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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Epstein ATTACKED In Prison? Is He NEXT On The Alleged Clinton Hit List?


Fellow American,

For YEARS now, people have whispered that the Clintons will do almost ANYTHING to keep their secrets hidden in order retain their VERY firm grip on power in Washington…

Including having people that they deem to be threats to that power KILLED. 

If you believe the rumors, close to FIFTY people could have been murdered in cold blood simply for knowing too much. Fifty people! That’s just TOO MANY to be a coincidence! Especially considering the alleged attack on imprisoned Jeff Epstein!

It sounds preposterous for a former president to be connected to MURDER, and it all reeks of conspiracy theory, but the question remains…

Is there TRULY a Clinton Death List? 

And if so… is Epstein next?!


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