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Sunday, December 9, 2018

More On The French Complaint Against Mounting Oppression

Belief Systems And The Power Of Authority

(Video) The Manufactured Hype And Horror Of An Unnecessary Vaccine

The Agricultural Pesticide Damaging Kids' Brains

Layers Of Contradictions: Hypocrisy Is Baked Into The Policy Process

Historic Debt Is At The Core Of Our Economic Decline

Forbidden Knowledge: Globalism On The Ropes, Viva La France! Etc., Etc.

PCR: "No American President Can Stand Up To Israel"

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Angela Merkel's Party Elects Her Anointed Successor As Leader

Massive Illegal Alien Raid Nabs Child Predators, MS-13, Other Notorious Criminals

Israel: Elite Commando Unit Was Interrogated For 40 Minutes Before Opening Fire (Graphic)

Hired Gun No More: Pakistani Prime Minister Refuses To Fight US's War

Russian Ministry Of Defense Can Prove Mike Pompeo Ordered Gas Attack On Aleppo

Report And Reflection From A Regular American Guy Living in Brazil

This Could Be The ULTIMATE In Disinformation

Paris: Protesters In Deadly Earnest

Rachel Alexander: This Is Why I Dislike "Liberals"

John Whitehead: Christmas Is Being Put On The "No-No" List

How To Use Your Dreamtime For Healing And Transformation

Catherine Frompovich: The French Revolt Against The New World Order?

US Accused Of A "Declaration Of War" Against China As The Stock Market Teeters On The Precipice Of Disaster

See "The Lobby", The Film The Israeli Lobby Does Not Want You To See

Luke Rudkowski: Live From The Revolution In Paris

Globalism's Rationale For Forced Mass-Immigration That Japan Rejects

Immigrant Children Being Organ Harvested In Massive Organ Trade Racket That's Beginning To Be Exposed

Friday, December 7, 2018

Viral Video Of French Students Lined Up Execution-Style Sparks Outrage

The Russia Investigation Is About Criminalizing Peace

Kevin Hart's Career Is Over After Crossing Hollywood Puppet Masters

The Saker: Why Russia Won't Invade The Ukraine, The Baltic States, Or Anybody Else

Abel Danger: The Hate Industry

This Banking Scandal Is Awful - Even For Wells Fargo

OPEC Agrees To Production Cut Deal - Oil Prices Jump Over 4%

NASA Records The Sound Of Wind On Mars

Putin Surrounded By Bears in Siberia

Trump Tweets Back At Tillerson

Drain The Neocon Swamp, Start With Mattis

Interview With Tucker: Trump Won't Get Anything Done, But He's Invaluable Just The Same

One Snub Too Many, Kremlin's Patience With Trump Coming To An End

Russian Federation Economy Self-Sufficient, Loaded And Ready, Come What May

NATO Should Be Disbanded And The West Should Work With Russia For A Common Defense

As If US Were Calling The Shots - Trump's Clueless Envoy Wants Syria No Fly Zone

Trump's Neocons Have Always Hated Arms Control Agreements, INF Is No Different

US Prepares To Sail Warships Into Black sea, Citing Kerch Strait Skirmish

Russia Hoax: A Titanic Battle Looms In The NewYear

David Stockman: Hey, Mr Trump! Tear Down That Deep State Wall Of Secrecy

French Protesters Are Part Of A Global Backlash Against Globalization

Brazil's Technocrats Big Fail As Poor Grow By 2 Million

UN Scorched By Haley, Israel - After All, She Sets The Standards, Doesn't She?

There 5 Academics Have Brought Us To The Brink Of Gepolitical Disaster

George HW Bush, Icon Of the WASP Establishment And Of Brutal US Repression In The Third World

Texas Invaded By Breakaway Terrorists From MS-13 And ISIS

UN Intergovernmental Conference On Migration Could End National Sovereignty

Trump Picks William Barr As Next Attorney General

America's Success Was Achieved By Limiting Government, Not By Government

Loathsome Secrets Of Clinton-Linked NXIVM Sex Cult Coming Out

The French Restore Themselves, Stand Up! Viva La France!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Skirmish In A Larger War To Silence Pro-Palestinian Advocacy

Who Ya Gonna Believe? - UK Assures Ecuador Assange Can Leave Embassy Compound Safely

Frau Merkel's Sad Farewell

What The Neocon Chickenhawks Have Wrought

Macron's Fall Could Bring A Nationalist, Conservative Takeover Of Europe

Nancy Says "No", I Won't Trade Wall Funding For DACA Amnesty

Hating America Is The New Normal

Can't Have That: France To Deploy 89,000 Cops As Protesters Plan Massive Saturday Demonstration

Mainstream Media Grieves With Whitewashed Tributes And Tearjerker Tweets

US Demands Russia "End Or Modify" Missile It Doesn't Like To Save INF Treaty

Diplomacy A Waste Of Time With Washington

Trump Regime Wants Hamas Blamed For Israeli Crimes

Stephen Lendman: New World Order 2.0

Mark Dice: They Just Can't Stop

Myth Of American Capitalism Exposed - Competition Gobbled Up

Jim Rogers Explains How Bad The Depression Is Going To Be

Is Chinese Technology Behind The Directed Energy Weapons Fires In Northern California?

Dave Hodges: America Must Immediately Exit These Three Groups In Order To Survive

The Federal Reserve And The Elite Are Deliberately Crashing The Stock Market: The Wherefore And Why

Dave Hodges: Among The Hidden

Outrageous Elite Injustice: Allowing Jeffrey Epstein To Settle Out Of Court To Avoid Release Of New Information

Again? - 6 Missing After US Military Aircraft Collide Over Japan

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Expert: Threat Of Nuclear War With Russia Greatest In 50 Years

Why Colombia Has Taken In 1 Million Venezuelans (Video)

Video: Senator Rand Paul Declares War On The Deep State

Ron Paul: Why Are We Talking About Khashoggi Murder When US Drones Kill Thousands?

US Navy Will NOT Enter Russian Arctic Ocean For Operations

Trump Stripped Apparent At G20

With Assange Charges And Trial, US Turns The Corner On Press Rights

A Real Summit: Putin Brings Together India And China At G20 Summit

Trump Foreign Policy Doing The Same Thing And Expecting A Different Result

Forbidden Knowledge: Who Believes In Conspiracy Theories?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Over 1,400 Earthiquakes Shake Alaska In 3 Days

Royal Family Implicated In Billionaire Pedophile Scandal As Court Case Begins In Florida

Dow Plunges By Nearly 800 Points

NASA Scientist Says We Need To Reopen The Book On Whether Aliens Visited Earth

Rouhani: "US Can't Stop Iran Oil Exports, Persian Gulf Will Shut If They Try"

"Stop Killing Women!" Israeli Cities Grind To A Halt As Thousands Demand A Halt To Domestic Violence (Maybe Now They Get It?)

OK, Russia Has "60 Days To Fix Compliance With INF, Or US Will Quit": Pompeo

Sup China: The Adventures Of Tariff Man

Dear reader,
Our word of the day today — superhero (超级英雄 chāojí yīngxióng) — is dedicated to Donald Trump, Tariff Man.
Just hit “reply” to give me feedback!
—Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief

1. Trade war, day 152: Tariff Man tweets, markets plunge

The morning tweets of Donald Trump today gave reasons for both optimism and pessimism about the future of U.S.-China trade negotiations, following the vague tariff cease-fire agreed to at the G20 (Access paywall).
On the one hand, Trump indicated that the negotiating window of “90 days” could be extended if a “real deal” is not achieved by the end of February (tweet 1):
The negotiations with China have already started. Unless extended, they will end 90 days from the date of our wonderful and very warm dinner with President Xi in Argentina.
On the other hand, Trump has again declared his love for tariffs, in the process solidifying the impression that he does not understand how they work at all (tweets 2 and 3; the NYT has a helpful explainer on how tariffs actually work):
President Xi and I want this deal to happen, and it probably will. But if not remember, I am a Tariff Man. When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so… We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs.
These tweets were the primary drivers of one of the largest stock market drops of 2018, the Washington Post reports: “The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 799 points, or 3.1 percent, to close at 25,027. The Standard and Poor’s 500-stock index fell 3.2 percent, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq gave up 3.8 percent.”
  • Complicating the outlook is the fact that China has not confirmed either of the two parts of the deal that the White House has claimed would be put into effect “immediately”: a substantial purchase of American agricultural products, and a lowering of Chinese tariffs on imports of American cars.
  • The silence is because “bureaucrats from various ministries in Beijing are awaiting the return of Xi and his entourage of senior officials to China before they are able to comment or take action,” Bloomberg reports (porous paywall).
  • The White House may be getting impatient, it seems, as Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow has described the purchase of agricultural products and lowering of auto tariffs as a “litmus test” for continued negotiations to proceed.
If negotiations proceed, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will be leading them, the Wall Street Journal today confirms (paywall), after trade adviser Peter Navarro first indicated that yesterday to NPR. The official selection of a point person for trade negotiations, after over a year of factionalism that greatly frustrated Beijing, is a positive development, writes noted China-watcher Bill Bishop (paywall):
I believe at least some on the Chinese side are happy with Lighthizer’s appointment, even though they know he is an incredibly competent hawk and negotiator. [Treasury Secretary] Mnuchin no longer has much credibility in Beijing given his inability to keep the deal Liu He thought they had struck in May and the Chinese also understand the Lighthizer needs to sign off any deal for it to have a chance, though so long as Trump had not specifically named Lighthizer as the point person protocol dictated spending more time with Mnuchin.
Also of note today: New punishments for intellectual property violations were announced by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, Bloomberg reports (porous paywall). Violators would be “banned from issuing bonds or other financing tools, and participating in government procurement,” as well as “restricted from accessing government financial support, foreign trade, registering companies, auctioning land or trading properties,” Bloomberg says.
It is unclear if this is the agreement that Larry Kudlow was referring to when he said yesterday that the U.S. and China are “pretty close to some agreements on the forced transfer of technology from American companies.”
More trade-war-related news:
  • Confusion and bluster from U.S. officials
    Trump's advisers struggle to explain deal he says he cut with Xi / Bloomberg (porous paywall)
    “Questioned about the agreement on Monday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, dialed back expectations and added qualifiers.”
    White House corrects top aide on China negotiations timeline / CNN
    “The White House corrected the transcript of a briefing call with National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow Monday, stating that the 90-day clock on trade negotiations with China began December 1, not January 1, as Kudlow told reporters earlier in the day.”
    Xi Jinping ‘bolstered Chinese commitments’ to US by taking lead role in trade talks, says White House aide Larry Kudlow / SCMP
    “Chinese President Xi Jinping ‘made the pitch himself’ in Saturday’s dinner with Donald Trump that ended with a truce in the trade war with the US, according to White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.”
    Pompeo defends US policy, slams China, Russia and Iran / AFP
    “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mounted a staunch defense of US foreign policy on Tuesday (Dec 4), arguing that Washington is building a world order to fight cynical abuses by Russia, China and Iran.”
    “He accused China of cynically exploiting WTO rules to unfairly advance its own economic interests and launched a stinging attack on the ICC, which he said was ‘trampling’ on the sovereignty of independent countries… ‘This is what President Trump is doing. He is returning the United States to its traditional central leadership role in the world.’”
  • Currency
    China’s renminbi in biggest two-day rise since 2005 revaluation / FT (paywall)
    “At 6.8338 yuan per dollar, the currency has edged back from the precipice of the Rmb7 level that had sparked concern among investors and analysts and weighed on other emerging market currencies.”
  • Commentary
    Editorial: No cause for optimism on US-China trade talks / Nikkei Asian Review
    “Unfortunately, there is no cause for optimism about how the U.S.-China trade talks will play out. The standoff between the two countries is deep-rooted: China clearly wants to achieve economic and technological dominance, while the U.S. is determined not to let that happen. Resolving complex issues in which American and Chinese interests are at stake in just 90 days is an extremely difficult challenge — and that is even if Washington chooses not to press Beijing over its ‘Made in China 2025’ program aimed at fostering high-tech industries.”
  • Biotech
    U.S.-China trade tensions threaten biotech cash surge / Bloomberg (porous paywall)
    “Increasing wariness in Washington over China’s investments in U.S. biotechnology companies may cool a hot source of capital for medical startups. Chinese investors have been a mainstay of recent fundraising by private biotechnology firms. At least one Chinese investor has participated in 41 U.S. biotech financing deals valued at a total of $2.6 billion this year, according to Pitchbook.”
  • Agriculture
    China likely to resume U.S. soy deals, but action on tariffs uncertain: USDA chief / Reuters
    “China will probably resume buying American soybeans around Jan. 1 because of limited supplies in Brazil after slashing imports from the United States due to the U.S.-China trade war, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said on Monday.”
  • Fentanyl
    AP FACT CHECK: Trump claims wrong drug concession from China / AP
    “U.S. President Donald Trump is claiming victory in getting China to designate fentanyl a controlled substance, but China took that step against the deadly opioid years ago. What’s actually on the table is a far more sweeping shift in the way China regulates synthetic opioids. The question is how China will follow through on its words.”
    Lawmakers cautiously optimistic about Trump's move to curb flow of fentanyl from China / CNBC
    U.S.-China fentanyl pact is not expected to produce immediate results / Washington Post
  • Tech cold war
    Chip wars: China, America and silicon supremacy / Economist (porous paywall)
    “The trade conflict that matters most between America and China is a 21st-century fight over technology. It covers everything from artificial intelligence (ai) to network equipment. The fundamental battleground is in semiconductors. The chip industry is where America’s industrial leadership and China’s superpower ambitions clash most directly. And whatever Messrs Trump and Xi say at the g20, this conflict will outlast them both.”
—Lucas Niewenhuis

France's Macron Caves In - Marine Le Pen Has A Solution

Caitlin Johnstone: The Red Pill

Building The First Nation Not Founded On Bloodshed

Canadian Government Outlaws The Mailing Of Precious Metals, And All That Portends

Dave Hodges: UN Perpetrating Bloodless Coup To Take Over The US

Forbidden Knowledge: Fittingly Abridged Sendoff Into Memorium For George Herbert Walker Bush?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Pompeo: US To Keep Aiding Saudis In Yemen Despite Furor: Who In The US Do They Represent?

US Kills 206 Civilians In Eastern Syria In November

Just How Corrupt Is The American Soul?

Children - Civilization's Future, Victims Of Western Brutality

"What Happened To The News?" "What's 'The News'?"

Comparing China And America: Economies Diverge, Police States Converge

David Attenborough: The Collapse Of Civilization Is On The Horizon

Corbett: The Rothschilds And World War I

Stop The Music! The Bush-Clinton Crime Family And Its Thousand Points Of Dark

Caravan Of Immigrants: New World Order Chickens Come Home To Roost

PCR: Why Israel Gets A Pass To Interfere In US Elections, But Not Russia

Sunday, December 2, 2018

It's Time To Be Honest About Which Is Driving The Federal Budget: Guns Or Butter? (Clue: You Can't Eat Guns)

France In Chaos, Macron Mulling State Of Emergency

Curtains For The Clintons

Mexico's New President Signs Deal To Stop Migrants

The Ins And Outs Of Israel's Pipeline To Europe

Inspector General: Obama Paid $300 Million To People Who Don't Exist

Ted Cruz Predicts A Likely Trump Impeachment

Comey Will Comply With Subpoena And Sit With Lawmakers Behind Closed Boods

Fake News Media Run PR Campaign For Illegal "Migrants"

Senate Headed For Clash Over Saudi Arabia

Abel Danger: US Navy Probes Abrupt Death Of 5th Fleet Commander In Bahrain, Sees No Foul Play

Death Of GHW Bush Is Symbolic Of The Collapse Of NWO World Government Project

How Donald Trump Responded To An 8-Year-Old Boy's Emotional Plea

Is France Throwing Out Macron And Elite Globalism?

Zionism, Judaism, And The Jewish State Of Israel

Sarah Sanders: Trump Spoke With Putin During G20 Dinner

Did The Bush Family Help Hitler Into Power?

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stephen Lendman: The Bush Family Dynasty

Whoa! Something New! - Is A US-Russia Space War Brewing?

Trump: Experts All Say US Troops Need To Stay In Afghanistan

Honor Among... : World Leaders Greet And Meet Saudi Leader At G20 Summit

Ron Paul: Cut ALL Corporate Subsidies

In Europe "Criticism Of Migration" Set To Become A Criminal Offense

The Motto Of The State Of Israel Should Be "Living On Killing"

Payback: Russia Is Blockading Ukraine's Ports On The Azov Sea

Trump Is Winning The Trade War With China

There Is No Case Against Julian Assange, So Lies Take The Place Of Evidence

E-Verify Would Stop Illegal Immigration, But Congress Won't Pass It

The Treason Trials Begin When You Say They Do, Mr. President

The World War I Conspiracy: A New World Order

Media Finally Reporting On How Elite Gave Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein A "Deal Of A Lifetime"

Looming Issue VS Dark Agenda: Reporter Confronts City Council For Supporting The Killing Of Babies

Petition To Give Alex Jones White House Press Pass Gets 50,000 Signatures

Trump Has Upper Hand On Deep State

UN Pact Will Flood Europe With 59 Million Migrants By 2025

The Much-Maligned Guy Who Might End Mueller's Reign Of Terror

Des Moines, Iowa: Claimed Racist Notes To Drake University Student Hoaxes Written By Herself