At Tijuana Border Is Only A Small Part - Paramilitaries Crossing Remotely, Etc.

Chess Master Putin Outmaneuvers US Again!

Fulfilling Prophesies Of Many Years: UN Now Embraces New World Order Depopulation Program

Famous Historian Explains Why He Supports Trump

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dan Bongino: The Biggest Scam In American History

The Real Hidden Secrets In Antarctica... Revealed (Video)

Muslim Child Rape Gangs Targeted Sikh Girls For Decades, Police Frozen By Political Correctness

Trump's Disapproval Rating Peaks After Midterm

Jim Jordan: Only 5 Weeks Left To Secure Border-Wall Funding

More Lies: Paper Claims Manafort Met With Assange, Wikileaks Confidently Denies

Syrian Girl: US-Backed Rebels Again Used Chemical Weapons In Syria (Video)

Just Lies: British Army Has An Entire Brigade Of Online Trolls Devoted To Psy-Ops

Russian Warships Again Refueling In NATO Spain - British Pundit Calls It "A Knife In The Back" For The West

2020: Why Not Straight-Talking Tulsi For Dems?

Lebanon Is Asking Russia To Protect It From Israeli Incursions

The Saker: What Comes After The Russian-Ukrainian Naval Clash In Kerch Strait?

Julian Assange's Beloved Cat Sent To Live With His Family Members

US, Europe, And NATO Risk All-Out War By Backing Unhinged Kiev Regime

South Front: Yesterday, Syrian Rebels Launched A Militant Chemical Attack On Aleppo, Injuring 100

Is Israel The Land Of No Prosecution For Rape?

Russia Blocks The Ukrainian Navy From Militarizing The Sea Of Azov

Study Estimates Autism Now Infects 1 In 40 US Kids

$70,000 Electric Pickup Truck That Can Do 0 to 60 MPH In 3 Seconds

Ron Paul: NO MORE! We Must Stop The 40-Year-Old Obsession With Iran

Ocean Circulation Said To Be More Evidence Of An Approaching Mini Ice Age

Ecologist Says Trees Talk To Each Other In A Language We Can Learn

Why Nutritional Psychology Is The Future Of Mental Health Treatment

Catherine Frompovich: Is There A Maniacal State In The USA Known As "The Deep State"?

How Government Became The Chief Violator Of Property Rights

Ukraine Provokes Russia To What End?

Ron Paul: Allow Americans To Opt Out Of Abortion And War

Chossudovsky: Kerch Straits Incident - Prologue To War?

Michio Kaku: A Supreme Intelligence Created The Universe

Oncoming Hordes: Is Anybody Looking At What's Happening To Europe?

Concealed Carry Gun Owners Have A 94% Success Rate Stopping Potential Mass Shooters

How UN Plans To Become The Global Authority By 2030

Back To 18th Century: UK Govt Agency Warns That Coming Space Storms Will Wipe Out Modern Society By Killing All Electronics

Forbidden Knowledge - Julian Assange: Trial By Media Upcoming? The Next Spectacle?

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Next 15 Years With Space-X. Mars, And Space

Big Tech In Big Trouble - Wall Street Moans

Mexico Seen As Betraying Trump

Utah Rep. Mia Love Blasts Trump, GOP For Not Embracing Her, Minorities In General

Beware! The Independent Media Is Now Being Infiltrated With Soros-UN-Funded Disinfo Agents

Mark Dice: Guess Who's Back!

Koch Brothers Beg GOP Lawmakers To Pass DACA Amnesty

Corbyn Tells May To "Bring It On" As PM Considers Live TV Debate On Her Brexit Deal

George Galloway: Another Crimean War Looms As NATO Provocations Enter Russian Waters

City-State Conversion Planning - Market Governance To Replace The Nation-State

Help Senator Rand Paul Block $38 Billion To Israel

Dear James,
It is truly "David against Goliath," and "David" needs our help!
In a historic development, U.S. Senator Rand Paul is opposing the Israel lobby and attempting to stop aid to Israel. 
Senator Paul has placed a "hold" on a bill that would give Israel a total of $38 billion over the next 10 years (the largest such aid package in U.S. history).
A "hold" means that Senator Paul has informed Majority Leader Mitch McConnel that Paul does not wish the bill to reach the Senate floor, and that Paul may filibuster the bill if it moves forward.
AIPAC has issued an action alert calling on its members to pressure Senator Paul to end his resistance. (Fyi: Majority Leader McConnell has received over $1.5 million from Israel partisans and appears to be in AIPAC's pocket.)
This is NOT a partisan action; it has nothing to do with political parties or whether you oppose or agree with Senator Paul's other political positions. 
This is an opportunity for us to work to stop the massive aid to Israel that enables its criminal oppression and carnage against Palestinians, helps fund Israeli violence against others in the region, creates destructive hostility to the U.S., and diverts U.S. tax money from the urgent needs of Americans.
Thank you for helping us end the cover up, manipulation, and eventually, the aid.
 – Alison Weir

Senior Fellow Of Warmongering Atlantic Council Says US Should Send Warships To Azov Sea (Illegally) After Standoff

Election Ploy? Poroshenko Declares Martial Law In Ukraine

Touchdown On Mars! NASA Has Landed Its Spacecraft

Trump Reveals Bold New Border Plan - Can He Do It?

Trump Taking Action Against Dark Web Threat

Elites Admit Chemtrails Are Real In Their New "Dim The Sun" Approach To Global Warming

Populism Is Growing In Europe - Attest: Violent Fuel Price Riots

If Massive, Coordinated Election Fraud Not Stopped, 2020 Election Will Be Completely STOLEN

Migrants Met With Teargas At US Border

Fact: Rights Are Not Gifts From Government

PCR: Russia's Stoppage, Firing On Ukrainian Vessels Explained

Tensions Continue To Rise After Russia Attacks Ukrainian Ships

Scientist Invents Technology To See Multidimensional Beings

Dear James,

Contrary to the beliefs of the transhumanists, the idea that we are not just physical beings living in a physical universe but multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe dates back to the earliest civilizations.

Many ancient spiritual and metaphysical philosophies, like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Kabbalism and others teach that there were multiple realms of existence and that the universe is somehow divided into planes; each consisting of its own reality; populated and inhabited by multitudes of entities, beings, creatures and objects. The hidden dimensions are described as making up a much larger proportion of the universe than the physical parts that can be seen.

Ancient Hindu traditions describe seven planes of existence, each teeming with life. The lower planes are said to express more of the material aspect and the higher planes express more of the energy aspect. These seven planes interpenetrate each other and occupy the same space. Different levels of consciousness are required to perceive these different planes or dimensions.

The ancients lacked a science to explain how this was possible. This video by Universe Inside You says this is no longer the case and that there's nothing at all mystical about it; that all can be explained with physics.

Quantum physics sheds light on the truth about our world, showing us how our physical material world is really not physical or material, at all. As Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Niels Bohr said, "Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real." Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter. As Richard Conn Henry, a professor of physics and astronomy stated, "Get over it and accept the inarguable conclusion: The universe is immaterial, mental and spiritual."

We're then introduced to the work of Colombian inventor, Daniel Nemes, who claims to have created a technology called "Energy Vision" that can photograph other-dimensional beings.

Running Time: 11 min

1,000s Of Migrants Line Up For Food In Tijuana, Mexico - ALL MEN, NO Women Or Children

Russia And Ukraine Are On The Brink Of War - And Why That Could Lead To World War III

Sunday, November 25, 2018

US Drone Operator Outs US Slaughter Of Children In Yemen

Abel Danger: Britain, Brexit, EU, And Threatening Russia

The Scum That Scum Scrapes Off Its Shoes

Luke Rudkowski: Think About It - Black Friday Is Mind-Control

Angela Merkel: "Nations Must Be Ready To Give Up Sovereignty"

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Trump Dying To Close A Nuclear Deal With Saudis

Sen. Richard Black: US Has Established 17 Bases In Syria Without Lawful Justification

Washington's Regime Change Strategy In Venezuela

Chomsky Warns Of "Disaster" In Brazil Under Jair Bolsonaro

US Foreign Policy Is Evidently Dependent On Saudi Despotism

Technocracy: The Hard Road To World Order

PCR: Why White Gentiles (Especially Males) Cannot Now Get Admitted To Ivy League Universities

Why Eastern Europeans, Who Know Muslims Historically, Reject Them As Migrants

Facebook Era Is Over: Protests Against Sneaky Controlling Algorithms All Over The World

Implications Of Khashoggi Murder: Saudis' Regional Position Weakened, Their Regional Rivals Won

How The West Destroyed Libya And Empowered Islamism

Opinion: America's Problems Are Caused By Selfishness

Ron Paul: Was The Civil War With Its 6 to 700 Deaths Really Necessary? And Other Bad 19th-Century Ideas

Friday, November 23, 2018

What Destroyed Sodom? Scientists Now Think They Know

Report: Climate Change May Push Million Away From Coast And US Isn't Ready

Russian Lawmakers Mull Response To Leaked UK (False) Information Warfare Strategy

China To Resume Imports Of Oil From Iran Soon

Tunisian Activists Call For Protest During Bin-Salman's Visit

A History Of US Exploitation And Genocide In Central America

Cultural Relativism: Despondent Child Bride Sold On Facebook Becomes Man's Ninth Wife

Family Forgives Stone Age Natives Who Martyred Evangelist

Trump Pressure On Saudis Yields Lowest Oll Crash Prices Of Year

Watch Two Women Wrestle Over Cookware On Black Friday At Georgia Walmart

Former Israeli Military Affairs Minister Met With Syrian Terrorists

Spain Sues For Gibraltar Before Brexit Gets EU Approval

The Big Lie About US Aims In Syria

The Difference Between An Obama Judge And A Trump Judge

Horrors! Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Ambitions

Ron Paul: Thanksgiving 2018 - Reasons To Be Thankful

Anathema To US: Iran Open To Working With Saudi Arabia

Keep Your Landline: Authorities Are Using A Mysterious New Tool That Can Unlock Virtually Any Cellphone

Full-Fledged Despotism: Member Of EU Parliament Says New UN Pact Will Make It Illegal To Criticize Mass Immigration

French Historian: Multicultural Society Will Lead To A Multi-Conflict Society

CIA Has Smoking Gun Phone Call Of BMS Giving Order To "Silence" Khashoggi

Pictures Of Carvings On Mars?

Philosopher Alan Badiou: We Are At A New Beginning Of Marxist Thought

Why Did Social Media Stocks Tank All At The Same Time?

Living In The Prequel Of "Blade Runner"? Where The Technocrats Have It Wrong About Live And Convergence

Deep Sleep Takes The Edge Off Chronic Anxiety

Soros Sold Huge Amounts Of Facebook And Netflix Just Before Tech Markets Crashed

Ten Reasons Governments Fail

US Drone Operators, Killing Across The Planet: "We Kill Because We Can"

It's Time To Contain China And Israel

Judge Orders Feds To Release Nearly 100 Illegal Immigrants From Iraq

Trump Plan Requires Asylum-Seekers To Wait In Mexico

Trump Says He Signed Order To CLOSE US-Mexico Border

12 Young Republicans Set To Take The GOP By Storm

The League of Power
The Promising Dozen: 12 Up-and-Comers to Watch Out For
Who will be the next president of the United States?

At this point, in 2018, President Donald Trump is most likely to be replaced by Vice President Mike Pence in 2025 or a Democrat. Now that I’ve depressed you with the last word of the previous sentence, it’s time to be optimistic. It’s now time to explore the Republican and conservative leaders of the future -- people who could be elected president in 2024 or afterward and could, in the meantime, help Trump advance the conservative Republican agenda.

While researching up and comers, I decided to go out of the box while researching this article and focus on younger leaders rather than all of the people who ran for president in 2016 and earlier. Ultimately, I decided that there are so many great or potentially great young Republicans that the maximum age of the people on this list would be 45. That eliminated excellent leaders who were on my list before my research began such as former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, 46; Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, 48; and Utah Senator Mike Lee, 47.


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During my research, I found Republican politicians who were virtually unknown to the public, and me, but have demonstrated strong leadership as mayors or governors. I also considered support for the agenda of President Trump as defined by a statistical analysis that we had not seen before. That meant Colorado Senator Cory Gardner leapfrogged several other candidates for the list and Texas Congressman Will Hurd made the list despite his well-known criticism of the president. Both are very pro-Trump, according to the analysis.

I’ve also considered the reality of politics and candidates’ personal profiles. Thus, doing well among the electorate in swing or anti-Trump areas as Gardner and Hurd have was a plus. So was military service and business success. Six of the 12 served in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.

The Promising Dozen are listed alphabetically. They are:

Cotton, 41, is the youngest U.S. senator. He was elected by Arkansas in 2014 at 37 in a landslide over 12-year senator Mark Pryor. Senator Cotton became a GOP leader on foreign policy and military issues, leading the effort to block a nuclear nonproliferation pact with Iran. Trump reversed President Barack Obama’s decision, reimposed sanctions, and considered Cotton as his defense secretary in 2016. Cotton graduated Harvard University and Harvard Law School, but quit his attorney job to serve in the military from 2005 to 2009. He fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cotton made great sacrifices for the USA, but they pale in comparison to the sacrifices that Crenshaw, 34, made. As many of you know because of the “Saturday Night Live” skit mocking him and his appearance on the TV show the next week, Crenshaw is blind in his right eye. While serving our nation in Afghanistan, Crenshaw almost lost his vision when an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated. An operation saved his left eye. The Texan was a lieutenant commander in the Navy and could be a leader in the U.S. House after his Nov. 6 election.

DeSantis, 40, is the nation’s youngest governor. DeSantis was an underdog in the GOP primary, but Trump endorsed him and campaigned for him. DeSantis’ 94.3 percent support for Trump as a member of the U.S. House was one reason Trump supported him. DeSantis also emphasized his support for Trump and opposition to prosecutor Robert Mueller during the campaign. Like Cotton, DeSantis graduated Harvard Law School and later served the U.S. military in Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star.

Gardner, 44, ranks as the most pro-Trump senator on the FiveThirtyEight website “Tracking Congress In The Age of Trump.” The ranking is based on the “difference between a member’s actual and predicted Trump support scores.” Elected in 2014, Gardner has supported Trump 91.1 percent of the time. Other senators have supported Trump more, but Gardner is from a state that voted for Hillary Clinton. Thus, his predicted score is 43.9 percent. In other words, he is a conservative in a Blue state. His bipartisan appeal could make him a future national leader.

Hawley, 38, was one of the GOP’s stars on Election Night after he won the U.S. Senate seat for Missouri held by two-term incumbent Claire McCaskill 51.5 to 45.5 percent. He will replace Cotton as the youngest senator in the next Congress. He knows presidents because at age 28 he wrote a biography of Theodore Roosevelt. Trump endorsed him long before the GOP primary to discourage other candidates from challenging him and campaigned for him twice in the last week of the campaign, including an Election Eve rally with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Who? You’re a politics nerd if you have heard of Holt, 39. We didn’t either, but the Oklahoma City mayor is the youngest mayor of a city with more than 500,000 people. Oklahoma City ranks very high on lists of the USA’s best cities for businesses and quality of life. Holt contributed to the city’s success as the chief of staff for a previous mayor, a position he accepted at age 27. He was integral in bringing major league sports to Oklahoma City for the first time ever. The Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team has been very successful.

Hurd, 41, supports Trump 95.7 percent of the time, the FiveThirtyEight “Tracking Congress In The Age of Trump” House of Representatives’ list says. The Texan ranks 15th among 235 Republicans in the difference between actual and predicted Trump support. Like Gardner, Hurd has bipartisan appeal that could lead to national leadership. An African-American, he was one of the few Republicans to win re-election in a district Hillary Clinton won in 2016. A foreign policy expert, he was a CIA officer in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan prior to his political career.

James, 37, just lost the Senate race in Michigan to Incumbent Debbie Stabenow. “Losers” can become winners though. Obama was crushed in his first election. If you compare how James did with the GOP candidates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin, you might conclude that his political future is bright. An African-American, he lost by only 6.4 percent, the best performance by a GOP Senate candidate in Michigan since 2000. The West Point graduate had multiple tours of duty in Iraq and has been honored by Michigan publications for his business success.

Kinzinger, 40, has supported Trump on 98.9 percent of his votes. That’s tied for sixth with many of his colleagues, but few people who support Trump as much or more have a more impressive personal profile. He joined the Air Force in 2003 and piloted missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was between tours in Iraq in 2009 when he met with Pence about running for Congress in Illinois. He was elected to the House in 2010. He also saved a woman’s life in Milwaukee in 2006 by wrestling her attacker to the ground after he knifed her in the throat. We’re not kidding.

Stefanik, 34, made history in 2014 when she became the youngest woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress. She won 55.2 percent of the vote in her upstate New York district and has won re-election easily twice. Fellow New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broke Stefanik’s youngest-ever record, but Stefanik has foreign policy expertise that Ocasio-Cortez can only dream about. John Bolton, Trump’s top National Security Council advisor, publicly praised Stefanik for her work on the House subcommittee that oversees counterterrorism programs.

Suarez, 41, is the mayor of Miami. He was elected in 2017 with 86 percent of the vote. Incredibly, he is the first Miami mayor born in Miami. A Cuban-American, Suarez could be crucial to the future of the Republican Party and the Trump and conservative agenda because Republicans lost two South Florida Congressional seats in the 2018 elections and could suffer further losses if they fail to attract Latinos. A Politico article on the future of Latino Republicans featured Suarez, the only Latino on this list. Republicans need to keep winning in Florida.

Sununu, 44, is the USA’s youngest governor although DeSantis will become the youngest when he becomes Florida’s governor. The New Hampshire governor and son of ex-White House Chief of Staff John Sununu has shown Republicans can win in New England, which will have zero Republicans in the next U.S. House. Democrats recently won the New Hampshire Senate and House so Sununu can veto liberal legislation. In a 2018 campaign speech, Pence called Sununu “a man like President Trump” because both focus on cutting regulations on business.

President Trump has dramatically changed the Republican Party and the conservative agenda, but young leaders like The Promising Dozen are needed if the GOP is going to succeed in the next decade and beyond.


Mark Patricks


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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Stephen Cohen: Russian Diplomacy Is Winning The New Cold War

How A Fleet Of Wind-Powered Drones Is Changing Our Understanding Of The Oceans

What We Still Don't Know About Penis Anatomy

Trump Regime Accusations Against China Risk Escalating Ongoing Trade War

Stephen Lendman: Trump Stands With Saudi Torturer Assassin-In-Chief

Stephen Lendman: US War On Terror Promotes What It Claims To Oppose

Native Americans Should Have Used Food As A Weapon - The Deep State Won't Make The Same Mistake

Deepfake Video Retouching And How To Detect It

Thanksgiving Day 2018 - 55th Anniversary Of JFK's State-Sponsored Assassination

A $9 Trillion Corporate Debt Bomb Is Bubbling In The US Economy

Ron Paul: Trump's Saudi Statement - Missing The Real Message

Luke Rudkowski: The Media Won't Tell You Why The Price Of Oil Is REALLY So Low

Bringing Internet To The Isolated

Number Of Abortions In US Declines To Lowest Level Since 2006

Home Builders Get Desperate: Free Vacations And $100,000 Discounts

This Thanksgiving I'm Grateful For Donald Trump, America's Most Honest President

Read Carefully: The Plot Is For A President Pelosi, Delivering US To The Globalists

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Caitlin Johnstone Has A Proper Sense Of Proportionality - We Should All Howl In Endless Protest And Shame

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D, Hawaii): Trump is "Saudi Arabia's Bitch"

Alexa, Amazon's Know-It-All, Is A Spy And Records Every Word You Say

New Drone Flyover Of Tesla's Massive Lathrop Facility

"A Sea Of Red": Global Stocks Plunge With Tech Shares In Free-Fall

Oil Demand Is Dying Faster Than Expected From Electric Cars And Buses

Aegis And SAM Missiles Will Protect The Cities To Free Up US Navy - What About The Country?

Assange Exposed The Truth: Revenge Is Mine, Saith Washington

The Reason For Killing Iranians

Mars Revisited: NASA Spacecraft Days Away From Risky Landing

The Idea That The US Has A "Free Market" Healthcare System Is Pure Fantasy

Gadfly Extraordinaire: Tommy Robinson Organizing Mass Rally Against Brexit Betrayal

Call For Global Solidarity Campaign With The Palestinian People

The Hundreds Of Groups In The Us Furthering The Interests Of Israel Should Be Registered As Foreign Agents

Welcome To Dictatorship - France's Controversial "Fake News" Law

Ominous! Russian Senators Propose Change Of Doctrine

This Is Where We're At: Muslim Doctor Indicted For Mutilating Countless Little Girls Gets Off

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update - November 19, 2018

Avaaz: Global Pollution Crisis - 15,000 Scientists' SOS To Humanity

Take Action Now!
Dear friends,

15,000 scientists have sent out an SOS -- a "warning to humanity" that if we don't stop polluting, our planet is doomed.
The facts are terrifying: species are going extinct at 1000 times the natural rate. 90% of the Great Barrier Reef is dead or dying. Oceans are so choked with plastic that fish are addicted to eating it.

But scientists have discovered something else -- a kind of miracle that could save us. If we can protect half our planet from human exploitation, our ecosystem will be able to stabilise and regenerate. Life on earth will recover!
Our governments have already promised to protect a quarter of the planet, so we know it’s possible. But no other global movement is championing this miracle recovery plan!
It’s up to us.

If 20,000 of us chip in just the cost of a cup of coffee a week, we can make the proposal famous, face down the polluters and poachers, and campaign to get leaders to drive through a deal to save the planet at the Global Summit on Biodiversity -- starting at a major summit in Egypt this week! 
Chip in now -- let’s bring this miracle recovery plan for our planet to life: