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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Robbed: Roger Stone Defense Fund

Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund



I don't have much time. My husband, Roger, and I are being forced to move out of our family home to a small one bedroom apartment. While we finish packing boxes I want to let you know why my husband Roger and I must leave our home. Friend, with the incredible expense of legal bills, we simply can't afford it. When 29 heavily armed FBI agents raided our home to arrest my husband in the pre-dawn hours of January 25th little did I know our nightmare was just beginning.

We have lost our home, our savings, our insurance and our car. We literally have to borrow money from friends to buy groceries. While it's almost impossible now for Roger to make an income by writing or speaking, every penny we can scape up must go to pay for the lawyers to defend him.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't wish this experience on anybody, but as tough as things have gotten for Roger and our family, I couldn't be prouder of how my husband is holding up - and defending himself. My husband pled NOT GUILTY and he will fight to clear his name - but we need your help.

And it's great to see that President Trump feels the same, letting the world know that Roger is not backing down by tweeting that it's "Nice to know that some people still have guts!" as Roger was on his side throughout! It was sweet justice when President Trump and his team were completely vindicated of Russian collusion but you need to know that Roger is still facing a tough legal fight with his trial to begin November 5th.

Friend, Roger has a lot of guts, but it doesn't pay for his defense. We have lost everything but Roger simply will not plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit- but we will continue to fight as long as we can count on the generous support of true American patriots like you.

The lawyers have told us we need to raise $2 million to mount an aggressive legal defense. Thousands of Americans and Trump supporters have stepped forward to support us. Will you join them?

We urgently need your support. Will you help us as this legal fight continues with your gift of any amount to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund today?

Thank you,



Mrs. Roger Stone

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