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Monday, March 4, 2019

Kim Jong-Un Summit II - More Than Meets The Eye

The League of Power
Trump Walking Away from the North Korea Summit Brings Peace One Step Closer
Despite everything that the Enemy of the People media is telling us, I don’t view President Trump’s sudden about-face in the summit with Kim Jong Un as a massive failure. You really have to wonder what movie liberals are watching in their heads as President Trump operates. It’s as if we all just went to see “The Matrix,” and liberals are claiming that their favorite scene was the fistfight between Batman and Luke Skywalker. Huh? Trump walked away from the negotiating table. Big deal. Reagan walked away from Reykjavik (and the media mocked him as a failure) but a year later, the Berlin Wall fell.

It’s funny how in all of the coverage of the efforts between the Trump administration and North Korea, no one ever mentions 1994. That was the year of the “Clinton Nuclear Deal” in which Crooked Hillary’s husband agreed to give nuclear power plants to Kim Jong Il. In exchange for Bill Clinton’s nuclear reactors, Kim Jong Il issued a solemn promise that the North Koreans would never, ever, ever in a zillion years use those reactors to build nuclear weapons. How did that work out, by the way?

If only Hillary Clinton was in office, these peace talks would be going like gangbusters! We’d probably also have a new free trade agreement with our best buds in Venezuela. Oh, well. Guess we’re stuck with the failed negotiating tactics of Trump.


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I still think most of the talking heads are underestimating Kim Jong Un. He’s a guy who inherited all of the Hermit Kingdom’s problems from previous generations. Kim Jong Un has only been in power for seven years. His dad was in power from 1991 until 2011. Most of the nuclear proliferation happened under Kim Jong Il.

It was the grandfather, Kim Il Sung, who really caused most of the problems. He was in power from 1950 until his death in ’91. The concentration camps, the communist dictatorship and the Korean War itself were all his fault.

It’s an interesting quirk of history that people will only put up with oppression and tyranny for a maximum of about 70 years – right around three generations. The ancient Israelites were taken into captivity for 70 years in Babylon. By the time the third generation of Babylonians came along, they decided, “Hey, you know what? Why don’t you guys go home?” From the time of the Bolshevik Revolution until the Berlin Wall fell: 70 years. This year marks the 69th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

Oppressors eventually get tired of the rigors of oppressing people.

Kim Jong Un is the third-generation leader of a country that was ripped apart by his grandfather. He has to be looking around and thinking, “If my country is really the most powerful nation on earth with the best system of government imaginable, as the propaganda ministry established by Grandpa says it is, then why is everything so sh**ty here?”

Secretary of State Pompeo was really smart to hold this second summit in Hanoi. Vietnam was a communist hellhole where America fought another pointless war 50ish years ago, and now it’s starting to make strides toward economic modernization. They have some nice hotels, pavement, electricity and bacon. What does North Korea have again? That has to make an impression on the young Kim Jong Un, and I suspect that President Trump has made him see the potential for his own country.

You can always spot the people who have no connection whatsoever to the Korean War. They’re the loudest blowhard “conservatives” on TV who are pooh-pooing the Trump-Kim talks. “Trump shouldn’t fall for anything that the brutal dictator Kim blah blah blah… Concentration camps!”

Uh huh. Yes, the concentration camps that Kim Jong Un inherited from his grandfather are a problem. In what fantasyland is President Trump not talking about that with Kim Jong Un? The answer is, of course he’s talking about it.

And the concentration camps will have to end as part of a negotiated peace deal. As a citizen of a nation that has aborted 60 million of its own babies, I have a little trouble getting worked up about human rights abuses in North Korea.

My uncle is pushing 90 and he fought in that hellhole in the 1950s, and he can still tell you what North Korea smelled like (he says it smelled a lot like San Francisco today).

I was helping a friend edit his Korean War memoirs a couple of years ago. A lot of the book is just wartime anecdotes: Young men goofing off with friends in a faraway land; occasional skirmishes with the Norks, Chinese and Russians; America’s finest coming of age, halfway around the world, while fighting a forgotten war.

But one story from his memoirs really stood out. He and his unit went on a night patrol. They crawled through the barbed wire and went for a hike out in a contested area between North and South Korea. His best friend in the unit was some farm kid from Nebraska. It was pitch black and they weren’t allowed to use flashlights. When they got back from patrol, his best friend was just… gone.

The kid was 19 years old and got drafted to go fight communism in North Korea. And then he just vanished without a trace. No shots were fired during the patrol. He got separated from his unit in the dark and no one ever saw him again. I think about that poor kid from middle America, and how his family buried an empty coffin, every time President Trump shakes hands with Kim Jong Un.

And it infuriates me every time that another dummy on TV talks about how President Trump should abandon the talks and not try to wrap the whole thing up after all these years. What outcome would make these idiots happy? The status quo? Should we all just go back to shooting each other?

Imagine how the families separated by the DMZ for 70 years now feel. They have a chance to finally reunite, after all this time.

American service members like the kid from Nebraska are finally being laid to rest because of the Trump-Kim talks. Trump walking away from the summit was not a setback. He knows exactly what he’s doing. And his negotiating tactics have brought us one step closer to peace.


Mark Patricks

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