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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Biden Gets "Necessary" Primary Victory, His First Ever

Trump Ups US Travel Restrictions Amid Outbreak

US, Taliban Sign Historic Agreement

"Our People Don't Blow Themselves Up" - Meet European Immigration's Staunchest Critic

Harvard Prof: As Much As 70% Of Global Population Will Catch Coronavirus

Leaked Docs Reveal Wuhan Coronavirus Infections Up To 52 Times Higher Than Official Chinese Figures

"New Way Forward Act": Forget Sanctuary Cities, How About A Sanctuary Country?

One Dem Drops Out, More To Go After Tuesday Contests

Tucker Carlson's Ultimatum To Trump

How Dems See Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders And The Socialist Question

Coronavirus: The "Cures" Will Be Worse Than The Disease

4 Key Facts That Are Going To Get Trump Reelected In 2020

Who's Behind Fox News Turning On Trump?

Luke Rudkowski: A New Democratic Hoax

Bloomberg: Voters Want "Stability" After 2016 Revolution

Stunning Person Discovered Behind Coronavirus Scare That's Hurting Trump Economy

Our Corrupt Mainstream Media In America

Could The Covid-19 Pandemic Collapse The US Healthcare System?

Glenn Greenwald: Interference From The US Intel Community Is More Dangerous

Death Toll From Opioids May Be 28% Higher Than Previously Thought

Beyond Israeli Elections: Israel At The Cusp Of A Bleak Era

What Is The Deep State?

Why America's Longest War Has Lasted So Long - Has To Do With The Narrative

World Bank About To Release Pandemic Bonds For First Time - To Scare Who?

Another Bank Bailout Coming Sunday?

Here's Why I Don't Trust The Official American Coronavirus Numbers

Worst Case Scenario For Coronavirus

A Prediction: Bernie Sanders Would Win One State

The Collapse Of Germany's Press - Censorship And Lying

Turkey's Eurasianist Moement Defies, Challenges Everybody

What?: CNN - Putin Using Mind-Control Beams To Turn Unsuspecting Americans Into Trump Supporters

US, Taliban Sign Deal To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

Wow!: "Wheel Of Fortune" Contestant Solves 17-Letter Puzzle With Just 2 Letters

Trump Urges South Carolina Republicans To Vote For Bernie Sanders In Primary

MSNBC Hopes For Global Financial Crisis To Help Dems In 2020 - I'm Not Making That Up!

The Snipers Still Hung Up On Sanders Saying Castro Did Something Good - They Can't Say It Wasn't Good!

What Are They Doing?: BBC Dystopian Drama Pours Gasoline On The Fire That Is Modern Race Relations

Catherine Austin Fitts And Dark Journalist: AI Superpowers And Dark Budget - Where Are We Headed?

Can America STOP The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Friday, February 28, 2020

Christopher Steele Defends Trump Dossier, Recently Declared Totally "Fabricated", As "Valid"

Bloomberg Claims Americans Are "22 Times More Likely To Get Killed" If They Have A Gun In The Home

Fascinating!: Jerry Nadler Attacks Jim Jordan But Regrets It Instantly

Things You Don't Yet Know But Need To Know About the Novel Coronavirus Including Treatment Information

Socialism In Education

Chinese Rover Is The First To Investigate The Dark Side Of The Moon And Finds...

Dow Tumbles Into 10% Correction

Assange's UK Extradition Hearing Paused Until May

Ron Paul: US Troops Back To Saudi Arabia - To Provoke Iran?

Tom Woods And Lew Rockwell Talk Bernie And Bloomberg

Fact Check: Biden Says Founders Didn't Want "Everyone" To Own A Gun

The Looming Financial Nightmare: So Much For Living The American Dream

Scott Ritter: How John Bolton And A Phony Script Brought Us To The Brink Of War

Here's What Each Of The Pentagon's Air-Launched Missiles And Bombs Actually Cost

Another Epic Russia-Collusion Claim By Brennon/Schiff Torpedoed

The Senators Voting For Infanticide

It is so hard to believe this is real.
This week Pro-abortion Democrats in the United States Senate voted for a death sentence for babies born-alive after failed abortion attempts on their lives, and for unborn babies in the womb at 5 months.
History will NEVER forget the names of every senator who voted to condemn the most innocent among us to death…
...Susan B. Anthony List will never forget their names either. More importantly, neither will voters like you.
We’re not finished fighting this battle. Countless babies targeted by Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby are depending on us to never, ever give up. Their lives literally depend on us.
Right now, we’re coming up on our end-of-month deadline and are still $7,386 short on our goal.
42 Democrat senators and 2 pro-abortion Republican senators voted “NO” on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.
This bill is about protecting babies at FIVE MONTHS in the womb -- a point by which science shows unborn babies can feel EXCRUCIATING pain when being aborted.
But it gets worse…
41 heartless senators voted for INFANTICIDE.
They voted to let babies born alive be left to die.
I refuse to throw up my hands and accept that this is the new normal in America.
There’s nothing -- absolutely nothing -- normal about this.
We must keep fighting to put an end to this abomination in a very dark chapter in our nation’s history.
Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

Infowars: Confirmed - CDC Set A Trap, Allowing A Monh Of Incubation

Corbett: Contagion - Film, Literature, And The New World Order

Border Patrol Set To Tackle Sanctuary City Chaos With "Supercharged Arrest Operation"

CPAC: Trump's Bold Reelection Strategy Outlined

Hillary Announces She's Running... A Podcast To Show A More "Unfiltered" Hillary - Egad!

Anna News Agency: Syria Report - February 27, 2020

Syria: Is The Idlib Issue Now In Doubt?

We're Always Fighting: Military Maps Of Armchair General George III

US Stocks Suffer Fastest Collapse From Record Highs Since Great Depression

Super Tuesday (14 States) Is Just 3 Days After South Carolina

Watch Black Trump Supporters Sound Off

Coronavirus To Impact 2020 Election: Who Will It Help?

How Trump Could Hand The "America First" Agenda To Bernie

Inspiring!: Why Have The American People Decided To Throw Out Their (Spectacularly Failed) Political Leaders And Start Over?

Trump Campaign Hopes To Turn Oregon Red

Could It Be That Iowa Caucus Recount "Result" Is Being Politicized, Too?

Icon Garth Brooks's "Sanders" Shirt Confused Fans

Still-Vague Rumors, Implications The Pope May Have Caught Coronavirus Serve Deep State Fear-Mongers

Politicizing: Skewing Coronavirus Coverage, Statements Viewed By Pols, Press As Opportunity To Take Trump Down

Skewing The World: Major Media Journalist Admits To Burying Stories That Would Benefit Trump

Thursday, February 27, 2020

It's Just Business: US & Britain Buying More And More Oil From Russia

Slavoj Zizek: Coronavirus Was "Kill Bill"-esque Blow To Capitalism And Could Lead To Reinvention Of Communism

CNN Anchor Christiane Amanpour's Strange Notions Of Democracy And Freedom

Finding Of Fraud In Evo Morales's 2019 Re-Election In Bolivia, Which Got Him Ousted, Reversed

Possible Evidence Of Bloomberg Link To Epstein

Extradition Hearing: Judge Rejects Assange's Request To Sit With His Lawyers

Chuck Baldwin: Food For Thought - The Spoiled And Bitter Fruit Of Disillusionment

How To Build A 30-Day Emergency Food Supply... Fast

White House Musical Chairs

Pentagon Map Of US Bases Contradicts Its Claim Of "Light" Footprint In Africa

Over 20 Killed, 200 Wounded In Sectarian Riots Coinciding With Trump's India Visit

Wall Street Plunge: Are Men Or Machines Behind The "Panic" Selling?

Decoupling Accelerates: Google And Microsoft Shift Production From China

Trump, Don't Investigate Or Clean Up US Intelligence! John Brennan See It As A "National Security Crisis"

Ukraine Opens Criminal Investigation Of ... Joe Biden

No, The Fed Will Not "Save The Market". Here's Why.

Obama's Involvement In Selling His Own Senate Seat

OZY - Take On 2020: Forecast:- 2020 Dems' Likelihood Of Nomination

ly Dose ( Details


Welcome to Take On 2020, the newsletter you’ve been craving for the smartest, most provocative takes on American politics. This new segment to OZY’s Daily Dose gives you fresh, multipartisan and global perspectives on the week’s political news. Send comments and your Clorox coupons to

Nick Fouriezos, Senior Politics Reporter
Sponsored by


Democratic presidential contenders are all proposing tens of billions of dollars for historically Black colleges and universities, and other programs geared toward Black Americans. Why not just support reparations already? Here’s where Donald Trump can take advantage: The president should announce tomorrow that he is backing reparations — not just supporting a study about it, like many Dems. That might seem crazy, but the president is making a real play for the Black vote. On Trump’s watch, Congress restored more than $250 million in HBCU funding, Black unemployment has hit a new low and Kanye found Jesus — what more could people want? (Meanwhile, the top Democratic presidential contenders look like oatmeal topped with Cool Whip.) Of course, he won’t win the Black vote. But if Trump can turn his 8 percent share from last time into, say, 12 percent that’s more than enough to win him another four years before Don Jr. takes over.


The Houston city councilwoman hopes to be the Beto of 2020 by challenging Texas Sen. John Cornyn. The 37-year-old Democrat has moxie, and Texas could actually be in play this year … if nontraditional voters can be motivated to vote blue. Plus, this woman of color is endorsed by BeyoncĂ©’s mom, which in our opinion trumps skateboarding. The establishment (read: cash-flush) pick in this March 3 primary is MJ Hegar. But Edwards reminds us of Kamala Harris — with a killer drive-and-kick game.


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Any old prognosticator can tell you who’s going to win each state. Our exclusive prediction engine is breaking down the candidates’ share of the vote — and the delegate race. The Forecast, brought to you by OZY, 0ptimus and Decision Desk HQ, crunches polls, demographics, fundraising, media coverage and more, then runs 10,000 simulations of the race to deliver the best projections in the business.
And we project Bernie Sanders building a huge delegate lead in the Super Tuesday states:
  • Sanders 603
  • Biden 322
  • Bloomberg 145
  • Warren 114
  • Buttigieg 103
  • Klobuchar 32
  • Steyer 14
  • Gabbard 1
Plenty of uncertainty remains, and we’ll see if Tuesday's debate pile-on in South Carolina moves the needle. And don’t forget: As you can see above, our model finds a greater than 1-in-3 chance that no candidate gets a majority of delegates before the convention, so it may be time to get out your riot gear and party like it’s 1968.


Politicians, especially Democrats, are fond of tweaking Big (Brother) Tech over privacy concerns. Yet they’re almost all using “geofencing” campaigns — where candidates take location data from your apps to learn where you live, work and play, then spam your phones with ads tailored accordingly. Republicans are doing this too: The nation’s largest Catholic newspaper recently published an editorial urging Trump supporters to stop mining Sunday Mass for voter data. But the horse bolted out of the iPhone door as soon as you tapped "yes" to those terms and conditions. Democrats should instead be like Andrew Yang, and just promise to pay you for your data.  


Would Obama fold like a tan suit against Trump? Would a Condi-Romney ticket take back the American center? If you time-machined JFK to 2020, would he sweep the primary, have an affair with Scarlett Johansson, or both? Forget LeBron vs. Jordan, we are settling the political debates you’ve always wanted. This week: Who you got, if Trump were facing Obama this year, term limits be damned? Trump did rattle Obama enough to release his long-form birth certificate. But Obama eats out-of-touch rich guys for breakfast, with 47 percent less fat. Email us at with your breakdown of an Obama-Trump race, and we’ll feature the best and pithiest responses next week.


Conservatives scored a thumping victory in last weekend’s Iranian parliamentary elections, and that bodes well for Trump. It's not that Tehran’s voting patterns have much to do with Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Rather, as the hard-liners tighten their grip on Iran, it means more provocations throughout the region — perhaps against American troops in Iraq. War clouds could well hover over the race come fall, and Democrats will need a smarter answer than simply blaming Trump.


A striking 55 percent of non-voters surveyed by the Knight Foundation say they are certain they are going to vote this year — which would mean an additional 55 million voters flooding the polls. The landmark study of 12,000 “chronic non-voters” found them more jaded about the system and less informed than your average citizen. And, just so we can put aside liberal fantasies of a blue tsunami, these voters are roughly evenly split between Trump and the Democrats … for now.


Are you in the market for some Trump-themed Space Bucks? A shady company (likely skirting FEC rules) is here to help — and is willing to dump $100,000 in ads to sell you these $2 bills.
the needle. And don’t forget: As you can see above, our model finds a greater than 1-in-3 chance that no candidate gets a majority of delegates before the convention, so it may be time to get out your riot gear and party like it’s 1968.

Left Media Are Having A Field Day With Coronavirus! What Are They Going To Do If It's Just A Blip?

George Galloway's Electrifying Speech On Lynching Of Assange

We Are About To See How Malleable UK Courts Are To US Bullying. The Assange Drama

Erdogan Calls Kremlin To Bail Him Out Of His Syria Fiasco; Pitiless Putin Stands Behind His Military

Corbett & Pilato: New World Next Week

Dick Cheney On 9/11

Jonas E. Alexis: Sanders Damn Right About New World Order Regime Change

After Russia-Gate Fiasco, Americans To No Longer Support Deep State Eternal War

Key Witness In Harvey Weinstein Trial Hit By A Car And Hospitalized

Pandemic Potential Crushes Chinatowns Worldwide

Scientists Discover HIV-Like Mutation Which Makes Coronavirus Extremely Infectious

Japan, China Close Schools Nationwide

Tribes Of Troublemakers In Trump's Government

A Prediction: 67% Of Likely Voters Will Choose Trump In 2020

Is Tech Intent On Making Upcoming Elections Insecure?

The Far Left's National Strategy To Take Over Your Community

Shooting Rampage By Brewery Employee In Milwaukee

President Instills Calm Over Coronavirus, Slams Fake News Media For Building Panic; Sues NYT Over False Claim

Answer This: Should College Athletes Be Treated Like Minor Children Or Adults?

Democratic Debate Viewed Like "Roman Coliseum" As Candidates Attack Bloomberg

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

UK Mainstream Media Participate In Assange's Crucifixion

Saudi Arabia Restricts Pilgrimage To Sacred Sites Over Coronavirus

Erdogan Asserts De Facto Ownership Claim Over Northern Syria, Tells Assad To Withdraw

US Is No Longer Sugar-Coating The Fact Its Nuclear Drills Are Aimed At Russia

US Politicians Suddenly, Conveniently Concerned About Coronavirus

Luke Rudkowski: 9/11-Related Toxicity Warning

Super-AI Might Emerge Like Coronavirus To Destroy Civilizatiion

"1984" Has Come To China, USA Is Next

To Vax Or Not To Vax, That Is The Question

Trump Calls Out Russian 2020 Election Meddling As A Hoax, And Here's Why

2020 Dems And Their Media: Soft Heads, Sharp Elbows And Tongues

Trump Warns Of Dire Cable News Meddling

Purported Horrendous "News" (With A Commercial "Solution"

"We Can't Stop This": Harm Reduction Policy In Japan

American Gun Ownership - The Positive Impacts Of Law-Abiding Citizens Owning Firearms

As Media Are Amplifying Unrest In Venezuela, Millions Are QUIETLY Revolting In Colombia

China's Stealth Plan To Use Precious Metals For World Domination

Congress (Full Of And Representing Filthy Greedy Bipartisan Elites) Warns Pentagon Not To Divert Any More Money To Trump's Wall Funding

Once Again, NYT Peddles Russian Election Meddling Hoax

We Are Change: It's Getting REALLY Bad - Here's What You MUST Know

Stephen Lendman: Trump In India

Stephen Lendman: Police State US/UK Vs Julian Assange

Ron Paul: Let The Assange Show Trial Begin

Ron Paul Institute: US Foreign Policy Perpetual Perfidy

With Grenell Appointment, Israel Lobby's Foothold On US Intel Grows Even Stronger

Putin: Ukraine And Russia United Would Be A Global Rival To The West - "They'll Do Anything To Tear Us Apart " (Video)

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov In Munich: The Lone Voice For Peace

Culture Sculpting: How Jewish Elites Deliberately Destroyed The Boy Scouts Of America

Russian Priest Calls Cohabiting Women "Unpaid Prostitutes"

Kicking And Screaming: Major Legal Cases Before Supreme Court Could Create Election Chaos

Bloomberg Admits He Bought The Dems' House Majority In 2018

Wayne Jett: What The Swamp Creatures At Harvard Just Proposed Is Treason

Wild And Wooly - Dave Hodges: Why Is Peru The Key To Understanding All That Is Coming

The Evil: Senate Dems Resort To Technical Rules To Kill Protection For Babies Born Alive

The Hill's "Morning Report": Complete Debate Wrap-Up, AG Barr And Investigations, Etc., Etc.;jsessionid=F463C5313B2909C3E304942619B0E712

A Scorecard For The South Carolina Debate

It Must Be "Something In The Water" There At Harvard Square: The "Genius's" Contentions Don't Calculate!

Coronavirus As False Flag And Unimaginably Deeply Bitter And Horrific Revenge Of Globalists - Plot Way Beyond Science Fiction

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Ohio: Somali Market Owners Charged With $10 Million In Food Stamp Fraud

Julian Assange's Extradition Hearing: "Lies, Lies, And More Lies."

Russia To Build Billion-Dollar Highway Link To Crimea

Yikes!: Blood-Red Snow At Ukrainian Antarctic Polar Station

Florida Lawsuit Seeks To Remove Bernie Sanders From The Ballot: "Not A Real Democrat."

Three Months To Bring Coronavirus In Japan Under Control, Or Tokyo Olympics Cancelled

Revealed: European Court Of Human Rights Judges Linked To Soros. Credibility Shot.

Iran's Deputy Health Minister Has Coronavirus

The "Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier" Speaks Out Against Biden!

Stephen Lendman: Assange's Extradition Hearing Begins: Truth-Telling Journalism On Trial

"Hypocrite" Candidate Silenced By Protesters

Doug Casey: Some Sensible (And Some Alarming) Words About Much Balleyhooed Viruses

Scarramucci: Bernie Could ABSOLUTELY Beat Trump!

Corbett: Ron Paul On Ending The Fed

Morning Brew: A Year Of Wages No Longer Covers A Year Of Family Expenses

A graph of annual household expenditures for a family of four vs. median male income, 1985-2018
We know you're wondering: The researchers say they focused on men’s wages because empirical research has identified the "unique importance of work" to men's well-being and family stability. 
  • Whether we should focus on men being able to provide for their families is outside the paper's scope, the researchers say. The point could and now they cannot. 
Bottom line: Price increases as measured by inflation don't take into account real-life economic realities. That's led to a discrepancy between an economist’s view of the economy and the typical American family's. 

Bernie Sanders As "The Christian Candidate"

Ron Paul Speaks Out On Assange And Trump's Responsibility To Pardon

Councilman Who Said Muslims Must Obey Law Must Resign

Harvey Weinstein Ambulance To Rikers Diverted To Hospital For Unknown Reason

"Seven Days To Stop Sanders", So they Say

The Story Of Two Candidates: Lighten Up And Watch!

Always Makes One Wonder: We All Know Your Right To Life Is Now Zero If Your Views Clash With An Agenda

Monday, February 24, 2020

Day 1 Of Assange's Extradition Hearing - What You Need To Know

KOS Community Member: "I've Spent Four Decades Underestimating Bernie Sanders"

Judge In Roger Stone Trial Slaps Down Motion To Disqualify Her

An Establishment Shift Underway On Sanders?

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update - 11/24/2020

The "ISIS" Plot In Kansas City - Not Reported

Iran Still Reeling

Canada Is At A Low Point

UNESCO: Climate Denial To Be Criminalized And Prosecuted

Republican Congresional Candidate Pegs And Stuns Adam Schiff

With WikiLeaks, Assange Did What All Journalists Should Do

Putin Explains That Russians And Ukrainians Are The SAME PEOPLE

The NYT, America's Official Psychotic Fantasy Generator:They're Screaming RUSSIA!! Again, With ZERO Evidence - Again!

World Congress Of Families Launches Major Pro-Family Pro-Life News Site In 5 Languages

Corbett: Ron Paul On Ending The Fed (Interview)

Stephen Lendman: The US Russian Election Meddling Hoax

No Russian 2020 Election Meddling Says US Election Community Official

Climate Alarmists Are Moving The Goalposts To Scare YOU Into Submission

Trafficking Ring Huge Update: The Truth Is Finally Coming Out

Luke Rudkowski: The Real Reason They Are Attacking Bernie Sanders As Putin's Kremlin Pick

Luke Rudkowski: Trump In India And What He's Doing On The World Stage That The Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You

Mark Dice: Is This Some Kind Of Joke?

Is Earth's Magnetic Field Reversing?

Visualizing The Cost And Composition Of America's Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

Chief Magistrate In Assange Extradition Received Financial Benefits Form Shadowy Group

High Income Taxpayers Now Confronted At Home By IRS Agents

Leaked Images Reveal US Army Super Cannon," Range Beyond 1,000 Miles"

Russia Deploys Its "NATO Killer" Against Turkey In Idlib, Erdogan Laughs

Socialism Debate: More Or Less For America's Working Class? For Its Corporatocracy?

Russia's Climate Weapons, Linked To Andre Sakharov

Nitty Gritty: Turkey Arrests Scores Of Its Own Mercenaries For Refusing To Face Russia In Idlib, Systematic Slaughter From The Air

The Hill's Morning Report:South Carolina Primary, Trump In India, Etc.

Former 2020 Rival Endorses Bernie Sanders

Watch It, Comrade! That's Taboo!: Bernie Sanders Praises Revolutionary Cuba's Massive Literacy Drive

How Nasty?: MSNBC Anchors Keep Comparing Sanders Campaign To "Nazis", Called On To Resigned

Bards Of War - A Serious, For Real FBI Whistleblower And The Atrocities They Do To You

Media Spreads More Fake News, This Time About Trump Pardon Offer To Assange

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Could Hillary Steal It From Bernie Again?

Sanders's Rivals Worried He Could Effectively Secure Nomination (Win A Majority of Delegates)

John Pilger: The Coming War On China (Video)

Watch: "It's A Farce!" - Jewish Americans React To Trump's Middle East Plan

Watch Trump Boasting Of Stealing The Oil Of Syria, A War Crime, And No One Blinks

Lest We Forget - Hillary Clinton: "We Must Destroy Syria For Israel"

Pentagon "Accidentally" Tells The Truth About Idlib

Schiff Is Laying Groundwork For Tying Up Trump's Second Term In More False Charges

A Careful Reading Of The News Provides That Mike Bloomberg, Who Had Two Russian Grandfathers, Is A Russian Asset

Where Have You Gone Smedley Butler?

No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War On China

Rep. Dana Rohrbacher: Assange Has Incontrovertible Evidence That Will Destroy Dems Once And For All

Coronavirus: Potentially Very Dangerous, Or A Scare Tactic?

MKUltra Survivors Sue Canadian Government

Black Anti-Trump Road Rage Against 14-Year-Old White Kids

Q Is Dropping Serious Hints That The Arrest Sweep Of Major Lawbreakers Is About To Commence.

The 5G Trojan Horse: What You're Not Being Told

US's "New Central Asia Strategy" Is All About Demolition Of Nations For A Few - So, How Can We Shut Down That Few?

Bumble Bees Are More Mental Than You Think

New Gibberish?: World(s) Without Stain? Black Goo Infecting The Earth For 8 Million Years?

Bernie's Authenticity And Taboo-Smashing Will Bring Him Powerful Entrenched Enemies

Three Top World Leaders All On The Same Team

An Eliminate Motherhood Proposal

Baltimore High School Teaching Students To Propagandize Against Trump

Giuliani Lays Out RICO Case, Bribery Allegations Against Biden And Family, Ukraine