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Friday, January 24, 2020

Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change): What Really Happened?

Friend of We Are Change,

Are you seeing major media coverage of the massive rally today in Iraq?

Didn't think so.

That's because the MSM doesn't want you focusing on the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets calling for the US to leave.

But the MSM doesn't mind getting people fighting over Joe Rogan supporting Bernie Sanders.

Speaking of which, did Joe Rogan really endorse Bernie?

I explain in today's video.

In which I also cover how the situation with the Coronavirus has quickly gotten a lot worse.

And with it spreading to the US, you know what powerful network stands to gain?

Watch and find out.



Do you not trust the Chinese government and its handling of the Coronavirus?

What about the Chinese government's massive spy surveillance and control grid?

The virus has spread to the US.

But hopefully we can stop the Chinese-style social credit system from also spreading to America.

One way you can get this very important message out...

And simultaneously support We Are Change...

Is by grabbing our NO SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE shirt.

Then wear it proudly and start some crucial conversations.

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