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Monday, June 24, 2019

NEWS ARTICLE - 911Grassroots Reviews COLONEL CRYSTAL'S PARALLEL UNIVERSE Author Dr. James Hufferd

Ever want to stop all the "wars of choice" the U.S. military keeps starting and getting us bogged down in? Then a new book, entitled Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, 189 pages, (Trine Day, May 2019) may be for you. In the book, the lead character, decorated military officer, Col. Alva A. Crystal, USAF (ret.) decides there must be a better way to secure national defense for the United States than by taking on the world as imperialists since Alexander the Great have done, and devises a different, what he touts as a more suitable concept without all the persistent drawbacks that turn the world upside down and lead to constant worldwide turmoil and plots for revenge and avoidance, called a Defense-Only Military, similar to the prevailing military concept early in our history.

Want to stop all the senseless killing of people overseas who would like to be our friends instead? Colonel Crystal and the author of the book ask. All the needless expense this unseemly show of deadly firepower, right of conquest, and sustained hostility to otherd involves, year after year (perhaps up to 20% of our national output and loads of financial problems and poverty for Americans -- with no return for ordinary American citizens whatsoever)? All the endless propaganda that promotes all the endless military attacks and war-making and bullying other nations avail the average taxpayer footing the bill nothing, author James Hufferd points out. Would you like to cut all that heavy control nonsense off at the knees, he asks, and have the American people’s military just concentrate on defending the land and rightful inhabitants of this country, like other nations do? (For instance, China and Russia have one overseas military base each; the U.S. has nearly a thousand, maintained mainly to protect our controlling presence everywhere, when we badly need the money and investment at home, to benefit everyone. And, he insists, if we demand a discussion involving everyone, of this crucial aspect of our national life and character, we can have it and restore our nation to the peaceful paragon it was intended to be. 

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