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Monday, September 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders's Inequality Tax Plan Raises Taxes On Companies With Exorbitant Pay Gap Between Executives And Typical Workers

Dems Toss Biden Aside In Zeal To Impeach - Insuring Trump's Re-Election

Harassment: Venezuela Denouncement Airspace Incursions By 54 US Spy Planes

The Next Global Pandemic Could Kill Millions Of Us - Experts Say We're Really Not Prepared

Twitter Executive For Middle East Is British Army Psyops Officer

Confusion As Afghan Election Frontrunners Each Claim Victory

Egypt Protests: Sisi's Iron Fist Is No Longer Enough

Palestinian Tortured By Israel's Shin Bet In Critical Condition

Iran Urges Saudi Arabia To Accept Yemeni Truce Offer

The Houthis' Rout Of The Saudi Army In Najran (Video)

Heroes, Villains, And Establishment Hypocrisy

PCR: The "Whistleblower Complaint" Is A Distraction Not In Compliance With Wistleblower Law

Trump Says Adam Schiff Should Be Arrested For Treason

Eight More Countries To Join INSTEX Mechanism For Trade With Iran

Surprise, Doubters!: Three Saudi Brigades Annihilated In Devastating Houthi Offensive In Saudi Arabia

PCR: Feminism Has Ruined Women And Damaged Men

Oh, No!: Pelosi And Schiff Connected To A Ukrainian Arms Dealer

Here Is The Dirt Trump Wanted About The Bidens (And Why Zelensky Doesn't Want To Give It To Him)

September 11, 2001: Aaron Brown's Eye-Witness Reporting On Target, Shut Down By Official Narrative

Impeachment: 2 Possible Outcomes?

About Time!: State Department Ramps Up Hillary Investigation

Trump To Open Borders Activists In The UN: "Your Policies Are Cruel And Evil"

ICE Offices Across The Country Arrested Hundreds Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Last Week

Mad Hillary Reveals Her 2020 Prediction

Ron Paul: Trump Impeachment Inquiry A CIA Coup,14581,14535,14372,14184&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

Our Populist President Won Re-Election On Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fake Whistleblower Is A Team Of Deep State Operatives, Began Scheme In March

Murder With Impunity: Saudi Arabia Shows The Way

Discovery Of Massive Oil Deposit Could Be Game-Changer For China

UK Event Teaching Discrimination Against White People: "Resist Whiteness"

Bolton's White House-Bashing Private Debut Elates Trump Haters And Impeachment Freaks

Trump Echoes Quote Warning That Impeachment Will Cause Civil War-Like Fracture In US

Mark Lavin Demands Honesty From Trump Opposition

Everything The Press Gets Wrong About The Ukraine Call - Trump Handled It Exactly Right

Illusion Of Control - The Crumbling US Empire May Be History's Last

UK: The Remainers' Coming Cynical Scorched-Earth Campaign To Kill Brexit

LaRouche: London Wants Trump Out Now, As Their Financial System Blows Apart

Strange Report, Part 2: The Perestroika Deception

Strange Report: Paranoia Of Invasion? Part 1

All Of MSM Is Enemy Of ALL Americans, Fox News Is Controlled Opposition

Saudis Reported Already Being Routed By Iran And Yemen Houthis, USAF With Bombs To The Rescue Expected

A Very Disturbing Story Out of Saudi Arabia | The Common Sense Show

Sunday, September 29, 2019

New York Times Under Fire From Left For Spilling Truth About Ukraine Leader

Impeachment Backlash Already Hits Dems In South

Obama's "Fundamental Transformation" Of America To Be Completed In 2020?

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: US Has Started Cyber War Against Iran "It Won't Be Able To Finih"

Believe Him?: Musk Says "No Aliens - I'd know If There Were"

Researchers: Planet X Might Just Be A Bowling-Ball-Size Black Hole

Houthis Cleaning Up On Saudis, Shown In Alleged Videos Of Same

The Best Emergency Gear Is Other People

Census: Shocking Number Of Non-Citizens Live In US

Behind A Mask?: Adam Schiff Says Whistleblower Has Agreed To Testify

Stephen Miller Says Trump Is "The Real Whistleblower" And Complains About "Hyperpartisan Hit Job"

I'll Drink To That: Captain Morgan Website Asks Visitors To Affirm They're Non-Muslim

Corbett: State Of The World Address Translated From The Globalese

Another Glaring Mistake In CIA Official's Whistleblower Report

Has Trump Lied About Ukraine All Along? Details: Hundreds Of Pages Of Memos

Medical Establishment In Cahoots With Deep State To Abort Full-Grown Humans

These Hollywood Sex Scandals Ignored By #Me Too Show Us Their Real Agenda

Trump Rival Touts Assassination Plot

Impeachment Facts The Deep State Is Loath To Admit

Regular Democrats Vs Social Justice Democrats - Yes, There Is A Huge Difference

Elizabeth Warren's Frightening Promise To America

Dave Hodges: 5G Drones To Blanket The Nation, Beaming Down Cancer-Causing Radiation From The Skies

Get This: CIA Changed Rules Of "Whistleblower" To "Hearsayblower" Days Before Impeachment

Our Health Problems Can Be Traced To 1996

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Charlie Daniels Calls Out Impeachment Push

The Left Admits And Laments That Its Media Has A Problem

𝗦𝗔𝗩𝗘 MSNBC ( ( Details

Is Hillary Gearing Up For A Do-Over?

A Beyond Gruesome Find Links To A Certain Would-Be Commander-In-Chief

Forbidden Knowledge: Trump Administration's Plan To Comandeer, Reverse The Impeachment Process

Aerian Photos Reveal Mysterious "Super Gun" In Remote Stretch of Arizona's Sonoran Desert

Vaccines And Vaccine Mandates Linked To Depopulation Agenda: Interview

Friday, September 27, 2019

Trump Administration To Take On The Tech Giants

The "Retail Apocalypse" Continues - No End In Sight

Ron Paul: Forget The Impeachment Circus - Here's What Congress Should Really Investigate

The 5G Pushback Is Here - People Don't Much Like Catastrophe

Lavrov At UN: West's Attempted Imposition Of Western "Liberalism" Isn't Liberal

Senate "Assault Weapons" Ban Outlaws 205 Guns

Deep State Rino: Paul Ryan Working On Fox News To Decisively Break With Trump

Bogeyman: Dems Hold Hearing On Childhood Stresses Caused By Trump

Crazy But Predictable: Pelosi Tries To Implicate Russia In Trump-Ukraine Call

Rep. Andy Biggs Introduces Motion To Censure Adam Schiff

Jay Sekulow: "Whistleblower" Complaint "Written By A Law Firm"

Report: Hundreds Of Documents Conflict With Biden's Account Of Why Ukrainian Prosecutor Was Fired

Why Do They Believe In This?: Fake News Media Edits Out 500 Words From Phone Transcript To Make Trump Look Guilty

Dave Hodges: What Does Trump's Impeachment Correlate With?

Who Could Be A Populist President In 2024, Following Trump?

Still Deceiving Yourself That Population Replacement Is A Conspiracy Theory?

Five Times Russia Could Have Ceased To Exist

The Saker: We Are Living During The Last Years Of The Last Western Empire

Trump Drawing More Black Support Than Any Republican Since Eisenhower

US War On Nonbelligerent Russia By Other Means

Stephen Lendman: Longstanding US Electoral Dirty Tricks

Ph.D. Structural Engineer Ibrahim Soudy: $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Refute New Univ Of Alaska 9/11 Building 7 Study

The Real Divide In Israeli Politics Is Between Religious And Secular Ultra-Naionalism

Explosive Document Discovered Will DESTROY Impeachment Putsch

Another Day, Another Scandal: What The "Trump Ukraine Collusion" Is Really All A About

Ann Coulter On The Transcript She REALLY Wants To See

Forbidden Knowledge: Who's The Whistleblower? And What's This Deep State Conspiracy Protecting?

Is Biden Now Considered Expendable By Dems In Their Mad Zeal To Get Trump?

What Trump Said At The UN (That The Media Ignored)

Who'd A Thunk It?: Dems Turn To Making Up Crimes To Impeach Trump

George Gilder: Why America's Tech Giants Could Collapse

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Horrific Mutations Created By Deepwater Horizon Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

Clueless Hollywood Leftists Celebrate "Impeachment"

Saudis And Yemen Still At It Despite Ceasefire

Beaten, Netanyahu Tapped To Form New Coalition

Trump War On China By Other Means

Unrepentent Boris Johnson Faces Angry Parliament

Robot Olympic Level+ Gymnastics

Royal Whitewash Of Prince Andrew's Role Re Jeffrey Epstein

Wars Make Warmongers Big Money: US Commandos Fighting More Secret Wars In Middle East

Study: AI Equal With Human Experts In Medical Diagnosis

Global Shipping Rattled By US Sanctions On China Tanker Firms

Pain And Anguish: "They're Murdering My Son" - Father Of Julian Assange

Preschool's Vegetable Stand Shut Down By Government Officials For "Zoning Violations"

Trump Raises $5 Million In 24 Hours

Google Rolling Out Orwellian Nightmare - Why?

Ron Paul: Smoking Gun?: Impeachment Blows Up In Democrats' Faces... Again!

Corbett And Pilato: New World Next Week

Luke Rudkowski: The Truth About Trump, Biden, Ukraine, Impeachment...

Big Democrat Donors Put Party On Horns Of An Insoluble Dilemma (Delemon)

Sovereign Man: We Not So Crazy After All

Just Another Steele Dossier? Claims Of A President's Secret Accuser

John Taliano's VOICES FROM SYRIA - A Courageous Nation Withstands 6 Years Of US/NATO-Sponsored Terrorism

Mark Taliano’s “Voices from Syria”:
An Antidote to Anti-Syria Propaganda
Mark Taliano talks and listens to the people of Syria. He reveals the courage and resilience of a Nation and its people in their day to day lives, after more than six years of US-NATO sponsored terrorism and three years of US “peacemaking” airstrikes.
Taliano combines years of research with on-the-ground observations to present an informed and well-documented analysis that refutes  the mainstream media narratives on Syria. 

Special OfferClick here to order Mark Taliano’s book “Voices from Syria” at a discounted price

Voices from Syria is a powerful account of a message from the Syrian people telling the West to stop killing innocent civilians in pursuit of their fake “war on terrorism”
Prof James Petras, Bartle Emeritus Professor, University of Binghampton, New York.
Mark Taliano exposes the barbarity of Washington’s latest regime change aspirations. The West’s political spin is laid bare in the words of the Syrian people.
Felicity Arbuthnot, Veteran Middle East War Correspondent.
Taliano brilliantly and poignantly explains what everyone needs to know – an antidote to disgraceful anti-Syria propaganda,
Stephen Lendman, Award-winning Author and Progressive News Radio Host
Canadian Mark Taliano has brought together an excellent mix of anecdotes and analysis to create a very accessible short book on the terrible Syrian conflict. It should serve as a primer for all those who feel curious, dissatisfied or cheated by the near monolithic war chorus of the western corporate media.
Tim Anderson, Distinguished Author and Senior Lecturer of Political Economy, University of Sydney, Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9879389-1-6
Author: Mark Taliano
Year: 2017
Pages: 128 (Expanded edition: 1 new chapter)
List Price: $17.95
Special Price: $9.95 

A Word from Mark Taliano
The Western corporate-state apparatus of control and repression has successfully engineered consent for an overseas holocaust.  This is well-documented.
Syria is on the front lines of civilization in opposition to this globalizing cancer of death and destruction.
In this expanded print edition of Voices from Syria, I present solutions to our current enslavement by those who would enrich themselves at the expense of humanity.
We need to assemble as a unified voice – rather than as a multitude of conflicting voices – against the root causes of the cancer that is killing us and the habitable planet.
Mark Taliano, August 2017
Excerpt from Preface:
Between 15 and 23 September 2016, I travelled to war-torn Syria because I sensed years ago that the official narratives being fed to North Americans across TV screens, in newsprint and on the internet were false.
The invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya were all based on lies; likewise for Ukraine. All of the post-9/11 wars were sold to Western audiences through a sophisticated network of interlocking governing agencies that disseminate propaganda to both domestic and foreign audiences. But the dirty war on Syria is different. The degree of war propaganda levelled at Syria and contaminating humanity at this moment is likely unprecedented. I had studied and written about Syria for years, so I was not entirely surprised by what I saw. What I felt was a different story. Syria is an ancient land with a proud and forward-looking people. To this ancient and holy land we sent mercenaries, hatred, bloodshed and destruction. We sent strange notions of national exceptionalism and wave upon wave of lies. As a visitor I felt shame, but Syrians welcomed me as one of them. These are their stories; these are their voices.
Image: Author Mark Taliano
Excerpt from Foreword by Michel Chossudovsky
We bring to the attention of our readers Mark Taliano’s Book entitled Voices from Syria. In contrast to most geopolitical analysts of the Middle East, Mark Taliano focusses on what unites humanity with the people of Syria in their struggle against foreign aggression. Taliano talks and listens to the people of Syria. He reveals the courage and resilience of a Nation and its people in their day to day lives, after more than five years of US-NATO sponsored terrorism and more than two years of US “peacemaking” airstrikes which have largely targeted Syria’s civilian infrastructure.
Taliano refutes the mainstream media. The causes and consequences of the US-led war on Syria, not to mention the extensive war crimes and atrocities committed by the terrorists on behalf the Western military alliance are routinely obfuscated by the media. He is committed to reversing the tide of media disinformation, by reaching out to Western public opinion on behalf of the Syrian people. Voices from Syria provides a carefully documented overview of life in Syria, the day to day struggle of the Syrian people to protect and sustain their national sovereignty.

Special: Voices from Syria + The Dirty War on Syria (Buy 2 books for 1 price!) 

Author Name: Mark Taliano / Tim Anderson
ISBN Number: 978-0-9879389-1-6 / 978-0-9737147-8-4
Year: 2017 / 2016
Pages: 128 / 240
List Price: $41.90
Special Price: $19.95

Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead: America Is Undeniably Under Martial Law

PCR: America - A Land Without Truth / 9/11 Thrown On America's Piles Of Lies

If Not For Bolshevism, Russia's Population Would Exceed America's, 3X What It Is Today

Far-Fetched? Delusional?: "UN Plan" To Break Apart And Occupy America

The Home-Stealing By The Forces That Be Of 2008 Is Back With A Vengeance

Another Battle Is On: A Deadly Science Catastrophe In South America May Kill Millions

Really: Why Is Joe Biden, As He Is Now, Running For President?

A Small Skirmish Won: This American Traitor Just Got The News He Feared Most

Bill Bonner: The Deep State Runs The American Empire

LaRouche: Biden Has A Lot More To Answer For In Ukraine Than His Coked Up, Graft-Prone Son

Meet The First Family Of The Opioid Crisis: The Sackler

The Face of Evil: Unpacking the Sackler Family Lies

Over the last 20 years, U.S. opioid overdose deaths have increased by more than 600%. Every day, about 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose. Right now, you are more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than a car accident. And one elite family has become increasingly wealthy as the death toll rises.
The Sackler family are the founders and owners of Purdue Pharma – the company that created OxyContin. The family has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, insisting that the opioid crisis is not their fault. But in the face of lawsuits from 48 states and over 500 cities, counties, and tribes, it’s time for the truth to come out.
It’s time that we uncover the face of evil.

Lies and Corruption

Since 2008, the Sacklers have made at least $4 billion from Purdue, most of it from opioid profits. They are currently worth more than the Rockefellers. But the family members are far from innocent investors. A lawsuit filed in Massachusetts claims that the Sacklers continued to push the most dangerous forms of OxyContin long after the risks were known.
Internal documents from Dr. Richard Sackler paint a nefarious picture of the company’s leadership. He said that the launch of OxyContin would be followed by “a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition.” After the severe risk of addiction and overdose was exposed, Sackler had a simple plan: blame the victims.
“We have to hammer on the abusers in every way possible,” Sackler wrote in a 2001 email. “They are the culprits and the problem. They are reckless criminals.”
You see, opioids were originally intended to treat extreme pain in cancer patients and end-of-life palliative care. Doctors were understandably concerned about the potential for addiction and abuse related to opioids. But the Sacklers realized that bolstering reeducation efforts to remove the “stigma” surrounding opioids could open the prescription floodgates. And so, they did.
The company has actively sponsored “pain management education,” including the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the American Pain Society, and Academy of Integrative Pain Medicine. The latter two have recently shut down operations. They cite lack of industry support and a flood of opioid-related lawsuits as the driving factor.
The company also assembled a massive sales force dedicated to preaching the OxyContin “gospel.” In this twisted religion, chronic pain was “sin” and OxyContin was “the savior.” They proselytized day and night about the scourge of chronic pain, and the safety of opioids. They developed a mantra:
OxyContin is the drug to start with and stay with.”
But as OxyContin sales soared, so did the body count.

The Truth About the Sacklers

Now, the Sacklers would have you believe that their cause is just; they’re simply trying to help those with chronic pain. But the behavior of the company and its founding family seems to be more in line with a false profit than a savior.
First, the Sacklers would have you believe that their drugs are not the biggest problem. They would point to data showing that Purdue was only responsible for 10% of all oxycodone sales in the United States, insisting that they were a small player in the market. But U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) data shows that the Sacklers were selling the highest doses of the drug.
Despite selling only 10% of the pills, they sold 27% of the dosage – more than any other company. These higher-dose pills are the most dangerous, as they have higher addiction rates and are more likely to result in an overdose. This is information the Sacklers already know.
Mallinckrodt, one of Purdue’s competitors, sold 39% of all oxycodone pills from 2006-2012. But despite selling nearly 4 times more pills than the Sacklers, they actually sold less milligrams of the dangerous drug. The higher doses are also more valuable on the street, increasing their potential for abuse.
Richard Sackler knew this and wanted to place more emphasis on selling higher dose pills. In a 2008 email uncovered in the Massachusetts lawsuit, he wrote that the company should “measure our performance by strength, giving higher measures to higher strengths an[d] especially the new strengths.”
Meanwhile, the Sacklers wanted you to believe that they were genuinely invested in combating addiction and abuse. In 2018, Richard Sackler received a patent for his new opioid addiction drug, allowing the family to profit by treating an addiction that they fueled in the first place.

Shirking Responsibility

The company faces so many lawsuits, that Purdue Pharma is now filing for bankruptcy as a way to protect itself from further trials and settle everything at once. Purdue’s lawyers claim that the settlement would be a good deal for plaintiffs, but emerging evidence shows otherwise.
New York Attorney General Letitia James has discovered over $1 billion in fraudulent wire transfers from Purdue Pharma to the Sackler family. As the family publicly works toward a settlement, they have been working frantically to secure and hide funds from the public.
There could potentially be billions more in hidden assets. The money discovered so far came from 33 subpoenas issued to financial institutions by Attorney General James. Not only does the discovery all but destroy the current settlement attempts, it could lead to criminal charges brought against the Sacklers.
The Sacklers, once known as philanthropists, are quickly becoming pariahs around the world. Many institutions who have previously accepted donations from the Sacklers are now refusing them. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has an entire wing named after the Sacklers, has said that it will no longer accept any gifts from the family. Even JPMorgan Chase, who have worked with notable villains like Bernie Madoff, won’t go near them. In May, the company cut ties with Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers, forcing the family to find a new bank to handle their multi-billion-dollar wealth.
But no matter how much evidence is brought against them, they refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Internal documents and secret financial data show that the family has actively contributed to one of the worst health crises of our generation, actively working to confuse doctors, patients, and regulators.
They have become one of the richest families in the world while hundreds of thousands have died. They have lied, cheated, and blamed their victims while launching one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns in pharmaceutical history. They have cash in their pockets and blood on their hands.
But still, they deny any wrongdoing.

Time to Come Clean

This summer, David Sackler sat down with Vanity Fair – against the advice of his family and their advisors – to plead his innocence.
He claimed that changing science was behind the villainization of his family, and that the company did everything it could to keep up. But this was before the fraudulent funds were discovered. This was before pharmaceutical leviathans like Johnson & Johnson were taken down in court as directly responsible for the opioid crisis.
There are many facets to this issue, and many people to blame. Doctors should have been more responsible for asking questions and turning down bribes. Regulators should have seen a problem when rural counties were flooded with the drugs. People selling the pills on the street made it even easier for addicts to feed their addiction.
But there’s no doubt that families like the Sacklers are at the root of this problem. Their greed and lies are directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. We’ve seen them try to maneuver around lawsuits by using tactical bankruptcy and hiding assets. We’ve seen them lie about the dangers of opioids even while profiting from the treatments.
The Sacklers are a prime example of what’s wrong with the pharmaceutical industry. They are the reason that doctors, patients, and regulators are kept in the dark as patients are injured and killed by unsafe drugs. The Sacklers illustrate why so many of us are wary of the medical industry.
The Sackler family – from their deceased patriarchs to their youngest members – are stained with the blood of the innocent. And no matter how hard they try, their money cannot absolve them. There is a single path to redemption for this family: repentance.
The Sacklers need to stop making excuses and acknowledge their part in all of this. They need to stop trying to protect their blood money and focus on making amends to their victims.
In his interview with Vanity Fair, David Sackler lamented the day that his 4-year old son returned from nursery school and asked,
Why are my friends telling me that our family’s work is killing people?”
But David can change the world in which his son is raised. He can change the tide and set an example for future generations.
And it all starts with telling the truth.

Surprise: It's Down To The Voters In US, Britain

Democrats Should Fear This 1 Word

Israel's Post-Second Election Drama May Take The Cake

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

CNBC Anchor Says Building 7 Collapse "A Controlled Implosion"

Was Obama A Manchurian Candidate? The Shocking Truth - (Including Some Sub-Conclusions Highly Debatable)

Bill Gates's Plot To Control The Weather For Depopulation Exposed

Biden Screamed Four Words At A Reporter That Will Destroy His Campaign

Intentional Confusion?: They've Read The Transcript - 5 Takes On Quid Pro Quo

Kevin Annett: More Foibles Of Kanata

 The New Republic
                           A Kevin Annett Newsletter
                   September 26, 2019   Volume I, # 13

                 There’s nothing humorous about The
         New Republic, but the recovering colony it
         seeks to replace would be humorous if it were
         not a tragedy.

     (Editor’s note)  Your scribe has already announced
     his intention of applying for the  cabinet position of  
    Poverty Secretary for the Republican Party when           
     it forms the Kanata government. It’s a key post,          

and nobody is better qualified  than
          someone with 75 years’ of experience.)
   In Defense of Poverty: An Apologia
               I first became aware of the complex of societal problems related to  poverty when - in downtown Toronto - I came upon a homeless man. In fact I had to step over him - he was rolled up in a blanket over one of those sidewalk grates over the subway, where the warm underground air escapes from the tunnel. I didn't have time to stop because I was late for a luncheon meeting at the National Club. But the thought occurred to me that surely in a town as financially  au courant as Toronto, there must be a way to capture some revenue from that forgotten heating facility.
           That encounter has colored my thinking ever since on the subject of poverty, which currently occupies much of the national dialogue, especially in the affluent media. In fact, that threadbare publication The Nation recently had the effrontery to state that the Republicans didn’t even bother to criticize Obama for the country's poverty, because "to do so they'd have to acknowledge that it matters."
           What escapes these people-huggers (I thought that term up myself) is that an article, for example, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, revealing that 1.2 million schoolchildren are now homeless, totally ignores the corollary. Homeless children, according to a controlled study by the Koch Foundation - demonstrate 40% more aptitude for learning than a similar cohort of rich kids. A third group - homeless children who were also denied food stamps because of their fraudulent parents who regularly smoke a roach (and admittedly do inhale) scored even higher than the more affluent homeless children..
            What are we North Americans doing in the mollycoddling realm of "entitlements?" The Republican record in this debate is impressive. Richard Nixon was a trail blazer - this also was grudgingly admitted by The Nation (November 25, 2013) - when he "lambasted welfare for encouraging family breakups and penalizing work."
             Let's stop right there, and emphasize that Dick Nixon knew whereof he spoke because he came from humble beginnings, like our own John Diefenbaker. And as a consequence, he even modified his total approach by acknowledging and even advocating a minimum wage. His particular vision was in the concept that the benefit derived, which actually precluded viewing it as a maximum wage,  resonated more effectively in the ideal society that Tricky Dick  envisaged - and more recently Stephen Harper perfected. (No Indian left behind.)
            And to the extent that Mitt Romney was a self-styled "bleeding-heart Conservative,"  eventuated with his failure to win the 2008-presidential race. But the torch had been picked up already by George Bush the Younger, when despite all of the above, Dubbelya’s doctrine insured that rich kids could compete with those hustling homeless kids. Especially noteworthy was Dubbleya's formula for channeling educational funding through religious organizations.
             I mean, everybody knows that a nun whacking you on the knuckles is the best pedagogical stimulus for any kid. Look what it did for  Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Matthews, those kingpins of  the enlightened broadcast industry. And at a more senior inspirational level, who knows more about developing kid-oriented football coaches  than hallowed kid-nurturing institutions such as Notre Dame?
              It's been proven that the importance of at least occasionally leaving a cohort of deprived kids behind includes the fact that free school lunch tends to promote obesity and excessive blood sugar levels. Most successful men and women were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths but, because they were lean and learned a sort of asocial Heimlich Maneuver early, hustling to cough up their own good fortune. An example - if Brian Mulroney was not a millionaire when he entered politics, he was when he left.
               Fraudulent food stamp users alone total at least 1% of all recipients in America; coincidentally, “the one-percent” is the common derogatory expression used to excoriate the rich and responsible. And Wal-Mart, the acknowledged king of the overdog, with five family members so innovative that they occupy the top ten among America's wealthy, contributed to the right dialogue recently.
          Retail analysts in a recent survey of a thousand or so Wal-Mart Super Stores, determined that there's a tipping point wage-wise, whereby entry-level Wal-Mart   employees are unable to buy Wal-Mart products, even as marked-down as they are. Henry Ford pioneered this phenomenon (referred to by economists as The Ford Matrix), in the Twenties in order to minimize wage rates and maximize car sales. More recently, Wal-Mart scholars determine it to be the Coefficient of Employee Market Share. (CEMS)
               Ideally, in a theoretical model, at that point (CEMS) the graph representing food stamp acquisition intersects the point on the vertical axis where hourly wage rate corresponds with median product price on the horizontal axis. However, with popular right-wing abhorrence of such socialist give-aways, the Company has developed a new humanitarian concept. In-store donation bottles are positioned throughout all of Wal-Mart's system ar every check-out, where the public is urged to contribute to the needy Wal-Mart employees who consistently fail to live within their means, a common condition  among the lower classes, accustomed to public give-aways. If adopted universally, this corporate breakthrough could completely obviate the necessity for food stamps and other extravagant entitlements.
       The donation-bottle innovation has been hailed by other retailers, and in fact The Chamber of Commerce has awarded the Wal-Mart organization their Distinhuished Service Award for Compassionate  Human Resources.
               Not to be outdone in the field of responsible employee benefits, McDonald's, long a champion of creative charities, noting that in their Ronald McDonald initiative, the flagship of the company's charitable good works, the preponderance of applicants  were McDonald's employees themselves. This was particularly the case since a volunteer wage roll-back campaign was introduced as a cost-cutting measure,  which the Company immediately offset with a new compassionate program. For every $1,000 donated by the public to Ronald McDonald in those prominent receptacles at the cashier, $100 was paid directly to a needy McDonald's employee.
           We've come a long way from the good old Reagan days when the President made only a passing reference to "welfare queens," because under his supply-side approach and his trickle-down Administration they were such a rarity. In those days, the poor could always get a job hustling as deposit brokers for Savings and Loans, until the Democrats introduced near-bank regulations.
                 Today, Paul Ryan has it right that the social safety net has become a hammock. In a supermarket the other day, I was delayed interminably in a line-up behind food stampers who were purchasing sushi, pate de fois gras and New York cuts. And it suddenly occurred to me that I should send a message to Toronto's Mayor with my solution to the situation I described at the beginning of this dispatch. And here it is:
               Why not have Ontario Hydro install coin boxes at each of those hot-air grates along Yonge /Street? That way those loafers would appreciate their homelessness more. Like placing a small surcharge on food stamps, the next innovation being proposed in forward-looking Florida.  

First Warren's Son... Now Warren's Daughter

Impeachment Poll Spells Doom For Democrats

True Motivations Of The Whistleblower

Tucker Carlson Asked A Question About Megyn Kelly That Changed Her Life

Advance America: Ukraine Transcript Released - Here's What We Know

Charles Hugh Smith: Financial Storm Clouds Gather

John Solomon Devastates Dems On Ukraine

John W. Whitehead: Caution! Welfare Check-Ins Frequently Turn Deadly

"It's Degrading": Mothers Of Vaccine-Injured Children Speak Out

Ruses Employed: James Howard Kunstler - The Odor Of Desperation

Dire Fallout Begins: The Collapse In Germany Is Real And Accelerating

Climate Strike, Greta Thunberg, And The Village Of The Damned

The Cover-Up Of President John F. Kennedy's Assassination Is Wearing Thin

What Happens Next In The Impeachment Inquiry

Forbidden Knowledge: Globalists Vs Human Beings: The Tragedy Of Greta Thunberg

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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