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Monday, February 25, 2019

Chase Bank Financially Terminates Prominent Trump Supporters

The League of Power
Financial Fascism – Big Banks Target Trump Supporters for Economic Extermination
Mike Cernovich predicted last year that it would be difficult for Trump supporters to even open a bank account by 2019. Some people scoffed, but Mike was right (as usual). Here we are a year later, and JP Morgan Chase is actively targeting pro-Trump conservative figures for financial termination.

The message from the global elites is clear: Shut up and accept our mass immigration, junk trade deals, high taxes and eventual socialism, or else we will freeze you out of the modern American financial system. At least four high-profile Trump supporters have had their personalaccounts canceled by JP Morgan Chase (Chase Bank) in the past few days.


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This is significant because it is different than when Barack Obama used “Operation Choke Point” to try to freeze gun stores out of business. (Chase Bank was right in the middle of that fiasco as well.) Those were business accounts and the banks were using the “excuse” that they didn’t want to do business because of the products the gun stores were selling. By closing personal accounts, the banks are basically saying to Trump supporters, “We don’t want you to exist because of your political beliefs.”

This is a disgusting and infuriating tactic from the globalist left. The social contract in America used to be that businesses would do business with any and all customers, without discrimination – and in exchange, we’ll just leave politics and religion and other things out of it. The left has now broken that contract.

If you don’t believe the “proper” things as espoused by college professors to the far left of Che Guevara, you can just starve. Your kids can starve, and you can be homeless, unless you submit to their beliefs.

After I explain what Chase Bank has been allegedly doing to Trump supporters, I’ll lay out an action plan with some easy steps you can take to fight back against this financial tyranny. I also have an additional theory as to why the Deep State is doing to this to Trump supporters. So, keep reading.

Martina Markota was one of the first pro-Trump Americans to have her personal Chase Bank account suddenly shut down. Markota has a great YouTube channel and she’s a very funny, witty conservative performance artist. She received an official letter from Chase explaining that her personal account was now officially closed, and she needed to come pick up her funds.

Chase Bank gave Markota no explanation for the sudden closure. She told Big League Politics, “[Chase Bank] said they have the right to end our relationship and not tell me why.”

Enrique Tarrio, one of the founders of the pro-Trump group Proud Boys, also had his personal Chase account shut down without warning. He also received an official letter in the mail. “They are essentially denying my existence,” says Tarrio. “[They are] trying to force me into homelessness, and ultimately death.”

Yes, they are. That’s the whole point!

The incredible Laura Loomer was also shut down by Chase Bank. Laura if you remember is the one who hired a couple of illegal aliens and paid them to jump across the border wall at Nancy Pelosi’s palatial Napa Valley vineyard and set up a “sanctuary tent” on her front lawn. The video of her posting photos of all the Americans killed by illegals on Nancy Pelosi’s front lawn went viral. For that she has been banned from Facebook and Twitter.

And now, she doesn’t have a bank account because of the financial Nazism of the globalist elites. PayPal also shut down her account with them recently.

And finally, Joe Biggs has had his Chase Bank personal account shut down. Joe is a US Army combat veteran of the Iraq war and a documentary filmmaker. If you’ve spent much time watching or listening to Infowars, you’ve probably seen Joe’s amazing reports on the crisis at our wall-less southern border.

Joe said he’s had an account with Chase Bank for nearly 20 years. But the other day, he got the official letter that he needed to come get his funds and get the hell out.

I think there’s a lot more to this than just Chase Bank acting like Satanic jerks. Here’s why.

We now know that the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI consider all Trump supporters to be “Russian agents.” They are lunatics and they will target anyone who shows an ounce of support for Donald Trump.

Under changes that were made to financial rules a few years ago, any time you withdraw more than $2,000 in cash from your own bank account, it can trigger an FBI investigation. For withdrawal amounts between $2,000 and $10,000, it is up to the bank’s discretion on whether to turn you in. But if you withdraw more than $10,000 in cash at once, it triggers an automatic red flag investigation.

Every one of the pro-Trump patriots listed above went to Chase Bank and withdrew their funds in big lump sums. We shouldn’t be surprised if Rod Rosenstein or some of the other creeps at the DOJ have already obtained FISA warrants to spy on all of them as “Russian assets” by now, thanks to the “suspicious” activity with their bank accounts.

How can we help? Call your Senators and Representative in Congress, for starters. One area that the Civil Rights Act in America does not protect against discrimination, oddly enough, is political beliefs. We didn’t need protections like this for many years, of course, until Democrats decided to break the social contract. Now we do.

Refugees who apply for asylum in America are able to do so for a variety of different reasons, including persecution for political beliefs. In other words, this is yet another area of life where foreigners actually have more rights and protections than our own American citizens. This is what we need to change.

The number to congressional switchboard to reach your Representative and Senators is (202) 224-3121. Call them and tell them to amend the Civil Rights Act to protect Americans from discrimination for their political beliefs. And tell them that the reason this is needed is because of the vile and disgusting discrimination that Chase Bank is engaging in against conservative Americans.


Mark Patricks



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