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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Verily, A New One: Now, They're Talking About Cloning Jesus Christ

Dear Global Watch Weekly Member

As you may know by now, I personally have a massive interest in science and technology especially in regards to angles which I feel have prophetic significance. So, there I was a few weeks ago reading an article about the controversial Shroud of Turin.

Now normally in the past I have read so much about this in regards to the evidence, the debunkers etc etc that I was ready to side step this for something else when the title of the article caught my eye. "Cloning Jesus Christ". 

At first, I thought what a load of garbage until I then saw that this was not a prank or fake news article. Then when i investigated more and found details of the companies, individuals and scientists involved it completely changed the game for me.

When you see specific companies and stakeholders involved in something which may be seen as just a comical or public stunt by mainstream media, I have realized you need to get rid of the media manipulated mindset and delve further behind the smoking mirrors.

Thats why I think that the headlining publication for Bundle 19 this week is timely, "Antichrist: The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ". It's some pretty astonishing stuff that is examined in light of what's been happening of late.

For further details and to see questions posed by US Talk show host veteran, Larry King, please see

I haven't even had the time to mention the additional 4 powerful publications that form part of this bundle. Simply take a look because you have to see it to realize what I am talking about.



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