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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Trump: Deportations Still Planned

Boeing: This Is What Happens When Your Company Outsources For $9 An Hour

"You Are Racist" Is The R-Word The New F-Bomb?

With Trump's Backing, Normal Americans Finally Find Their Voice

Reparations: Are You Black Enough To Get Money?

Does This Look Like A "White Supremacist" To You?

The "Latino Obama", Julian Castro, Proved He Will Pander For Every Last Vote

Democrats Forcing America Into A Second Civil War

Are Trump Supporters Troglytes Fighting Against The Ruling Elites?

White People Being Discriminated Against In The Name Of Equality, Which Creates Equality? Confused?

Dems Are Starting To Believe Lindsey Graham - The Mueller Report WILL Blow Up In Their Face

Mexico Just Informed Trump Of What He Knew Was Coming

Harris Resorted To Lie In Her Economic Claim

Trump In North Korea

"Brawl" Between NK Security Guards And Reporters, White House Press Secretary Injured

Corbett: Italy VS The Banksters

US Meteorologists Highly Concerned Over 5G Rollout

You Are Fighting In The Most Important Battle Of All Time

Ron Paul: Assange, Trump, And Iran

Pakistan Foreign Minister: Cases Of Christian Persecution Are Just Episodal

Venezuela Foils Maduro Assassination Plot

President Donald J. Trump Walks Into North Korea

Our Rulers Have No Names

Casey Research: The Internet Will Be Rebooted

Casey Research
"The Internet Will Be Rebooted..."
Casey Daily Dispatch Reader,
The internet promised us so much...
But look at what's in the news today:
Conservative voices getting kicked off the internet, allegedly on the orders of Big Tech... 
"Fake News"... the hacking of Hillary Clinton's servers hidden in her closet...
Identify theft... loss of privacy... cyberattacks...
That's the bad news we've all been living with the past 20 years...
Here's the good news:
George Gilder, America's #1 futurist, will reveal the solution to the massive problems we are facing online...
The technology for a "New Internet" is already in the works... it's being developed right now, and it will create fast fortunes for some early investors.
Mr. Gilder will reveal everything about this "internet reboot" at a special free webinar on Tuesday, July 2, including:
  • Why George is predicting that major tech companies who've been accused of censoring news, like Google and Facebook, may soon crumble... 
  • What will rise in place of Google... and what this "New Internet" will look like. (And how to use this prediction to invest early in the companies that will power this internet reboot...)
  • Why George is predicting Google and other Big Tech giants will be "swept away" faster than you might imagine... 
  • How to tap into the incredible profit potential of technologies powering this "reboot." (Over the past 10 years, the original version of this tech has increased in value an incredible 140,855%... it's possible new versions could do something similar...) 
Gilder will also reveal the names of specific companies powering this "internet reboot," including information on how to get the details on his #1 technology stock for 2019...
Just click the button below, and we'll send you all the details on our registration page.
Click Here to Be Added to the List
Clicking the above automatically adds you to our private subscriber list to receive Gilder's Daily Prophecy as a free bonus after the Tech Profits Summit. You can read our privacy policy on our website , and you can opt out at any time, at your own risk.

Doug Hill
Publisher, Laissez Faire

P.S. There's no obligation when you click the button above. Just opportunity. It's yours to take.

Catherine Austin Fitts On Spiritual Warfare

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Yemen Vows 'Strong Response" To Reviled Saudi Crime

One US Presidential Candidate Speaks Truth To Power

Iran: "US Pressure Will Face Resistance, Not DIplomacy"

Kamala Harris Metaphorically Stabs Biden, Mouths Neocon Foreign Policy

US Media Claims Wife Of UAE Sheikh Flees Country With Huge Sum Of Money

US Navy Seeks UFO-Like Patent For Fear China Will Beat Them To It

Trump Concedes Some Good Stuff To China

Kamala Harris: Trump Not That Impressed

Muslim "Refugees" Reject Free Norwegian Apartments, Demand Houses

Germany's Green Party Pledges To Ban All Industrial Farming

Massive Water Aquifer Discovered Under The Ocean

When AI Becomes Your Boss, You Become The Robot

Elon Musk Fully Committed "To Build The Martian Technocracy"

google: Orwell's "Ministry Of Truth"

Google: None Dare Call It Sedition - Why Not?

Big Tech Takes Revenge On Project Veritas

Stark Difference Between Christianity, East And West

German Government To Quadruple Payments To "Holocaust" Survivors

Have You Heard Of The CIA's Iran Mission Center?

Hard-Core, War-Horny CNN Savaged

US-Bashed Iran Recalls Deadly 1987 Chemical Attack By Iraq

Trump, Putin Seemed Satisfied With Their G20 Meeting

1914 All Over Again: One Wrong Turn, And... BOOM!!

Pat Woods On Google's Professed Intent To Meddle Again

Iran Compliance: Trump To Unleash Hell On Europe

SpaceX-Like Companies Abound Internationally

Toronto Resists Google Smart-City Utopia

Corbett: The 5G Dragnet

Corbett: Lies Again? That War Is Inevitable? Will The Public Get Fooled Again?

Joking With 'The Devil" (Russia) A Sampler

US Gets No Commitment From NATO On Iran

Doug Bandow: No One Believes The President's War Claims Anymore

Putin: US Plans On "Fixing" Iran Same Way They "Fixed" Libya And Iraq

UN Sent 24,000 Tons Of Infested And Rotten "Aid" To Yemenis

It Goes On: Nearly 100 Dead In Northwest Syria Fighting

How Do We Celebrate A Flawed Nation?

Opinion -  How Do You Celebrate a Flawed Nation?

PCR: The Propaganda Ministry Known As "The Free Press"

Vladimir Putin: The "Liberal" Idea Had Become Obsolete

Russia-India-China Will Be The G20 Hit

Philip Giraldi: Real Monsters Do Walk The Earth - Three In Number, For Sure

Why Do We Let So Much Awful Infringement Happen? Cognitive Dissonance Paralyzes The Masses

Your Civil Liberties Have Been Suspended By The United States Of Big Tech

Friday, June 28, 2019

Putin Laughs After Grinning Trump Says. "Don't Meddle In The Election, Please"

Ron Paul: Iran-US Escalation - Blame Pompeo And Bolton?

Trump Praising Today's Stock Market Is Like Bush Praising Housing In 2006

Memo To Trump: Trade Bolton For Tulsi

Future Elon And SpaceX Domination Will Be Like Rockefeller And Standard Oil

Mark Dice: Poor Uncle Joe

The United States Of Google And The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

Ex-CIA Agent: Those Who Planned Coup Against Trump Are About To Be Indicted

China, Japan, Korea To Dominate 21st Century, Russia To Benefit Greatly

Russian Christians Interrupt Play Glorifying Sodomy, Asking Audience To Leave. Many Do

Left Blames Russian Bots For Tulsi Gabbard's Post-Debate Unmatched Online Success

Florida's New Unconstitutional Anti-Semitism Laws: Prepare To Be Shocked

Post-Debate: Media Ignore Absolute Crown Favorite, Tulsi Gabbard. Shocking

How It's Done: Malaysian PM - MH17 Inquiry Designed To Blame Russia From The Beginning

Can Russia, China Snag India From US To Build A Eurasian Superpower

The Globalization Of America's "Long War" Against Humanity

Forbidden Knowledge: 9/11 - Who Rigged The Towers?

Census Decision May Turn Into A Win For Trump, Citizenship

Little Attack Hen Harris Flaps At Biden

Debate: Dems Try To Out-Socialist Each Other

Finally Sane! - Pelosi Caves To Senate On Border Crisis Aid

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why Does The Deep State Really Hate Russia?

The Purge Of Trans-Skeptical Heretics

Jacob Hornberger: The Solution To Trump's Iran Mayhem

RFK, Jr., 120 Others Blast Vaccinations At Statehouse

Obama-Clinton Bribery About To Break

Mission Accomplished: Tulsi Captured The Debate Watchers' Interest

TULSI 2020
James —
Tulsi didn’t walk onto that debate stage last night trying to impress anyone. She walked on stage with the sole mission to tell the truth no matter the political cost.
And it worked. Multiple news outlets declared Tulsi to be the breakaway winner of Wednesday’s debate. And search data shows that more people were googling Tulsi than any other debate candidate:

It's Not A New Problem - So Why Does Media Only Care About Dead Migrant Children Under Trump?

Foreign Minister: No Such Thing As A "Short War" With Iran

Too Hot To Touch? Mainstream Media Outlets Stand United In Rejecting Op-Ed On Assange By UN Expert On Torture

Putin: "Liberal" Idea Failed The West - Elites Forgot About People

AOC Was Actually Facing An Empty Parking Lot During Emotional Border Protest Photo Op

All The Candidates' Bad Ideas

Really Happening Inside Google

How Chinese Propaganda Handles Massive Hong Kong Protests

It Can Be Done: Ping-Pong Wizard Shows Off Amazing Trick Shots

The Nuremberg Code

Chuck Baldwin: The Iranian People Are Not Our Enemy

FDA Quietly Bans Powerful, Life-Saving Intravenous Vitamin C

Poll Suggests MORE People Want To Leave The EU Than After The Referendum

Western News Agencies Mistranslate Iran President's Speech - It's Not The First Time

Animal Study Presents Best Evidence To Date That Parkinson's Begins In The Gut

Boeing Throws Its Weight Behind Larry Page's Flying Taxi Startup

PCR: Au Contraire - The Diminishing American Economy

Quantum Technology NEEDS Atomically Precise Manufacturing

For How Long? - US Crude Production Keeps Hitting New Records, And Taxas' Is Over 5 Million Barrels A Day

They're In It Together: Stunning New Expose Offers New Details About China's Infiltration Of 8 Tech Giants

Soros-Backed Group Demands Financial Blacklisting Of Conservatives

India Rushes To Lure Businesses Fleeing Chine With Generous Tax Breaks

Corbett & Pilato: New World Next Week

Stephen Donziger: To Fight For Amazonian Villagers Against Big Oil

The Dollar's Toast: A Preview Of The Next Ten Years

Scott Ulbricht: Who Deserves To Be In Prison?

US Sends Battleship To Cuba In Response To US Missile Buildup In Europe

South African Genocide Continues, Media Refuses To Cover It

Google YouTube Deletes Stark Evidence Of Its Plan To Meddle In 2020

Russia Has Bolstered Iran's Air Defenses With Technical Advisers

"The Dollar Is Becoming Toxic", Due To "Aggressive, Unpredictable" US Behavior

Top 5 Russian Films About World War II

Pro-War Media Wants To Destroy Tucker Carlson For Attacking Ruling Class And Neocons

Shocking Footage Of Anti-Christian Riots In Republic Of Georgia - US-Conducted Color Revolution

A Power To Be Reckoned With: Elizabeth Warren Got The Push She Needed From Debate

Elizabeth Warren's powerful case for Medicare For All was one of the most important answers of the debate -- hitting insurance companies and Dems “who won’t fight” for the people.
Check it out here. And please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Turn on images to see this tweet.
For millions of Americans, this debate was the opening argument -- and Elizabeth Warren simply commanded the stage. She was the only candidate whose answers worked together to paint a picture of bold structural change that challenges powerful interests on behalf of everyday families. Voters saw that Warren would be both the most inspiring president and the most electable candidate against Trump.
She made a powerful case for Medicare For All and against the big insurance companies -- and vowed to pressure Mitch McConnell and Congress by rallying the American public, not by making Biden-like backroom deals. Check out just one powerful example here, and then share it on Facebookand Twitter.
Given tonight's debate, what comes closest to your feeling right now?
Warren's boldness and clarity of vision will loom over ‪tomorrow night's debate stage. There's no doubt Warren won new backers tonight, laid the groundwork for a continued climb, and set the pace for the second night of debate.
Keep your eyes on your email. The stories we’ve been gathering this week from voters at are amazing and inspiring -- and we will continue elevating them!
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- The PCCC Election Team

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told PCCC members , "The majority of Americans are with us on the policies. Americans support Medicare for All, expanding Social Security benefits, gun reform, debt-free college, and a $15 minimum wage. Bold progressive values are popular EVERYWHERE. Together, we have the people. Together, with your help, we’ll have the votes." And, Rep. Rashida Tlaib told PCCC members, "The PCCC has been one of my strongest allies."

Stephen F. Cohen: Will US Elites Give Detente With Russia A Chance?

Millions Of Migrants And Paramilitary Troops Will Soon Be Here - Red Dawn Is Taking Shape

ICE Has Apprehended Illegals From 52 Countries In Last 30 Days. Who's Bringing Them And Why?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Survey Shows 45% Of Americans Doubt Safety Of Vaccines

Russian Su-35S Jet Wows Crowds With "Physics-Defying Stunts (Video)

US In Its Desperation Phase - One Explanation

Sanders Says 2016 Election Was "Rigged", Claims He Would Have Beaten Trump

27 Questions That Congress Should Ask Mueller

Trump Campaign Manager: Modern Polling Is Worthless

Top 2020 Dems Agree: Illegal Immigrants Should Get Perks

Mainstream Media Silent After Google Election Meddling Bombshell

New Sanctions To Hit Iranian Kids - Pompeo, Bolton Thrilled

Heaven On Earth: The Rise And Fall Of Socialism

Banks Will Soon Be Obsolete

"India No Partner To US' Disastrous Foreign Policy"

Conditions On The Streets Of San Francisco

Richard Enos: The Hidden Reason The "Russian Collusion" Investigation Ever Got Started

Afghanistan Exit - We'll See About That

Big Tech, Big Banks Push For Cashless Society

New Flyer, Website: Bees Being Harmed By 5G

How Evil Wins: The Hypocritical Double Standards Of Political Outrage

A Currency Upheaval Is Coming

Dems Are Planning To Steal The 2020 Election

Arms Dealers And Lobbyists Get Rich As Yemen Burns

Philip Giraldi: How To Start An Unnecessary War

The "Deal Of The Century" - Economic Entrails At The Heart

Walter E. Williams: Reparations For Slavery? There Are Just A Few Problems

Patrick Buchanan: Trump - War President Or Anti-Interventionist

Germany VS Iran: Has Germany Sold Out To The Devil?

Iran Is Loaded For War, But Is The US?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Analyst: Bolton's "Path Of Diplomacy" Is A Ruse To Crush Iran's Economy

Another Poll: Only 5% In US Want War With Iran

Trump Admin Iran Policy Is Garbage

It's Everywhere: Video Of Indian Mob Lynching Muslem While Forcing Him To Praise Hindu Gods Sparks National Outrage

Media's Trump-Flaying Comes Back On Them

Another Poll Says 19% Want A Military Strike On Iran

Palestinians Show Disdain For Trump's Mideast Confeence

Europeans Cool Toward Iran Coalition Talk, Seek De-Escalation

24% Of US Voters Want Military Action Against Iran

The Geopolitics Of World War III

PCR: The Diminishing American Economy

In "Climate Apartheid, Only The Rich Can Save Themselves

With Less Than A Mllisecond Left

Dmitry Orlov: You Are Being Trolled

US Public's Aversion To Use Of Nuclear Weapons Limited

Russia Warns Build-Up Of US Weapons Near Its Borders Risks Repeat Of Cuban Missile Crisis

How To Rebel Against Corporate Food (And Why You Should)

Trump Giving Up On Toppling Venezuela's Maduro

Iran Banned From Closed Security Council Session On The Country

Stephen Lendman: Falsely Blaming Victims For Crimes Committed Against Them

SpaceX's Latest Launch Ends With Fiery Crash

Whoa! That Won't Work!: NATO Tells Russia To Destroy New Missile Or Face Consequences

Mark Dice: Confirmed

Ron Paul: Boxed In By Neocons And The Media: Will Trump Launch The Iran War?

Trade War Sewing Seeds Of Doubt In US Farmers

New Theory: We Live inside A Gigantic Higher-Dimensional Black Hole

Namibia: The Story Of A German Colony

US Intel To Congress: No Evidence Of Al-Qaeda Helping Iran

Google Admits To Election Meddling To Prevent Trump From Winning In 2020

Occupation Of The American Mind: Israel-Palestine Lie Foisted On Americans (Film)

Israel's Internet Censorship War

Has Germany Sold Out To The Devil? Do They Want To Get Bombed?

The Twice-Fooled Fools

Pompeo: Master Of American Historical Amnesia

Iran Had The Legal Right To Shoot Down US Spy Drone

PCR: As We Face Armageddon, The Western World Is Leaderless

Iran And Trump On The Edge Of The Abyss

Movement Starts Among House Dems On Immigration

Elite Protect Themselves Against Perils Of 5G

Weirdness In Romania: What Was Before Is

The Lies Behind The Secret Space Program

Unreported Violent Revolution In Honduras Spearhead For Eventual 150 Million New Migrants

Monday, June 24, 2019

Europeans Revolt Against The New World Order

Google Whistleblower: "Company Will Never Let Somebody Like Trump Come To Power Again"

Islamic Invasion Of Europe: Majority Of Asylum-Seekers Not Leaving After Being Denied

How Stress Affects Your Adrenal Health And What To Do About It

Trained To Lie - The Making Of The Modern Politician

A Brief History Of The Federal Reserve

The Case For Walking

Immigration By The Numbers - Off The Charts

Confirmed: Study Finds 92% Of Left-Wing Loser Activists Live At Home With Mommy And Daddy

The American Epidemic Most Turn A Blind Eye To And Will NOT Address: Sex Trafficking Of Children

Trump Unleashes On Uber-Hawk Bolton

Trump: Why Protect Other Countries' Shipping Lanes For "Zero Compensation"?

The Universe Is 14 Billion Years Old But The Visible Universe Is 92 Billion Light Years Wide

Huge Lake Of Liquid Water Found On Mars

If US Attacks, Iran Is Posed To Unleash Hordes Of Hezbollah Terrorists On US Soil - Will There Be Any US Military Home?

Mark Dice: Can YouTube Be Saved?

Electron Behaving Non-Particles Rock Current Understanding Of Matter

Blue States Roll Out Aggressive Climate Strategies, Red States Keep To The Sidelines

The Cost Of Free Speech: Multiple Media Outlets Are Now Investigating Rdp. Ilhan Omar

Who's Controlling This? - More US Warships Arrive In Mideast, Even As Trump Signals Drawdown

NEWS ARTICLE - 911Grassroots Reviews COLONEL CRYSTAL'S PARALLEL UNIVERSE Author Dr. James Hufferd

Ever want to stop all the "wars of choice" the U.S. military keeps starting and getting us bogged down in? Then a new book, entitled Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, 189 pages, (Trine Day, May 2019) may be for you. In the book, the lead character, decorated military officer, Col. Alva A. Crystal, USAF (ret.) decides there must be a better way to secure national defense for the United States than by taking on the world as imperialists since Alexander the Great have done, and devises a different, what he touts as a more suitable concept without all the persistent drawbacks that turn the world upside down and lead to constant worldwide turmoil and plots for revenge and avoidance, called a Defense-Only Military, similar to the prevailing military concept early in our history.

Want to stop all the senseless killing of people overseas who would like to be our friends instead? Colonel Crystal and the author of the book ask. All the needless expense this unseemly show of deadly firepower, right of conquest, and sustained hostility to otherd involves, year after year (perhaps up to 20% of our national output and loads of financial problems and poverty for Americans -- with no return for ordinary American citizens whatsoever)? All the endless propaganda that promotes all the endless military attacks and war-making and bullying other nations avail the average taxpayer footing the bill nothing, author James Hufferd points out. Would you like to cut all that heavy control nonsense off at the knees, he asks, and have the American people’s military just concentrate on defending the land and rightful inhabitants of this country, like other nations do? (For instance, China and Russia have one overseas military base each; the U.S. has nearly a thousand, maintained mainly to protect our controlling presence everywhere, when we badly need the money and investment at home, to benefit everyone. And, he insists, if we demand a discussion involving everyone, of this crucial aspect of our national life and character, we can have it and restore our nation to the peaceful paragon it was intended to be. 

Salt That's Worth Its Salt - To Live Long

Royal Treatment - A Treat

Memo To The President: Is Pompeo's Iran Agenda The Same As Yours?

Charles Hugh Smith: The Lessons Of Rome: Our Neofeudal Oligarchy

Pepe Escobar: Iran Goes For "Maximum Counter-Pressure" Policy

"Just Kill Him, Brother": South African Farm Attacks

Courageous Chris Hedges (Video)

Caitlin Johnstone: The Fact Americans Need To Be Deceived Into War Proves Their Government Refuses To Represent Them

Sunday, June 23, 2019

This Is Where The Plastic Waste Now Goes

Is Putin's Support Beginning To Deflate?

Doug Casey On False Flags And Pretexts For The Next War

David Stockman: Trump's Iran Bombast And Reality

What If Trump Won't Accept 2020 Defeat?

US Army Loading Up On Mini-Drones And Ground Robots

Texas Wants To Make Sex Jokes Illegal On Campus

Member Of Polish Parliament Invites AOC To See Some REAL Concentration Camps

Now, Cuba Is Feeling John Bolton's Wrath

Ron Paul: Iran Downs US Spy Drone: Who's The Aggressor?

The Pentagon Revealed Its Nuclear War Strategy And It's Terrifying

Media Hostility Toward Iran Sells Reckless Belligerence To The Public

Trump Concerned About Loss Of Lives In Iran?

Stephen Lendman: How Close Was The Trump Regime To Waging War On Iran?

Over There? No! Over Here!: Russia's Most Modern War Ship Now In The Caribbean

For Isra