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Monday, January 20, 2020

Oxfam: Richest 1% Owns Twice As Much Wealth As 6.9 Billion People

China's New Killer Virus Close To Violent Leap, Infecting Millions

Lebanon On The Verge Of Civil War: Will The Instigators Please Stand?

Iran Conditionally Prepared To Leave 1968 Pact Barring It From Getting Nukes

7,516 Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens Have Been Released Into Communities Across New York State In The Past Year

Not Good: Questionable White House Security Reported

Pelosi's Truth: Drunk On Power

When people lie and work on deceiving others daily, they tend to let the truth slip out inadvertently.

Everyone has seen how Pelosi seems drunk when she takes center stage. Her hypocrisy is second to none. Tom Elliott exposed that hypocrisy in a post on Twitter as she was lying through her dentures. Her speech turned into an incoherent rant about "time."

See the Wacky Video: Seeing is Believing!

Fighting for Freedom,

Gary Harrison

Incarnate: Bolivia's Self-Declared "Interim President" Believes Indians Are Satanic,Shouldn't Be Allowed In Cities

More Babies Is Top National Priority, Putin Declares In "State Of The Union" Speech. (We Need That Declare, Too.)

The Untested (Highly Counter-Intuitive) Argument That The US Would Collapse Without Its Endless Wars

False Flag?: Highly-Respected Ex-CIA Officer Giraldi Suggests US Hacked Iranian Transponder To Provoke Shootdown Of Ukrainian Airliner

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Trump Assassinated Soleimani Because He Was Terrified Of Looking Like Jimmy Carter

If These Two Can Be Friends, And Militantly Therefor Then WHO CAN'T BE?

Cops Told To Ignore Muslim Rape Gangs And Probe "Other Ethnicities"

Millennials' Favorable View Of Socialism Will Play Prominently In 2020 Election

Trump Lawyers File Brief Urging Senators To Swiftly Acquit Trump

Abolish FAIRNESS?: NBC News Slanders Gun Owners In Run-Up To Today's (Annual) Rally

Almost HALF Of Young Democrats Prefer Other Countries Over The US

Biden Campaign Warns Media: Don't Fall For Trump Camp's Disinformation During Trial


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Border Patrol On High Alert For Terrorist Smuggled Into US

Dem Establishment Spooked, Baffled By Sanders Again

Iranian Supreme Leader Goes Nuts With Threats, Accusations

Dems Who Realize Biden Is Toxic

Op Ed: Senate Dems Running For President Must Recuse Themselves From Impeachment Trial

Trump Administration Makes New Moves To Protect Religious Freedom, Inclueding Prayer In Schools

The China Trade Deal And 22 Other Times Trump Made Fools Of The "Experts"

Luke Rudkowski: Virginia - What To Expect

Virginia On Edge As Pro-Gun Activists Seethe

Sandy Hook Documentary: Detailed And Comprehensive

Landmark 9/11 Article At One Million Views

Berlin Conference Of European Leaders Seeks To End Libyan War - That WHO Started?

Attitude: How The Impeachment Has Backfired

Oklahoma Lawmakers Propose "MAGA" And "Keep America Great" Licence Plates To Aid Veterans

Average Unemployment By President: First 35 Months

False Flag?: Former CIA Officer Suggests US Hacked Ukrainian Plane Transponder To Provoke Iranian Shootdown

Why Trump's Trade Pact With China Is A Very Big Deal

Why We Resist

Trump Outmaneuvered Virginia Governor Northam: Took Away His Forces' GPS

Dave Hodges: Dem Party Factions' Alternative Strategies

One Chart Blows Dem Narrative On Trump Economy Out The Window

China Shattered By Trump's Trade War: Latest Numbers Show

Pelosi Rigging Primary With Impeachment Timing? Trump So Accuses

California To Ranch Owners: "Your Land Is Our Land - Don't Resist It".

IG Report Confirms John McCain Was Part Of The Seditious Coup

Every Forecasting Model Predicts 2020 Trump Landslide

2020: A Fire Alert ForAmerica's Cities? The View From The Right

The Call Is Out For Crisis Actors For Virginia On Monday

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Trump Lawyer Dismisses Photos Of The President With Lev Parnas, Other Evidence

Russia Prepares For Split With International Banking System

How Trump Rebelled Against The Generals

US Called "An Oil Company With An Army": Another Wasteful, Costly War

A Crazy True Travel Story

Time To Hunker Down?: The Next Mega-Disasters That Could Happen Any Moment And Kill Us All

Almost Everyone At English Universities Graduates At The Top

Macron Flees Paris Theatre Amid Protests

And Who Can Complain?

Philip Giraldi: So, What's The Point Of NATO?

James Howard Kunstler: Nancy Signs The Dems' Death Warrant

I Like Ike - President Eisenhower's Farewell Address And Its Meaning

Claim" "World Economy Would Collapse Without London Laundering Illicit Cash"

All The World's Wealth In One Visualization

Muslim Refugees Fuel German Fantasies With Porn

Brazil's New Base In Antarctica, Constructed By Contract With A Chinese Company

Forbidden Knowledge: Nixon's Secret UFO Disclosure Message

Conspiracy To Launch False-Flag Bloodshed On January 20 In Virginia. .Charlottesville 2.0. Spread The Word.


Friday, January 17, 2020

BIG EUREKA: Joseph Newman's Phenomenal Energy Machine - How One Man Can GREATLY Change The World!

40% Of World's Countries To Experience Civil Unrest In 2020

CLASSIC: Oligarchy In America - How the 0.1% Rob Everyone Else Blind. 31 Shocking Data Points


US Is In A "Battle For The Ages" Against Russia/China To Stop Eurasian Integration. It's Going To Get Much Worse

Did You Know?: Hitler Loved As A Hero Across Much Of The Third World

RAMMSTEIN: A German Group Wildly-Popular In Russia - Enjoy!

Will Chris Wallace Follow Shep Smith Out the Fox News Door? Or Will It Become Another Hen House?

260 Million Christians Persecuted By 50 Worst Nations

Pelosi Makes Up Fake Transcript Quotes, Passes Them Off As Real, Just Like Schiff Did

Warren's Home Town Paper Publishes Scathing Op-Ed Calling Her A Liar

Pelosi Needs To Sober Up And Drop This Socialist Impeachment Circus

Are "Fly-Over" (Or "Left-Over") People Riveted On Impeachment? Or What?

It Was "Win Votewise", Then It Was "Take Someone Down", Now "Take Trump Out". Logically, What Would Be Next?

Globalist Imperative To Replace Farmers With Lab Specialists

The Hill's Morning Report: Trial In The Senate To Last Weeks...

LIES!: US Army Now Admits 11 Were Wounded In Iranian Attack

Philip Giraldi: Who TARGETED Ukrainian AL Flight 752? Iran Shot It Down, But There May Be More To The Story

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Luke Rudkowski: Chaos In Virginia?

"No Arabs Please": Job Rejection Sparks Racial Controversy In Germany

New Light Shed On Russia's Liberation Of Warsaw 75 Years Later

Forensic Pathologist: Epstein's Burst Capillaries Point To Murder

UN Health Experts Admit Toxic Vaccine Ingredients Harm Children Worldwide

Active Volcanoes May Still Exist On Venus

So Many People Have Left California The State May Lose Multiple Seats In Congress

Uncertainty As To What Putin's Sweeping Changes Will Mean For Russia

The Drug War Has Destroyed Mexico

Americans Have Been Brainwashed To Accept War Without Question

The Evangelicals Who Pray For War With Iran

It's Time Washington Learned Putin's Russia Is Not The Soviet Union

The World Must End The US' Illegal Economic War

Beware! Russia Can Hack Your Brain, Make You Believe Biden Unfit For Oval Office!

Trump And Congress Double Down On Demonizing Iran

Ron Paul: Trump Trial Begins - Guilty As Charged?

United Nations Job Application That Should Alarm EVERYONE: "Disarmament Officer"

Zero Hedge: Informational: What Is Q? Why Is Q? Why Is Q?

Virgin Islands AG Lawsuit: Epstein Trafficked Girls As Young As 11 As Recently As 2018

Big DANGEROUS Fraud!: Gov. Northam Declares State Of Emergency In Virginia Because "Armed Militia Groups Plan To Storm The Capitol"

Candace Owens Kicks Off Trump 2020 Campaign In Oregon

Luke Rudkowski: "DON'T Do This To Bernie!", Putin's Departure Ahead, Etc.

Universal Mass Vaccination ENORMOUS Business AND A Horrific Vehicle, Latest Come-On: "Flu-Like Illnesses"

The Hill's Morning Report: Impeachment Drama In Senate? Etc.;jsessionid=188A5F9FD82C3E941A55B510D7421D06

Dave Hodges: New Evidence, Conjecture Re Connected Drones Over CO, NE, KS, And Explosive Gun Confiscation Op In VA

PROOF From The Purveyor That Hillary Emails NOT Obtained Via Russian Hackers - Police And Courts "Persuaded" By Deep State NOT To Receive It

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

It's Not Just The Government: 32 Misinformation Schemes Used By Wall Street, Corporate America, And The Media

Globalization: The Most Ancient And Ever-Failing Utopia

How The US Runs Iran

7 Major Earth Changes Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs To Know About

The "Last Hurrah" For Central Bankers

With Jakarta Rapidly Sinking, Indonesia Is Building A New Capital On Borneo

Frosty Woolridge: At The Appointed Hour Of 2020, These Things Need Attention

Bannon: Trump "Broke The Chinese Communist Party" With Phase I Trade Deal

2020: The Lowest Solar Activity In Over 200 Years

Toxic Chemicals Stole 160 Million IQ Points From American Kids, Cost Trillions Of Dollars

US, In Attacking Iran, Returns To The Wild West

Tilted Debate, Per Usual: CNN Trashes, Hammers Sanders

Trump Advises Boris, Align With Washington Rather Than Brussels

A Statesman, Putin Disseminates, Rather Than Hoards Power

West Virginia Invites Virginia 2A Counties To Join West Virginia

A Shocking Mass Grave Just Destroyed The Democrats' Radical Immigration Plans

Hitler A Zionist?

Luke Rudkowski Shocked! SHOCKED!! By What He Found In Afghanistan - (Well, It's About Time...)

Russian Government Unexpectedly Resigns, Putin Plans Drastic Constitutional Changes

Well, Duh!: Interventionism Makes Americans Less-Safe

Come On, Get To Work, Guys And Gals!: Majority Of Births In US In 2019 Were From Illegals And Tourists

House Dems Resist Republicans' Story On Iran

The USMCA Eliminates The Authority Of The US Government

ConCERNed About Cern: A Spiritualized View Of Remote To Present Matters

Censorship Is The Enemy Of Every American

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Say It Isn't So: Trump Administration Wants To Reverse Roundup Verdict

Reason For Pelosi's Big Delay Thought To Be To Trip Up Bernie Sanders

Here We Go: Walmart Expands Its Robotic Workforce To 650 Additional Stores

Will Alleged CIA Misbehavior Set Julian Assange Free?

New Jersey Parents Come Out In Droves To Oppose Quirky Child Vaccination Bill

New Study Shows Testosterone Levels In American Males Are Dropping Dramatically

Tucker Carlson Cites Wisdom Of Sanders' Campaign As Possibly Decisive

Long-Planned US/Israeli Assassinations In Iraq Have One Goal: Increase Political Chaos

The Ilk: Convicted Jewish Pedophile And Antifa Activist Is An Associated Press Photojournalist

Leftist Jews Want To Stop Normal Americans From Protesting Israel's Wars

Survey: 97% Of CFO's Believe A Recession Is Coming In 2020

Damning Footage That Should Disqualify Biden

A Divided Ukraine: The Story The West Doesn't Want To Hear

The Crime Of Centuries: Unlawful Bonanza And Domination By Western Oligarchs

WW lll Already Happened, America Just A Simulation

James Howard Kunstler: Ongoing Sedition By Hijacking And Weaponizing Law Enforcement Oversight

The State Of Affairs: Expose, And Prepare Too Get Crushed - Who Should Be Loyal To THAT?

Imperial Prerogative: US To Iraq - "Vote All You Want, We're Not Leaving!"

The West Is Run By Barbarians

It's Spelled P-E-L-O-S-I : The Washington Scandal Only Trump Can Expose

The End Of Amerioca: If Passed, The USMCA A Bigger Threat To America That Russia, China, And Iran Combined.

A Looming Catastrophe: "If Trump Wins, F------ Cities Burn".

Why Barack Obama Secretly :Loathes Bernie Sanders

Trump And China To Sign Trade War Cease Fire On Wednesday - Solves Little

Monday, January 13, 2020

PCR: Surprise! The Iranian Protests Are A Washington Orchestration

Good News! - Ocean Plastic Removal Is Working

Did NASA Know Back In 1958 Our Sun And Not CO2 Was Causing Climate Change?

Report: Trump Killed Soleimani To Appease Pro-Israel GOP War Hawks Important To The Impeachment Trial

Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash Miles Into The Air?

Assassination Nation (Bill Of Rights In The Garbage)

Ukraine-Gate Documentary Further Illuminates Biden's Grifts

"Ecological Grief" - The Latest Made-Up Ailment Of The "Woke"

World's Most-Precious (And Rare) Metal, Rhodium, 5 Times More-Costly Than Gold

Projection Strategy Unmasked: Dems "Trying To Work With" Russians To "Take Down" Trump

Corbett: Declare Your Independence From The New World Order

Iran May Be Cat's Paw For China

Petraeous' Verdict On Trump Killing Soleimani

"Repeatedly Betrayed Black Voters": Sanders Co-Chair Rips Into Joe Biden

Fears HUGE Money Bonanza 5G Will Be Stalled Or Blocked Over Its Devastating MORTAL DANGER Menace?

Confused Dems Now FEAR Surging Bernie Sanders As Too "Hopesy-Changey" For THEM!

Doug Casey's "Casey Research" Forecasts "Fall Of Trump" - But Notice How They Mispel CAPITOL HILL!!


Editor's Note: Below is an important message from our friends at Casey Research. It presents some of the most alarming and heart-wrenching research we've seen so far in 2020. I guarantee you won't hear about it anywhere else. That's why I urge you to take a minute to check it out and decide for yourself.

Dear Reader,
Every major political and economic forecast Doug Casey made over the last three decades came true...
From the dot-com bust... to the credit and housing bubble in October of 2006... to the 2008 meltdown.
Doug Casey even predicted the fall of the Soviet Union and correctly forecasted Brexit before it came to a vote.
But nothing comes close to Doug's new forecast for 2019-2020.
As Doug puts it, a major political coup is unfolding on American soil... that will topple Donald Trump's presidency...
And give rise to a new socialist state.
The stock market as we know it could lose nearly 40% of its value and a major recession could wipe out the wealth of hard-working Americans.
Just like Venezuela...
The general cost of living — including medication — will be out of reach for boomers, retirees, and even seniors...
Medicare and Social Security payouts will be cut in half to fund new welfare programs.
Food prices will shoot sky high. In fact, major brands like Kellogg's have warned prices will increase by 12%.
It's my sincere hope you and your family survive what's coming.
But only those who prepare will be able to live in peace in a new socialist America.
How do you do that?
In this video, Doug Casey lays out the simple steps you can take right now not only to protect your assets...
But ensure you have what you need to survive when the next recession and socialism hit high gear.
Nick Giambruno
Chief Analyst, The Casey Report
P.S. Fair warning: These are not steps you should take while socialism is in full swing. You have to implement these steps before — which is now.
There isn't much time left. So I suggest you move quickly so you're one step ahead.

Who's "Woke"? Dems Effectively Block Minority Candidates In Their Primary Debates

Iranians Demand Justice: Up Close Insight Into Iranian Protests And Regime-Change Plot (Video)

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Protests Flare In Tehran (Video)

Ex-CIA: Iran's Next Move And Exposing The Deep State

5 Women Who Have A Better Chance Of Becoming President Than Hillary

Mexican Border City On High Alert Over Suicide Bomber Threat

Lew Rockwell.Com - Weekend Edition

Unthinkable!: Live 400 To 500 Years?

Depopulation By Innoculation

"Death To Liars" Iran Swept By Wave Of Protests

Mrs. Clinton And The Amazing Amnesia Of Delusional Democrats

An Empire Self-Destructs

Turkey Continues Seeking Russian S-500 Defense System Amid Enormous Row With US

Longest-Tenured Syrian Captive In Israeli Concentration Camps Released After 32 Years

Military Situation In Syria As Of 1/11/2020

The Sickening Truth About Why Iran "Schooled" America

US Ruling Class Hides Epstein Child Sex Blackmail Operation (Video)

Dulles' Nazi CIA And Israel's Secret (Video)

Putin And Merkel Screw Up Netanyahu's Iran Plan

Forbidden Knowledge: Facebook Headquarters's Sign Scores Big As A Shrine For Tourists

Saturday, January 11, 2020

How Google Quietly Amassed A Real Estate Empire In Manhattan

Years Later, More Illicit Hillary Clinton Emails Emerge

Our Country, The United States, Is A Rogue Nation And Our Leaders Are Criminals

Navy Admits It Has Video Of Encounters Of USS Nimitz With Famous UFO Tick-Tack In 2004

Administration Officials Come Clean: US Tried And Failed To Take Out Another Iranian Military Official In Yemen

Ron Paul: America Is A Counterfeit Society Headed For Disaster

The War Dogs Are Growling And Howling At Trump's Anti-War Stance

Protesters In Tehran Clash With Riot Police As They Demand The Ayatollah Resigns

World's Super-Rich Are Hoarding Physical Gold In Secret Bunkers

Actions In Compliance, Not Professed Friendship, Needed To Restart US-North Korea Talks

Still - Merkel And Putin Agree Iran Nuclear Deal Should Be Preserved By All Means

Thousands Of Scotsmen Join Pro-Independence March In Glasgow

Now, Would US Presidents Or Government Ever Acknowledge And Apologize For What They're Done To The Middle East - IN STAGED REVENGE FOR AN IMMENSE US FALSE FLAG ATTACK ON ITSELF?

Afgjamostam: US Op Kills 60+ Civilians, 30 Members Of Taliban

America: Stop Trying To Dominate The Planet And Put An End To EndlessWars

Pelosi's Anti-War Resolution Is A Political Fraud

Putin. Spooked By Trump Almost Starting WW3, Holds War Drills

Trump's Approval Rating Is, Alarmingly To Them, Literally Off The 2020 Predictors' Charts

Former CIA Director Brennan Tries To Frame Trump Over Soleimani Strike

Friday, January 10, 2020

Iran Finally Admits To Unintentionally Shooting Down The Jet

Daesh (ISIS And Al-Qaeda) Thanks Allied US For Liquidating Worst Enemy Soleimani

Breathtaking Photos Show Plants Already Regrowing Across Blackened Landscapes

President Will Invoke Executive Privilege To Prevent John Bolton's Testimony

Texas Won't Accept Refugees, Says It's Paid Its Dues

Waiting For "Climate Change" Is Too Slow For Hundreds In Australia Charged With Arson. What's Suddenly Going On?

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Protests And Political Statements Banned

How Media Created Narrative To Blame Iran, Russia, And Trump For Tehran Jet Crash

The American Establishment Is Already Lining Up Excuses For Losing The 2020 Election

Sanders Takes The Lead In Iowa Less Than A Month Before Caucuses

Decisions Made For You: School Suspends 500 Unvaxxed Kids

US-Mexico Border: Portal For TB, Swine Flu, Bioterror

Sex Addiction, Road Rage - Just Watch It If Taking Statins!

Iranian Power Structure Really Loved Their Guy - Killing Trump WOULDN'T BEGIN To Suffice!

"This Plane Was Designed By Clowns Who Were Supervised By Monkeys"

A Black Conservative Walk-Away Now Republican Running IN LA Against Maxine Waters - TALK ABOUT "WOKE"!

Joe Collins for Congress

My Name is Joe Collins and I am a Black Conservative running for Congress against Maxine Waters. I am a 13 1/2 year Navy veteran, and I was born and raised in the heart of South Central Los Angeles.

The reason I decided to run for Congress, is that after 30YRS of being represented by Maxine Waters, our district is in the same shape, if not worse, than it was back then. We have a HUGE HOMELESS PROBLEM, GANGS AND CRIME are STILL RAMPANT, AND OUR SCHOOL DISTRICTS HAVE SOME OF THE LOWEST NUMBERS IN THE COUNTRY.

Maxine Waters is NOT concerned with our districts problems, her only concern is getting on tv to criticize and use hate filled interviews against President Trump. It is time to stop the hate and violence that Maxine Waters is inciting.

Will you chip in right now to support my campaign, and help me reach the voters of the 43rd Congressional District with the TRUTH about Maxine? We are doing a great job thanks to your support so far, but it is going to take a lot to continue this fight.

I need YOUR help today to go against Maxines socialist and hate filled ways.

In short: it's time for Maxine Waters to go...but I can't do this alone!

In my efforts to unseat long-time Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I am bringing a NEW direction, a NEW bold vision, and a NEW fresh face to my Community and to Congress.


The reason I decided to run for this office, is that after 30 Years of being represented by Maxine Waters, our district is in the same shape, if not worse, than it was when Maxine started her political career.

We have a HUGE HOMELESS PROBLEM (a huge amount of homeless veterans) that has been growing out of control.

Where is Maxine Waters and what are her concerns for our district?

Maxine Waters only concern, is getting on tv to criticize and use hate filled interviews against President Trump. She has abandoned us!

And now Maxine Waters has incited violence against those who would oppose her!

Would you help me in winning this fight? Will you chip in to finally retire Mad Max after 30 years. Our district in NOT a deep blue district, it is a non party preference district that has over 500,000 registered voters that are not coming out to vote. WHY? They aren't happy with the current leadership and until now, have never had someone worth voting for.

Maxine Waters has abandoned her district and since she doesn't live in the district, she cannot relate to what we are experiencing. She has done nothing to help my district or the people she is supposed to serve.

All Maxine does is increase her bank account, while many living in our district are struggling daily to survive.

This type of representation is UNACCEPTABLE and South Los Angeles deserves better, Our Country and Congress deserves better.

I need your help to defeat entrenched socialist Maxine Waters in 2020, and ensure California's 43rd Congressional District is represented by a Pro-Trump Conservative. Will you chip in $10, $25, $50 or even $100 or more right now to support my campaign?

With Maxine Waters in Congress, our freedoms, our safety and our economic prosperity are all in danger. Help me help President Trump and take back the House.


Joe Collins
Joe Collins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Republican for Congress

Ingenuity: Floating Nuclear Power Plant - First In The World, Clean Power For Rural Communities In Siberia

US Ponzi Economy Said Systematic Looting On A Massive Scale

Battle Of Propagandists: Iranians Haters Or Lovers Of Soleimani?

Dems Down In Polls Already

Dems' Greatest Sleazeball Election Shenanigan Now Out In The Open

Trump's Comment, Reasoning Indicts And Infuriates Dems

Gowdy: Dems Using Impeachment To Flip Senate, Obstruct Trump's Second Term

US News Civic Report: Trump Faces The Ghosts Of Presidents Past

Morning Report: Indications Senate Trial To Begin Next Week;jsessionid=9366D384E4787EB646CA120A150D1D29

True Or Not So Much?: Trump's Handling Of Iran Viewed As "Just Right"

Impeachment Trouble: Dems Turn On Each Other, Even Within Own Party

If Reports Are True, The Dem Party Literally Gets Its Ideas From CNN Now

Another Voice Soars: People Just Want To Be Free Form Establishment Line

Trump's Biggest Move Against Job-Killing Regulation So Far