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Friday, March 29, 2019

Study: Blue Majority In US House Of Representatives Purely Due To Google Bias

The League of Power
New Study: Google Bias Swayed Midterms
President Trump had an impressive first two years in office. So many improvements were made so fast that the public had difficulty keeping up with all of it. That was actually a vulnerability that was exploited very effectively by the left in the 2018 midterms. People weren’t yet used to the improvements, so too many were susceptible to the lies from the left that everything is bad.

Even a few months later, those lies are spiraling fast and everyone promoting them is in pretty big trouble, but we’re still stuck with a Democratic majority in the House. Well, it turns out that this wasn’t just clever campaigning. The midterms were swayed by a nefarious and deliberate effort, and it had nothing to do with Russia.


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Tech companies have not been remotely shy about their biases. Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest regularly sensor content based solely on how they feel about it. Right-leaning content has been slashed at every opportunity, and some of the most conservative voices in the country have been demonetized and outright silenced all for the sake of the tech overlords.

Whenever they’re confronted, they have prepared lines about terms and conditions or other nonsense excuses. The simple fact is that standardized censorship terms have never factored into the equation.

This is probably easiest to see when you compare someone like Ben Shapiro to Kathy Griffin. Ben Shapiro avoids vulgar language and anything that is less than squeaky clean at any moment. He’s permanently demonetized by YouTube, and his stuff is regularly deleted and censored by other media groups. Griffin has published gruesome photos, pronounced the most hateful speech any of us have ever heard, and she still has a verified Twitter account and regular promotion from all of the tech giants.

Hard Data

Even though you know this is happening, it’s always useful when you can point to cold, hard facts. A recent study conducted by UC San Diego has provided us with those facts. They carefully looked at three specific voting districts in California. The three studied districts were all consider hotly-contested swing districts. They also all three went blue. While that’s not completely surprising in California, the study looked at how often voters were subjected to Google search biases and how those biases impacted voting.

They were able to determine that more than 35,000 voters across these three districts were flipped from red to blue solely because of Google bias. In particular, searches for current events heavily favor known left-leaning publications. If you want a little reference, the study looked at other major search engines that include Yahoo, Bing and more. Google was the only engine studied that demonstrated clear, measurable political bias.

In other words, Google’s master plan worked exactly the way they intended.

Media Response

To nobody’s surprise, mainstream media is stooging for Google. The L.A. Times reported on the study and tried to undermine it as intensely as they could. They painted it as a right-wing pseudo study (even though it was conducted by a liberal school), and they ridiculed all of the findings. Their headline even read, “This psychologist claims Google search results unfairly steer voters to the left. Conservatives love him.”

You can almost see the sneer in the writer’s face. Compare that headline to one that covered another study, “Americans are becoming less happy, and there’s research to prove it.” The latter seems to accept the results of the study at face value. The same can’t be said for the other, potentially more valid study. Despite their best efforts to paint the narrative, they accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

A number of researchers responded to the piece in the Times, and they all had similar comments. They pointed out that the research in this study was sound and that it is extremely important. By trying to undermine the truth, the Times made it more publicly known, and now a large base of scholars are supporting this research.

The Bigger Problem

This study is a mixed bag of good and bad news. It’s great that we have something concrete to demonstrate tech bias in politics. It’s bad to see how effective that bias has been in manipulating our elections. This study only considered three districts. How many more do you think might have been swayed in the 2018 midterms?

Well, there’s a rough estimate. If we extrapolate the findings in this study and assume that their anywhere near representative of a national average, we can find that Google’s bias flipped more than two-dozen close House races blue last year. That’s a total swing of roughly 50 House positions.

Let’s put this in clearer terms. Google bias alone is responsible for Democrats having a majority in the House right now. If only that one tech company wasn’t biased, we’d be looking at a red majority instead.

Imagine if we accounted for the biases of the other major companies too. Imagine if mainstream media wasn’t all in this bed. While they’re all still clinging to collusion stories, we’ve found that the only thing in the way of free and fair elections is the corruption of the left. Without it, no Democrat would ever get elected.

There’s a reason for this. The American people aren’t completely stupid. They can tell right from wrong and good ideas from bad ideas. Only the combined effort of multi-billion dollar corporations and a complete stranglehold on the flow of information is enough to barely flip hotly contested districts.

This is the most Orwellian effort in the history of humanity, and Americans are still largely resistant to it. All we have to do is expose these liars and cheats for who they are, and we won’t have to worry about the security of our great nation.

That’s the blueprint to defeat the lying left. Every scrap of proof you have against them has to be shared far and wide. No lie can be tolerated. Most importantly, we have to bankrupt these companies by only using tech resources that are committed to neutrality and fairness. If every conservative in the country stands strong on this, the tech bias will crumble, and the elections will follow suit.

Please if you can, share this story online so more and more people become aware of the facts about what Google is doing to our democracy.


Mark Patricks

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