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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Strategic Campaign Finance By Tech Billionaires, Outsource Lobby

California Cities Overrun By Rodents, Pose Public Health Epidemic

Ebola Is Spreading Through War-Ravaged Central Africa

Legal Wrangling About Sandy Hook Still Going On

Downtown Chicago Active-Shooter Drill "Went Terribly Wrong"

Anti-Deep State Voices Being Systematically Censored

Why Democrat-Run Cities Look Like Third World Cities

Rep. Omar's Vanguard BDS Bill Called "DOA"

Patrick Buchanan: Inevitability Of New US-Mideast War, Gloomy Outlook

Green New Deal: It's Here And Happening Now

United Nations Launches "War On Free Speech"

Abel Danger: Make Who Great Again? Who Was It Hired Ivanka And Kushner?

How Americans Come Down On, "Is Trump A Racist?"

Friday, July 19, 2019

13,400 Of Chicago's Homeless Had A Job In 2017, 18,000 Had A College Education

Everyone Is Broke, But YOU Don't Have To Be A Debt Slave Anymore

Ilhan Omar Introduces Pro-Boycott Resolution, Announces Visit To Israel

Reporesentative Demands To Know If Pentagon Bioweapons Program Released Lyme Disease Carrying Ticks On Purpose

Trump Can't Bear To Share A Bit Of The Limelight

Trump Administration Considering SHUTTING DOWN Refugee Program

Candidate Calls Trump Supporters "Committed Racists"

International: Merkel, Trudeau Back "The Squad"

50 Things They Don't Want You To Know: New Book

Former Iranian President: US Can't Simultaneously Choke Throat And Say Come Talk

Kyrsten Sinema, Eight Other Senators, Sign Letter To Remove Certain Migrants

Key Mueller Witness Indicted On Sex Trafficking Charges

Minority Congresswomen Got His Goat - Trump Increases Attacks

Lunar Mysteries That Science Still Needs To Solve

Pentagon Ordered To Release Lyme Disease Bio-Warfare Secrets

Fighting Over Literal Spoils: Battle To The Death Over Tripoli And Libya

Epstein And The American Lie Machine

Video Shows Fiery Descent Of Chinese Space Station From Orbit

America Seen Stumbling Toward Civil War, One Terrible Tweet At A Time

Brexit Fallout: The United Kingdom May Go The Way Of The Soviet Union

Democracy As A Great Human Scourge - A Complete Disaster For Western Civilization

Violence Against Public Officials Surges In Germany Due To Public Fury Over Migrants

Google Denies Blacklisting Under Oath, Despite Leaked Docs Showing Otherwise

What Would Happen If We Cast Aside Our Taboo And Let People Openly Discuss Race

Why Did 't Mueller Investigate The Seth Rich Murder?

Emptiness: The City's Future Is Childless

Globalization Is Destroying The "Great American Middle"

Stephen Lendman: Mythmaking About Non-Belligerent Iran

Stephen Lendman: Trump Claims US Shot Down An Iranian Drone

Why Evangelicals Love Donald Trump (Harsh)

Linda Moulton Howe: Manipulation By Aliens - Modern Version Of Manipulation By The Gods?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pentagon Tick Crimes? Could Very Well Be Serious, Congress Is Looking Into It

Caitlin Johnstone: One Version Of Why Traditional Scientific Rational Thinking Is Not The Western Norm Now

It's Un-American To Be Anti-Free Speech - Protect The Right To Criticize The Government

How To Feel More Comfortable And Alive In Your Body

Abel Danger: America Is A Conquered Country

Rand Paul Angles To Become Trump's Emissary To Iran

Who Would Believe This? - Trump Says US Not Seeking Regime Change In Iran

House Rejects Saudi Weapons Sales, Trump To Veto

US, Israel Demand Iran Withdraw From Everywhere (And Vice-Versa)

The Shape Of The Long-Building, Inevitable Battle For Syria's Idlib

Turkey Appears Poised To Retaliate Against US Sanctions, Prompting Warning

PCR: Robert Mueller Should Be Arrested For Conspiracy To Overthrow The President Of The United States

Why US Is Red Hot Flabbergasted At Turkey

Why Prying America Free From Zionism Is Going To Be A Hard Sell

Hallelujah! - When Muslims Saved Jewish Lives

What A Man! - Pompeo's Big Evil Lie On Iran

"Hope Is Back" - Trump Helps Save Christians, Yazidis In Iraq From Extinction

New World Record For America? - Maryland Man Arrested For Stealing 18 Cars In 24 Hours

Stunner: Many Side With Ilhan

Bold Claim: Charity Could Replace Taxation

Trump's Trade War For Liberty And Prosperity Said To Destroy Liberty And Prosperity

Ron Paul: Hegemony Demands Desperate Measures - Taking On Turkey Over Russian Missile Purchase

US Hardliners Want Iran Denied Its Legitimate Nuclear Rights

Mark Dice: Third Time A Charm?

The End Of The Tunnel: Toys-R-Us Is Coming Back To The US For The Holiday Season

Independent Media Purge To Come, Safety In Bit-Chute

Drone Shoot-Downs: US Matches Provocation With Provocation With An Excuse

Corbett And Pilato: New World Next Week

First NYC, Then DC... More Power Outages Looming

More Unbelievable - Free Speech No Longer Exists In US Universities

President Swings To Radical Zionist Ideology On israel-Palestine Question

Unbelievable! - Government Drops Doctor Who Says Gender Given At Birth

Tech Giants On Defensive At Antitrust Hearing

Rand Paul Introduces Bill To Quadruple Number Of Working Immigrants

Mueller's Postponed Appearance - While Everyone Strategizes, Diagrams Plays

A US Naval Coalition In The Persian Gulf Will Raise The Threat Of War

Trump: If We Didn't Have All The BS, We'd Be Much Further Along

UK: Farms Are Climate Enemies And Must Be Radically Transformed

Fear Grows That Notorious Convicted Child Trafficker And Pedophile Might Beat Charges And Walk

Facebook Bans A Moral Observation Of St. Augustine As "Offensive"

Jon Stewart To Senator Rand Paul: "Just Get Out Of My Way"

Ilhan Omar Answers: "I Am Where I Belong"

Seth Rich's Role And Murder Case Clarified

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Farrahkan Group Invokes 9/11 To Defend Ilhan Omar

Philip Giraldi: A Secret Meeting To Plot War?

Not Such A Pushover After All: US-Saudi Coalition Cannot Stop Yemen's Revenge Drone Attacks

World Teetering On The Brink, Says Federal Reserve And EU Commission

The Day We Nuked New Mexico (Video)

Central Asia - A Race Against Time: The Next Great Flashpooint?

Nancy Rommelmann: How To Become A Dangerous Person

Newsmax: Trump Has Secret Plan For "Squad"

President Donald Trump is making "strategic steps" with his attacks on four Democratic freshman congresswomen that will end with current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy becoming the next speaker of the House, former Speaker Newt Gingrich claimed Wednesday. 
"He wants to make sure the Democrats embrace the radical wing of their party," Gingrich told Fox News' "America's Newsroom," pointing out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying "very hard" to separate the two factions.

Special: Jewish Author: Plot to Eliminate Jesus Real
"It's going to be pretty hard not to believe they're on the same team," Gingrich said, and if the Democratic Party gets identified with "radicals" like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, "they are going to lose."
"I think a major theme next year, much as there was in 1984 with President (Ronald) Reagan, is going to be patriotism, and every time the president says patriotism, the left-wing media, the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party yells racism," said Gingrich. "I think the president is setting up a big national debate next year over the nature of patriotism and whether or not you're allowed free speech if you're conservative, not just if you're a radical."

It's All Crumbling - US Old Tech Is Collapsing

Love Thy Neighbor - The Bible Belt Is Becoming A Dumping Ground

Homo Adoption Illegal In Russia, Say It Could Lead To Extinction Of Humankind

CNN Eclipsed By Hallmark Channel And TLC

They Never Stop! - Britain Ramps Up Media War On Russia

Putin Ridicules "Green Energy" In A Speech In Russia's Dirtiest Region

Will The Multi-Polar World Be Backed By Gold?

Turkey And Russia Pushed Together By US/EU Aggression

GOP Congressman: I'm A Person Of Color. I'm White

Benjamin Fulford - Geopolitical Review, July 15, 2019


Traces Of Two Unknown Archaic Human Species Turn Up In Modern DNA

Review Of A Pocket-Size All-Language Translator

A Warning Shot: "Woke" Google Employees Prefer Communist China To America

Sign Up For The Announcement: Elon Musk's "Brain Interface Company" Big News Tomorrow

The 4 Industry Sectors As Evil As The Military-Industrial Complex: We Should Have Listened To Ike (And He Even Left Out Tech And The Media)

Ocasio-Cortez Is Correct - There Are American Concentration Camps

Ilhan Omar Won't Answer If She's "Pro-Al-Qaeda" - Wonder If She Knows, Unlike Most Americans, That It's Really A US-Created Ally And Tool?

Google Shares Slide As Trump Agrees Company Should Be Investigated For Treason

Explore The Moon With Incredible 3D Interactive Map

Start The Meddling: Application Of Silica Aerogel To Make Patches Of Mars Livable

What's It Mean? Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day

America: The Incredible Disappearing Country

Trade War: Gone Completely Out Of Control?

Nuclear Experimentation: Year 74

An Alternative Foreign Policy Route Still Open: Henry Wallace's Internationalism

A Propensity For Cruelty Behind Trump "Deal Of The Century"?

Stranger Anomalies And Questions Keep Arising With Epstein - Would You Turn This Guy Loose Again?

CDC Dispatched To Phoenix And NYC To Investigate Suspected Cases Of Ebola

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Complaining Can Literally Shrink Your Brain, Says Stanford Study

The Most Valuable Commodity Today: Human Data - Robert Maxwell Understood It

CNN's Fake News Of How Assange And Russia Today Meddled In 2016

Foe Of Oscar Pistorius Gunned Down In South Africa

JP Morgan Cargo Ship RELEASED, Minus The $1.3 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Found Onboard

London Has Fallen: May And Khan Fiddle While Crime Destroys Capital

Congress Investigating Secret "Bioweaponization Of Insects" By The Pentagon

Farage Calls Out "Updated Communism", Macron And New EU Commissioner, At EU Parliament

CNN Despicable Fake News About Julian Assange

PCR: Dems Have Become The Party Of Nonwhite Immigrants And Sexual Deviants

Luke Rudkowski: The Bill To Remove War Powers

Huge Jellyfish Encounter Off British Coast

Deadly Pesticides In You Foods, Beverages, Medicines... Circle Of Poison Trailer

People All Over The East Coast Are Being Attacked By A Flesh-Eating Disease

Jacob Hornberger: Pompeo's Big Lie On Iran

USG "Very Worried" About 1 Million Pledging To Storm Area 51 - What Is MILLIONS Pledge To Storm US Capitol?

The BBC As A Zionist Mouthpiece

Will The West Let Ukraine Make Peace With Russia, As Her People Wish

Dmitry Orlov: The "Shale Miracle" Is Sure To Collapse, And Take The US Economy Down With It

Holocaust Education: An Excuse To Bludgeon Everyone Into Accepting Jewish Moral Supremacy

Epstein's Science Investments & Interests: If You Want To Begin To Understand Jeffery Epstein, Devour This Video

5G And Internet Of Things To Create Unprecedented Surveillance

Israel' Machinery Of Dispossession Has Crushed The Hopes Of An Inspirational Family

Dem Rep: "We Don't Need" Blacks, Gays, And Muslims Who Won't Play Identity Politics

Susan Rice Slams Chinese Diplomat Who Doesn't See Race In Same Way

Some Iranian Women Take Off Hijabs As Hardliners Push Back

Screen For Bias: Donald Berwick - The Radical Technocrat Pushing For Single Payer

"Why Do Stocks Keep Going Up?"

Mike Cernovich: Epstein Getting Off Easy, For Some Reason

Fake News Ignores Its Own Findings To Downplay Trump's Ratings

Jonathan Mark: An Apollo 11 Anniversary Critique

The MOTHER LODE About To BURST: Anthony Wiener's Laptop

But Our Preference, Or Of A Strategic Few?: "War Is The American Way Of Life"

Monday, July 15, 2019

Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts On What Epstein Was Actually Doing

The Number One Reason China Wants To Occupy America With Hundreds Of Millions Of Colonists

Mark Dice: I Was Invited To The White House

Americans Eat 9 Billion Chickens Every Year, 100 Million Pigs

See How It Feels: China To Sanction US Defense Firms

Japan Probe Successfully Touches Down On An Asteroid

French Inventor Soars Above Champs Elysees On A Fly-Board (With A Gun) At Paris Parade

Israel Bent, Programmed On Territorial Expansion

Typical Of The Source: London's "Media Freedom Conference" Bars Critics, No Mention Of Jailed Assange

A Few Of The Answers Floated To "Moon Landing" Truthers

Imagine: UK Government To Teach School Kids About Fake News!

These "Incidents" Mount: Technical Incident Puts Europe's GPS System Fully Offline For Days

Netanyahu Is Stuck On The "N" Word

Drunken Dems Dig Their Own Grave

The World Population Is Topping Off

Crypto Terminals Offer Venezuelans A Bridge To Economic Prosperity

Single-Payer Health Care Plan Has Aspects Of Herd Management

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is Three Times Above Normal

UK Police Threaten Journalists About Publishing Leaked Documents Holding Government Accountable

Is Turkey Now Officially An Ally Of Russia?

UN Facilitating Chinese Dominance Over The Planet

Disease-Infected Immigrants Deployed Across The Breadth Of The Country

The Words Of A Globalist Traitor Who Just Happens To Be Running For President: "I Respect No Border"

Weather Wars Caused Economic Devastation, Or Activating New Madrid Fault?

UN Launches An All-Out Attack On Free Speech

All Elections Are Illigitimate Until Free Speech Is Restored In America And National Voter ID Is Implemented

Demigod Google's Preferred Working Intimacy With China Ominous

Still Unexplained: What Caused The NYC Blackout Still Unknown - No Evidence Of Fire

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Militant Attack Shut Down Syrian Gas Pipeline

Turkey: 64 "Terrorists" Killed In Northern Iraq Operation

A 16 Million Year-Old Sequoia Tells Tales

Part Speculation: Epstein Paying Off Witnesses, May Have Military Contractors (Israeli) Eliminating Opponents

The EU's Terror Nightmare Now Begins

Iran Should Never Trust A US Promise Again

Children Among 15 Civilian Killed In Syria Strikes

Trump Tells Progressive Freshman Congresswomen To "Go Back"

Commercial Sexual Exploitation Of Children Is Growing Problem Worldwide

American Dark Money Behind Europe's Far-Right

Epstein: Protected Because He's A Spy? Background

"Religious Fanatics Have Hijacked US Israel Policy, And They're Not Even Evangelicals"

Peter Koenig: Iran Vs Spineless Europe - How Far Will Us-Western Threats Go?

Finian Cunningham: Idiots Driving World To War

German Investments In Russia Way Up

Egypt Opens "Bent Pyramid" For First Time In Decades, Newly-Discovered Mummies

Luke Rudkowski: Storming Area 51, Epstein, Etc.

Busted On 9/11 - The Dancing Israelis

Revisiting The RussiaGate Hoax: The Megyn Kelly Embarrassment In Moscow

Atheism Is The New Western Religion

PCR: Back To Robbery Capitalism And Enslavement Of The Working Class

F**k Your Pig God! Muslim Persecution Of Christians

The West's Support Of Marxist ANC Takeover In South Africa Under Re-Examination

Libya Example Of Real Free And Fair Elections In Mideast Denied By Western Powers

Larry Elder: More Whites Brought As Slaves To North Africa Than Blacks To US

PCR: Europeans As Brain-Dead As Americans, Allowing Gross Violation Of Own Population

War Is BIG Business - Never Ends Because Is Elite-NeoCon Paradise Of Making Big Money Out Of Other Nation's Tragedies

Majority Of US Veterans, Public Believe Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq Not Worth Fighting

Bad For Buyers: The Housing Market Is About To Shift

Civil Disobedience, Noncompliance Are Damaging New Zealand's Gun Control Efforts

AOC Chief Of Staff Confirms: Green New Deal Was Not Really About The Climate

CDC: Suicide At Crisis Level - Environment Plays A Role, What About High Technology?

Catherine J. Frompovich: Anarchy, "Liberalism" Or Fascism - No US Media Reports / Why?

Is There An Apparent World-Wide Deep State Conspiracy To "Get" President Trump?

The "Philadelphia Initiative" = One Fried Philly

New Website Provides Details On Safe Alternative To 5G

House Passes Amendments to End War Authoizatioss, Preemptively Defund Iran War

Dane Wigington And Geoengineering: The Global Climate Engineering Reality

Google's Radical BLOCKING Powerfully Subservient To Big Pharma Drug Cartel

Pieczenik: The Mossad - Epstein Connection

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Manhattan Transformer (Not Manhattan Transfer.!) Blew, Lights Out

Google Is America's Number One National Security Threat

List Of Clinton-, Dem-Related Sex Scandals

Functional Hearts Grow From Stem Cells, 3D Printing

What A Coincidence! Twitter Down Worldwide Amid White House Social Media Summit

Nation Braces For Major Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

"We're Not Going To Be Silenced" - Trump Vows To Explore Solutions To Mass Social Media Censorship

Barack Obama, Like Mitch McConnell, Descendant Of Slave-Owners, The Latter Is Quick To Point Out

Then There's Michael Izikoff, The Disinformation Journalist, Representative Of The Vicious "Wilderness Of Mirrors"

It's Official - Clinton Family Hits ROCK BOTTOM

Skull Of Death" Jackals In Media, A Debated Serious Extinction Claim That Won't Go Away

"Strategic Extremism": How Republicans And Establishment Democrats Use Identity Politics To Divide And Rule

No Consequences: Hollywood Billionaire Openly Spied For Israel, Stole Nuclear Secrets

"How Dare Iran Break The Nuclear Deal We Tore Up A Year Ago?"

"We Did Bad, Evil Things There," Vet Turned Peace Activist Over Growing Dissent Against US Forever Wars

What Ever Is Wrong With Joe Biden?

The Hidden Reason Why Big Banking Opposes A Gold Standard

Caitlin Johnstone: Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter

Spygate: The Real Big Picture Of What The Big Fracus Is All About

Whites Now The Butt Of Others, Going Down

Friday, July 12, 2019

Study: Planting A Trillion Trees Is Fastest, Cheapest Way To Combat Climate Change

Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It