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Friday, January 4, 2019

Why Aren't We Seeing Trump's Children Or Kushner Anymore?

David W. Rudlin
David W. Rudlin, Novelist, corporate poo bah, foodaholic, political junkie.
I think they’re in the Departure Lounge.
Trump has told them to go back to New York, by the end of the year at the latest. He says he’s worried about the hit to their reputations, but I don’t think Jared is his favorite son-in-law at the moment.
(And yes, he’s Trump’s ONLY son-in-law.)
Jared pushed hard to fire Comey, a decision that backfired massively when Comey was replaced by Knight of the Realm Bobby Three Sticks Mueller. He’s had to make more than 40 “corrections” to his financial disclosure forms, which reminds the public of Trump’s own lack of transparency and the unbridled corruption throughout his Cabinet. But his truly unforgivable sin was using his office to get preferential financial treatment (loans) from major banks; profiting from public office is reserved for the Big Dog.
Ivanka has done no wrong, of course.
It was reported that Jared turned down an assignment (I didn’t know White House staff had that option) because he didn’t want the press scrutiny it would bring. At that point your time in Washington is effectively over.

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