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Friday, December 28, 2018

Ann Coulter: Shut Down The Liberals' Indoctrination On Campus

College campuses have gone absolutely insane.
A year ago, a student group asked me to speak about our nation's immigration laws at the University of California at Berkeley, the so-called "birthplace of the free speech movement."
As you may have heard, my speech was abruptly canceled because leftist thugs decided to riot and the administration wouldn't stick up for free speech.
As I point out in Resistance is Futile: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind, ever since Donald Trump's election, liberals have lost their minds. But there's no padded room to keep them contained! Instead, these violent, masked lunatics have taken over college campuses, where young Americans are turned into automaton leftists just like themselves.
America's universities are supposed to expand young minds through free speech, debate, and robust thought. Instead, they're leftist indoctrination factories that punish dissenting speech and ban views that don't align with the socialists, communists, and Marxists trying to hijack our country.
I fear for our future when colleges teach our nation's youth to harass, harangue, and harm anyone who disagrees with them — or even anyone designated a Bad Thinker by people who can't think at all. Instead of a battle of ideas, they're being taught to do real battle — to riot in the streets with black masks and baseball bats. What harm did all those Starbucks windows ever do to them?
Young conservatives on college campuses across our nation are losing their right to free speech – and even the right to walk down the street without getting sucker punched – because of how intolerant the liberals have become.
But lest you think I've given up hope, faithful conservative, there's a group I trust that fights back against this onslaught and exposes leftist bias, abuse, and indoctrination on college campuses for all the world to see: Campus Reform.
Campus Reform, a project of the Leadership Institute, is the single most powerful force for campus free speech in America today. By sticking up for conservative students and giving them the tools necessary to defend themselves and their principles, Campus Reform provides an absolutely essential public service.
Bottom line – Campus Reform uncovers the liberal schemes that the mainstream media wants to keep hidden . . . and they shut down the liberals' indoctrination on campus after campus.
And to sweeten the pot – when you give $100 or more to LI's Campus Reform, I'll rush you a copy of my new book, Resistance is Futile. Saving young conservatives AND getting a free book? What a deal!
But let me tell you more.
Campus Reform is run by Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute. LI is one of the nation's most respected and powerful voices for conservative students and young people. They've organized and trained a national network of 2,083 active conservative student groups at colleges all over America.
I took one of the Leadership Institute's courses myself when I was a student. It helped me become a better editor and expose the liberals' tricks at my college, in addition to cheering me up by introducing me to other young patriots.
Like they did for me, LI trains these students to powerfully — and civilly! — articulate conservative principles. Their training equips young people with the tools to stand up for their principles when they find themselves censored, punished, or threatened by radical faculty or students.
You see, it's not just media personalities like Ben Shapiro, James O'Keefe, and myself that the liberal mob tries to run off campuses.
Campus police at the College of DuPage in Illinois told conservative students they'd "lock them up" for handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution. Yes, that dangerous document that the created the greatest country ever known to man.
A teaching assistant at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln harassed the student president of a conservative group for recruiting students. With a gesture from her middle finger, she shrieked profanities at the conservative student and called her a "neo-fascist" and "Nazi." Charming.
At Purdue University in Indiana, a staffer called conservatives "vile, racist idiots" and threatened to rape pro-life students. (And you wonder why liberals prefer violence to debate.)
In all three cases, LI's Campus Reform exposed the truth. Armed with investigative reports from their student correspondents on campus, Campus Reform got word out to their nationwide audience of concerned conservatives. And they brought it to news outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, the Blaze, and numerous talk radio shows.
Ultimately, Campus Reform's exposure of the truth got results. In these cases and many others, Campus Reform's quick and powerful action forced universities to change their anti-conservative policies, discipline leftist student groups, and suspend or fire radical professors.
I believe an angel gets its wings every time a leftist professor is fired for their outrageous and unapologetic abuses against conservatives.
But Campus Reform's fight to make the left see the light and feel the heat won't be won overnight.
To fight the forces of the intolerant left, stand up for free speech, and protect conservative students who want to simply share their beliefs without getting a black eye, Campus Reform is counting on your help.
The Stalinist show-trial that liberals tried to hold against Judge Brett Kavanaugh reveals the disgusting depths the radical left will stoop to. And with the left gaining political strength in the midterm elections, the suppression of conservative free speech on campuses is only going to increase.
Friend, let's make 'em pay.
Thank you.
In liberty,
Ann Coulter

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