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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Donald Report - News With A Jolt

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If President Trump Does Not Lock Down Entire U.S. This Week, Millions Will Die By July 4th, Instead Of 1300 Deaths

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Trump must immediately place the entire United States of America into a quarantine lockdown, or the coronavirus will continue to spread

GOOD NEWS IF NO TOTAL SHUTDOWN: US deaths from the coronavirus could be reduced to 1.1 million by July 4th via “social distancing” measures

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Let's Watch Italy Which 'Locked-Down'
Monday, As A Model

Most Italians Like Americans Did Not Prepare And Have A One To Two Week Food Supply

Will Food Riots Kill More Italians Than Corona While Spreading Virus?  Apparently Trump Has Chosen The Following Path

Which future will Trump choose? Nobody knows. But if Trump doesn’t come to grips with the reality of this pandemic instead of just stupidly telling us it’s no worse than the flu, he won’t be president much longer and millions of Americans will be needlessly killed by an epidemic that could have been stopped but wasn’t.

Image result for lock down, quarantine all U.S. to stop coronavirus
(Natural News) We finally have some good news to report. The number of Americans killed by the coronavirus by July4th can be reduced to only 1.1 million — or even just 1,300 with a far more aggressive approach — through the pursuit of “social distancing” measures, our new projection simulation shows (when using an R0 value of 2.4, which still may be far too low).
“Social distancing” essentially means medical martial law. Our new pandemic projection model shows it absolutely works to halt the spread of the virus. That’s why Italy just declared medical martial law across the entire country, essentially ordering all citizens to self-quarantine and not leave their homes across the entire country.
It’s now crystal clear that medical martial law can stop the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

Image result for CARTOONS lock down, quarantine all U.S. to stop coronavirus


The bottom line here is that if President Trump wants to stop this pandemic from killing millions, he must order nationwide closings of air traffic, roads, schools, churches, public transportation and other forms of interaction that spread the virus. He must essentially declare (and enforce) a nationwide quarantine, Italy-style.
If we achieve just a 50% reduction in new infections with the virus R0 value at 2.4, the number of deaths drops from 1.1 million to about 1,300. To understand why the math works this way, download the spreadsheet yourself and play with the scenarios.
So far, however, Trump is claiming this virus is “no worse than the flu,” which means the suppression factor at this moment is fairly close to zero.


You can download the spreadsheet file from this article page at
Be sure to check all the articles, podcasts and videos at

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Psychologist: Big Tech Will Use “Subliminal Methods” to Shift 15 Million Votes on Election Day

Warns it will cost Trump the election

After the 2016 presidential election, Epstein surmised that search engine bias shifted 2-3 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor, and he warns that the number in 2020 could be five times that amount.
"...The author says that Google and other social media giants “can shift opinions and votes in numerous ways that people can’t detect” via “a wide variety of subliminal methods of persuasion that can, in minutes, shift the voting preferences of 20 percent or more of undecided voters without anyone having the slightest idea they’ve been manipulated...."



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Economist warns next recession will be worse than 2008

"Stocks crashed again Monday. The Dow Jones was down over 2,000 points, a 7.8% drop. It was the 11th biggest percentage drop in history. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq were also down over 7%.
This time oil was the apparent catalyst for the selloff as Saudi Arabia and Russia launched a full-blown price war. But as always, the apparent cause and the underlying cause are two different things.
The powers that be are throwing everything at the economy but the kitchen sink in an attempt to keep the air in the bubble. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 50 basis points last week to inject a massive dose of monetary stimulus into the economy. Now President Trump is promising a massive dose of fiscal stimulus.
Trump said he would take “major steps” to support the economy in the light of coronavirus and plunging oil prices. Specifically, the president floated payroll tax relief. “We are to be meeting with House Republicans, Mitch McConnell, and discussing a possible payroll tax cut or relief, substantial relief, very substantial relief,” Trump said at a press conference.
Last Friday, the president signed an $8.3 billion spending package to fund coronavirus research and support states battling the illness.
As expected, the mere hope of stimulus buoyed the markets. Stock futures were pointing to a big rise in the market Tuesday morning and the price of gold dropped.
The question is will it be enough to keep the air in the stock market bubble. Because make no mistake; that’s what this is is all about...."
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This Secret Toxic Killer is Poisoning our Environment And Slowly Shutting Down Virtually Every Organ In Our Bodies

Image result for cartoons emf radiation


The Silent Killer


This was like my worst nightmare come true


I Thought I Was Going Crazy


Why Haven’t You Been Told Just How Dangerous Is This Silent Killer?

Many powerful corporations have a huge financial interest in keeping this secret


The First Industry Funded Study On The Safety Of  This  'Killer'

Why Is Male Fertility Dropping Across The Globe?

Image result for cartoons emf radiation

Brain Tumor Risk is Higher on One  Side of Head


Scientists Are Ringing The Alarm Bell


All of This Research Can Almost Make You Feel Hopeless – BUT You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family


This single tip alone could make a dramatic difference in your health


Millions of homes have this problem and the owners never find out because it’s hidden behind the walls

Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer


Image result for cartoons, POSTERS 'BREAKING NEWS', Mike Adams search engine, compiled all the sites stalking you online

Websites tracking your every move is nothing new and most claim the information they gather is to provide you with targeted ads. While that may be true, the fact is they know so much more about you than they're admitting. By collecting data, companies can know your age, gender, ethnicity and more. But now, there's a tool to see which sites are tracking you. [Courtesy]

EDITOR NOTE: Does it bother you that every time you use google or bing [owned by google] search engines they collect data for 'big brother' showing where you live and much, much more Orwellian information about you?



Potential Joe Biden Voters Can’t Name One Reason Why He Would Be A Good President

Savanah Hernandez | - March 10, 2020 -


Hysteria: Parents Wear Garbage Bags, Spray Students With Disinfectant After Coronavirus Scare - March 10, 2020 -
Parents say they’ve been given no information after school employee quarantined.

Merkel Expects 60-70 Per Cent of Germans to be Infected With Coronavirus

Paul Joseph Watson - March 10, 2020 -
Parliament falls silent as German Chancellor drops shocking number.



Only Four Percent of Migrants Arrested at Greek Border Are Syrian

Dan Lyman - March 10, 2020 -
Vast majority from Afghanistan, Pakistan

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I have been following all the news, opened all your posts and come to the conclusion that people are so uneducated and so unsure of themselves that they panic to any events that the media presents as drastic to their way of life. Here they have cleaned out the stores of toilet paper, my god if it was a real emergency I would maybe go for food and medical haha,  people are so blind.
And, as far as people being 'blind' to reality and panicking etc., then I must be the 'BLIND LEADING THE BLIND'?  I now have six months to one year of food, supplies, meds-- natural and conventional, six months of bottled water, a 4000 liter underground tank of water all at today's prices which have inched up over the last six months by about 30 to 50%.  And, when or hopefully not, what you are implying is the fake CORONA crises becomes real, those that survive not necessarily from 'beating the bug' but by not starving to death, will have also beaten panic caused semi or full hyper inflation of  hundreds of percent.  If the bug and all the deaths around the world from the virus are just media hyped fake news and there are no city and state lock-downs, I will have food and water to consume for six months AT TODAY'S PRICES.
Is this 'preparedness blindness' faulty in any way?  What have I missed?


On another note with the oil collapse and stock market meltdown now would be the perfect time to reset the economy.
As to your other comment about now is a good time to reset the world economies, considering oil possibly going as low as $30 per barrel [$30 as of this post and sources are saying it could hit $20] which could bypass a RECESSION and lay the foundation for what many track-record proven world class economists say could be THE GREATEST DEPRESSION, HYPER INFLATION and the end of PAPER MONEY in favor of OLD FASHIONED BARTERING [along with silver and gold] of goods and services to survive...a replay of the Great Depression of the 1930s, perhaps a clean slate [resetting as you say] will start those that survive after the conservative speaking ten years of depression [disease, suffering, starvation, population reduction big-time, misery etc.] WITH A CLEAN SLATE?


THE DONALD REPORT reached out to long-time reader Eugenio from Italy to find out what is really happening in Italy

Dear Don,
Thank you for your message.  Any suggestions from you will be welcome, especially if health related.  About the situation in Italy, please ask specific questions and I’ll be glad to provide specific answers.
The best,

Hi Donald, Answers in red.
Is everything I post and write about in THE DONALD REPORT about Italy and Europe conditions accurate and do you live in Northern Italy?  

I live in N. Italy, Venice area. DISCLAIMER: I can report with accuracy only the situation where I live. What is based on official sources and/or MSM I take with a grain of salt (official sources) or strong skepticism (MSM).

Have you implemented the health and prevention and preparedness advice I and others have posted and have other fellow Italians Yes I have and other have also although at a minor degree, as far as I know. or are most suffering from NORMALCY BIAS DENIAL SYNDROME [NBDS]? Please note that this latter applies especially to Southern Italy in a form of irresponsible behaviour rather than NBDS. Behavioural differences and social awareness differ hugely between the North and South of the country.
Are shelves empty from panic purchasing and is the Italian government censoring the truth as are the U.S., Mexico and Canadian governments on this side of the big pond?

Negative. At this date in my area the shops are well stocked despite the increased purchases by many citizens. I would dare to say that this is currently the situation in almost all if not all Northern Italy.
Now that the Italian government has officially placed ONE QUARTER [EDITOR NOTE: All of Italy, 65-million now in quarantine] of Italy's population on lock-down-quarantine which will almost immediately begin a bad recession, are you prepared?

No, I believe the country is not prepared at all but we personally somehow are with the limits due to the fact that we live in the city center where is practically impossible to have what might be necessary for self-sufficiency. About the country I can just add that is currently run by the worst government since WW II (a fact, not an opinion): a poisonous combination of catho-communism (the church lead by  comerade Pope Francis + the ex-Italian communists + a bunch of illiterate quasi-commies) that is absolutely spineless and unable to control the situation. Today even the prisons are almost out of control with the inmates revolting and dictating the agenda.
Thanks for being such a responsive reader and have you had the opportunity to share THE DONALD REPORT or are most you know [as is with me, except for subscribers, of course] buried in denial?

I would say buried in ignorance more than in denial which, of course, is a direct consequence of ignorance.
In the future if anything comes up that you think I should know about and is shareable with readers, could you share with me by just forwarding links and any applicable comments from you?

I will although I fear they will be in Italian and useless if you do not have at hand someone to help. 
Finally and most important, do you have any health issues that have not been covered in THE DONALD REPORT, as to prevention and treatment naturally and any treatments you can share that have not been covered in my reports?

I, personally, have no health issues although I am 77. I am a convinced supporter of natural remedies therefore very much in line with your views. 

Why are you so long intelligent food choices?  Yes, in hindsight maybe that was the reason in the last 40 years. But let’s see what happens now with the virus, the “elderly” are deemed to be at high risk……
I highly recommend you look into purchasing CHLORINE DIOXIDE or more commonly known as  MIRACLE MINERAL SOLUTION [MMS] [my supplier in Arizona is, ask for Franc short for Francesco, a three to six month supply is only $12.95 U.S.].  Hmmm?  Francesco is Italian, is it not? He might know a distributor in Italy if the mail is still being delivered?  Or, if you see all the benefits in addition to most probably destroying CORONA, order one two bottle kit, the 'solution' and the 'activator' and experiment?  I too am elderly and have been taking it aggressively for about one side effects.


Free download Ebook...Jim Humble has been researching MMS for decades...Definitive peer-acclaimed EXPERT with a capital E... Please check it out and if it is not for you please share to possibly help others, not only in Italy but your extended business world family around the world, survive and thrive!

NOTE: Just heard from Alex that a company in the U.S. has developed a nasal spray that kills the dirty little suckers not only in your nose [initial entry] but in your lungs and blood stream...developing, stay tuned.  Hopefully, the DeepState Big Pharma-FDA will not kill the CEO and his top researchers?


This homemade elixir can kill over 200 different pathogens, including the flu



The Donald Report long-time reader, Mr. A., from mainland southern China critiques each issue as to coverage of the most important stories and trending issues in the world news.

I am sure you have not missed anything [for this issue].
I also am good for 6mo plus [prepping, supplies].
Right, why toilet paper when those in India use their left hands for free!


Image result for REPLY




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Coronavirus Brings A 'Shocking

Escalation From No Symptoms To

Death' Within Hours


With 'Containment' Now Impossible, Prepare For The Crackdown 


END DAYS Have Already Begun For Millions Around The Planet

"According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the FDA for President Trump's first two years in office, 'containing' the spread of coronavirus is now impossible as reported in this new MSN story. Gottlieb also said "the next phase is underway" in the battle against the spread of this killer virus and for those wondering what the 'next phase' might be, this new story over at The Sun gives us a taste of what that may entail. Reporting that coronavirus patients are being forced to stay in their own homes by terror cops in HAZMAT suits, we get a hint at what may soon be coming to America.

Especially with a man in Missouri recently showing what could happen when violating a 'coronavirus quarantine' after he, the father of a woman who had coronavirus there, broke his own self-quarantine to attend a school dance with a younger daughter, thus requiring the entire school to be locked down.

And a couple more very concerning new stories and reports help to illustrate just why such caution is being taken with mandatory coronavirus quarantines with this new story over at The Week reporting the coronavirus outbreak in the Washington state nursing home has unfolded with shocking acceleration and  almost like a horror movie: From no symptoms to death within hours.

So while we realize there are some who believe this entire outbreak to be vastly overblown and totally understand how the globalists can use this to usher in a cashless society and further usher in tyranny by declaring what amounts to 'medical martial law' here in America, every day we're getting more reports about just how bad this illness is. The excerpt shared below from a New Jersey physician who fell ill with the virus last week, and think about this, he fell ill while at a medical conference in Times Square. How many more people will have fallen ill due to their possible exposure to that man? From this Daily Mail story

Image result for cartoons trump coronavirus under control

A physician's assistant who became New Jersey's first case of coronavirus has spoken out about the disease from his hospital bed and warns others to take the threat seriously.

James Cai, 32, fell ill last weekend while attending a medical conference at a hotel in Times Square. He has been hospitalized since Tuesday at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey. So far, 13 people have been tested for COVID-19 in New Jersey. The other 11 cases have come back negative.

'Every day is getting worse,' Cai said Monday during an interview with CBS, adding that 'it happened so quick'.

Cai told the network that he's not a smoker and had no underlying health conditions before contracting the virus.

Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco said Cai was in New York over the weekend, went to work last Monday in New York, felt ill and came to Fort Lee Monday evening and then sought treatment.

Tedesco stressed 'there was no known contact with anyone here in Fort Lee'.

So with 'containment' now impossible as more and more 'untraceable' cases emerge in the US and the very real possibility that the number of cases of the virus here could explode overnight, just as it's been doing in Italy, Iran, South Korea and wherever else it has hit, might we soon see the same 'draconian measures' unveiled here in America that we witnessed in China and are now witnessing at a much lower scale in Italy? We strongly urge all Americans be 'PPV' right now: 'Prepared, Peaceful but Vigilant', because none of us know what tomorrow may bring...."


By Reader Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die



See Why Long-Time Reader Lionel, Former Prosecutor and Forever Confidant of President Trump is 'The President's Truth Media Advisor'
[according to reader Brian,]

Image result for photos Lionel with president trump in white house

"People are scared and rightly so. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, folks are panicking as news gets more dire and ominous and foreboding. Schools closed, stock markets tumbling, panic in stores, fights over toilet paper. Mask(ed) hysteria. Store runs on everything with no end in sight. Mindless idiot pols and leaders giving press conferences that say nothing...."

 How do I follow this Lionel feller? 

TwitterFacebookInstagram, the Lionel Media website and browse the merchandise, memorabilia and marketing available at the Official Lionel Nation Gear Store and above all, the Lionel Nation YouTube Channel where we engage in immersive, totally interactive live stream broadcasts twice daily. It leaves antediluvian talk radio in the dust. Where it shall remain. And when it comes to the moiety of the team, Mrs. L can be followed thusly on Twitter. Please also refer to Mrs. L's Focus on Human Trafficking channel...."

"If you’re going to sing Happy Birthday twice while washing your hands, it is my medical recommendation that you select the Marilyn Monroe version." — Jeremy Faust MD

Image result for photos, cartoons marilyn monroe sings happy birthday
    "Happy birthday Mr. President [JFK]"

"The Only Thing We

HaveTo Fear Is

Fear Itself"

FDR 1933

As I write this the Dow futures are down 1,200 points. Oil is down over 20 percent. Gold is way up—no wait, it’s going sideways and silver back down under $17. So much for safe havens. Precious metals are also considered commodities and are now treated as such. Everything is getting punished and many bubbles will get popped.
As Ayn Rand once said, "We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
We should have faced those consequences long ago. Hold on—we’re in for a rough ride that will be difficult to ignore.
Click here to finish reading only at GrrrGraphics...


MIKE ADAMS: If The President Told The Nation To Start Consuming Anti-Corona Nutraceutical Herbs, Spices, Supplements Corona Could Be Stopped Dead
[pun intended]

Image result for cartoons nero fiddles while rome burns


Not Much Chance Of
This Happening

Image result for cartoons trump loves junk food

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