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Sunday, January 20, 2019

People In Athens Have Had Enough - More Than 600,000 Rally, Protest Violently For Unprecedented Reason

Syrian Air Defense "Thwarts" Israeli Aggression - State Media

Obedience And Authority: How Far Will You Go To Obey An Order?

The Year Of The Dragon: "Let Us Pray..."

Tsar Nicholas II Stood In The Way Of Jewish Global Dominance, So They Killed Him

You're Not Supposed To Help The People!: Journalist Given 6-Months In Prison For Organizing Yellow Vests Protest On Facebook

The Deep State And The New Manhattan Project Video

American Anchor For Iran's PressTV Still Jailed Without Charge

Beto O'Rourke Touts The Empire, New World Order

Forbidden Knowledge: Joseph Farrell - Connection Between Secret Space Program, NASA, Nazis, And JFK

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Forget Chemicals: Jet Fuel Is Legally Poisoning Global Populations

US Blunders Have Made Russia Global Trade Pivot

Leave It To Us: Space Junk Threatens Satellites And Earth, 20.000 More Satellites Fir 5G Planned

Yellow Vests The Consequence Of The Corporate World Taking Over What Belongs To All

All For Trump: Trudeau Bites Off More China Dragon Than He Can Chew

Unscrupulous "Russiagate" Reportion

Extremely Disturbing Video Captures Horror Of Mexico Pipeline Blast

America's Democracy Ranked 25th In The World, Beneath Chile's

Documents Claim US Trained UAE Pilots For Combat In Yemen, Signaling Deeper Involvement In Conflict

Thousands Of Police On Guard As Yellow Vests Hit Streets For Tenth Week In A Row

Bernie Sanders Could Be President In 2020 - Implications For Israel And The Middle East

US/Venezuela: If You Don't Do What We Tell You To Do, We'll Destroy You

Let's Expose Congress Members For The Warhawks They Are

Bases, Bases Everywhere - Except In The Pentagon's Report

CIA Covert Operative Barr Nominated Attorney General, His Role In Iran-Contra

Abel Danger: Pentagon, World's Worst Money Managers By Multiples, Is Woefully Unfit At Security And Cyber-Security

Roger Stone: Deep State Coup In Play To Install Pelosi First Then Hillary Clinton As President

Dave Hodges: The REAL Reason Trump Extended Stay Of US Troops On The Border

Dave Hodges: The Axis Of Unity's Tow-Pronged Attack Upon The United States

Friday, January 18, 2019

Abortion Chiefs Face Grilling Over Baby Body Parts Trade

Ron Paul" What A Coincidence! After Syria Attack, Will We Have To Stay?

Trump's Big Foreign Policy Move Explained, Pull Out?

Mark Dice: Learning From The Best

Shifting North Magnetic Pole Is Affecting Everything From Cell Phones To Submarines

Dan Bongino: Russiagate Scandal: Stunning Revelation That Blows The Doors Off The Russiagate Scandal

New 'Space Force" Comedy Series Coming On Netflix

Pelosi Is Scared To Let Trump Give State Of Union Address

Doug Casey On The Government Shutdown

The Revealing Challenge Nancy Pelosi Won't Acknowledge

Another Michael Cohen "Devastating" Story With Sources, But No Evidence At All - Is It True? Or Made-Up?

Twisted Politics: May May Yet Get Her Way On Brexit

Mounting Pressure For Trump To Reconsider Syria Withdrawal

Vaccines Found To Contain Pig Virus DNA And Monkey Kidney Cells

Environmental News: The Big Wobble

PCR: Hatred Of The White Hetero Male

State Secrets And The National Security State

Getting Chippy: Israeli Art Museim Mocks Jesus's Crucifixion

Thursday, January 17, 2019

US Media Intensify Pretext For Ousting Trump

Eurozone On The Brink Of Collapse?

Re-Thinking Russia - Why Is The Media So Hysterical?

Secret Indictment Of Assange For Exposing Crimes Of US Espionage Apparatus

Reddit User Claimed Inside Info 3 Weeks Ago, Predicted False Flag Attack

Attack On US Soldiers In Syria A Blatant Attempt To Slow Trump's Pullout From Syria - False Flag Staged By Israel Or US Intel?

Judith Reisman: Why Do Dems Want To Stop President Trump's Effort To Stop Human Trafficking, Drug Import, Illegal Immigration?

Fact-Checking Frenzy: Globalist-Owned Media Wants To Stop National Security

Genocide? Look At Post-Reich Years And Eisenhower Starvation Order

PCR: The Old Norm Is The New Scapegoat

PCR: Identity Politics = White Genocide

Paul Craig Roberts: Russiagate Pure BS, Part Of Building Conflict To World War

Stephen Cohen: Mainstream Media Says Can't Stop Wars Because They're The Warlords' Toadies

European Hypocrisy Over Trump's Border Wall

Corbett & Pilato: New World Next Week - Controlled Demolition Of Brexit

The National Security Agency Is A Criminal Organization

Grisly Cartel Murders Spread In Mexican Border State Near Arizona

US Navy Ready To Release Killer Robot Ships On The World's Oceans

India Experiments With Universal Basic Income For 600,000 Citizens In Its Smallest State

Xi Jinping's Vision For China Is A Global Technocracy

France's Citizens Are Learning A Hard Lesson About What Happens With Over-Manipulated Citizens

Abel Danger: What Gives? - Benefiting Israel Tops US Congressional Agenda

Forbidden Knowledge: Greg Rubini And Intimations Of Prosecutions

Global Debt Surpasses 244 Trillion Dollars, As "Nearly Half The World Lives On Less Than $5.50 A Day"

UK Scientist Facing Jail Time For Warning Public About 5G

Dave Hodges States It Plainly: Dems' Open Border Insistence Is To Collapse The United States

Leftist French Magazine Calls For The Complete Banning Of Heterosexuality

Illegal Immigrants Bring A Wave Of Infectious Diseases, While Democrats Cheer And Demand Mass Vaccinations

PCR: Hypocritical US Interferes In Another Election

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

America Suffers As Border Deniers Ignore The Problem

China Warns Against Travel In US And Canada

USG Approves Thousands Of Child Bride Requests From "Middle Easterners": We Bow And Bend, Not They

Stephen Lendman: Security Zone In Syria? Occupation By A Different Name

Magma Under The Yellowstone Super-Volcano Is "Rising"

Somehow, SCURVY Has Made A Comeback In The US

The Politically Correct Definition Of Racism Is Racist

Mark Dice: Whoops! - Wrong Again!

California Insurrection Will Lead To "Food As A Weapon"

Ron Paul: Deep State More Powerful Than Presidents - You Have To Sell Your Soul To Get Ahead

Trump Tells Farmers: We're Going To Get Government Off Your Backs

Brexit Odds: What Will Happen?

Ron Paul: The Obama/New York Times Plot To Overthrow Trump

Trey Gowdy's Worst Fears About What Robert Mueller Was Up To Just Came True

American Troops Massacred In ISIS Ambush - Psyop?

3D Printed Bioimplants Repaired Spinal Cords And Restored Motor Function

Secret Brain-Frying Microwave Technology Unmasked

A Senior Trump Official Who Hopes The Shutdown Lasts Long Enough To Smoke Out The Resistance

John Whitehead: Border Patrol - The Danger Within

Thierry Meyssan: Re-Colonization

FBI: A National Disgrace Of Unprecedented, Historic Proportions

Patrick Buchanan: Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War With Iran?

Walter Williams: Politics Of Immigration

These Numbers Are Telling Us That The Global Economic Slowdown Is Far More Advanced Than We Thought

Economic Controls Turn Regular People Into Criminals

Alternative Media Unites In Sponsoring Rally Against Govt,. Comporatist Censorship

UK Government Faces "No Confidence" Vote After Brexit Defeat

Chossudovsky: Is US Planning To Wage War On Russia And China?

Forbidden Knowledge: Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated? The Mind Behind Such A Giant Organized Op Is The Question

Federal Judge: You Cannot Count Citizens And Non-Citizens

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Saudi Government's Global Campaign To Silence Its Critics

Chinese Landing On Far Side Of The Moon Was FAKE, Conspiracy Theorist Claims

Stephen Lendman: WAPO Trump-Putin Revelations?

Stephen Lendman: The NYT Calls For Impeaching Trump

Stephen Lendman: Middle East Pretense

Steam-Powered Spacecraft Could Cruise The Cosmos Indefinitely Without Running Out Of Gas

Here's What An American Economic Collapse Could Actually Look Like

Eye-Opening Dementia Breakthrough Announced By USC Researchers

Train Your Brain Like A Memory Champion

Ron Paul: Pompeio At It Again - Calls For Venezuela Coup

How Trump Thwarted Calculated Israeli Effort To Keep US In Syria

Stats: Thousands Of US Citizens Killed Every Year Due To Porous Southern Border

There Goes Freedom Of Inquiry: Nobel Prize-Winning DNA Pioneer Stripped Of Titles For Insisting Race And IQ Are Linked

Transhumanism: the New Pharaohs And Their New Pagan Gods

Federal Judge: Census Can't Ask People If They Are Citizens

Leftists: "Manliness" A Mental Disorder

UK Awaits Key Brexit Vote

Nine Things You Can't Talk About Freely In America

California State Government Bankrupt, Insurrection Near

Dave Hodges: The Deep State's Plan To Steal The 2020 Election

The Dramatic Effects Of A Pole Shift

DACA Resolution Depends On A Wall

Qanon: What Is It?

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Syrian War Is Over! The Syrian Govt Helped The US After 9/11, The US Paid It Back By Helping Al-Qaeda In Theirs

Yellow Vest Bank Run As Water Cannon Blasts Everyone

Western Media Blackout! Paris Week 9 Revealed

Plutocrat Trump Called "Jeff Bozo" Reportedly Sexted To His Mistress Behind His Wife's Back

Deneen Burelli: Dems Woo Gullible Voters With Socialistic Chimeras (Video)¬if_t=live_video

The Last American Vagabond Reports From Syria (Audio)

Dershowitz: Not Up To Mueller To Take Up FBI Probe On Trump

PCR: The Face Of Brutal Tyranny: Identity Politics = White Genocide

Now Democrats Fighting To Protect 2,500 Illegal Aliens Locked Up For Molesting Kids In Texas

Diana Johnstone: Yellow Vests 2019: French Democracy - Dead Or Alive?

Tucker Carlson Just Destroyed The Biggest Lie Democrats Tell Americans

Palestine To Apply For Full UN Membership

"No Deal" Would Be The Best Brexit

Chuck Schumer Is Furious After Trump Announced The Unthinkable

Elephants Are Evolving And Losing Their Tusks To Survive Poaching

The Plan Is Working: Thanks To Their Student Loans, Millennials Expect To Die In Debt

Catherine Austin Fitts: Federal Government Running Secret Open Bailout

Mongoose: China Lands Quietly On The Moon. Why?

Ominous New "Fact-Checker" Approves MSM Lies To Start Wars While Attacking Alternative Media And Narratives

Meanwhile, On Our Side Against The Globalists: The "Yellow Vests" Plan To Start A Bank Run

Attention America: Prepare To Defend

Dave Hodges: A Horrifying Critical Update On The Coming Internet Kill-Switch

When Is A Pullout Not A Pullout? (Things You'd Never Think Of)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Senator Lindsey Graham Wants President To Do THIS - Will Trump Listen?

Luke Rudkowski On The Scene In Paris: Apparent Huge Car Bomb Explosion In Midst Of Yellow Vest Demonstration, Casualties, Chaos

Court Ties ICE's Hands, Right Before Bloodbath

Can't Remember What You Read? Blame The Font, Not Forgetfulness

List/Map of Deep State Indictments To Be Announced, According To Qanon

Secret FBI Investigation Of Trump Revealed

Parylized Veterans Of America Speaks Out On Work With VA

Tucker Carlson's Pointed Question For Elizabeth Warren And More Broadly For All Democrats

As Democratic Elites Reunite With Neocons, The Dems Are Becoming The Far More Militaristic And Pro-War

US Withdrawal From Syria Begins - "We Don't Take Orders From Bolton"

Dave Hodges: Soros-Backed Domestic Terrorist Groups Planning To Use Violence To Oust Trump, Destroy US

Trump's New Attorney General Pick And Robert Mueller Are Best Friends

Dave Hodges: Ready Or Not, Here Comes The Internet Kill Switch (Devastating)

Three Reasons Free Speech In America Is Endangered, With Example

3 reasons free speech in America is endangered
Big Tech is becoming ever more hostile to the Bible and its message
by Joseph Farah
One by one, people are losing their First Amendment-guaranteed rights to free speech in America at the hands of a shortsighted, bullying mob and a band of feckless corporate capitulators setting de facto restrictions on both free expression and freedom of religion.

The trend is on steroids today for three reasons:
  • Big Tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (known appropriately among civil libertarians as FAANG) largely control all meaningful modes of mass communication and are inclined to yield to thuggery by left-wing, anti-Christian and LGBTQ activists.
  • It doesn’t take much pushing from the activists to get the desired result from the corporate speech-code cartel. They are fellow travelers.
  • Those in the news media, for most of American history a bastion of support for the First Amendment, are largely unable to see straight when it comes to the free-expression rights of conservatives, libertarians, Christians, Donald Trump supporters and the like.
Another recent example is what happened to Living Hope Ministries, a Christian non-profit ministering to those seeking biblical purity “through an intimate relationship with Jesus.”

A homosexual-advocacy group called Truth Wins Out labeled Living Hope Ministries as bigots and lobbied Apple to drop distribution of the group’s app, which, as it points out, cannot be forced on anyone not seeking it.

All it took to persuade Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, who is himself gay, to censor the app was a petition of 356 names gathered by Truth Wins Out.

But let’s consider what has been suppressed here – an orthodox and faithful biblical viewpoint about sexual morality.

Living Hope Ministries doesn’t call people names. It doesn’t fight with anyone like Truth Wins Out does by opposing what it sees as “anti-gay religious extremism.” All Living Hope Ministries aims to do is represent a biblical worldview on issues of sexual morality. In other words, the viewpoint of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible has effectively been attacked in favor of an opposing viewpoint.

Apple has determined that God is wrong and LGBT activist Michelangelo Signorile is right. But not only that. The gay activist gets to say what he wants when he wants, but God and His representatives do not.

At the risk of seeing my own words censored, as they have been frequently by the FAANG cartel, the God of the Bible actually calls homosexual activity an “abomination” – a sin. That’s just a fact, no matter which translation you use and no matter which “Testament” you read.

That raises the conundrum for Apple and Amazon and the rest of the Big Tech mob: Is the Bible itself, the best-selling book in world history, also at risk of being dropped? Or will Apple only attack the low-hanging fruit for now?

Apple’s Cook has made it clear. His company is going to be on the lookout for more dangerous “haters” like the gentle people at Living Hope Ministries who hate no one and disparage none. As executive director Ricky Chelette explains: "We only help those individuals who are seeking us."

Meanwhile, Truth Wins Out executive director Wayne Besen thanked Apple for “exemplifying corporate responsibility and taking swift action to remove a dangerous app that stigmatizes and demeans LGBT people. Ex-gay programs are consumer fraud and cause significant harm to the people they purport to help.”

Do you think that’s true? Does Living Hope Ministries do anything “dangerous”? Was this truly an act of “corporate responsibility” by Apple, or shameful cowardice and censorship? Did Living Hope Ministries “stigmatize” or “demean” anyone, or did it simply offer a point of disagreement? Was this an act of “consumer fraud” by a religious group or simply an expression of its faith?

If you think this is not a serious subject, consider this: Last year, Amazon capitulated to China’s demand to stop selling Bibles in that country. It hasn’t been doing so since last spring. Can’t happen here? Don’t be silly. The wheels are already in motion.


WND is on the frontlines on the battle for free speech in America. For more than 20 years, it has fought for the right of everyone to speak freely in media. While the FAANG cartel cowers in fear of shutting down genuine racists and virulent anti-Semites from spewing their hatred online, it runs roughshod over Christians, conservatives, libertarians and Trump supporters. We implore you to support us in this fight against these media power brokers. Thank you.

The Democratic Wall Is Beginning To Crack

Vaccine Shot Killed Famed Cancer Doctor In Mere Minutes From "Total Organ Failure" - Controlled Media Desperately Tries To Cover It Up

This Is Exactly How The Banking System Will Fail

The modern banking industry is a scam.
By making a deposit you are loaning your hard-earned savings to a bank, for which they pay you a whopping 0.1% interest (maybe).
In some parts of the world they now even charge you interest for the privilege of loaning them your money.
Banks then take your hard-earned savings and gamble it all away on the latest investment fad, no matter how stupid and destructive it might be.When they screw up, they’re deemed ‘too big to fail’, and the government steps in to in-debt future generations who won’t even be born for decades in order to bail out the banks’ stupidity.
Banks are also unpaid government spies and are required by law to rat you out to federal agents should they decide in their sole discretion that what you are doing with your own money is “suspicious”.
Banks have no loyalty to the customer. They serve their government masters first and foremost.
Should some government bureaucrat so much as make a phone call, they will freeze you out of your life’s savings in a heartbeat.
As if that isn’t bad enough, banks are basically insolvent.
The good old days of cash reserves and money that is backed by the FDIC is long gone.
If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Walk into your local bank and request the withdrawal of your money.
The truth is that banks no longer have your money.

To your success,
Patriot Finances
P.S. No other country in the history of the world has ever amounted this much debt.
Learn what you can do now to protect yourself and your family from the approaching financial Armageddon by CLICKING HERE.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Do You Really Have A Right To Defend Yourself?

Do you believe all human beings have a natural and inherent right to defend themselves from violent attack?
The self-evident answer is yes, because without a right to freely act in self-defense there is, in effect, no right to life. The question then becomes "Do you believe that all human beings have a natural and inherent right to live?" We should never refer only to man's natural right to life or only to man's natural right to self-defense – we should always refer to the individual's natural right to life and self-defense – the two natural rights are inseparable and are thus one natural human right. Our Declaration of Independence makes it clear that all individuals naturally possess a God-given right to life and liberty, but it was John Locke who stated it first, and it was Locke who also correctly pointed out that without our natural right to freely act in self-defense, i.e.: without our natural right to liberty, human life is vulnerable to the tyrannical actions of evil people.
"The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions: for men being all the workmanship of one omnipotent, and infinitely wise maker; all the servants of one sovereign master, sent into the world by his order, and about his business; they are his property, whose workmanship they are, made to last during his, not one another's pleasure: and being furnished with like faculties, sharing all in one community of nature, there cannot be supposed any such subordination among us, that may authorize us to destroy one another, as if we were made for one another's uses, as the inferior ranks of creatures are for our's." John Locke
"He who attempts to get another man into his absolute power does thereby put himself into a state of war with him; it being to be understood as a declaration of a design upon his life. For I have reason to conclude that he who would get me into his power without my consent would use me as he pleased when he had got me there, and destroy me too when he had a fancy to it; for nobody can desire to have me in his absolute power unless it be to compel me by force to that which is against the right of my freedom... To be free from such force is the only security of my preservation, and reason bids me look on him as an enemy to my preservation who would take away that freedom which is the fence to it."John Locke
The Marxist Constitution of the Soviet Union granted the Russian serfs a right to "inviolability of the person," but the Soviet Constitution did not grant the Russian serfs a right to keep and bear arms in self-defense. No Marxist Constitution has ever had a Bill of Rights which acknowledges that the individual's inherent natural rights to life, liberty and labored-for property come from Almighty God – not from the State or from the State's Constitution. No Marxist Constitution has ever contained a Second Amendment protecting the individual's sacred right to keep and bear arms in self-defense, and so it follows that Marxist governments end up waging war against their own people.
What are we to make of, Democratic politicians, law officers, intellectuals and journalists who agitate against the individual's God-given right to keep and bear arms in defense of their own lives and the lives of their family, friends and neighbors? Since one's right to life and self-defense is natural, sacred and unalienable, it follows that these people are agitating for tyranny, because any law which violates the individual's right to life and self-defense is tyranny, and these tyrannical laws would eventually place such intellectuals, journalists, law-makers and law-enforcers into a state of war against their own people.
"Law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual." Thomas Jefferson
"He that in the state of society would take away the freedom belonging to those of that society or commonwealth [freedom to keep and bear arms in self-defense] must be supposed to design to take away from them everything else, and so be looked on as in a state of war." John Locke
Freedom to act in self-defense is simply an aspect of rightful human liberty, and is a pre-requisite for maintaining our preservation in life. As John Locke pointed out, freedom is the picket fence guarding our very lives.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

Jonathan Chambers
Patriot Vigilante

The Security Services Are A Danger To Our State And Society

Pompeo: Troop Pullout From Syria Not To Alter US Capacity To Perform Military Actions

Damascus: "Regular Israeli Attacks On Syria Only Possible Due To US Backing"

Air Travel In Turmoil As Unpaid TSA Agents Walk Out During Trump Shutdown

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Afghanistan Won't Let US Use American Bases Against Iran

Syria Intercepts Israeli Missiles Fired Toward Damascus

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Corbett: Banksters HATE The Free Market

New Disclosure: Hillary Ran Guns Into Libya For Obama Administration And Michael Flynn Was Targeted Because He Knew The Details

Media Silent - More 9/11 Documents Released, Attorneys Asked If Bush Knew Of Attacks

White House Prepares For Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Departure From Supreme Court

2020: Hillary's "Endorsement" Strategy

Forbidden Knowledge: Migrant Caravan - Its Purpose In Warfare Against The United States

Friday, January 11, 2019

US At War: Infographic Reveals US Actively Engaged In 80 Nations On 6 Continents

George Galloway: Fall Of Empires: Washington, London, And Paris On Brink Of Collapse

Stephen Cohen: What Trump's Syria Withdrawal Reveals - A Wise Decision Is Greeted By Derision, Obstructionism, Imperial Thinking, And More Russia-Bashing

Sanctions Lose Power - Russia's Economy Continues To Thrive And Grow, Sanctions Irrelevant

US Electric Grid Hacked - Perpetrators Could Have Shut Down The System

Mark Dice: Jim Acosta Learns That Walls Work

Comparing Media Attention To Child Dying At Border To Children Killed By Vaccines

Patrick Buchanan: Unabated Mass Migration An Existential Threat To The West - Declare An Emergency

Massive Swarm Of Locusts Plagues Mecca

CIA Director Gina Haspel May Have Run Black Site At Guantanamo Bay

Newsguard App Gives Sites "Trust" Rating And Targets Alternative News - What Could Go Wrong?

What Are We Working For "At Eternity's Gate?" (Essay + Vocal)

Forgotten France Rises Up

Caitlin Johnstone: A New Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media

New Documents Reveal A Covert British Intelligence Smear-Machine Meddling In American Politics

The Silver Bullet To Stop The Corporate State Pillage

Pro-Israel Bill Again Blocked In The Senate - Is More Going On Here Than The Shutdown?

The New Women Of Congress: An End To Likability Politics

Small Towns' Demise: Somali Muslims In Lewiston, Maine - Beating Locals, Refusing To Integrate, Chastising

Abel Danger: Bernie Sanders's Very Serious Question; Israel And China May Go Off By Themselves And Find A Room

Dave Hodges: Brazil - Latest Nation To Stand Up To UN's Forced Globalism

PCR: Cruelty Does Not Fight Cruelty: What The Americans Did To The Germans

Trump's Hidden Trump Card: Wall Project Already Funded

Trump's Next Move? Ask VP Pence

California, New York Roll Out Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare For Illegal Aliens

Trump Says, "Democrats Have Gone Crazy": Is He Right?