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Monday, June 24, 2019

Salt That's Worth Its Salt - To Live Long

Royal Treatment - A Treat

Memo To The President: Is Pompeo's Iran Agenda The Same As Yours?

Charles Hugh Smith: The Lessons Of Rome: Our Neofeudal Oligarchy

Pepe Escobar: Iran Goes For "Maximum Counter-Pressure" Policy

"Just Kill Him, Brother": South African Farm Attacks

Courageous Chris Hedges (Video)

Caitlin Johnstone: The Fact Americans Need To Be Deceived Into War Proves Their Government Refuses To Represent Them

Sunday, June 23, 2019

This Is Where The Plastic Waste Now Goes

Is Putin's Support Beginning To Deflate?

Doug Casey On False Flags And Pretexts For The Next War

David Stockman: Trump's Iran Bombast And Reality

What If Trump Won't Accept 2020 Defeat?

US Army Loading Up On Mini-Drones And Ground Robots

Texas Wants To Make Sex Jokes Illegal On Campus

Member Of Polish Parliament Invites AOC To See Some REAL Concentration Camps

Now, Cuba Is Feeling John Bolton's Wrath

Ron Paul: Iran Downs US Spy Drone: Who's The Aggressor?

The Pentagon Revealed Its Nuclear War Strategy And It's Terrifying

Media Hostility Toward Iran Sells Reckless Belligerence To The Public

Trump Concerned About Loss Of Lives In Iran?

Stephen Lendman: How Close Was The Trump Regime To Waging War On Iran?

Over There? No! Over Here!: Russia's Most Modern War Ship Now In The Caribbean

For Israel, Annexation Of The West Bank Is A Long-Desired Goal

Frostbitten Russian Cat Gets Four TITANIUM Prosthetic Paws (Video)

Extra Tariffs On Chinese Imports To Cost Americans $18 Billion A Year

Analysts: Oil Could Skyrocket To Over $100 Per Barrel If Iran-US War Breaks Out

400+ 737 MAX Pilots Sue Boeing Over "Unprecedented Cover-Up" That Led To Crashes And Grounding

Tehran: Trump's Plan To Cause More Palestinian Resistance, As It's "Toying" With Their Dignity

Trump: If It Was Up To John Bolton, We'd Be Fighting The WHOLE WORLD At Once

Putin: No Way Trump Can Steamroll Russia Into Accepting US Stance On Venezuela And Iran

Russian Roads: Who Are The Russians? What Do They Look Like?

Putin Explains Why He's So Polite When Western Elites Are So Rude To Him

The Truth About Iran's Nuclear Program. Why Are They Hiding This?

US Now Wants To Avoid Unwinnable War

Pompeo, End Times, And False Flag War On Iran

Border Patrol Agents Now Change Clothes Before They Go Home. Why?

US-Iran Would Be The Worst Mideast Disaster

On The Way: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs, Politics Of Fear

Portland Antifa Camp Into Left Activism Indoctrination Of Kids As Young As 10

Iran's Risky Strategy: Force The World To Rein In Trump

The West Achieved Two Birds With One Stone: Destroyed Libya And Empowered Islamism

PCR: The Confusing Substitution Of Fake For Real Reality

California's Convoluted War Against Its Middle Class

A Closer Look At The US-China Trade War

Western Media Uninterested In Raging Persecution Of World's Christians

Mexico's Discovery: Migrant Caravan Financing Came From England, US

Former German Chancellor: Crimea's Reunification With Russia Legal And Justified

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Australian Think Tank Warns That Civilization May Collapse In Just 30 Years

Eurasian Unity: Tajikistan Gives China Rights To Develop Major Silver Deposit

Kushner Peace Plan Rejected By PLO, Hamas

Life On Mars Semi-Confirmed

Iran To Respond Firmly To US Threats No Matter What

US Troops "Save" Daesh (ISIS) Leaders From Taliban Siege In Eastern Afghanistan

Down But Still Not Out: Video Shows Israeli Militants Fleeing Palestinian Stone Throwers

Tens Of Thousands Of Pages Of Archives Missing From Obama Years

Tucker Carlson Saves Trump From War With Iran

Lawyer Reveals Pentagon Was Behind Bringing Down Assange

Glenn Greenwald On Why War Is The First Choice Of The Ruling Class

Moscow: US Wants Low-Yield Nukes To Blackmail Dissident Countries

Commander: Iran Will Add To Its Collection Of Drones If US Border Violations Continue

Great Game In The Arctic: US Eyes Military Port To Counter Russia And China At North Pole

Trump: "Major Additional Sanctions" On Iran To Come Monday

Palestine's "Opportunity" Or "Entirely Wrong": Rocky Reception For Dawn Of $50 Bn Trump Plan For Mideast Peace

Battle Brewing: Public Trust In Vaccvine Safety Is Eroding

The Right Idea: NO US - IRAN WAR

Do-It-Yourself Abortions Are Now The New Trend

Trump On The March: Mexico Realized It Made A Bad Mistake

Crimes & Cover-Ups In American Politics, 1776-1963

Crimes & Cover-Ups in American Politics 1776-1963

Donalds Jeffries reveals “the history they didn’t teach you in school”

Jeffries spares no one and nothing in this explosive new book. The atrocities of Union troops during the Civil War and Allied troops during World War II are documented in detail. The Nuremberg Trials are presented as the antithesis of justice. Jeffries demonstrates that crimes, corruption, and conspiracies didn’t start with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. They started long ago.
The explosive new book Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963—The History They Didn’t Teach You in School, which features a foreword from Ron Paul, tears the lid off two centuries’ worth of lies by the state-controlled court historians. In the words of the great George Orwell: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Few Americans realize how far-removed our present-day leaders are philosophically from the founding fathers and the system of government they carefully devised. Once-revered figures like Thomas Jefferson have been slandered and branded “racist” by virtuesignaling mainstream journalists and arrogant college professors.

In his new book, Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963, AFP writer Donald Jeffries takes an in-depth look at numerous subjects spanning two centuries of U.S. history. These topics include, for instance, evidence showing DNA tests that allegedly established Thomas Jefferson fathered the children of his slave Sally Hemings were less than complete. In fact, they merely demonstrated that a male from the Jefferson family—with over 20 potential candidates—probably fathered one of Hemings’s children.

While the author of the Declaration of Independence continues to be slurred as a “child molester” and “rapist,” the DNA tests actually proved that he could not have fathered the child who was born to Hemings when she was underage.

Jeffries also writes that Hollywood has never made a film, even in its early, patriotic days, about the life of George Washington. Or Benjamin Franklin. Or Thomas Jefferson. Or Patrick Henry. The only founding father who was given his own film was the bankers’ favorite, and the father of debt, Alexander Hamilton. While the other founders are dismissed now as “dea
d white men,” Hamilton has experienced a rebirth on Broadway as a hip, young black man. The entertainment industry does not want to focus on the circumstances surrounding the birth of this republic and all that radical talk about overthrowing tyranny, taxation without representation, and the right of people everywhere to have a government they consent to.
The Road to the Truth Begins Here . . . “Finally, someone with the spine to push back against the radical left-wing revisionists who write our textbooks, indoctrinate our children and debase our culture. Jeffries has gifted those with eyes to see and ears to hear with a clear uncompromising portrait of our past. Now it is up to you, dear reader, to forge an honest and honorable path towards America’s future. With this ambitious yet impeccably researched book, Jeffries has reversed the left’s slanderous liessryett.jpgand reclaimed the legacy of the American founding fathers and their uncompromising, revolutionary experiment. At the same time, Jeffries never fails to sting like a scorpion where needed—exposing misdeeds, malfeasance, manufactured mythologies and hollow heroes. Redemption can only be had after the painful journey of introspection has been completed. That road begins here.” —RICHARD SYRETT, Broadcaster/writer/producer LEFT, AUTHOR DONALD JEFFRIES and regular guest-host on Coast to Coast AM
Readers will learn how the concept of consent of the governed was shattered forever by Abraham Lincoln during the War Between the States. Crimes and Cover-Ups exposes the dark side of Lincoln, revealing him to be a constitutional usurper, the first imperial president, and the greatest tyrant in the history of this country. Lincoln locked up an unknown number of civilians in the North for their opposition to the war or to his suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.

One of those imprisoned was Frank Key Howard, grandson of Francis Scott Key. In a fantastic historical irony, Howard was jailed in Fort McHenry, the same fort over which the majestic flag was flying when his grandfather described it in “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Lincoln also shut down more than 300 newspapers that dared to question his authority. He was even going to arrest the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who ruled that his suspension of the writ was unconstitutional, but his aides talked him out of it. While Lincoln forever altered the balance of powers with his overreach, readers should come to understand that his assassination was the result of an “inside job,” orchestrated almost certainly by his mentally unstable secretary of war, Edwin Stanton.

William T. Sherman, Philip Sheridan, Ulysses S. Grant, and other northern generals are exposed for what they were— bloodthirsty thugs who trampled upon the timehonored protocols of warfare. Under Lincoln, the “scorched earth” policy of Sherman and his cohorts resulted in the wholesale burning of houses and crops, destruction of land, organized plunder and theft, and unfettered rape of women, especially slave women.

Readers will see Reconstruction for what it was—a military occupation of the South, with total subjugation of the remaining populace, which eventually resulted in the birth of the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, and a century of “separate but equal” society.

Other topics Jeffries explores include:

• Questions surrounding the assassinations of Presidents Garfield and McKinley;

• The false-flag “Remember the Maine” incident, which ushered in America’s first foray into truly international conflict, contradicting the isolationist, common-sense advice in George Washington’s “Farewell Address”;

crimes_and_coverup_200x289.jpg• World War I and the inexcusable, incomprehensible bloodbath it represented;

• The great Gen. Smedley Butler, whose little book War is a Racket still resonates today;

• President Woodrow Wilson’s unconstitutional acts, made possible by the awful precedents set by Lincoln;

• The Treaty of Versailles, which set onerous restrictions on Germany, created payments of reparations to the victors that didn’t stop until 2010, and made World War II inevitable;

• Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, which was not accidental, as was documented in Antony Sutton’s classic book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler;

• The stock market collapse and the Great Depression, which were created by the same bankers who became so empowered by the creation of the Federal Reserve System;

• The Lindbergh baby kidnapping—Bruno Richard Hauptmann, an innocent victim of circumstances and of burgeoning anti-German prejudice, whose execution was state-sanctioned murder.

• More specifically, when it comes to the era of World War II, readers will learn that President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reign of terror was second only to Lincoln’s, as he trampled upon the Constitution with impunity, with the lowlight being his largely forgotten Supreme Court “packing” scheme. Roosevelt, like Wilson, his cousin Teddy, highprofile lawyer Clarence Darrow, and other leading “liberals” of the era had all been passionately in support of World War I (unlike genuine classical liberals and populists like William Jennings Bryan, Huey Long, and Smedley Butler) and were lusting for World War II. This book presents voluminous evidence that FDR and other high-ranking government officials were desperate to get into the new European war and engineered the “sneak” attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. And then there were the atrocities committed by the “good guy” Allies, including widespread reports of rape.

• The bombing of Dresden, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, which held no military importance whatsoever, was a “war crime” if ever there was such a thing. One of the last great American writers, Kurt Vonnegut, was inspired by the carnage at Dresden to write the classic novel Slaugh terhouse Five about his experiences.

• The Nuremberg Trials have become accepted as the ultimate “justice” by everyone across the political spectrum. Readers will learn, however, that there was great criticism of the trials at the time, especially from true liberals. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas and Sen. Robert Taft were two of the leading voices of opposition. Then-Senator John F. Kennedy used Taft’s opposition to the Nuremberg Trials as one of the chapters in his best-selling book Profiles in Courage. Young Kennedy himself left some choice critical comments on the record about this new brand of “justice.”

• A precedent for this had been set after the Civil War, when a federal government bent on vengeance executed Henry Wirz, the commander of the Andersonville Prison—Camp Sumter—in the South for the deaths of thousands of Union prisoners of war, even though it was impossible to feed northern prisoners adequately when food was scarce even for the southerners themselves. Few Americans know that the South tried repeatedly to prod Grant and others to swap prisoners, because they knew they couldn’t feed them. The South grew so desperate that they offered to release their prisoners without getting any back in return but were refused by the North. An actual attempt to drop northern prisoners off into the custody of northern officials in Florida was turned away at gunpoint.

Secular ‘Saints’ and Sacred Cows Gored!

For far too long, American history has been left in the unreliable hands of those that author Donald Jeffries refers to as the court historians. Crimes and Cover-ups in American Politics: 1776-1963 fights back by scrutinizing the accepted history of everything from the American War of Independence to the establishment reputation of Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers, the Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, both World Wars, U.S. government experimentation on prisoners, mental patients, innocent children and whole populated areas, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and much, much more. Secular saints like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt are examined in a critical way they seldom have been. This is a book all AFP supporters should read!

• Punishing the losers in a war legally, and even with a death sentence, was not an entirely new thing in American history. While some Nazis were executed, and peace advocate Rudolph Hess became the solitary prisoner for decades at Spandau Prison, others were welcomed warmly into America under the CIA’s “Operation Paperclip” program, whereby some helped establish the space program.

• Jeffries also examines the first and only congressional investigation into tax-free foundations, along with the impressions of Norman Dodd, chief investigator in 1953 for the Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations.

• A century’s worth of hideous experiments performed on mental patients, prisoners, orphans, and soldiers, and impoverished communities are documented. Brainwashing and Manchurian candidate-style research conducted by the CIA are revealed, along with the hideous spraying of poisons and diseases unto whole American communities by the military.

• Finally, the crusade to establish a one world government, from Wilson’s dream of the League of Nations, to the birth of the United Nations, is chronicled. Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963 reminds the reader, over and over again, that history is written by the victors. History is also, as Napoleon Bonaparte said, merely a fable that is agreed upon. The court historians have distorted the record so thoroughly that most of the “heroes” it touts were genuine “bad guys,” and those labeled as villains were often the “good guys.” Lifelong warmongers like Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and other leading “liberals” of each age are portrayed as voices for peace and reason. A good American like Henry Ford, meanwhile, who was a genuine pacifist, is denigrated as a cranky anti-Semite. Most Americans have little interest in history, and a large number are historically illiterate. This book can help educate them.


Foreword by Dr. Ron Paul

The Birth of the Republic

The slandering of Jefferson, sacrifices of the Founders, Benjamin Franklin’s Hellfire Club association and later discovery of human bones in his London home, Thomas Paine, the Shays and Whiskey Rebellions, Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati, our revolutionary legacy

Pre-1860: Jacksonian Democracy

Meriwether Lewis—murdered or suicide, the War of 1812, Freemasons and Anti-Masons, Andrew Jackson—foe of bankers and first president to experience an assassination attempt, Remember the Alamo, the Mexican-American War, John Brown’s true nature

Honest Abe Lincoln

Clement Vallandigham, the invention of total war, Lincoln the racist, Lincoln the warmonger, Lincoln the atheist, Lincoln’s true legacy

The Lincoln Assassination

The “trial” of the conspirators and a weighing of the evidence against them

Post-Civil War America

The horrors of Reconstruction, the 1876 election, the Garfield assassination, Reconstruction fallout, the Populists, the lies and myths of the Spanish-American War

The 1900-1920s

The McKinley Assassination, Bully for Teddy Roosevelt, the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, cowboys and Indians, anti-union violence, World War I, the strange death of President Warren Harding, Prohibition, Sacco and Vanzetti

The Depressing 1930s

The Bonus Army, the Lindbergh kidnapping, documenting the legal lynching of Bruno Richard Hauptmann

FDR Channels Lincoln

The false flag of Pearl Harbor, Jeannette Rankin, crushing domestic dissent, Benito Mussolini, Allied war atrocities

Post-War America

The alleged suicide of Hitler, more allied atrocities, Glenn Miller, the execution of Eddie Slovik, the disgraceful Nuremberg Trials, Truman drops the bomb, the creation of Israel, Robert Taft, War is a Racket, the cancer explosion/ vaccinations/ government experimentation on prisoners, orphans and entire populations

The Fabulous Fifties

Sen. Joseph McCarthy, The Central Intelligence Agency, Korean War, The Reece Committee to Investigate Tax-Free Foundations, The Rosenbergs, The true cost of communism, World government
Hardback, 406 pages

Trump Delays Operation To Deport Migrant Families For Two Weeks

Corbett: 5G Presents Greatest Threat To Human Freedom Ever - Not To Mention Survival

America's "Respectable" War Criminals

Race, Identity, And The Political Economy Of Hate

A Brief History Of US Concentration Camps

Shhhhh!!!!: How Iran Could Triumph Simply

James Howard Kinstler: The Hegemony Of Crazyland

Caitlin Johnstone: Pause A Moment And Think About How Many AREN'T Whistleblowing Amd Why

Fear Of The Reality Of War

Doug Casey: False Flags And Pretexts For The Next War

Did Somebody Mention Nukes?: 200 Israeli Nuclear Weapons Targeted Against Iran (Video)

Should We Just Nuke Iran?

Goodness! The New York Times Failed To Kickstart A War With Iran! Now What?

Good Morning! The Earth Is Being Terraformed For The Purpose Of Depopulating All Humans

Friday, June 21, 2019

5G: The Final Assault

A Start: Private Prisons On Way Out In New York State

Shocking Lack Of Coordination Within US High Command

Bipartisan Call In US Senate For Necessity Of Congress's Role

Calif Dems Tell Pastors What To Preach About LGBT

Report: Trump Ready For Iran Talks With No Preconditions

Tulsi Gabbard: No War With Iran

We are edging closer and closer to war with Iran every day. We must stop President Trump before he goes so far down the track of war with Iran that there’ll be no turning back.
I’m a combat veteran. For the last 16 years, I’ve served in the Army National Guard and deployed twice to the Middle East. In Congress, I’ve served for more than 6 years on the Foreign Affairs, Armed Services, and Homeland Security Committees. I know the importance of national security. I’m experienced in and have a deep understanding of foreign affairs. And I know the tremendous cost of war. 
I can say with confidence that a war with Iran would be disastrous — far deadlier and more expensive than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The entire region will be engulfed in bloodletting. Countless lives will be lost. Trillions upon trillions of our taxpayer dollars will be wasted, while our national security is severely undermined. ISIS, al-Qaeda and other terrorists will be strengthened and a massive new immigration crisis will emerge. And a war with Iran will inevitably lead the US to direct confrontation with nuclear powers Russia and China.
We must not let President Trump, John Bolton or any member of the State Department pull us into war with Iran. That's why I'm speaking out. It's also why I’ve introduced a bill called the “No More Presidential Wars Act” to stop Trump — and all Presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike — from pulling us into a war without approval from Congress.

What The Media Is Hiding About The Cancelled Iran Strike

A US Professor Who Has Photographed Russia For 50 Years Reflects On Her Past And Future

Cher: "Dems Don't Know F**k About How To Win In 2020"

Minority Opinion? - "If Trump Wins Second Term, There Will Be No America"

Stephen Lendman: Media Support For Washington's Destructive Imperial Agenda

Stephen Lendman: The NYT Calls On Congress To Address (Nonexistent) Russian Meddling

"We Were Cocked And Loaded": Trump Explains Why He Called Off Iran Strikes At Last Minute

Iran Denies Report Trump Sent Warning About Imminent Attack

Warning To All: If We Do Not Protect Children From Abortions And LBGT Mutilations...

Philip Giraldi: June Madness Strikes Washington - Select Adversaries Beware!

Could It Be?: Let's Be Honest - Stalin Was Less Of A Criminal Than Churchill, Truman, Or LBJ

Tucker Carlson To Trump: You Won't Be Reelected Unless You Do Something About Tech Censorship

Successful Trials Given To Heart Patches That Will Be Tested On Heart Attack Survivors

US Fires Up X-ray Tech To Catch Illegal Drugs At The Border

The Matrix Was Not A Movie, It Was A Prediction - When Everything We Believe Is A Lie

Ray McGovern: Reason Why FBI Never Saw The Final Report On Alleged Russian Hacking

Is Artificial Intelligence Termination Or Salvation?

Luke Rudkowski: Pentagon Planning A "Small War" On Iran

Dear Central Bankers: Prepare To Be Swept Away

Chuck Baldwin: The War Party Is At It Again

Empathy - The Missing Gene: Seeing Iranians As Human Beings

A Winnable Nuclear War? The US Military Thinks So

Ron Paul On Why The President Doesn't... "He'd Be Assassinated"

Give Us A Break: Stepping Back To Think In The Age Of Adrenaline

President's Advisers Who ALWAYS Advise War Are Advising War

Why Trump Halted Retaliatory Strike: A Man With A Heartbeat

Trump Approves, Sends Plains, Ships To Attack Iran, Then Changes His Mind

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Trump Sees Iran's Drone Shoot-Down As "A Mistake"

The CIA's War On Christianity In Ukraine

"You'll Soon Find Out If US Will Strike Iran": Trump

Iran Releases VIDEO Of US Drone Shoot-Down

New Direction: "We Can Fix Global Warming By Population Engineering"

A Beginning Of Karma For Israel?


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                  Coordinator, 911 Grassroots Organization
     My new book, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, (189 pages) is officially published today, May 15, by Trine Day, a prime publisher of books that push the envelope and challenge absurd and ruinous taboos. The storyline is fiction, as with all my recent books. (I’ve written twelve books in the past fourteen years, nine of them already published, on all sorts of subjects, and each thoroughly researched to convey an important message.) But this one is special.
     It’s based on two premises, or questions. The first, partly for my own bemusement, but serious, was: Would it be possible for a very high-ranking U.S. military officer to develop the same critical dissident view of United States foreign policy practices, tactics, and especially, the multi-faceted brutal nonstop war on humankind, ultimately including its own helpless people at home, that I have? And what could happen if one did? Thus, I invented Col. Alva A. Crystal, USAF (retired), top-flight commander in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, with a raging case of PTSD.
     My second premise was based on my getting more than a little tired of literally millions of people and score unto hundreds of visible and prominent activists and dissidents, not unlike myself, constantly wringing their hands for years and years and bitching and crying about all of these senseless foreign wars our ruthless and spineless leaders kept dragging us into, more and more frequently lately, killing by one credible estimate more than 60 million people, in half the United Nations, far more than the western militaries killed in all of World War II, SINCE 1945, but nobody – I mean NOBODY – ever suggesting any practical way of STOPPING that – an amazing fact in itself!
     So, having taken about all that lily-livered cringing and complaining without ever even trying to think of a remedy I could stand, I set Colonel Crystal on a mission to come up with a way. And he did not disappoint.
     Hus solution, to what is way beyond bugging – DESTROYING – our country and the livable world, making the world ever cruder, more brutal, vengeful, hateful and deranged, and also bankrupt, is what he (and I) call the establishment of a DEFENSE-ONLY MILITARY deployment for the United States Armed Forces, based mainly here, to concentrate solely on protecting Americans and our own land, and maintaining readiness, in case we ever are attacked. (But, why would we be, if we stopped attacking, threatening, and deceitfully manipulating everyone else?) This to replace the elite American imperialist pick-fights, make wars, strategically take sides, perpetual bombing, heartlessly killing en masse, or turning into millions upon millions of sad, stunned homeless refugees the perfectly innocent designated “enemy” populations we have, one after another, tragically invaded, often with terrorist mercenaries. It obviously doesn’t matter under what president or party. And no other country on the face of the earth does this. Not one. And the which is bankrupting and depriving, by wasting otherwise available vast funds, our whole country and practically everybody in it, for the sole sake of a superfluously bloated war industry, central bankers, and Zionist megalomaniacs. And all this, while tempting, always, planet-wide nuclear pan-genocide.
     So, getting this special-mission book, laying out the only practical plan known for stopping America’s massive, mounting military malignancy menace, written and refined (it took me roughly three years), and some others, featuring more-or-less related subjects, is why I haven’t been cranking out my articles lately, every 2 or 3 weeks, like I was.
     As I said, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, thoroughly making the case for and explaining in detail the DEFENSE-ONLY MILITARY idea, its necessity, and it many implications, is now, today, available, for $12.95 from and at least a score of other online sites. So, please order and read it (a real page-turner, I’m told; it may be the strongest anti-war book of our generation), not to benefit my bottom line (Lord knows, I could use it!), but so I can convince and enable you to answer its challenge to help stop ALL U.S. militarily-unprovoked, aggressive wars and instead direct America to impact the world in revolutionary fashion through the spectacle of honest diplomacy, individual freedom, initiative, and industriousness, while minding our own damn business – which was what our Founders, who resisted even having a standing (professional) army of any kind – had in mind and counseled us to not depart from. In this case, at least, “back to the future” is exactly “what the world needs now”.
     If you agree with me, read my book and help spread the word! If enough do, eventually, we can make DEFENSE-ONLY MILITARY an easily understandable rallying-point and a credible option, a national issue, to stop these insane psychopath wars, the current spurt deliberately launched by neocons on false-flag 9/11. (Or, continue to do nothing, feel bad, moan, criticize, and watch in horror.)  At least, give it a read and lend your voice and mind.
JH: 5/15/19

Wall Street Journal Editorial Asks, Why Risk Trump For A Second Term?

2 Million Activists Marched In Hong Kong, Succeeded. And Cleaned Up The Streets Afterward

"The Future Of The Republican Party"

There's nothing Democrats fear more than outspoken Black conservatives exposing their Liberal LIES about "racist" conservatives to Black voters...
...but a popular Black, Christian conservative, Army combat veteran, and successful businessman like John James is the Democrats' worst nightmare.
I'm hoping you'll endorse John James for U.S. Senate, but first let me explain why the Democrats are so terrified of him.
"Everything I've heard, read, and see about this guy... He's unbelievable!   I think we have a future star on our hands."
Sean Hannity says John James is unbelievable
- Sean Hannity
The Democrats are gearing up for war, and they fully expect to retake the U.S. Senate this election.
But behind the scenes, they're secretly terrified that John James will thwart their entire takeover plot.
And they have good reason to be afraid.
After all, they saw first-hand in last election what John is capable of --- watching in horror as he soared from a 21-point deficit to just 7 points within a few short months.
Shocked that their supposedly "unbeatable" Senator was on the verge of losing to a "nobody" political outsider...
...the panicked Democrats were forced to dump over $15 million into slowing down John's relentless surge just enough for well-known, deep-pocketed, and entrenched Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow to narrowly squeak past.
John James won more votes (1.9 million) than ANY Republican in Michigan in over a decade.
The Democrats are terrified because they know that if John can nearly topple one of the most powerful Democrats in the U.S. Senate...
...then they don't stand a chance against John James this election!
"John James is what everybody would hope for in a Senator."
Rush Limbaugh says John is what everybody would hope for in a Senator
- Rush Limbaugh
John is a successful, articulate, and intelligent Black conservative whose impeccable character is impossible for liberals to deface with slander and lies.
He's a West Point graduate, Ranger-qualified aviation officer, and retired Army Captain who served with distinction while leading two Apache helicopter platoons in Iraq.
He's also a successful businessman, having quadrupled his company's revenue and added 100 new employees in his first 5 years as President.
And through each step of his journey, John has led with courage, conviction, and a servant-first mentality that comes from his Christian faith.
Will You Help Propel John James to the U.S. Senate?"I am a conservative who happens to be black. I'm in the Republican Party because the platform most aligns with my values. I am pro-life. I am pro-Second Amendment. I am pro-family. I am pro-business."
John calls himself an "unapologetic Christian, pro-life, pro-business, pro-Second Amendment, conservative outsider" but Fox News and others are calling him "The future of the GOP."
"He's SPECTACULAR. Rarely have I seen a candidate with such great potential. West Point graduate, successful businessman, and an African American leader... He will be a star."
- President Donald Trump
...but let me tell you what scares the Democrats most about John James
John is on a mission to reclaim Black voters by exposing the Liberal LIE that conservatives like you and me are racists.
He's opening their eyes to the "Democratic brand of dependency that's being peddled" by unmasking Democrats as opportunistic, self-serving politicians who prey on Blacks with lies, empty promises, and failed policies.
And John's damning critiques of the Democrat Party and honest outreach to the Black Community are reclaiming Black voters to the Republican Party.
John James is a serious threat to the Democrat Party, and they know it!
John James could be the next U.S. Senator from MichiganTo say the Democrats are panicking would be an understatement.
They know John can reclaim enough Black voters to convert Michigan from a long-standing Democrat stronghold into the newest "red state."
And they know that winning a U.S. Senate race will catapult John to national stardom, guaranteeing that millions of Black voters across America will hear his powerful message and begin fleeing the Democrat Party.

The Real Reason Why Ecuador Betrayed Assange

Why Is Trump Not Prosecuting Hillary As Promised, But Letting The Government Go After You?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Air Bus Flight Tests Plane With Flapping With Tips, Inspired By Albatross

Coup Plotter Guaido's Party Members Involved In Grand Theft

Stephen Lendman: Good And Bad News On Possible US War On Iran

Egypt's El-Sisi Regime Let Mohamed Morsi Die From Medical Neglect

Stephen Lendman: Trump Against War In Iran?

Housing Starts Down Slightly, Single Family Very Weak, Down 12.5%

Hope For Renewed Talks On China-US Trade Deal

US Extends Lead As World Number One Oil Producer

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The KGB Agent Who Predicted Everything & The Man Who Interviewed Him

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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