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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

They're Coming For US Rep. Ilhan Omar. Please Call YOUR Congressperson!

Alissa Wise ( Details
Dear James,
House Democratic leaders are throwing Ilhan Omar under the bus – and it’s an all hands on deck moment.
Tomorrow the House will vote on a resolution condemning antisemitism in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar as she dares to speak up for Palestinian rights and critique Israel in a way no other member of Congress is doing.
Of course antisemitism deserves condemnation and attention, but this is a scapegoating strategy straight out of the bully playbook to intimidate others from speaking up – and we need to meet it with a massive public vote of support for Rep. Omar.
Will you call your representative and demand they stand against these outrageous intimidation tactics? Here’s the number:
Representative Cindy Axne at (202) 225-5476
Here’s a few tips on what to say:
  • I'm calling to share my support for Rep. Ilhan Omar and condemn the outrageous act of introducing a resolution about antisemitism in response to Rep. Omar’s criticism of Israel.
  • This resolution is not being introduced out of a genuine concern for antisemitism, it’s about attacking Omar for her criticism of Israel.
  • I am concerned about the anti-Muslim and racist components of the attack on Ilhan Omar.
Why call? Phone calls are *the* most effective strategy we can use as constituents to make sure our representatives hear the depth, breadth and extent of our outrage.
The vote is happening in hours. Here’s the number again:
Representative Cindy Axne at (202) 225-5476
If House Democratic leaders really cared about growing antisemitism, they’d be leading the charge against white supremacy that’s publicly fueled by members of Congress like Rep. Jim Jordan, who tweeted “Tom $teyer” this weekend, and slamming those who put a poster up linking Rep. Omar to the 9/11 attacks.
In a time of a rise in actual antisemitism in this country, exploiting antisemitism to shut down debate is infuriating. If you agree, pick up the phone and call your congressperson now.

  Rabbi Alissa Wise
  Deputy Director

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