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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

New National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien

"My AR Is Ready"

David Stockman: Locked And Loaded On Behalf Of Empire First

"Drone Attack" On Saudi Oil: Who Benefits? / Good Background On War In Yemen

Drone Strike A "David Vs Goliath" Instance The Newly-Exposed US Can't Stand To Admit

Trump Awaits Orders From Saudis (!) And Why The Houthis Could Have Done It

The Communist Invasion Of California - How It Happened

Blaming Iran Has Become The Latest Excuse For A War Of Occupation

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Warn Of Further Attacks On Saudi Oil Fields

Trump's Deference To Saudi Arabia Infuriates Much Of DC

Ron Paul: No One Believes Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia -Lies, Lies, Lies

Iran's Zarif Says US "In Denial" Over Saudi Attack

Yemen: Fierce Clashes Broke Out Monday Between Tribal Forces And Fighters Loyal To Exiled Hadi

Yemen: Dozens Of Saudi-Coalition Commanders Killed At Marib

Chris Hedges: Our Invisible Government

Elections: Israel Will Once Again Deny Palestinians The Right To Life

PCR: Armageddon On The Horizon?

Trump Tilts Toward Putting The US Military At The Disposal Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

How Russia And Iran Beat Their Opponents' Strategies

Nancy Pelosi Faces An Unexpected New Challenger

"Having Our Country Act As Saudi Arabia's Bitch Is Not 'America First'"

Seven South American Nations Sign Agreement To Preserve Amazon Rain Forest

Four Funerals And A Wedding - A Brief History Of The War On Humanity

FBI Said To Yield A Bit On Saudi Involvement In 9/11 Attacks

Madness: No Joke - Cannibalism Is Surging In Southern California

Overnight Interest Rate Surges, Fed Panics

Stephen Lendman: Israelis Have No Say Over How They're Governed

Democrats' True Anti-Gun Agenda Now Openly Admitted

Fear, Shame, And Intimidation Are Chemical Weapons

Valerie Plame Running For Congress - Her Launch Video

Luke Rudkowski: REALLY What The Hell? What The Hell Kind Of Country Do We Have??

Jamaican College Footballers Struck By Lightning During Match (Video)

Climate Change Cultists Play Jeremiah - How Long Before The Suicides Start?

US Sues Snowden For Violating CIA And NSA Nondisclosure Pact, But Also Wants The Proceeds Of His New Book

Narrow Exit Poll Results Hold Israel In Suspense

At The Root Of The Strike Against GM - The Shift To Electric Vehicles

Media Desperate For Another Turn At Bat With RussiaGate. Here's The Plan.

Boycott The Empire's Lying Press - Here's A Handy List Of Reliable Alternative News Sources

James Howard Kunstler: War With Iran Would Be A Tragic Miscalculation

Putin's Response To Embattled Netanyahu: Puzzling Mixed Signals

Things Didn't Turn Out: Macron's Anglo-Zionist Party Is Over, Wants Alliance With Russia

Last Week's Fake News Epidemic, Led By Jewish-Owned CNN, New York Times, Politico (It's Not The Jewish But The Lying)

Trump Baffled As Israel Is AGAIN Caught Red-Handed Spying On US

DC: The Sociopath Capital Of America

To Win Wars, Not Savage Civilians: Russia's New Electromagnetiic Superweapon

How Tucker Carlson Savaged Bolton

Russia And China Are Why The New World Order Is Imploding

The Red Flag Council

"Hit Them!" Duterte Tells Filipinos To Shoot Corrupt Officials, Promises No Jail Time

Damage To Saudi Oil Plant Points To Well-Targeted Swarm Attack

US Interest Rates Are Going Negative And The Fed Can't Stop It

The 5G "Dementors" Meet The 4G "Zombie Apocalypse"

Edward Snowden Prepared To Release Memoir Stating US "Hacked The Constitution"

Insane And Ill-Advised: Trump's Future War With Iran

The Black Swan Is A Drone

If You Think The Price Of Oil Is Skyrocketing Now...

James Howard Kunstler: Some People Doing Something

"Don't You Support Our Troops?"

So, Will Trump Take The Neocon Bait?

Trump Hedges On Next Steps With Blamed Iran

The Hill's Morning Report
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President Trump on Monday said it “looks” as if Iran is responsible for weekend attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, but he stopped short of definitively blaming Tehran and said he is not “looking” for war.

“I’m not looking to get into [a] new conflict, but sometimes you have to,” he told reporters in the Oval Office. The president said he is not “concerned at all” about a potential war with Iran, adding that he’d “like to avoid it” while boasting the United States is well prepared for any scenario.

Trump’s comments differed from those of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said on Saturday that Iran was behind the sophisticated attacks, not Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who initially claimed responsibility.

The president, suddenly faced with a new set of circumstances with Iran, said he will send his influential adviser Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to discuss next steps, a plan that appeared to open the door to international engagement before deciding what, if any, action to take. U.S. investigators arrived in Saudi Arabia to gather evidence.

World leaders are scheduled to meet next week in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, and the outcome of a Tuesday election in Israel remains uncertain for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who condemns Iran as a powerful enemy of Israel. Trump told reporters he had not pledged U.S. protection to ally Saudi Arabia. 

The Hill: Trump says he wants to avoid war with Iran.

Trump, who prior to the attacks said he was willing to negotiate without preconditions with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani about a new nuclear deal, is faced with suddenly more complicated terrain. He must decide how to respond to what U.S. officials on Sunday described as coordinated military strikes against Saudi petroleum facilities, which appeared from intelligence data to originate in Iran. Trump has said the United States is “locked and loaded,” but he has also stated his desire to avoid military conflict with Iran.

The Associated Press: Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced today “there will be no talks with the U.S. at any level,” according to Iran’s state TV. The remarks apparently are intended to end speculation about a possible U.S.-Iran meeting between the two countries’ presidents at the United Nations next week.

U.S. lawmakers who are worried about the potential for military conflict with Tehran are on high alert, warning Trump that he would need to seek congressional approval before ordering any military action (The Hill).

The New York Times: A Saudi government statement on Monday said, “Initial investigations have indicated that the weapons used in the attack were Iranian weapons.” But the Saudis stopped short of directly blaming Iran for the attack.

The New York Times: Who was behind the Saudi oil attack? What the evidence shows.

The Washington Post: Iran’s strategic use of drones and missiles rattles Middle East rivals.

The Washington Post: Trump’s rationale for helping Saudi Arabia is not about domestic petroleum supplies, he tweeted: “We don’t need Middle Eastern Oil & Gas, & in fact have very few tankers there, but will help our Allies!”

Mainstream Attack Agenda: Former MSNBC Dishes On How They Do It

No Longer Able To Make War, Bolton Is Out For Revenge

Not Disregarding Malice: Trump Calls For Mass-Resignation At Rabid New York Times

Monday, September 16, 2019

Caitlin Johnstone: American Privilege

No Longer A "Conspiracy": Mainstream Media Now Advocates Spraying Particles Into The Sky To Dim The Sun

Attack On Kavanaugh Exposes Dems' 2020 Playbook

Promo Video For Vaccine Education Summit

Stephen Lendman: Iran Falsely Blamed For Yemeni Houthis Retaliation Against Saudi Aggression

Revolutionary Swiss House Built Entirely By Roboits

Talk Is Cheap: US Rejects Resolution In All Its War Theaters

Trans Lobbying Group Pushes "Puberty Blockers" On Children As Young As 12

Religions Around The World Introduce Robotic Priests

Mark Dice: This Could Only Happen In California

Luke Rudkowski: 5G - How To Stop This Technology We Can't Talk About On YouTube

Pressure From All Sides: Will Trump Take The Neocon Bait And Attack?

Ron Paul: "Locked And Loaded": Will Trump Attack Iran?

New York Times And Wall Street Journal Promote War On Iran

Stansberry: A Record-Breaking Day For The Oil Market

Stansberry Digest
A record-breaking day for the oil markets... Crude surges 15% on new fears of war... Why $75 – or even $100 – oil is now a possibility... What you need to know before you bet on even higher prices now...

Today, it was all about oil...

As you've probably heard by now, Saudi Arabia's oil-production facilities were attacked over the weekend. The coordinated strikes have reportedly disabled nearly 5.7 million barrels per day ("bpd") of oil production. That's more than half of the country's usual daily production... And it amounts to more than 5% of the world's daily output.
So, it's little surprise that crude-oil prices absolutely soared in response. As Bloomberg reported this morning...
Oil surged the most on record after a devastating attack on Saudi Arabia intensified concerns about growing instability in the world's most important crude-producing region...
Saudi Aramco faces weeks or months before most output from its giant Abqaiq crude-processing complex is restored, according to people familiar with matter...
For oil markets, it's the worst sudden supply disruption ever... [It] surpasses the loss of Kuwaiti and Iraqi petroleum output in August 1990, when Saddam Hussein invaded his neighbor. It also exceeds the loss of Iranian oil production in 1979 during the Islamic Revolution, according to the International Energy Agency.
Brent crude oil – the international benchmark for prices – jumped nearly 20% to $71.95 per barrel at the open this morning, its largest move in history. It closed the day up 14.6%... at just more than $69 per barrel.
Here in the U.S., West Texas Intermediate ("WTI") crude oil rose as much as 15% higher to $63.34 per barrel – its biggest one-day jump since December 2008 – before closing the day at $62.90.

This supply disruption could keep a 'bid' under prices in the near term...

Early reports suggest it could take several weeks – or even months – for Saudi Arabia to ramp production back up. According to Goldman Sachs analysts, if the disruption lasts for more than six weeks, tightening global supplies could push Brent crude to $75 per barrel – or roughly 9% higher than it closed at today.
However, the real worry is that this weekend's attacks could lead to further supply disruptions in the region. That's because the U.S. has now officially blamed these attacks on Iran. As the Wall Street Journal reported this afternoon...
American intelligence indicates Iran was the staging ground for a debilitating attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry, people familiar with the discussions said Monday, as Washington and the kingdom weighed how to respond.
The assessment, which the U.S. hasn't shared publicly, comes as President Trump raised the prospect of a joint U.S.-Saudi retaliatory strike on Iran, a scenario that risks quickly broadening into a regional armed conflict.
As the report noted, this announcement followed a thinly veiled threat of retaliation from U.S. President Donald Trump himself. As Trump "tweeted" last night...
Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!
Should a true armed conflict break out, we could easily see oil back above $100 or more.

Given these risks, you may be tempted to chase today's big move higher...

But before you "bet the farm" that oil continues to soar, there are a couple of important points to consider.
First, we'll remind you that Trump recently dismissed national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton has long advocated for a tougher stance on Iran, even suggesting the U.S. should wage a preemptive war to overthrow its government.
His ouster suggests the president may be in favor of a more diplomatic approach. And despite Trump's earlier comments, he is already talking down the likelihood of an immediate response. As financial news network CNBC reported this afternoon...
President Donald Trump said Monday he's in no rush to respond to a coordinated attack that hit Saudi Arabia's oil industry over the weekend...
"It's certainly looking that way at this point," Trump responded to a question on whether Iran was responsible for the attacks. "I don't want war with anybody but we are prepared more than anybody... We have a lot of options but we are not looking at options right now."

Second, despite the big move higher today, crude prices still remain 'rangebound'...

As you can see in the chart of WTI crude oil below, prices have moved in a range between $50 and $65 per barrel for most of the year...
This price action reflects the conflicting fundamental picture today...
On the one side, you have continued production cuts from the Saudi-led oil cartel OPEC – whose members have stuck to agreed-upon production quotas far longer than they have in the past – acting to push prices higher.
On the other side, you have the continued rise in U.S. shale-oil production – which has now surpassed 12 million barrels per day, making us the world's top oil producer – and a slowing global economy weighing them down.
Until this weekend, it looked like the latter was winning... Crude-oil prices appeared to be rolling over from a series of lower highs.

This weekend's attack could be a 'game-changer'...

If Saudi production is offline longer than expected – or if a larger conflict leads to even further supply disruptions – the supply-demand balance could shift in favor of higher prices.
But we'll also point out that despite today's huge move, oil was so far unable to break out of this recent trading range.
That could change... but until then, caution is warranted. If Saudi production ramps up sooner than feared – or tensions in the region de-escalate once again – crude oil could quickly give up today's gains.

Snowden Wants To Come Home: "All I'm Asking For Is A Fair Trial"

Edward Snowden exclusive interview: "I'm not asking for a pass. What I'm asking for is a fair trial" former NSA contractor says - CBS News

US Officials: ARAMCO Attack (Against US?) Came From Iranian Soil. Claim Pompeo To Release Evidence

Rand Paul Warns Trump Against "Needless Escalation Of War"

October Surprise: Will Senator Warren Become Hillary's '20 Running Mate?

Propaganda Against Russia In Direct Proportion To America's Failing Status

15 Habits Of Couples With Great Sex Lives

Safe Haven?: Lightning Strikes Car TWICE In Novosibirsk

EU Parliamentarian Guy Verhofstadt: Tomorrow's World Order Based Not On Nation-States, Bu On Empires

To Those Paying $4,200 To See Michelle Obama Talk - Do You Expect Her To Say Anything Interesting

Russian Scholar: World Sleepwalking Into Total Nuclear War As Western Elites Fear No Bloodshed

US Defense Failure... Why US Has To Blame Iran For Saudi Attacks

Rouhani: Drone Strikes On Saudi Oil Facilities Were Yemen's "Reciprocal Response" For Saudi Bombings

The 5G Electromagnetic "Mad Zone" Poised To Self-Destruct

Is The Western Economy Going Down?

Stephen Lendman: Proven Capability Of Yemen's Houthi Rebel Fighters

She's Right. Not She Personally, But The World's Muslims Have Suffered The Most From The False-Flag Attacks Of 9/11. Hands Down.

The New York Times Shoots Itself In The Head

Iran And / Or Its Allies Show Ability To Register Interests And Presence

Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton, Part 2

Warning: In Months After Precipitating Event, Americans In Two Categories - Those Who Will Survive And Those Destined To Die

Reacting To Reports: Americans Are Arming Up In Huge Numbers

Tehran: US Claims Of Iran Role In Aramco Raid "Maximum Deceit"

Yemen's Military Warns Foreigners To Leave Saudi Oil Plants

Iran War Imminent? Trump Says US Locked And Loaded To Respond To Saudi Attack (Not On US, Denied By Iran))

Epstein's Blackmail Op Was A Control Mechanism To Protect The 9/11 Narrative

Julian Assange's Kill Switch(s) Set: We Must DEMAND His Pardon

Sunday, September 15, 2019

McCaulley Culkin: Hollywood Elites Murder Children And Make Sick Trophies Using This...

UAW Votes To Strike

Jeff Bezos Abruptly Cuts Health Benefits To 2,000 Part-Time Whole Food Workers

Census Bureau: Number Of Uninsured Americans Jumps By Nearly 2 Million

Mexico Demands US Halt Weapons Flow Across Border

"The Poor Are Punished": Dorian Lays Bare Inequality In The Bahamas

Venezuela: Guaido With Colombian Narcos

Ex-Google Worker Fears Killer Robots Could Cause Mass Atrocities

Julian's Brother Gabriel After Belmarsh Prison Visit

"No Brexit At All" - That's The UK Lib Dems' New Rallying Cry

France: Tear Gas, Water Canons, Injuries... Chaos Erupts In Nantes During Yellow Vest Rally

CIA's Kremlin Mole Echoes Iraq WMD Hoax

Joe Biden: "If Israel Didn't Exist..."

Trump And Only: Israel's Not Spying On Me

The Saudi War On Yemen Is The Real Outrage

Breaking: Syrian President Issues Nationwide Amnesty For All Crimes

Distressingly, New US Latin American Affairs Chief Is A Past-Master At Ousting Recalcitrant Regimes

The World's Most Important Political Prisoner

China Slaps Britain: You Can't Afford Hostility

Saudi $295 Billion Defense Budget Failed To Protect Oil Installations From Ragtag Houthi Rebels

Attacks On Major Saudi Oil Installations Show Urgent Need For Peace With Yemen

Election's Near: Is Israeli Aggression On Gaza Coming?

UN Secretary General Professes Ignorance Of Known Dangers Of 5G Exposure

Trump Playing With Fire Messing With The Sinister Inner Deep State And Its "Absolute" Power?

Hong Kongers Troubled By Unrest Look For New Homes Abroad

The Indigenous Man Who Declared His Own Country

PCR: The 9/11 Deception Remains In Control Of America's Destiny

Philip Giraldi: Pro-Israel US Policy - A Nightmare One Never Wakes Up From

Bill Maher And Guest, Both Jewish, Explain That "Rising Anti-Semitism" Has Nothing To Do With Jewish Behavior

Get To Know Edward Snowden: "I Was Very Much A Person The Most Powerful Government In The World Wanted To Go Away" (Video)

Daniel McAdams: Real Anti-Interventionism

Nuclear War Winnable, Says Trump's Incoming National Security Advisor

Ritual Violence And The Hebrew Bible In The Iraq War

Forbidden Knowledge: The Central Banks' Dark Sinister Plan For The World

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sad Article: Hunger Kills Yemen's Children In Silence, No One Hears

Iraq Will Respond To Israeli Attacks, Sees Itself At War With Zionist Entity

Lavrov: War In Syria Ended, Hotbeds Of Tension Remain In Areas Uncontrolled By Government

American Privilege - The Diabolical Diametric And REAL Opposite Of Vaunted American Largess

PCR: Some Of The Many Things Most Americans Never Heard About 9/11

Israel Is Complex, Problematic, And Contains The Seeds Of Its Destruction

Trump Floats Possible Defense Treaty With Israel Days Ahead Of Elections

Russia Prevents Israeli Airstrikes In Syria

83% Of Americans Blame One Thing For Mass Shootings

Bernie Sanders And The American Left: Could He Become President?

Hong Kong And The Future Of China

Roe Vs Wade: End Of Virtual Abortion On Demand Seems Likely

Some Call Strippers Who Drug And Rob Men"Empowered Feminists" - (Men Have It Coming For Being Men, Don't They?)

Israel And, In Effect, Greater Israel Discuss Mutual Defense Treaty

Yemen's Houthis Putting A Serious Hurt On Saudi Arabia's Oil Facilities

Great Video: How Israel Is Robbing America Blind (Video)

Orwellian-Sounding Obscurantist Titles For New EU Ministers

General Flynn Mugged By Deep State Crocs Plotting RussiaHoax - Should Be Exonerated

Theory Going Down: Cave-Dweller In Afghanistan With 19 Friends Masterminded Devastating Attack On US (Which Boomeranged)

9/11 Whistleblowers: Full Documentary

Published: Edward Snowden's New Memoir, With Disclosures

Are Europeans Also Falling Victim To Vaping?

Israel Tries Again To Elect New Government

So, Whee To Now, With Bolten Out Of The Equation?

This Could Be Crucial:: 60% Of Americans Think A Recession Is Likely Next Year

Revealed: A Third Of Migrants Lying About Relationship To Children

First Massive Gun Grab Massively Failed, New Zealand Cranking Up For Another Run At iIt

Human Trafficking Is Booming In Yemen As War Enters Its Fifth Year

Australia's "Greens" Seek To Destabilize And Destroy Economic System

Jeffrey Epstein Witness Makes Stunning Claim

Tucker Carlson Blows The Lid Off Democrat Election Conspiracy

Origins Of Fake News Imperialism

James Howard Kuntsler: Techtonic Rumblings - Act Three's Just Begun

Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Godfather

No Matter Who Wins In 2020, There Will Be Blood

The Two-Party / One-Party Cartel: We Shouldn't Be Surprised The Mainstream Left If "Never-Tulsi"

The Corrective! China Slaps Britain: You Can't Afford Hostility

UK & US Deep State Hand-In-Glove: A Visit To Tommy Robinson In Belmarsh Prison

The Coming Financial Panic And The 2020 Election

Why Is Julian Assange Being Tortured To Death?

PCR: By Cross-Party Agreement Among The Elite? - The 9/11 Deception Remains In Control Of America's Destiny

Friday, September 13, 2019

More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story

NBC News Wants You To Know That Heterosexuality "Is The Bedrock Of Global Oppression"

India Is Banning Single-Use Plastic - Why Not Everybody?

Caitlin Johnstone: How To Defeat The Empire

Zarif To Trump: With Israel Spying On You, US Needs No Foes

Get Curious! Who's Permitting This And Why?: Israeli Tech Working With USG To Drastically Increase Surveillance Of Americans

Are Global Elites Planning To Topple The Dollar?

How Big The Market! : Putin Wants Deliveries Of More Arctic Gas To China

Surprise!: "Peak Oil" Turns Out To Be Complete Nonsense

US Military Hasn't Fought A Real Foe In Decades - Russia, China, Iran Could Deliver A Nasty Surprise

S. Brian Willson: "US Pretend" Unmasked

Juan Guaido Poses With Notorious Colombian Drug Cartel At Venezuelan Border

Nearly Attacked By Polar Bear While Making Wildlife Film In Russia

Why China Believes The World Needs The New Silk Road

Taliban: "We Can Fight Americans For 100 Years"

RFK, Jr.: Robert F. Kennedy Was Assassinated By Thane Eugene Cesar

The Inevitable Bursting Of Our Bubble Economy

The Fall Of John Bolton: Exercising Power With The Grace Of A Cockroach

Buckets Of Ice Cold Reality, Or Folly On The Half-Shell

Israel Accused Of Planting Mysterious Spy Device Near White House

The DNC Debates Are A Sham

Of Their Own Ilk - FBI Finally Agrees To Name Saudi Official Who Aided 9/11 Attackers

We Lost The War In Afghanistan. Get Over It.

Julian Assange To Stay In Prison After His Sentence Over Fears He May Run Away

Patrick Buchanan: After Bolton, Trump Goals Remain Unrealized

James Bovard: War On Terror Is The Biggest Sham Of Our Era

The Greatest Victims Of All Of 9/11: All Muslims Around The World

Russia Has Had It With The West's Idiocy And Scapegoating: Eva Bartlett's Interview With Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Perhaps The Best 9/11 Documentary Ever -- ZERO

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Watch Live: Democrats Face Off In Houston

A Comprehensive And Very Frightening Theory Of 9/11 To Today And Beyond

The Dust From 9/11 Has Yet To Settle (Video)

Hail The Oppressor! They Cry By And By - Just Like Winston Smith

Mark Dice: Democrats' Latest Bright Idea

Dan Bongino: We Are Still At War, Still Paranoid And Lashing Out After All These Years Of Self-Delusion - MAYBE WE'RE THE KID WITH THE GUN?

Is The Second Amendment Going Down In A Few Days?

We'll See How That Works Out: Government Orders Google To Let Employees Express Unpopular Political Views

Tough Love: Proof Of America's Decline, Is It Not?

Andrew Napolitano: Who Cares What The Government Thinks?

Tulsi Gabbard Suggests That The Government Is Run By "A Small Group Of Political Elite". Ya think?

Kavanaugh Accuser's Father Raises New Doubts

The 3 Top Drivers Of Crypto Adoption

Medical Debt Is Crushing Many Americans, With No Provision For Relief

Gun Sales Surge After Democrat Big Talk And Demands

Trump's Idea: "Internment Camps" For The Homeless, Due To Need For "Crackdown" On California

Consumers Continue To Pile Up Debt At A Frightening Pace Despite Believe A Recession Is Coming

Class Action Lawsuit Against Smartphones Over Undisclosed Radiation Risk

Alas!: Trump Replaces Bolton With Fringe Neocon

NIMBY?: New Google Nest Is Censorship And Surveillance In Your Home

Border Communities Inundated With Surveillance Technologies

The Fight Against Facial Recognition Technology

9/11: Fear Is The Foundation Of Most Governments

Corbett & Pilato: New World Next Week

David Icke: 9/11 The Trigger - The Lie Than Changed The World

US National Debt Is Now More Than Ten Times Annual Tax Receipts

Dorian Victims Fleeing Bahamas Kicked Off Boat By US Officials Because They "Didn't Have Visas"

Civil Engineers Challenge Official Story Of WTC 7's Collapse On 9/11

Boris Johnson Rolls His Eyes At Irish Journalist's Brutal Question On Brexit

Russian MP Excoriates Facebook. Google For Brazenly Violating Russia's Election Laws

US Meddling Effective: Russia's Ruling Party Loses One-Third Of Its Seats In Moscow Election After Protests

China Unfazed By US Blacklisting Its Nuclear Firms

Report: CIA Fuels Hong Kong Riots