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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tulsi Torches Kamala

His Lawyer: Epstein In Danger Of Being Murdered "By Powerful People" Before His Trial

Green New Deal Would Cost At Least A Quarter Million Dollars Per Household In First 5 Years

Palestinians "Have No Choice But To Riot" Against Israel

Elijah Cummings Rejects Tour Of HUD Facility In Baltimore

"Only Light Casts Out Darkness, Only Love Casts Out Hatred"

Jews Dominated American Organized Crimes - The Italians Were A Hollywood Organized Ruse

Propaganda, Censorship, Power And Control

Bin Laden's Son Dead - US Questioned

Rare Interstellar Galactic Material Found In Antarctic Snow

Steal Russia's Natural Market: Senate Committee Greenlights Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project

CNN's Meddling Debate Strategy Crashes And Burns

Germany Won't Take Part In US Strait Of Hormuz Initiative - "No Military Solution"

Puerto Rico: Notes From A Caribbean Colony In Turmoil

With Criticism Crushed In The West, Israel Can Enjoy Its Impunity Of Sadism

Brexit Trumps The United Kingdom

Will Induced Shakeup At Intl Atomic Energy Agency Affect Iran?

Caitlin Johnstone: How The Question "Who Benefits From This?" Can Change Your Life

How Many Environmental Activists Are Murdered Each Week?

The Battle Of The Information War Has Really Been Lost

Next: Remote Hijackings Of Lines Of Cars To Tie Up Cities

This Is Why America Is In Much More Trouble Than Most Understand

And You Thought Trump Was Racist...

James Howard Kuntstler: Things To Come

John W. Whitehead: The Rise Of The American Gestapo

New York Fire Commissioners Call For New 9/1 Investigation - Meaning What?

RICO (Racketeering) Investigation Into Aftifa. How About Into The Tech Giants?

Neuralink: Central Remote Control Of You, Everyone Is Progressing

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

World's Most Despised Corporations

Iran May Need To Build Nukes

If Iran Is Destroyed, Can The Human Race Survive

Zionists Celebrate Demolition Of Palestine... And America

Dems In Full Meltdown Over Trump's Criticism

No! Not Again! Clinton Investigator Shot Dead (Suicide) In A Night Club

Ron Paul: Anti-Russia Campaign Is Fear-Mongering To Hide Real US Crimes

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mark Dice: Friendly Reminder

The New Segregationists In The Media: The Two Tiers Of Treatment

A Thoughtful 2020 Candidate No One Has Focused On: Marianne Williamson

Ex-FBI Chief Of Staff: Russia Conspiracy Came From Obama White House

Luke Rudkowski: End The Fed, HUGE Boondoggles, Massive Idiocy Per Usual

You're Not Supposed To Win: Big Pharma Blood Pressure Drugs Found Laced With Cancer-Causing Chemical

Child Trafficking CPS Agencies Now Using "Predictive Analytics" To Decide Which...

How The Financial System Criminalizes Crypto

World Can't Wait: Sinister Plots In Our Name, On Our "Dime"

World Can't Wait
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James ,
This is a mobster talkingPolitico, July 22, 2019:
“If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just don't want to kill 10 million people,” Trump said.  “I have plans on Afghanistan that if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth,” the president continued. “It would be gone. It would be over in — literally in ten days. And I don't want to do that. I don't want to go that route.”
Then, why is he talking about doing so? This is the thug who deployed "the Mother of All Bombs" in Afghanstan in April 2017:  "The US military, at Trump's order, dropped an 11-ton bomb on Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan. It is being called the 'mother' of all bombs - the largest bomb dropped in any war since the United States nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No to wars for empire and no to the 'mother' of all bombers, the Trump/Pence Regime.... It is an escalation only one step away from full-scale nuclear war on a nation on which our government has been waging war for 16 years."

Trump follows in the steps of G.W. Bush, who invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, despite the country, and certainly the population, having no responsibility for 9/11. U.S. drove the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban regime from power, and installed a widely hated, pro-U.S. “Islamic Republic.”  And Trump also follows in the steps of Barack Obama whose surge in 2009/10 raised the number of civilian deaths.  The U.S. has never succeeded in defeating the Taliban or stabilizing the country and the U.S. air and ground war has continued ever since. By August 2016, some 111,000 people had been killed and over 116,000 injured. More than 31,000 of the dead were Afghan civilians (see Update on the Human Costs of War for Afghanistan and Pakistan, 2001 to mid-2016).
Now the U.S. is negotiating a settlement with the Taliban. The current Afghan government is not included - but the Saudis and the Emiratis form part of the conferring team!

As U.S. threats against Iran escalate, continuing U.S. manipulations affecting the lives of the Iraqi people continue to escalate as well creating horrendous possibilities of ongoing war.
U.S. intervention in Iran has a long history.  Take this quiz and then share it with friends, colleagues and family. Download it here and print it for your use.

As U.S. imperialism intensifies under the Trump/Pence Regime, our War Criminals Watchproject has been following some of the key players. The latest for whom we have a bio up on the site is Mike Pompeo.
There is also a downloadable poster here for your use at the next demo.
You might also want to take along these posters of current Trump/Pence officials as well:Bolton and Trump. For further info, check out their bios too:  Bolton and Trump.  If you are interested in these, you might want to sneak a peak at Nancy Pelosi's bio and poster.  She has been there for years since she didn't object to waterboarding under Bush and said back then too that impeachment was off the table.

Obama Administration Miscreants Put On Notice

Michael Savage: Decline Of The West: From The Lunar Landing To The Mueller Hearing

Clinton-Epstein Connection Deeper Than Admitted Or Reported

Baltimore Mayor Confirms Trump's Comments

Forbidden Knowledge: Sex Talk Has Changed

Addressing The Climate Crisis: Worldwide Reforestation And Industrial Hemp

South American Democracies Want To Go Their Own Way

Differential Chess At The Dems' Sorry Debates: Kamala VS Tulsi

Trump Has Had It And Is Taking The House To Court

Sunday, July 28, 2019

"Making America Great Again" Sounds Too Much Like "Contract With America"

Spy Chief Coats (Deep State) Finally Canned. Now We'll Get The Files Released That The President Ordered

Something Baltimore Would Like To Ditch: Kushner Homes

5 Incredible Facts About India' Fast-Growing Economy

What Life Is Like In The Area Of The World's 3rd Worst Nuclear Disaster

Rouhani Hopes BoJo's Familiarity With Iran Will Help Alleviate Tensions

"From Deep Sea To Infinite Universe," India Will Defy ANY Pressure In Security Matters

Agreed: Rob Rosenstein Should Be Arrested For Running A Giant Scam

Neuroweapons And Cognitive Liberty

Baltimore Residents ABANDON The Left, Stand With Trump

Fantastic Mom Crushed Record With Fantastic Marathon Run

Swedish Authorities Forcefully Place Christian Girls With Muslim Foster Family, Dad Flees To Poland, Which Won't Extradite Him

UK Set To Resettle "Thousands" More Refugees From Middle East And Africa In Order To "Transform" Communities

Media Passes On Allegation Obama Deleted Tens Of Thousands Of Implicating National Archive Entries

Evidence Of Others Besides Russians Meddling In 2020 - It's Commonplace

Hundreds Of India's Nuclear Scientists Have Turned Up Dead

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Clean Air, Birds, And The Constitution


Judge To Rabbi: Compensate Woman Suspected Of Vandalizing Synagogue

Microtechnology From America, To Israel, Then To China

US Pushes Back Vote On Nordstream 2 Sanctions

Mr. Boris Johnson To Be The Last PM Of UK

PCR: Americans Are Consigning Themselves To The Trash Bin Of History

More Than Too Bad Tulsi Let Us Down On Right To Boycott Israel: Put Not Your Faith In Politicians

Unprecedented, Wasteful, And Obscene: House Passes $1.48 Trillion Pentagon Budget

Trailer For "The Great Hack": The Most Important Documentary Of Our Time?

Mueller's Investigation Was About Trying To Protect The Actual Miscreants Of The Russia Hoax

Treason: Trump Issues Chilling Warning To The Deep State

New Twist On Election 2020: Michelle Obama

Shock! Harry Reid Turns Toward Trump

The Hard Nub Left Unchewed: Russians Hacked The Emails? What's The Evidence?

PCR: Their Impeachment Without Evidence = Dinner Without Food

Friday, July 26, 2019

Trees Found To Communiate With One Another Through The "Underground Web"

Dangerous: Rule 13, On "The Squad", By The Baddest Bitch Alive

Dangerous Logo
Rule 13

I can’t help but crack up at Ilhan Omar’s resurfaced interview where she said, “Our country should be more fearful of white men across the country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.” 

The statement is beyond idiotic. 

Americans shouldn’t be upset that a member of Congress is advocating race-based government intervention against white people. 

Americans should be upset that the voters in Minnesota sent someone to Washington who is either functionally retarded or hell-bent on manipulating people along racial lines. 

Well, okay, possibly both. 

But that’s a tactic of the Left, and with the popularity of identity politics, liberals have been leaning way too hard on Rule 13. 

You see, when a liberal is born, it’s a requirement that instead of being read Goodnight Moon or good ‘ole subliminally perverse Doctor Seuss, baby socialist are slowly read Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. 

Even before they get acquainted with Nevertheless She Persisted. 

And Rule 13 is as heavy as a fat girl after an all-you-can-eat brunch. 

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” 

That strategy is the most effective in politics and always will be. 

Black against white. Christian against Muslim. Rich against poor, and beautiful people like me against all of the uglies of the world. 

And yes, I use Rule 13 personally because it’s so effective – and that’s why you should support my work. 

Unlike Omar, I don’t stumble on stupidity or lie and deceive to deploy Rule 13. It’s far too easy to tell the truth – although I do have sympathy for Ilhan Omar as I’ve heard that when you lose your clitoris your IQ drops by 30 points. 

How else to explain the massive intelligence gap between the West and the muslim world? It can't be race, as liberals keep insisting. Must be the Clit Tax! 

For the past several months, I’ve been working late into the night as God has blessed me with enough beauty to forgo sleep. 

And after I heard Omar’scomment I had to blab to you about one of my books in draft, How to be White. 

In her honor, I’ll have to add a chapter about the World’s history of death at the hands of racial and religious classes – while conveniently glossing over the Crusades, because after all, that was just taking back what was ours. 

How to be White is one of 12 books that I’m feverishly working to release, promote and storm around the country to counter the public manipulation of Ilhan Omar and her “squad”. 

After all, I am the baddest bitch alive and AOC, Omar and their team of girls wearing pant suits picked from Hillary’s Goodwill donations, don’t stand a chance against the logic I present on your behalf . . . or my Louis Vuitton accessories. 

But to keep going, I need your continuing support. So please, donate now and consider a monthly giftto keep my lovely face and stinging words in the eye of the public. 

Thank you so much for your love and support.

How The Elite's Fix On The US Government Works

William Binney: Totalitarian Democracy Means End Of Freedom For The People

Biden Questions Christians' Ties To Trump

Abel Danger: Russia Wins The Cold War - Soviet Israel

Are Half The People Really "Worse Than Devil Worshippers"? That's The Vibe

Why The Left So Despises Donald Trump - A Very Clear Presentation

New Book: The Soviet Experiment - Challenging The Apologists

TBR Bookstore Product Announcement

The Soviet Experiment: Challenging the Apologists for Communist Tyranny

The USSR remains one of the least understood of all societies despite its having only existed in the 20th century. It stands as the great embar­rassment of the globe's liberal elite and they do all they can to mystify their role in creating and supporting this totalitarian disaster.

One of the reasons it remains so misunderstood is that very few can wrap their heads around depravity of this magnitude. Josef Stalin once said in an article appearing in Pravda that, under his rule, "life had become more joyous and carefree." There's a level of dissociation here that only a handful can penetrate and still retain their sanity.

Luckily, The Barnes Review (TBR) has an expert author who has no difficulty with discussing either depravity or dissociation—or in challenging those who insist that Stalin "wasn't as bad as we have been told," claiming he was not responsible for the terrors that occurred under his rule or that he had somehow finally "caught on" to the true nature of the Soviet state.

The Soviet Experiment: Challenging the Apologists for Communist Tyranny connects the dots so many have failed to connect in the past. The author, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, the former editor and currently a member of TBR's Contributing Editorial Board, has, at great cost to himself, spent his adult life specializing in the hidden aspects of Russian history and its connection to nationalism. As always, he pulls no punches. He's contentious, he's offensive, he's difficult, he's chal­lenging—challenging everything that needs to be challenged to explain the catastrophe of the Marxist Soviet Union and the ideological fog behind which it hid for so long. He explodes myth after myth on the Soviet enigma, rendering it no longer mysterious. With primary source materials never before translated into English, this book is a necessity for any serious historian and truthseeker.
Softcover, 241 pages, #835. Order here.

Remember: 10% off retail price for TBR subscribers. Calculate discount on product prices before adding S&H to your check or money order, or tell us you're a subscriber when you call to place your order and we'll calculate your total.

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Jeffrey Epstein, The Renaissance Man Of Our Evil Underbelly: The Keystone

Vatican Mystery: Investigators Discover Thousands Of Human Bones

No Fairy Tale. The Trump Administration's Declaration Of Inhuman Rights

Dmitry Orlov: Highly Unlikely Conspiracies (Including Long-Lost NASA Moon Landing Footage)

PCR: America's Collapse

Philip Giraldi: No Accountability In Washington. The CIA Wants To Hide All Its Employees

Thursday, July 25, 2019

13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Andre Vitchek: New Light On The Uyghur Reality And Issue

Scott Ritter: Did Trump Just Threaten To Attack Iran With Nukes?

Bill Clinton Invited Jeffrey Epstein WHERE?

Russia Declares Think Tank Atlantic Council And "Undesirable Organizatioon" - Do Ya Suppose?

Russians Blamed For Bringing Back Shades Of "Clinton Body Count"

Epstein's Money Trail: Can Justice Triumph Over The Power Of Major Money?

Can't Take It Anymore: Palestine's Abbas Suspends ALL Agreements With Israel

Cracks Now Appearing In Google's Foundation?

Google Whistleblower Expooses Election Theft

Brexit: The Elites Turn Against Honoring The People's Decision

William Barr Was Onto Mueller's Collusion With Dems And Gave Him This Warning

Russia Confident Enough To Plan Major Investments In Venezuela

Ron Unz's Brilliant Strategy For The Alt Media To Defeat The Mainstream Media

Conquered California: A Cautionary Tale

The Thoughtless Waltz Into War On Iran

THE Car That Almost Was

The 40,000-Year-Old Man

Andrew Napolitano: The Longest Pleasure - About Hatred

Fading Trust In Government, Media, And Each Other A "Sign Of Cultural Sickness And National Decline"

Disputed Claim: CEO Offers To Pay School Lunch Debt So Parents Won't Have Kids Stolen By CPS. Government Won't Let Him

EU Looking To Regulate EVERYTHING Online

Comments At Russian Sailor's Funeral Remind That World Is On A Hair Trigger

Yesterday's House Of Representatives Vote To Ban Boycotting Of Israel For Its Genocide Against Palestinians Was Disgusting

New Public School History Book: President Trump "Mentally Ill, Supporters "Racists"

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein - Possible Suicide Attempt

Robert David Steele On Zionism, Central Banks, US/British Empire, Asia

Thousands Of Bones Of Dozens Of Humans Discovered At Vatican

Lights Out: 2,000 Firefly Species Facing Extinction

John W. Whitehead: Police State Disguised As Law And Order - Monsters With Human Faces

Malaysian PM: MH17 Probe Worthless - Just Impulsively Blamed Russia

US And EU Duke It Out On Trade

China's New Strategy To Build A World-Class Military

Will Boris Johnson Save The UK?

9/11 Paper Accepted To Major Conference

Killing Europe - (Documentary, Banned By Amazon) - A Result Of Policy - Are We Immune To Something Like This Here In US?

Iran - Seizure Of A British Tanker - More Than Tit-For-Tat

Star Witness Says Dems' Collusion With Russia "Outside The Purview Of Investigation Into Russian Collusion"

Disaster Day For Dems In DC As Der Dream Darling Dissapoints Dem!

"Knowsy" Zuckerbaby: Facebook Nose More About You Than The CIA

The Twisted Flight Paths Of 'Global Girl" And The Lolita Express

PCR: Will Comey Be Indicted?

Congress Doubles Down On, Institutionalizes Official Allegiance To Israel

Famous Author Stephen King Demands The President Go Back Where He Came From

Russiagate: The Cherry On Top

Decoding The National Security Commentariat

A Discomforting Letter - A Very Good Read

London Firm To Help The Wealthy Hide Their Assets

One View Of Ongoing Mueller Testimony

JFK Assassination: Another (Powerful) Witness Concludes...

So, Where Will It Lead?: Dems Unanimous As House Passes Bill

Walter E. Williams: What's Most Important?

Induced: Diversity Nonsense

Oh? - Silicon Valley Thinks Journalists Shouldn't Talk To Nigel Farage

Caitlin Johnstone: The Just World Fallacy - Why People Bash Assange And Defend Power

China Tells US To "Stop Its Random And Illegal Sanctions"

Jeffrey Epstein: Council On Foreign Relations And Trilateral Commission Member

London Defends The Shreds Of Its Empire Against Iran

Yale Psychologist: Trump Is Driven By Insecurity And Emptiness

Is Trump Really On Track To Win Re-Election?

Ray McGovern: A Non-Hack That Raised Hillary's Hackles

Dave Hodges: How The Justice Democrats Created "The Squad"

Operation Blackmail: Epstein, The Mossad, And CIA

Mueller Given Strict Guidelines On Allowable Testimony

Forbidden Knowledge: Why I'm Leaving Skid Row And Moving To Somewhere Normal

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Five Myths About American Exceptionalism Killing The Left

James Howard Kuntsler: What Goes Around - Next Thing To Roll Over And Die Will Be Mueller's Evanescent Reputation

"It's About The Benjamins": Trump's Smearing Of Congresswomen Demonstrates...

Philip Giraldi: Israel's Agents Of Influence

AI Gearing To Produce One Correct Human Thinking Universally

Social Media Explosion: Furor Of Boris's Arrival As Prime Minister Rivals That Of Donald's As President

A Good Overview Of The New Bombshell Seth Rich Evidence

Whitewashing American History - Warts And All, Or Fantasy?

Save The Wild Rockies

America's Economic Warfare Against Countries That Won't Give It Their Resources

Boris Johnson Is Even More Dangerous Than Trump

Is The Natural World Just A Collection Of Resources For One Species?

The US Is China's Financial Parasite

Mueller's Testimony Could Be Big Trouble - For Mueller

Autistic Child Kidnapped By State Ends Up In Child Protection System Before Being Trafficked

More Background On Seth Rich Murder (Video)

Antifa Terrorists Firebombed A Government Building With AR-15 "Assault" Rifles, But The Mainstream Media Didn't Say A Word

US Cannot Win A War Because Its Manufacturing Base Is Overseas

91% Of Democrats Believe A Civil War Is Necessary To Bring About Desired Changes

How Humans Migrated Across The Globe

Monday, July 22, 2019

Don't Let Congress Sneak Through More Israel Lobby Legislation On Tuesday!

Are There (Literal) Demonic Spirits In Congress?

Susie Day: A Snowflake's Dream - Mexico Invades United States

Timothy Egan: We Are A Debased Nation Fighting Over The Scraps Of Our Former Principles

Our Ruling Elites Have No Idea How Much We Want To See Them All In Prison Jumpsuits

Comey Under Investigation For Misleading Trump While Investigating Him

Honey Trap: Were Trump And Clinton Involved? How Much Did They Party With Epstein?

MOST 2020 Dem Candidates' Views On Israel (One Basically Excluded...)

War Profiteers And The Demise Of The US Military Industrial Complex

How The DND Ginned Up Conspiracy Blaming Russia With No Evidence At All

May's Final Parting Diversion From Her Failure? Take One Last Shot At Putin

Craig McKee: Iowa Activist Takes 911 Truth To 17 Presidential Candidates - Several Of Them Are Highly Receptive

"Audit The Fed" Is Back In Congress, Tulsi Gabbard Signs On As Co-Sponsor

British Warship Failed To Stop Iran From Seizing UK Tanker In Hormuz

Trump's "Israel First" Foreign Policy

Middle East - Mediterranean Energy Corridor, Greater Kurdistan, Greater Israel

Interactive Map Of Moon Landings

Robert David Steele: Zionists Last - With Respect, A Commentary On "Israel First" Article

Who Are The Pedophile Kingpins? What Constitutes Their Satanist Culture?

Phil Giraldi On Nikky Haley As Zionist Bimbo-In-Chief

Nice Try, Wrong Missile: US Botches Propaganda Video Accusing Russia Of INF Violation

"Missed You Guys" - John McAfee Re-Emerges After Going Dark Following CIA "Encounter"

Post-Apocalypse US: Russian Fan Turns Iconic Comic "Electric State" Into Movie Before Hollywood

US Political Hypoe Over Russian Pic Editor Face-App Generates More Cash For Company

As Mueller's Book Becomes A Live Show On The Hill, Is America Sick Of "Russia-Gate"?

Boris Johnson's Can-Do Spirit And "Mystery Tech" Won't Solve The Brexit Border Problem

"No Such Request Made": Indian Media DENIES Trump Was Asked To Mediate Kashmir Crisis

Iranian Media Releases First Photos Of Captured CIA-Linked Spies

Documentary Revels Global Recruiting Of Child Soldiers, Suicide Bombers For Jihad

Rashida Tlaib: "I'm Not Going Nowhere" Until I Impeach Trump

Scarborough Predicts Trump "Loses In A Landslide" In 2020 - "He Is Routed Next Year"

Video: Violent Pro-China Triad "Mob" Attacks Hong Kong Protesters. No Arrests

Mueller To Testify, House GOP Pledges To Cross-Examine One-Sided Report

Iran Says 17 CIA Spies Who "Hid Messages In Stones" Arrested

Trump Doubles Down. America's Designated Enemies Quake

The Original Athens Formula Should Be Worth More Than A Try

Sad, But Electric Cars Aren't Mass Market Vehicles

PCR: Trump Is Back Under Bolton's Thumb

Acetaminophen Needs To Be Checked Into

Why The US Won't Launch A Ground War Versus Iran

Are Libertarians "The New Neocons"? Live And Let Live Should Embrace The World!

From Mad Cow To Agrichemicals: Time To Put Public Need Ahead Of Private Greed

Rural America And The 5G Digital Divide - Telecommunications Giants And Their Expanding "Toxic" Infrastructure

Nicaragua: It's Complicated

Israel's Choice For US President

Composite News Website Taken Down By Malware Attack After Streaming Program Defending Assange

Corporate Media Fueling A New Iran Nuclear Crisis

Quiet! Human Voice Declared A Disturbance Of Nature

Dave Hodges: Why Is America The Loneliest Nation On Earth?

Dave Hodges: Three-Pronged Attack To Destroy America - Part 1

Will America's "Most Admired Woman" End Up The Dems' Candidate In 2020?

The Draft Is Coming

Why Can't America Fill A Pothole?

Don't Miss The 5G (Wireless) Climate Summit

Israel Could Formally Annex The US Before We're Done

Epstein's Other Island