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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Where's Candidate Tulsi Gabbard?

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Tulsi Gabbard for President

James —
Last night on CNN this exchange happened:
Andrew Yang: “Tulsi Gabbard could be having an event right now, but no one is going to cover it”
Terry McAuliffe: “Why is Tulsi still in it … ?”
Andrew Yang: “She’s running for different reasons than many other candidates… ”
Anderson Cooper: “To be a Fox contributor, isn’t it… [laughs]?”
That’s right: The same DC establishment elite hosts who continue to entirely erase the historic candidacy of the first female combat veteran and only woman of color left in the race...
The same network once again denying voters the opportunity to hear from Tulsi in critical televised interviews worth millions airing on the eve of Super Tuesday, so they can decide for themselves after hearing from ALL the remaining candidates...
The same network who decided to extend invites to billionaires polling below her, who are not even on the ballot...
... has the audacity to criticize Tulsi for daring to go on Fox News to get her message for peace to the American people?
This blatant, intolerant, anti-democratic elitism is EXACTLY WHY Tulsi’s voice is needed in this primary, now more than ever, James. We have two days until Super Tuesday and we MUST bypass the corporate media with Tulsi’s message or it will not be heard. Will you pitch-in $12 — or any amount you can afford right now — to break through the media blackout?
If you've saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your contribution will be processed immediately.
The powerful elite is trying to rig this election — completely ignoring, smearing and unfairly covering anti-establishment candidates like Tulsi and Bernie — fighting tooth and nail to cling to their corrupt power and the status quo. It’s up to clear-eyed Americans like us to keep fighting the good fight, speaking truth to power, and speaking up for a future that works for ALL of us, not just the elite few.
Are you still with Tulsi on this? Show it now by rushing $12 to help her cut through the media’s attempts to silence us.

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