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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Touting Rugged Individualism (If You Can Afford It)

Ms Pumpkin Head For President: A Nightmare

Is Canada Safe From The US? Has It Ever Been?

Bolivia At The Crossroads: Choice Between Continued Success And Handover To US Hegemony

50 Years Ago Today, US Soldiers Joined The Vietnam Moratorium Protests In Mass Numbers

It Was US Democrats Who Helped Cultivate The Barbarism Of Isis

More Cliffhanger Votes On Brexit Today

Neocon Graham Begins Changing Tune On Trump

China Seen As America's Greatest Foreign Threat

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Facing America’s Greatest Threat
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Different Americas Represented By The Two Parties

The Violent And Sick Way This Times Square Billboard Depicts The Derangement

Monday, October 21, 2019

US At Least Remains Loyal To The Oil In Syria

Opioid Crisis: Aberration Or Natural Outgrowth Of For-Profit US Healthcare System?

World In Flames: Why Are Protests Raging Around The Globe?

"I Can't Think Properly." Assange Disoriented As Court Rejects Delay

Justin Trudeau And Liberal Party Projected To Win Re-Election

House Rejects GOP Measure To Censure Schiff

Henry Makow: How Satanic Black Magic Rules The World


Benjamin Fulford: Geopolitical Newsletter - Oct. 21, 2019


Sex, Sex, Sex, And More Sex... The Insatiable Demand For Sex... Obsession With Sex

10 Years Of Paltry COLAs Have Lost Seniors $15,258,15205,12676,12573,13250&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

Ron Paul: Schools Are Openly Indoctrinating Left-Wing Ideology,15312,15103,14917,14581&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

Trump's Labeling Of "Fake News" Was An Understatement

Big Tech Oligarchs' Best Tool For Censoring The Internet: The Jewish ADL

Game's Over, Neocons! A Stable Middle East At Last - Thanks, Putin!

Tulsi Gabbard Needs To Be Stopped: She's Telling People The Truth (Which Is Not Just A Deceptive Russian Strategy) About US Wars

Gas Prices Expected To Rise In 2020 - Thanks To An Obscure UN Regulator

Spain: Brutal Repression To Quell, Dissuade Breakaway Catalonia Region

The Future Of Fake News In The Digital Matrix

Civil Unrest Is Erupting All Over The World, But Just Wait Till The US Joins The Scrum

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Trump Is Stopping A Big Recession

Survivor Of Russian Communism Has A Dire Warning For Americans


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Perception Of Foreign Interference In Canadian Election, Shocking US Military Plan To Invade, Occupy Canada, From 1930s To At Least 2005

Sunday, October 20, 2019

CNN And ABC Are Now At War Over Faking News

It's Happening: Deeo State And Fake News Media Getting Very Worried - Durham To Interview Clapper And Brenner

CIA Spied On Julian Assange 24/7 At The Ecuadorian Embassy

US Troops Leaving Syria Not Coming Home, Going To Iraq

Max Blumenthal On Hillary Clinton, Slease Attack Monger

Eric Margolis: What A Tangled Web We Wove

Cartoon: A Leftist's Dilemma

Democrats Have No Answer For Trump's Anti-War Posture

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Is Brexit To End In Tragedy? Never Fear - There May Be A Silver Lining!


Trump's Support Rises Dramatically With Blacks

AG Barr Ordered One Arrest That Threw Impeachment Into Chaos

Boris Lands In Same Trap As May

Luke Rudkowski: Tulsi Gabbard's Sharp Comment May Be THE END Of Hillary Clinton Politically

Hunter Biden, Ukrainian Agent?

Big Win In Syria: US Avoids Headache, Turkey Secures Its Border, Russia Brokers Peace

Now, Trump Is Charged With Bedbugs

Still At It: British Parliament Votes To Postpone Decision On Brexit Deal

Dave Hodges: Following Regime Change, Americans Will Be Starved Into Submission

Dave Hodges: The UN Has Completed The Task Of Embedding Their Forces Inside The United States

One Out Of Every 39 Children Vaccinated With Government-Mandated Vaccines Suffers Serious Injury

The 5 Problems In America Discussed

Friday, October 18, 2019

Pelosi: The American People WILL NOT Decide Impeachment

Why We Need To Take A Look At The Way We Treat Prisoners

Economic Decay Leads To Social And Political Decay

MIT: Human-Monkey Hybrids Bred For Parts

Hillary Closing In On End-Stage "Trump Derangement Syndrome"

Russian Military Finds "Definitive" Proof In Arctic To Back Continental Shelf Claim

It Is What It Is: Air Travel Is Horrible, And It's A Miracle More Passengers Don't Go On Rampages

Here's Where Washington's Focus will Shift To After Syria

Greta Thunberg's Dream World Would Cause "A Human Tragedy Of Disastrous Proportions"

"Hundreds Of Thousands" Join Independence Rally, General Strike In Catalonia

Trump's Big Move On Turkey May Gain US Goals

Patrick Buchanan: Is Putin The New King Of The Middle East?

Ann Coulter: Please, Please! More Democratic Debates!

Philip Giraldi: Jeffrey Epstein Again Disappears From View, But What About Mossad?

Faked Syria Atrocity Video And The Rush To Condemn Trump

A Very Good Brexit Deal But A Constitutional Challenge Looms

Caitlin Johnstone: Glory Be! - The Truth Is Now A "Kremlin Talking Point"

There Are Still Republicans Who Pine For Empire And Good Ol' Intervention

David Stockman Slams Trump's Touted China Deal

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Russian Masterpiece In Syria: Everyone Wins

Scalise Says Syria Meeting Went Well Once Pelosi, Schumer Stormed Out

Doctor Concerned About "Secret Human Experiments"

DC's Blood-Stained Atlantic Council Raked In Funding From Hunter Biden's Corrupt Ukrainian Employer

What's He Got?: Trump Supporters Line Up Days In Advance Of Dallas Rally

Mark Dice: I Called It

Chuck Baldwin: Why Are Big City Cops Murdering American Citizens?

In Remembrance Of Flush Times Past, US Politicians, Press Express Outrage US Is Leaving Syria

Turkey Affirms Its Goals Stay The Same

Now, It's Either Boris's Deal Or No Deal/ Take Your Pick

Comey, Biden, And Romney Issue (Not Too) Thinly-Veiled Threats Against Trump On The Eve Of His Visit To Dallas

Adam Schiff's Secret Is Nothing ...And It Will Blow Up

Congressional Republicans Join Dems In Opposing The Voters' Will

What Goes Around... : Cannibalism And Food Sustainability In The Future

Pop Spirit: The Commodification Of Spirituality, Simulated Desires

The Rise And Fall Of CNN: The Most Busted Name In News

Where'd It Went?: Losing Identity To The Hive Mind

Corbett & Pilato: New World Next Week

China, The NBA And The Massive Face Of Globalization

Mass Surveillance Tech On Border Will Be Turned On Americans

Temporary Ceasefire Agreement In Syria

Standoff?: Don't Forget - Turkey Is Holding 50 US Nuclear Bombs Hostage

What Is The Impeachment Saga? A Psychodrama Of The Press

Syrian Debacle Seen As Well-Planned Chaos

Researchers Study Ancient Cuneiform Tablets To Predict Future Solar Flares Or Coronal Mass Ejections

US Army To Field Its Own Hypersonic Missiles By 2023

Is Trump Backpedaling On 5G? Are All The Warnings Finally Sinking In?

Jason Berman: Australia For Assange, Total Blackout In US

"An Unbiased Overview Of The Trump-Biden Ukraine Scandal"

Forbidden Knowledge: Google Burying Its Filthy Deeds From Prying Eyes

FCC Chairman Issues Scary Warning About China

"You've Already Decided There's A Crime?" Fox Anchor Martha McCollum Pins Eric Swallwell To The Wall

Here's The Government The Dems Want To Follow The Coup They're Trying To Do

Dave Hodges: "There Are No Whistleblowers - Adam Schiff Made It All Up"

At Last! - Britain, EU Reach New Brexit Agreement

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Forbes Makes Bizarre Travel Recommendation For Single Female Tourist

Poll: Majority Of Republicans Back Trump's Syria Decision

"Old, White, Male": Ilhan Omar Formally Backs Bernie

The New Frontrunner: Warren Under Fire From All Sides

One Nation... Indivisible: 15 Veteran Discounts Civilians Don't Get

"Absolutely Shameful": US Freaks Out Over LeBron's China Stance

Limbaugh: Perfect! - Ron Reagan Atheist Ad Airs In Dem Debate

Flashback: Hillary Clinton's Creepy Satanic Ties

Trump Campaign Manager Tells Brutal Truth About "Seditious Campaign To Overthrow" President

You Won't Believe What The Government Can Now Access On Your Phone

Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K Shot

Bizarre Tale Of The Boardwalk Babies

6 Warning Signs That Civil Unrest Is Imminent

Seeing The Changes In American Society In The Twentieth Century

The Anti-Trump Right

Do Eco-Moralists Care More About The Environment, Or Turning People's Lives Upside-Down?

PCR: Controlled Explanations Rule The World

AJ Barr Made One Arrest In A Major Scandal That Flabbergasted Adam Schiff

Trump Hits Turkey With Crippling Sanctions

Media Trust Declining, News Industry In Chaos

Speaking As An Independent: If Tulsi Gabbard Were Faced Off Against Donald Trump, We Would All Win

Canadian Company Develops Vegan Leather Made From Apple Peels

Caitlin Johnstone: On Psychopathy And Power

John Lear Points To Substantial EVIDENCE Of NO PLANES At World Trade Center On 9/11

Turkish-Exiled Star Enes Kanter Has Powerful Response To LeBron James's Defense Of China

NBA-China Fiasco Exposed The Nonsense Of "Woke" America

Mark Levin: Donald Trump Is Not Constitutionally Required To Sit There And Take It

Forbidden Knowledge: NEW! Gangnam Mix Parody (Song) - CHINA'S ASSHOE!)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

California Reels Toward Third World Status

Mike Bloomberg Still Talking About Running For President

MUST WATCH; VW ID.R Onboard Video Record-Breaking Run At Heaven's Gate, Tianman Mountain, China

Erdogan Holding 50 US Tactical Nukes Hostage

African Swine Fever Devastates China's Pig Herd

Move To Replace Columbus With Indigenous People's Day Is Gaining Momentum

Deeper Strategic Motives For Trump Impeachment Investigation

Raising Competent Kids In An Incompetent World

Stephen Lendman: New York Times's War On Truth-Telling Journalism

What's The Strategy?: Wall Street Journal Gives Turkish Despot Erdogan A Platform To Lie And Deceive

Violent Clashes Erupt As Spanish Court Jails Catalonia Leaders

Curiouser And Curiouser: Saudi King Rolls Out Red Carpet For Vladimir Putin

What Kind Of Man Is This? - Schiff: Public Has No Right To Observe Impeachment Inquiry

Survival First Aid Tips: Do You Know How To Apply A Tourniquet?

The Kurds And The Sticky Wicket Of Foreign Entanglements

Pelosi Says No House Vote On Impeachment Inquiry


Watch: Mexico Prevents Caravan Of 2,000 Migrants From Reaching US Border

Taibbi: Impeaching Trump Would Establish Intel Community Veto Over Elections

Ron Paul: Kurds Make Alliance With Assad - Victory For America, But Not For Neocons

Free Market "Liberalism" Vs Corrupted Capitalism And La La Land Socialism

Mark Dice: CNN Gets A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Ray McGovern: The New York Times's Preemptive Reporting On James Comey

Afghan Generation Knows Only War As Conflict Turns 18

China Silenced Its Critics By Buying Off American Elites

School To Prison Pipeline

Luke Rudkowski: How The Media Is Lying Us Into Another Major Conflict - (Maybe It Won't Work This Time?)

Here's Why Hillary Is Running Again In 2020

Technocracy: I Never Voted For This, Did You?

Washington Is Wrong Once Again - Kurds Wisely Join Assad To Defend Syria

Democratic Race: Static Summer, Chaotic Fall

On Taxation Of The "Rich" Vs "Workers", NYT Defines "Gullible"

One Nation Divided As Hell

American Consequences
One Nation Divided as Hell
P.J. O'Rourke, Editor in Chief
[Editor's note: Click the image below to enlarge it if it doesn't show up. Or view it online by clicking here.]
Dear reader,
Just how divided is America? We're so divided, we can't agree on anything. Political debate is dominated by left-wing kooks, right-wing nuts, and random fruitcakes. Show them the words of wisdom from America's founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution, and they'll start screaming at each other.
Below: left-wing kook ravings are shown in pink, right-wing nut rants in blue, and random fruitcake blather in green.

Russian Punk Maestro Currentzis Jolts Classical Music

Unprecedented: US Forces Peacefully Hand Over Key Syrian City To Russians, Syrians

Geez! Here They Go Again! - Barr Could Lose His Job After Being Accused Of Something Insane

Telling The Truth Is A Crime

The Ultimate Heresy Today: Technology Can't Fix What Is Broken

Meet The Black, Transgender Cinderella's Grandmother You've All Been Waiting For

Not Owning An Electric Car Will Soon Cost Us As Much As Owning One

James Howard Kunstler: Wait For It - The Charge And Counter-Charge

PCR: Journalists Are Insouciant Presstitutes

Drug Users Are Ultimately Responsible

Victory Or Fire: That's the Plan For Hong Kong

Patrick Buchanan: Is The Interventionists' Era Over For Good?

Remembering My Relative Bobby Araujo KIA Vietnam, 10/14/67

James Ostrowski: No Crimes Or Misdemeanors

Bill Bonner: Why America's Economy Is A Scam,15253,15188,15111,15055&utm_source=MAM-Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Daily-Article-Traffic

Is "Operation Peace Spring" A Trap Sprung By Trump On Turkey

"Money Revealed" - Watch The World Premiere

911 Dispatchers To Monitor Footage From 30+ Million Surveillance Cameras In Real Time, 4 Billion Hours' Worth Per Week - Oh, Yeah!

Corbett: Mainstream Media's Frequent Geography Malpractice

Syria's Kurds Look To Assad For Protection After US Pullout

HYPER-IMPORTANT!: DOJ Inspector-General Report To Be Released This Friday, Oct. 18, To Cover "More Than FISA Abuse" (Video)

Forbidden Knowledge: Reigning "Social Justice" Is A Belief System, Needs To Be Treated As A Religion, Not Given Free Rein Over Schools

Monday, October 14, 2019

Tyranny Of The Minority: Catalonia Test Proves European Elites Ignore Referendums

Trump Is "Fully Prepared To Destroy The Economy" Of Turkey

Shock Poll: 1/3 Of Black Males Back Trump

25 Of The Spookiest Underwater Creatures

"Our Boys To The Rescue!": Quamishli Residents Celebrate Syrian Army Deployment

What's Going On Here?: US Troops Block Syrian Forces From Defending Key Kurdish Cities From Turkish Advance

Donald Trump Channels William Shakespeare

Taibbi: We're In A Permanent Coup

Ray McGovern: NYT's Full-Throated Praise For Felons

Kurds Face Stark Options, And Russia To Salvage US Mess

Unforeseen All-Syrian Compact, Russia-Guaranteed, Uniting All Of Syria

Whither The Turks? Onward Or Be Content With Restored Syrian Government Control Of All Of Syria, Including The Syrian Kurds

Benjamin Fulford: Geopolitical Update, October 14, 2019 - Shocking! Shocking!


Harry Reid Warns, Whatever You Do, Don't Underestimate Donald Trump

Reps Decimate Dems In Louisiana's Saturday Elections

Trump: Let Assad, Russia, Or China Protect The Kurds

China's Concentration Camp Survivors Are Speaking Out

Russia Liberates Iran From SWIFT Blackmail, Gives Access To Alternative Banking Network

On Callous Fantasizing About Nuking Russia

Leaked CNN Planning Video Blows Whistle On Chief's Bitter Vendetta Against Trump

ABC News Tries To Pass Off 2016 Gun Range Footage As Turks Bombing Kurds In Syria - How Despicable Is That?

CBS Tried To Fool Americans By Rigging This Impeachment Poll In Their (CBS And Allies') Favor

Deep State Rats Are Scurrying

If Dems Not Held Accountable For Their Attempted Coup, America Is Dead And Gone

Tulsi Gabbard Seems Prepared To Burn Down The Entire Democrat Party To Restore Democracy

Sinister Signs Globalists Have UN Agendas On Fast Track With Seeds Planted To Sew Chaos

Greta Thunberg A Decoy For Climate Change Billionaires Wanting To Crash Investments In Oil And Gas Industry

Billionaires Like George Soros Control Politics Funding Activism?

Hanne Herland: The Correlation Between Social Disorder And Christian Decline

PCR: The Diminishing, Manipulated American Economy

Rusian Defense Minister: Declining West Cannot Be Trusted

The Fall Of Western Journalism And Discourse

How Long Before Kurds Realize US Only Serves "US Interests"?

PCR: Is Capitalism Killing Us? Poison, Pollution... #Monsanto...

The Plague Of Western Adventurism In Syria Is All About Geopolitics

Milo Yiannopoulos: Left Uses Authoritarian Repression To Quell Opposition

Michel Chossudovsky: US To Ecuador - We'll Give You A Deal - (When Will They Ever Learn?)

Is PG & E Causing The California Wildfires?

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Adam Schiff: No Quid Pro Quo Needed For Impeachment

Relativism: CNN Host Says Those He Doesn't Like Have No Principles

Mixed Message?: Hunter Biden Call Trump's Charges "False Fabric" And Resigns From Chinese Equity Firm

Syrian Army Moving To Face Turkish Aggression In Country's North

"The Necessity Of Anti-Semitism"

Jews Threaten Iceland

AOC's Response To The Impeachment Process: "Bored"