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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Trump: "Saudi Arabia Buys A Lot, I Don't Want To Lose Them."

Death And Shame In Yemen: Airstrikes Kill, Mercenaries Rape

US Congress Wants Numbers On Civilians Killed In Syria

Why Australians Should Fight To Bring Julian Assange Home

The New Silk Roads Reach The Next Level

Blame Palestinians For Gaza (Israel Is The Perpetual Victim)

How The Failure Of Our Foreign Wars Fueled Nativist Fanaticism

Pilger And Assange: Clinton Foundation And ISIS Were Funded By The Same Source

The Fanatic Running Trump's Foreign Policy

Latest Polls Understate Trump's Chances

New Party Rises In Britain To Rescue Brexit

Empire Preparing To Pounce On Venezuela - The Appalling Rules Of Engagement

Trump: We Locked Up IS Fighters For Your Benefit, Europe - Now Take Them Back

800 Miners Remain Trapped Underground In South Africa Platinum Mine

Military Vehicle Runs Over Rioters - TV Footage

Disappointed, Bolton Calls For Regime Change "Soon"

Coup Fizzles - Guaido's Mentor Takes Refuge In Chilean Embassy, 25 Milirary Hide In Brazil's

Caracas Warns They'd Use Weapons If Needed, Crowds Of Supporters Flock To Presidential Palace

OK, So Ilhan Omar Was Mistaken Historically - Does That Excuse Treating Palestinians As Subhuman? What Blockheaded Blindness!

Coming To America: Tchaikovsky In Guilded Age New York And Philadelphia

Americans Pretend To Abhor Ethnic Bigotry, Unless It's Against Russians

Russians And Foreigners Are Rushing To Invest In Siberia's Heavy Industry

Annihilation Of Christian Life And People: Where Is The Outrage In The West?

Americans Are The Most Anxious People In The World Because They Live In A Delusion

Moscow To Grant Russian Citizenship To Inhabitants Of East Ukrainian Rebel Republics

Shallow-Minded US "Experts" Think They Know How To Overextend And Unbalance Russia

US Is Fomenting Revolution In Venezuela Because It Wants The Oil

Biden's Gamble: Has Trump's Presidency Created A Hunger For Reassurance And Tranquility

Barack Obama Is Nervous A Whistleblower Will Get Him Convicted

First Vanadium Mine In US Projected In Eureka County, Nevada

Judge Napolitano Vs Donald Trump - Who Won?

The Jussie Smollett Case Is Just Beginning

Mark Dice: It's Beginning To Sink In

All You Need To Know About The US Measles Outbreak

WHY Did The White House Forget About Julian Assange At The White House Correspondents' Dinner?

Learn Exactly How To Grow 25 Vegetable Garden Favorites For Maximum Harvests

Consumer Alert: Tylenol's Empathy-Killing Properties Confirmed In Second Study

J.P. Morgan: We Are Fast Approaching The Point Where Banks Run Out Of Liquidity

Monstrous Regime: Saudi Mass Execution

Ex-CIA Agent Shipp: Indictments Coming To Those Who Tried Coup Against Trump

Can You Survive If You Run Out Of Air?

Stephen Lendman: Crushing Political Dissent In Russia?

Stephen Lendman: Pompeo And The Gang - Pathological Psychopaths At The Wheel

Moscow Conference On Threats To World Peace

Stephen Lendman: Traitor Guaido's Called-For Military Coup

Venezuela Zeroing In On Local Food Production To Beat Sanctions

Two Problems With Taxing The Rich To Pay For Free Stuff

Unfortunately, The World Is Sadder And Angrier Than Ever

Without Disinformation, NATO Would Crumble

Biden Slurred His Way Through Speech Yesterday

Already-Disprized Venezuelan Puppet "Leader" Guaido Call On Army, People To Rise Today And Oust The Maduro Government

Forbidden Knowledge: The Problem With Political Correctness

Monday, April 29, 2019

Single Bible Verse Ignites Ferocious Battle At High School

Christians Flee Middle East - "No Nation Protects Them Openly"

CNN's Tapper Admits Network's Narrative Dishonest

Gingrich Battles "The View" Over Charlottesville Fine People Hoax

Antifa At The Border

Maduro Says Venezuela Now Free Of "US Ministry Of Colonies"

Putin And Ukrainian President-Elect Shadow-Boxing

Pakistan Plans To Bring 30,000 Madrasas Under Government Control

Here We Go...: Sri Lanka Bans All Face Coverings

Torrential Rains Continuing In Mozambique, 700,000 People At Risk

Iranian, Russian Navies To Stage Joint Drill In Persian Gulf

Amnesty Criticizes US Coalition's Indiscriminate Killing Of 1,600 Civilians In Raqqa

Google Tracks Your Location And Shares It With Police

Chris Hedges: Canada, The Cree, And The Ecology Of Death

Will New Netanyahu Coalition And Kushner's "Deal" Bring Destruction To Jesusalem's Golden Dome?

Baghdadi (Israeli In Wolf's Clothing) Is Back And...

Sad Light On Babies Born Not To Live: The President Needs To Know

Ex-CIA Office: Trump Coup Biggest Violation Of Constitution In History

Tit For Tat? Why Did Mueller Let Trump Off The Hook?

PCR: Its Adversaries Find US Unbelievable, Its "Agreements" Dismay And Mortally Provoke

Trump Regime Ready To Crush Iran's Independent Spirit

Kamala Harris: Don't Question What I Said

Lindsey Graham Unplugged Pelosi's Last Impeachment Weapon

Russophobia: Like The Worst Of A Religion

Organ Removal From Captives, Ho-Hum: Israel, US Does It

US Savings Rate Plunges, Customer Spending Soars

Mark Dice: If We Don't Stop Them...

Ron Paul: Unemployment Record Low, Homelessness Record high. Something's Fishy

Forbidden Knowledge: Dark Journalist - US Govt. UFO Program, Dodgy Reporting,

Guaido Renews Plea To Venezuela Army, Plans Mayday Mass Rally

Ellen Brown: The Public Banking Revolution Is Upon Us

AOC Strangely Silent On Murder Of Christians

Surprised?: Politico's Online Poll Gives 2020 To The Savior Biden

Dems Sweat Trump's Economy - "We Don't Really Have A Robust National Message Right Now"

Obama White House Sought Ukraine's Help In Taking Down Trump

Jimmy Carter: US Is "Most Warlike Nation In History"

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria, Venezuela, And Ukraine

Trump's Deal Of The Century Involves Unconditional Palestinian Surrender

A New Era In Ukraine Under Zelensky?

US Government Is Ensnared In A Death Trap, And There's No Escape

Elliot Abrams: Point Man For Impoverishing, Exploiting, And Brutalizing Venezuelans

In Stunning Decision, Bayer Stockholdes DUMP CEO Over Disastrous Monsanto Acquisition

3 Things To Consider BEFORE Going Off The Grid

NWO Globalists Want To ANNIHILATE 90% Of The Human Race

On The Puntative TSaxation Of America's Richest

Reality Trumps Trendy Beliefs About Immigration

Online Retail War Turns Ugly: War-Mart Responds To Amazon With Free 1-Day Shipping

China Discovers Dollar Hegemony Is A Tough Nut To Crack

Russia "Open" To Discussing New Arms Control Treaty With US

Average College Freshman Reads At Seventh Grade Level

Interpreting President Putin's Speech At The 2019 Belt & Road Initiative Forum

Because It Works So Well, Adult Stem Cell Therapy Is Now Being Targeted By The FDA For Elimination

Experts: Trump's "Deal Of The Century" Is A Hoax

Trump Is Entering The Danger Zone

Six Reasons Joe Biden Is Unfit To Be President

Brazil's Geographic Impediments To Reaching Superpower Status

Abel Danger: America - Pathological Criminal Empire

Winners And Losers From Iranian Oil Sanctions

Brexit Sees Surge In Support For Scottish Independence

Ukrainian President-Elect To Be Host Of A New Program On RUSSIAN TV

Leading British Leftist Pol Brands Trump As "Threat To OUR World Order"

Christopher Bollyn: 9/11 And The Clash Of Civilizations (Video)

Notre Dame Architect: Blaze Was No Accident

Trying To Stop Everythinhg - US Sanctions On Russia's Civil Aviation Are Laughable And Destined To Fail

Globalist Pope Declares War On America - Sends Half A Million Dollars To Migrants Trying To Enter

Fake News!: CNN And NBC Caught FAKING Photo Of Baby With Measles

Dems Face New Civil War In Primary Fight

Could Measles End Religious Freedom?

Special Briefing



This is an OZY Special Briefing, an extension of the Presidential Daily Brief. The Special Briefing tells you what you need to know about an important issue, individual or story that is making news. Each one serves up an interesting selection of facts, opinions, images and videos in order to catch you up and vault you ahead.


What’s happening? The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has clocked the highest number of U.S. measles cases this year — 695 — since the disease was declared eradicated in 2000. Helping drive this disturbing trend is the refusal by some ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in New York, perhaps egged on by anti-vaxxers who falsely associate vaccines with health problems, to immunize their children. That’s contributed to a showdown between local health officials and the faithful, raising an important question amid the worsening epidemic: Where’s the line between guaranteeing religious freedom and ensuring public safety?
Why does it matter? State lawmakers in New York and New Jersey, as well as in Maine and Oregon are considering measures to end religious exemptions for vaccinations. That would place them among only three other states — California, West Virginia and Mississippi — that currently don’t offer any nonmedical opt-outs (17 states allow personal or moral exemptions). If those states succeed in enforcing mandatory immunizations, it might encourage others to follow suit. But both Arizona and West Virginia are heading the other direction by considering whether to expand religious exemptions or to write ones into their books. Meanwhile, at 2.2 percent, the religious and personal-belief exemption rate is still small — but it’s been growing the past three years.

Evelyn Farkas Could Bring Obama Down

Prophetic Dreams And Visions - What's Going On Here?

Prep For A Lucrative Career: UCLA Teaches Its Coeds "Pole-Dancing 101"

What Is By Far The Most Lucrative Criminal Activity That Supports Crime Cartels In America? Your Guess Is Probably Wrong

Forbidden Knowledge: Kevin Shipp - Arm Yourself, Dark Left Violence Is Coming

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Venezuelan Opposition Reps Throw Temper Tantrums When Confronted With Questions About Legitimacy, Interventionist Plans At OAS

Trump Has Murdered Over 40,000 Venezuelans With Sanctions

Qanon Focus On Obama

Has The Apollo 10 Lunar Module Finally Been Found?

Workers Suspect US "Conspiring" To Bankrupt Russia's Largest Commercial Vehicle Plant

CA Logic: Raise Gas Taxes, Then Demand An Investigation Into Why Gas Prices Are So High

Alex Wissner-Gross: A New Equation For Intelligence

HYBRID THEORY: Oxford Professor Claims Aliens Are Already Breeding With Humans On Earth

Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Electric Range To Be Outrageous

Xi Promises To Abandon China's "Debt Trap Diplomacy" - We'll See

Bernie Sanders Quandary On Israel

Stephen Lendman: Maria Butina: Guilty Of Being A Russian National In America

Border Patrol Is Now Releasing Migrant "Families" Directly In Tucson

Oliver North Out As NRA President After Leadership Dispute

With Assad Victorious, US Oil Sanctions Now Strangle Entire Syrian Population

The European Union Is Obliged To Participate In US Wars

Less Than Half Of UK, Italy, Czech Republic Wish To Remain In EU

Ukraine Tapped By Obama Admin To Hurt Trump, Help Hillary, And Protect Bidens

Russia Ready To Discuss New Nuclear Deal With US, China

Big Brother And Big Pharma Collude To Choke Vaccine Skeptics Off Crowdsourcing Platforms

Retailers Are Tracking Where You Shop - And Where You Sleep

Americans Brace For Shock Surge In Everyday Food Prices

New Details Should Scare The Hell Out Of Obama, Comey

Trump Confirms, "Everything Is Going To Be Declassified"

Stephen Lendman: Scourge Of US Imperialism Threatens World War III

Trump & The Bolton-Pompeo Axis

Creepy Uncle Joe Hires Harvey Weinstein's Damage Control Advisor

Saudi Savage;u: Mass Execution, Lad 16 Tortured With Electricity

102 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now. Worse Than At Any Time Since Great Recession

Free Speech, Anyone?: Twitter Shadow Bans Michael Savage For Questioning Narrative Of Notre Dame Fire

Attempted Coup: President Trump Gives Extended Interview To Sean Hannity

Pedo Privilege: The Feds Are Dropping Child Porn Cases Instead Of Revealing Information

Lopsided Priorities: Silicon Valley Could Be The Second-Richest Country In The World

Diane Gruber: Gallup Poll - Conservatives Increasing

Normal Americans:

Two months ago I wrote about a new Gallup Poll that showed Conservatives are increasing in America and Liberals are decreasing.  Gallup allowed the respondents to SELF-IDENTIFY, so this poll is far more accurate than many polls who LABEL people this or that.  This is such GREAT news for the future of the USA that I am sharing it with you again in case you missed it.

As always, if you wish to be removed from my patriots' list, just ask.







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Nigel Farage Is About To Become A British Kingmaker

Authority Cops Searching For Pretexts

Patrick Buchanan: A Nation At War With Itself

Anti-Christian Oppression In Muslim Lands

A Hard-Core View: Biden's Fatal Mistake

Local Police Receive DHS Grant For Drones To Use For Crime Search And Crowd Control

CIVIL WAR 2.0 Is OVERDUE According To Howe-Strauss Theory

Unacceptable: US And Allies Killed More Afghan Civilians In 2019 Than The Terrorists Did

Birds Of A Feather: Facebook Hires Patriot Act Architect To Defend Company's Illegal Data Sharing

James Kunstler: Blowback Is A Hand Mistress - The Bare Bones Of Reality

PCR: Washington Has Destroyed Western Liberty - The Era Of Tyranny Has Begun

Eric Margolis: Whom The Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad

Trump Team Turned The Snake Back To Sink Its Fangs Into Its Handler

Simultaneous Civil War And World War III

The Replacements: 160 Million Immigrants In The Near Future, 600 Million Migrants Long-Term

The 4-Step Plot To Remove Trump From Office - This Must Be Important

Forbidden Knowledge: The Manchurian Candidate Will Be Exposed

Friday, April 26, 2019

Dan Bongino: The Real Joe Biden Story Isn't Pretty (Audio)

Trump Plans To Declassify Russia Probe Docs "And Much Else"

NSA To Swap Metadata Collection - Agency Swamped With Useless Data

Mark Dice: Sleepy

Revelations From Insider Sources Reveal How Close America Is To Simultaneous Wars

Tech Giants Pushing For "Centralized Censorship"

DOJ Could Build Assange Case On Espionage Act, Brings Possible Death Sentence

Grope & Change: Would America Become One Nation Under Joe Biden?

Macron Pursuing Journalists Who Exposed French Complicity In Saudi War Crimes In Yemen

Kim-Putin Summit Reaffirms Onset Of Multi-Polar World

National Review Condemns Franklin Graham As A Bad Christian

US Economy Grows 3.2% In Q1, Smashing Expectations

Trump Vows To Keep US Out Of UN Arms Treaty

Biden Already Off Populist Script: "World Leaders Begged" Me To Run

There Are Republican Fears That FBI Infiltration Of Trump Administration Won't Be Taken Seriously

Abortions In Russia Decreased By 10% In 2018

Putin And Kim Announce The US Is Irrelevant

Jared Kushner, Not Maria Butina, Is America's Real Foreign Agent

US Ambassador To Russia: "Each Of Our [Aircraft] Carriers Represents 100,000 Tons Of Diplomacy."

Finally: Mueller Reports That Russia Taped Bill Clinton Having Sex With Monica Lewinsky

Putin-Kim Summit Shows That North Korea Will Survive Because It Understands Its Enemies

Russia Catches Reuters In Cahoots With Pentagon In Peddling Venezuela Disinfo.- Criminal Proceedings Pending

Jphn W. Whitehead: War Spending Is Bankrupting America

PCR: The Three Purposes Of The Successful RussiaGate - Even If It Was All A Hoax

Jesus Lived In A Police State Much Like America Today

Poll Finds Only 41% Of Americans View Israeli Government Favorably

Dominick DiMaggio, Citizen Investigator Of Flight 93 (Shanksville) On 9/11/01

Utah And Wasatch Front Earthquake Zone

Microsoft Helping Chinese Military Execute Civilians Who Resist Government

Elite Special Ops Hunkering Down At A Colorado CDC Facility

Why Does Trump Use The Marine Corps For Security?

Why Are American Leftist Cities Joining The Third World With Regard To Filth And Squalor?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Scientists Unveil World's First 3-D Printed Heart With Human Tissue

Stephen Lendman: Venezuelan Blackouts, Trump Regime Sabotage

PCR: The Orchestration Of Russiaphonia Is The Prelude To War

Big Pharma Exec Perp-Walked In Handcuffs After Surrendering On Opioid Trafficking Charges

FBI Sued For Failure To Report Known 9/11 Evidence To Congress

Google's "Artificial Insanity": No Protests Allowed

Ron Paul: Kim|Putin Summit Another Neocon Policy "Success"

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks Out On The Arrest Of Julian Assange

Pedophilia Being Taught As Sexual Orientation In California Schools

Helpful Advice: Biden Hug-A-Thon To Raise Campaign Cash?

Iran Warns False Flag "Accident" Could "Lure" Trump Into War

Expwrt: Global Government And Mass Surveillance May Be Needed To Save Humanity

5G Is Not What You Think - Especially In China

A Horrible Future Awaits Anyone Who Depends On Government

America's Wars Way Up, Church Attendance Way Down

Doug Casey: The Rich Will Be First In Line For Living Forever

Media's "Unthinkable" Attack On Brett Kavanaugh

Massive Scandal: Top Dem Horrified To Find Out Their Worst Nightmare Just Came True

"Fat Sex Therapist" Compares Fitness To Naziism, Dieting To Rape

Clinking Glasses And Swapping Swords: Highlights From Kim's Summit With Putin (Videos)

Macron:" Political Islam" Wants To "Secede" From France

Why China Is US' Number One Adversary

Amnesty International: US Killed 1,600 Civilians In Raqqa Offensive

Trump's Envoy To Ukraine Is Paid By None Other Than Poroshenko Himself

Civilians Are The Real Victims (And Targets) Of Trump's Venezuela Sanctions

"We Have No Secrets From US" - Putin Says He's Ready To Tell Trump About Kim Talks

Kevin Barrett: Prolonging War On Islam - Terrorism In Sri Lanka And The Global Zionist Project

20 Years Ago, NATO Massacred 16 Employees Of Serbian State TV, Wounded 19 Others

The 2014 Kiev Massacres Were A US False Flag - Ukraine's New Government Will Have To Face This

Hezbollah Hunkers Down For Summer War With Israel - Uncertainty And Pieces Prepared To Move

FBI Top Brass Placed Spies In The Trump Campaign - Will They Go To Jail?

Necons Keep Pushing Iran - What If Iran Blocked The Strait Of Hormuz?

The Essence Of Evil: Sex With Children Has Become Big Business In America

Seven Big Decisions Joe Biden Must Make

Nine Radical Policies 2020 Dems Are Putting Forth

Google Is Leading The Way In Shadow-Banning Jesus

Demand A Moratorium On Raising Property Tax!

Change Of Ownership Ominous News For Fox News

Biden Creeps Into The Primary Race, Trump Mocks Him As "Sleepy Joe"