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Friday, August 2, 2019


Another Vision Of America’s Defense
by James L. Hufferd

Now Iran. Ever want to end all the "wars of choice" the U.S. military keeps starting and getting us bogged down in? Then a different sort of defense policy may be what you’d prefer, a more focused concept of military organization and deployment, without all the persistent drawbacks of our current system, designed as it is to frighten, violently attack, and overwhelm any nation viewed unfavorably for disobeying a tiny controlling U.S. elite. Which contributes mightily to keeping the world in constant turmoil, leading to constant angst and, predictably, plots for revenge and avoidance as of a bully. How about a military instead that is prevented for reasons of national interest from waging war against countries that neither attack nor specifically threaten us militarily, and concentrates instead on redundantly adequate preparedness and defending our people and territory from foreign attack? (Although our chances of getting attacked or threatened would decrease commensurate to the level of our threat to others, we would be ready.)

Let’s call our preferable concept a “Defense-Only Military”. While new in name, it would strikingly resemble the then-prevailing concept urged by the likes of George Washington early in our history, who acceded only reluctantly to the prospect of a standing professional military years after the Revolution – and then not to pursue aggression abroad. America’s impact was to be made instead by example. Ironically, a “Defense-Only Military” is the basic plan and practice of every country on earth except the U.S. For instance, China and Russia each maintain one permanent overseas military base, while the U.S. has nearly a thousand, sustained to support our forever-threatening (and vulnerable) super war machine, spread to 149 countries. The U.K. does not so loom, nor China or Russia. No other country anywhere so provokes, prods, dogs and disrespects other nations’ freedom or sovereignty. The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution declares that one purpose of our government is to “provide for the common defense”. And that’s what every single other nation’s military does, period. We stand starkly alone in flustering others while enriching and metastasizing our darkest industry at our citizens’ expense.

Want to stop the undeserved senseless homicide our violent aggressions, often allied with vicious terrorists, entail over time, of great hordes of good, non-ideological patriotic people who’d like to be our friends instead? An estimated 60,000,000 such deaths are attributable to militarily unprovoked U.S. wars and attacks since the end of World War II, more than the combined populations of 28 US states. Would you like to avoid, too, all the needless expense thus incurred to every U.S. taxpayer, costing our economy every year at least a tenth of our nation’s entire economic output – literally throwing away the shared wealth of tens of millions, while returning no perceptible benefits? Should “blessed be the warmakers” be perhaps our nation’s motto, since your wealth is handed over to the war sector, effectively today for routinized maiming and killing?

In theory, citizens have a choice as to the kind of military they want. Democracy demands a choice, and our military belongs to us. Like every other nation, we need an effective national defense. But do we need to pay to whup, thump, and micromanage everyone into rendering servitude to our war masters, a small group of super-investors and profiteers, at great expense, thermonuclear danger, and perpetuating angst to the rest of us around the world? Is the warmakers’ interest the national interest? So then, why not instead have an efficient and focused military dedicated solely to preparedness and repelling genuine foreign invaders? If enough citizens demand an open debate on the purpose, specifications, and deployment of our military to best serve all of our interests rather than those of a now benefitted few always, predictably, clamoring for more war, a maximally-capable “Defense-Only Military” would likely emerge as our choice to define us internationally and elicit widespread support for its endeavors going forward. Save the fearmongering.

Dr.James Hufferd, is a private citizen, retiree, and author of a new book, Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe, where he expands on this notion.

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