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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Vast Spate Of Recent Islamic Extremist Lethal Attacks Worldwide Go Unreported

The League of Power
We Must Protect Muslims from Chelsea Clinton
In the month of February 2019, Islamic terrorists who were just minding their own business slaughtered 880 people in 22 countries, in 150 separate incidents of sharing their Muslim faith with others. An additional 547 people suffered horrific injuries as a result of the peaceful people of Islam being in close cultural proximity to them.

In contrast, you are supposed to feel ashamed at the color of your skin, give up your Second Amendment right to own guns and remove President Trump from office because some weirdo in New Zealand shot up a mosque and livestreamed it on Facebook last week. I have a few questions before we are all forced to turn in our guns and switch presidents if that’s okay.


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What happened to all of those videos of Muslims apologizing profusely after Bataclan, Pulse nightclub, San Bernardino, Fort Hood and all of the other horrific attacks on non-Muslims that seem to happen with such surprising frequency? Did someone take all of those videos off of the internet?

Because whenever Muslims slaughter Christians, gays, Jews and others by the dozens, we’re always told that Islam is a religion of peace, the “terrorists” are not practicing true Islam and there must not be any backlash against the Muslim community just because a few bad apples are acting up.

The only videos I can ever seem to find of people telling us this, however, are white non-Muslim politicians who think we need to open our borders and allow millions of refugees to move on in. The unspoken logic to this seems to be that if we don’t let their relatives in, the Muslims who are already here will get really mad and can’t be held responsible for their actions.

Muslims seem to go eerily silent whenever one of their own shoots up the place. The exception is grifters like Linda Sarsour or CAIR telling us that now there’s going to be a horrible backlash against Muslims.

The outpouring of sympathy is always a one-way street when it comes to violence and Islamic terrorism. And boy, was there an outpouring of sympathy over the weekend. You couldn’t turn on the TV or read an article on any news site without someone offering thoughts, prayers and sympathies to the Muslims who were shot in Christchurch, New Zealand. You know, the civilized and sympathetic stuff that never happens when the bullets are headed in the other direction.

After the media spent hours and hours telling us that the shooting was President Trump’s fault, it was nice to see some SJW Muslim students from NYU place the blame for the Christchurch attack where it actually belonged: Chelsea Clinton. The fake news anchors at CNN and MSNBC must have been banging their heads against the wall over that one. “We spent hours cuing this one up for you idiots! How could you screw that up?!”

The logic of Chelsea Clinton being at fault for the Christchurch shooting is that she condemned Somali Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) for making anti-Semitic comments. Therefore, Chelsea’s violent words against a Muslim emboldened the shooter in New Zealand to take up arms and shoot up a mosque.

Never mind the fact that the shooter left an entire manifesto which stated his actual goal. In addition to stating that he is categorically not a Trump supporter, the shooter said his goal was to sow political division in America and undermine our Second Amendment. The fake news media can’t even get the story right when it is spelled out for them.

This may surprise some people, given my longstanding contempt for the Clintons. In fact, I’ve written previously about how Chelsea Clinton is a vapid, empty-headed child of privilege who has been handed millions of dollars by elite institutions in America, for no other reason than her last name and parentage. If she played a game of chess with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it would devolve into an argument about which color of pieces you’re supposed to eat first.

But I’m siding with Chelsea Clinton on this one!

Here’s how it’s supposed to work, Extremists: Chelsea Clinton gets to say what she wants, even if you disagree with her. In response, you get to say things back at her. Maybe you’ll come to some sort of an agreement. Maybe you’ll agree to disagree and just go your separate ways. Chelsea won’t shoot at you for having a difference of opinion with her, and in response, you don’t get to blow up a school bus full of kids. That’s how the social contract is supposed to work here in America.

Here’s a thought. If anyone cannot abide by that social contract and cannot function non-violently in a society where we practice freedom of speech… perhaps they don’t belong here?

Great Britain just experienced a wonderful example of how well Muslims fit in Western Civilization. They passed a law requiring sex education in kindergarten, including lots of detailed information about gay sex and transgender weirdness. The Muslims offered a mild counter-proposal in which they would kill all the teachers and burn down the schools down; or, alternatively, the schools could ignore the new law and no one would have to die. The schools chose to ignore the law in order to appease the extremists.

But that’s nothing compared to the cowardice of Fox News!

Muslims weren’t even threatening to burn Fox News to the ground when the management yanked Judge Jeanine Pirro off the air for her mild comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab. Pirro is on a two-week – or possibly permanent – suspension for offending Muslims with her speech.

I’m not a huge fan of Jeanine Pirro. I catch her opening monologue occasionally. But I’d still take her and Chelsea Clinton over every single one of Linda Sarsour’s belligerent feminists who want to turn America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand into havens for Sharia law.

A grand total of 2,068 innocent civilians have died at the hands of Islamic extremists so far in 2019. In all of 2018, there were 11,769 civilians murdered by jihadists practicing their peaceful religion across the world. Pardon me for pointing this out. The Christchurch shooting was awful, but so is Islamic terrorism.

Mark Patricks

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