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Friday, January 10, 2020

A Black Conservative Walk-Away Now Republican Running IN LA Against Maxine Waters - TALK ABOUT "WOKE"!

Joe Collins for Congress

My Name is Joe Collins and I am a Black Conservative running for Congress against Maxine Waters. I am a 13 1/2 year Navy veteran, and I was born and raised in the heart of South Central Los Angeles.

The reason I decided to run for Congress, is that after 30YRS of being represented by Maxine Waters, our district is in the same shape, if not worse, than it was back then. We have a HUGE HOMELESS PROBLEM, GANGS AND CRIME are STILL RAMPANT, AND OUR SCHOOL DISTRICTS HAVE SOME OF THE LOWEST NUMBERS IN THE COUNTRY.

Maxine Waters is NOT concerned with our districts problems, her only concern is getting on tv to criticize and use hate filled interviews against President Trump. It is time to stop the hate and violence that Maxine Waters is inciting.

Will you chip in right now to support my campaign, and help me reach the voters of the 43rd Congressional District with the TRUTH about Maxine? We are doing a great job thanks to your support so far, but it is going to take a lot to continue this fight.

I need YOUR help today to go against Maxines socialist and hate filled ways.

In short: it's time for Maxine Waters to go...but I can't do this alone!

In my efforts to unseat long-time Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I am bringing a NEW direction, a NEW bold vision, and a NEW fresh face to my Community and to Congress.


The reason I decided to run for this office, is that after 30 Years of being represented by Maxine Waters, our district is in the same shape, if not worse, than it was when Maxine started her political career.

We have a HUGE HOMELESS PROBLEM (a huge amount of homeless veterans) that has been growing out of control.

Where is Maxine Waters and what are her concerns for our district?

Maxine Waters only concern, is getting on tv to criticize and use hate filled interviews against President Trump. She has abandoned us!

And now Maxine Waters has incited violence against those who would oppose her!

Would you help me in winning this fight? Will you chip in to finally retire Mad Max after 30 years. Our district in NOT a deep blue district, it is a non party preference district that has over 500,000 registered voters that are not coming out to vote. WHY? They aren't happy with the current leadership and until now, have never had someone worth voting for.

Maxine Waters has abandoned her district and since she doesn't live in the district, she cannot relate to what we are experiencing. She has done nothing to help my district or the people she is supposed to serve.

All Maxine does is increase her bank account, while many living in our district are struggling daily to survive.

This type of representation is UNACCEPTABLE and South Los Angeles deserves better, Our Country and Congress deserves better.

I need your help to defeat entrenched socialist Maxine Waters in 2020, and ensure California's 43rd Congressional District is represented by a Pro-Trump Conservative. Will you chip in $10, $25, $50 or even $100 or more right now to support my campaign?

With Maxine Waters in Congress, our freedoms, our safety and our economic prosperity are all in danger. Help me help President Trump and take back the House.


Joe Collins
Joe Collins
U.S. Navy Veteran
Republican for Congress

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