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Friday, October 11, 2019

Report: "ID Coin" To Replace Social Security Cards

Conservative Confidence In A Strong And Thriving Nation
Dear Reader,
I'm about to shred and burn my social security card.
This flimsy card isn't even laminated.
It doesn't protect my information from a spilled drink, let alone criminals trying to steal my identity.
This card - that's been issued to citizens like me since November 1936 - is about to be obsolete.
Because something much better is on the horizon. And it's going to open up a $6 trillion potential market.
And this technology is about to roll out to 1.1 billion people starting this year.
It will make it virtually impossible to steal my social security number - or anyone else's.
This opportunity is a sleeping giant. It hasn't reached the press or the desks at Wall Street... yet, at least.
Which is one reason it could actually be a BIGGER financial opportunity than bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple COMBINED.
I don't want you to miss this - a rare shot at a potential 500% gain from the most innovative tech that's going to save people and corporations trillions of dollars. Follow this link to the full story. And remember: By the time the government announcement this, it will be too late.
Sean Carroll
Managing Director, Stansberry Research

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