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Monday, July 15, 2019

Typical Of The Source: London's "Media Freedom Conference" Bars Critics, No Mention Of Jailed Assange

A Few Of The Answers Floated To "Moon Landing" Truthers

Imagine: UK Government To Teach School Kids About Fake News!

These "Incidents" Mount: Technical Incident Puts Europe's GPS System Fully Offline For Days

Netanyahu Is Stuck On The "N" Word

Drunken Dems Dig Their Own Grave

The World Population Is Topping Off

Crypto Terminals Offer Venezuelans A Bridge To Economic Prosperity

Single-Payer Health Care Plan Has Aspects Of Herd Management

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is Three Times Above Normal

UK Police Threaten Journalists About Publishing Leaked Documents Holding Government Accountable

Is Turkey Now Officially An Ally Of Russia?

UN Facilitating Chinese Dominance Over The Planet

Disease-Infected Immigrants Deployed Across The Breadth Of The Country

The Words Of A Globalist Traitor Who Just Happens To Be Running For President: "I Respect No Border"

Weather Wars Caused Economic Devastation, Or Activating New Madrid Fault?

UN Launches An All-Out Attack On Free Speech

All Elections Are Illigitimate Until Free Speech Is Restored In America And National Voter ID Is Implemented

Demigod Google's Preferred Working Intimacy With China Ominous

Still Unexplained: What Caused The NYC Blackout Still Unknown - No Evidence Of Fire

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Militant Attack Shut Down Syrian Gas Pipeline

Turkey: 64 "Terrorists" Killed In Northern Iraq Operation

A 16 Million Year-Old Sequoia Tells Tales

Part Speculation: Epstein Paying Off Witnesses, May Have Military Contractors (Israeli) Eliminating Opponents

The EU's Terror Nightmare Now Begins

Iran Should Never Trust A US Promise Again

Children Among 15 Civilian Killed In Syria Strikes

Trump Tells Progressive Freshman Congresswomen To "Go Back"

Commercial Sexual Exploitation Of Children Is Growing Problem Worldwide

American Dark Money Behind Europe's Far-Right

Epstein: Protected Because He's A Spy? Background

"Religious Fanatics Have Hijacked US Israel Policy, And They're Not Even Evangelicals"

Peter Koenig: Iran Vs Spineless Europe - How Far Will Us-Western Threats Go?

Finian Cunningham: Idiots Driving World To War

German Investments In Russia Way Up

Egypt Opens "Bent Pyramid" For First Time In Decades, Newly-Discovered Mummies

Luke Rudkowski: Storming Area 51, Epstein, Etc.

Busted On 9/11 - The Dancing Israelis

Revisiting The RussiaGate Hoax: The Megyn Kelly Embarrassment In Moscow

Atheism Is The New Western Religion

PCR: Back To Robbery Capitalism And Enslavement Of The Working Class

F**k Your Pig God! Muslim Persecution Of Christians

The West's Support Of Marxist ANC Takeover In South Africa Under Re-Examination

Libya Example Of Real Free And Fair Elections In Mideast Denied By Western Powers

Larry Elder: More Whites Brought As Slaves To North Africa Than Blacks To US

PCR: Europeans As Brain-Dead As Americans, Allowing Gross Violation Of Own Population

War Is BIG Business - Never Ends Because Is Elite-NeoCon Paradise Of Making Big Money Out Of Other Nation's Tragedies

Majority Of US Veterans, Public Believe Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq Not Worth Fighting

Bad For Buyers: The Housing Market Is About To Shift

Civil Disobedience, Noncompliance Are Damaging New Zealand's Gun Control Efforts

AOC Chief Of Staff Confirms: Green New Deal Was Not Really About The Climate

CDC: Suicide At Crisis Level - Environment Plays A Role, What About High Technology?

Catherine J. Frompovich: Anarchy, "Liberalism" Or Fascism - No US Media Reports / Why?

Is There An Apparent World-Wide Deep State Conspiracy To "Get" President Trump?

The "Philadelphia Initiative" = One Fried Philly

New Website Provides Details On Safe Alternative To 5G

House Passes Amendments to End War Authoizatioss, Preemptively Defund Iran War

Dane Wigington And Geoengineering: The Global Climate Engineering Reality

Google's Radical BLOCKING Powerfully Subservient To Big Pharma Drug Cartel

Pieczenik: The Mossad - Epstein Connection

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Manhattan Transformer (Not Manhattan Transfer.!) Blew, Lights Out

Google Is America's Number One National Security Threat

List Of Clinton-, Dem-Related Sex Scandals

Functional Hearts Grow From Stem Cells, 3D Printing

What A Coincidence! Twitter Down Worldwide Amid White House Social Media Summit

Nation Braces For Major Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

"We're Not Going To Be Silenced" - Trump Vows To Explore Solutions To Mass Social Media Censorship

Barack Obama, Like Mitch McConnell, Descendant Of Slave-Owners, The Latter Is Quick To Point Out

Then There's Michael Izikoff, The Disinformation Journalist, Representative Of The Vicious "Wilderness Of Mirrors"

It's Official - Clinton Family Hits ROCK BOTTOM

Skull Of Death" Jackals In Media, A Debated Serious Extinction Claim That Won't Go Away

"Strategic Extremism": How Republicans And Establishment Democrats Use Identity Politics To Divide And Rule

No Consequences: Hollywood Billionaire Openly Spied For Israel, Stole Nuclear Secrets

"How Dare Iran Break The Nuclear Deal We Tore Up A Year Ago?"

"We Did Bad, Evil Things There," Vet Turned Peace Activist Over Growing Dissent Against US Forever Wars

What Ever Is Wrong With Joe Biden?

The Hidden Reason Why Big Banking Opposes A Gold Standard

Caitlin Johnstone: Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter

Spygate: The Real Big Picture Of What The Big Fracus Is All About

Whites Now The Butt Of Others, Going Down

Friday, July 12, 2019

Study: Planting A Trillion Trees Is Fastest, Cheapest Way To Combat Climate Change

Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It

Are You And I From Outer Space?

Known Politicians In Peril Over Pedophile's Payments

Abel Danger: Triangular Trade - Weapons, Sex, Drugs - To The Victor The Spoils In "Conflict Zones"

British Tanker Seizure - Try Fake News - Totally Fabricated

Dershowitz Brings Meghan McCain Up Short

House Votes To Limit Trump' Ability To Strike Iran

We All Know Of Russian Americans - What About American Russians?

Arctic Liquified Natural Gas Revolution Is Russia's Answer To US Shale Boom

New Crimea Bridge Under Super-Maximum Protection

Did Epstein Work For Mossad?

Ron Utz: How The Alternative Media Can Defeat The Mainstream Media

Their Newest Diagnosis Of Their Unexpected Loser Status: Bill Maher - "The Red States Wish They Were Us"

Forbidden Knowledge: The By-Now Familiar Story Of Us Corrugated True Liberals Bitterly Disillusioned And Cruelly Shook Awake And Stabbed

Jeffrey's Just The Middleman/Stooge

China's Equivalent Of Neocons Explicitly Plan To Kill Us All

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Philadelphia Using A Sonic Weapon Only Heard By Young People, To Keep Them From Overrunning Parks

John W. Whitehead: The Heart Of Darkness - The Sexual Predators Within America's Power Elite

The Many Lies That Iran Hawks Tell

Lies About Iran Killing 600 US Troops In Iraq Are Ploys To Justify War

Away From Public Scrutiny And Decision, The Money Trust Dictates The Most Important Part Of Society

Researchers Develop "Terminator"-Like Liquid Metal

Top Secret X-37B Space Plane Caught On Camera Orbiting The Earth

Corbett: From Silicon Valley To Georgia Guidestones

Facebook's New Rules: "High Severity Violentce" Ok Against "Dangerous" Individuals

Green Capitalism: Cause A Global Depression And You'll Reduce CO2

Passengers On Epstein's Plane? A Partial List

6 Clinton-Connected Entities Accused Of Pedophilia, Trafficking

Secret Leaked Speech By Chinese Defense Minister Demonstrates China's Intent

Epstein's State Department Hookup

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Thousands Of Endangered Animals Seized In Customs Raid

Rep. Ilhan Omar Says "Eliminate Border Agencies' Existence"

ICE Chief Says Agency Ready To Deport One Million Illegal Aliens

Dems Struggle To Quell Infighting

Ex-PM Vows Legal Action If Parliament Is Shut Down To Prevent Its Wrecking Brexit Again,12340,12182,11912,11558&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

Ron Paul: Neocons Marching Trump, US To War With Iran,12324,12275,12224,12130&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

World War II - Another New World Order-Coordinated War

Epstein Leads To Bronfman, Maxwell, Greenburg, And The Planning And Execution Of 9/11

Election Inferference All Around - Except Not If Russia Is Said To Have Done It

Russian Orthodox Church Officially Opposes Compulsory Vaccination Of Children

Six Great Russian-Language Films On YouTube

James Howard Kuntsler: 2020 Election: A Head-On Collision Of Fraud, Treason, And Bankrupt Ideas - Will Either Party Survive It?

Russian Servicemen "Averted Planetary Catastrophe" During Nuclear Submarine Accident

Snowmobile-Borne Arctic Battle Royale: Could It Happen?

Walmart's Supplier Says Chinese Factories Are In "Desperate" State

Limbaugh: Dems Will "Fall Apart" If Biden Is Nominated

Michelle Obama Chooses Elite Support Over Benefiting Minorities

From Vaccines To Statins: A Reply To Fake News From AMA

Still Trust London With Your Gold?

Busing Tales: Oh, my! What Putty We Are!

Putin In Interview With Oliver Stone: "I Never Interfered In US Elections, Never Will"

June 2001 Bioterrorism Exercise Foreshadowed 9/11 And Anthrax Attack

Walter E. Williams: Pedigree Of Our Free Speech Crisis

Chossudovsky: Major Conventional War Against Iran An Impossibility

Imminent Bankruptcy Of US Guaranteed By The Math, Dollar To Be Cut In Half

Forbidden Knowledge: Epstein Was CIA/State Dept Cut-Out

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Breakdown Of The Universe,12349,12316,12308,12251&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

Explosive: Finding Out About Israel

Rare Insight: Why A Walnut Resembles The Brain It Nourishes

Lyme Disease: The CDC's Greatest Cover-Up, And What They Don't Want You To Know

Fractional Reserve Banking: How To Create Money Out Of Thin Air - (Don't Try It At Home!)

The Fix Is In: Clinton-Epstein Evidence Is Being Scrubbed

Blacks Adopting White Kids?

Whites Adopting Black Kids?

J.P. Morgan Ship With $2 Billion Worth Of Drugs Seized

9/11 Grand Jury At A Crossroads

A Jeffery Epstein Accuser's Story

Abel Danger: The Pentagon Wants Your Children - They Still Have Work To Do In The Middle East

New Silk Road: Russia To Build 2,000 KM Of Highway Linking Europe To China

Putin Our (Everybody's) Man: "I Wouldn't Sanction Georgia Out Of Respect For Its People"

Trump Fires Back At UK Prime Minister Theresa May And Her Envoy For The Stupid And Pompous Remarks

At Least 100 Christians Incinerated In Mali Attack

Scientists Claim We Are Living In A Computer Simulation (But Of What?)

9 People You Will Definitely Meet In Hell: The Perspective From India

Nuremberg Trials Much More Controversial Then Than Now

25 Senators In Secret Meeting With Jewish Leaders To Plot Strategy Against Growing Anger Over Influence Of Jewish Elites

Corbett: The Whacky World Of Internal Government Propaganda

What Is Monsanto Doing In (To) Puerto Rico?

FBI And CIA Crimes Only Matter When The Political Class Is Targeted

Trump Blasting Away At The FED - Why Would He Do That?

War On Pedophilia Networks Escalates, Hitting Pentagon, Public And Private Spheres Panic

US Navy And Lockheed Martin Officially Introduce Directed Energy Weapons Into Warfare

What Life Will Be Like When Dems Win 2020 Election

Tryouts Are Being Held To Live In The New World Order - YOU Are Being Vetted

Prosecutor Involved In Jeffrey Epstein Case 10 Years Ago Reveals That Then-Regular Citizen Donald Trump Was The Only Person Who Helped Him

Monday, July 8, 2019

Poll: Nearly A Quarter Of Americans Say They Never Plan To Retire

Honked Off Muslims Boycotting Hajj Pilgrimage

Prosecutor Of 2019 Case Against Epstein Reportedly Maureen Comey

Luke Rudkowski: What Really Happened? Disaster Averted, Mostly

Too, Too Bad! - Pelosi's Daughter: "Our Faves" Could Be Implicated In Epstein Case

Sovereign Man: Looking To Move Out? Think Singapore

Laser Weapons Will Change Warfare Forever

Corruption Involving Former Defense Secretary Mattis And $10 Billion No-Bid

Truth Should Outweigh Narrative

7 Things You Are Not Supposed To Know About The "Justice System"

Lawmakers Argue Constitution Gives Govt Right To Steal Your Car If You're Caught Speeding

Who Should You Believe About Health Risks From Cell Towers?

The Large Earthquakes: A Warning To Everyone Still Living In California

New Website Makes It Easy To Contact Elected Officials And Voice Opposition To 5G

Investors Are Preparing For A Global Recession

Caitlin Johnstone: World Changing - "Be The Change You Wish..."

New Energy Economy: 41 Inconvenient Truths

World War II: Misguided Theory Prolonged The War

Mueller Report Wording Vague Because Resolution Of Its Central Charge Totally Lacking

PCR: Obama - Front Man For Washington's Driven Imperialism

This Time: Madness With Everything At Stake

Real Sovereignty For American Indians

Trump's Relationship To Russia And China: A Revival Of The Neglected Side Of The Great Argument

Dems Imploding, Biden Has "Dirt"

Dems: Is It Better To Reign In Hell Or Serve In Heaven?

How Did The US Pay Its Bills Before The Income Tax?

The Silliness Spills Over: Antifa Origins And Methods

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Beyond Amazing! - The Robotic Lawnmower

Movie-Maker Spills His Imaginative Storyline For "Trump: The Movie"

Analyst Says "Incompetence" Not Peculiar To Trump Alone, But...

Economic And Social War - Another Part Of The Foundation Of The New World Order

Trump's Involvement With Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Patrick Buchanan: Trump's Patriotism VS The New Anti-Americanism

Why Opposition To Busing Doesn't Meaning Support For Segregation

Technological Dependence,Ironically, Spells End Of Freedom

The Perks Of Being A Psychopath

Anthony Wiener's Emails Reveal Disgusting Pedo Ring Loose In Washington

Russia's Future Moon Base To Use Local Resources And 3D Printing

UK Worries "Dysfunctional" Trump Could Lurch Into Iran War

Trick Play: Washington Wants German Troops In Syria To Help Fill Gap Left By Departing Ameriocans

Arrest Of Epstein: Clinton's Or Trump's Pal?

Iran Trying To "Pressure" Europe To Honor Nuclear Deal

Mueller, Pelosi On A Collision Course

Obama DHS Chief: Dems' Immigration Policies Would Be Disastrous

Operation Paperclip And Bush Family Nazi Connection

Jeb Bush Tweets Out Weird Veiled Threat

Manson Family Member Set Free

Bitter Mainstream Media Goes After Border Patrol

Corbett: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You To Know

Opinion: Obama Mistake With Iran Could Lead To World War III

Dmitry Orlov: The West Is Failing Because Of Ethnic Disunity And Failing Ideology

How Gayness Was Sold To Americans

Border Crossing Shut Down After "Large And Unruly Group" Forms In Mexico

Ten Big Steps Down the Road To Recession

Spain: Iranian Oil Tanker Was Seized By Britain At US Request

Caitlin Johnstone: US Foreign Policy Is A War On Disobedience

Makes Sense - Why Not Move Dept. Of Agriculture HQ To Where Agriculture Is Done?

What Do Terrorists, Drug Cartels, And Democrats All Have In Common

Massive Media Coverup On Immigrant Disease Outbreak

Pelosi Holds, Bets And Loses The House

As Complications Proliferate: The Unfolding Mexican Civil War

Delayed A Century, It's Finally Here! - America's Own Bolshevist Revolution!

Accountability Finally Closing In On Billionaire-Scofflaw-Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Trump Calls Biden "A Reclamation Project", And Quips, "Some Things Are Just Not Salvageable"

Anti-God America All The Rage

Biden: "Russian Meddling Wouldn't Have Happened Under Barrack's And My Watch - Well, If It Happened, That's When!

ICE Releases List Of Murderers And Rapists Protected Under Sanctuary City Policy

Theories Abound, Some Sinister, About Russian Submarine Disaster

Video: 3 Broward County Cops Smash Teen's Face Into Pavement, Lie About It

US Supreme Court Just Declared The Government Owns Your Blood And Can Take It Without Your Consent

Muslim TV Host: "80% Of Muslims In The West Are Unemployed Beggars"

Dems Go From Trashing Constitution To Trashing Declaration Of Independence

Sanctions: Failure Of US Foreign Policy

Big Military, Big Bankers, And Big Oil Are Not In Climate Denial, They're In Dogged Control

Is The Authoritarianism And Ascendant Fascism Being Decried Real?

Biden's Pals: The Rogue Corporations And Oligarchs Who Now Run This Countries

Pro-Pedophilia Journalist Joins Antifa

Supply Shocks Ahead: We're Using Several Resources Much Faster Than Replenishment

Replacing Moscow's "Malign Influence" With Washington's?

The Real Situation: You Are Being Trolled By An Imploding Empire