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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Missing Puzzle Piece Creating Confusion About The Afterlife

Dr. Oz Finally Got Harvard Univ. To Agree Immune System Is Key

Harvard Finally Agrees With Dr. Oz: Your Immune System Is Absolutely Crucial for Fighting Viruses!
The famed Harvard Health newsletter just put out an urgent advisory to readers: Your immune system is the #1 defense you have to stopping the coronavirus or any disease!
But the truth is that many people neglect their immune system.
And here’s what Harvard says you must remember about keeping your immune system strong: “Like any fighting force, the immune system army marches on its stomach. Healthy immune system warriors need good, regular nourishment.”
Dr. Mehmet Oz said something very similar on national TV.
He warned people that the immune system is critical to staying healthy.
This is especially true if you are in a high-risk category, like a senior, or have underlying conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, lung conditions, diabetes, obesity, and other health maladies.
A Good Way to Protect Against the Coronavirus
It is clear that the best way to defend against any virus or germ is to have a strong immune system.
You can power up your immune system so it’s strong . . . and there’s a simple, easy, FREE way to do so!
Discover how to naturally and easily protect yourself from any germ with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunity.
Joel Fuhrman, M.D., is a board-certified family physician and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease.
Dr. Fuhrman is one of the most respected holistic doctors in America — and a New York Times bestselling author.
He’s discovered how to enhance the protective power of the immune system by boosting it naturally.
Dr. Fuhrman hosts the popular PBS program “The Immunity Solution” and is also the author of the bestselling book Super Immunity.
Inside this blockbuster bestseller, you’ll discover the 3 secrets to never getting sick again.
You’ll discover how you can train your body to help prevent infection.With it, you can help ward off colds and coughs, flu, and even viruses . . .
Dr. Fuhrman says when his patients began implementing his 3 secrets to never getting sick . . . the health results were extraordinary.
This is a good first step in improving your resistance today, so Click here to claim your FREE BOOK now.

Nancy Reynolds
For Newsmax Health

"Winnie The Pooh Eats Bat Soup In Wuhan Bat Plague" Plagues Have Been Showing Up In Atlanta And East Georgia


Vaccine Druids Stand To Make Millions

Bill Gates Defends China's Coronavirus Response. Billionaire Claims Criticism Of Chinese Communist Party A Distraction

The Evidence That Covid Was A US Biowar Attack On China

Please Tell The Establishment That US Hegemony Is Over

Sealed Indictment Issued On Dr. Fauci

Sure As Shootin' (Which Is What It Would Be) Nancy Perosi Says Next Coronavirus Bill Will Include "Vote By Mail"

Monday, April 27, 2020


X-22 File:Trump's Plan Is Winning, Prosecutions For Treason About To

X-22 Report: Trump Will Save The Economy

William Barr Gave A Warning On The Coronavirus Lockdown America Needs To Hear

American Couple Brutally Gunned Down In Mexico While Under Quarantine

Biden Accuser's Got MAJOR Corroboration, Something Kavanaugh's Never Got

Candace Owens: Blexit - We The Free

What Is Bill Gates's Real Motivation?

Bill Gates' Bioterror Attack

The UK's Covid Response Is Let By A Secretive, Incompetent Cabal

New York Cancels Dem's Primary Contest To Outcry By Sanders Supporters

Infowars: The Globalist Guide To Crushing The United States

Donald Merkel/West Alabama Physicians: Truths And Lies About Covid-19

Coronavirus TRUTH and LIES

Primary Author: David Williams, MD 
Revised April 23 with updates to section regarding COVID-19 deaths and the addendum.
Coronavirus is a huge story, so journalists must apply the highest ...

This is being written on April 19, 2020. Although there is a central author, it is being written on behalf of multiple physicians in West Alabama and will be distributed through multiple medical offices. Between us we have well over a hundred years of practice and have treated hundreds of thousands of patients suffering infectious diseases. Including mission trips we have treated patients on five continents.

TRUTH: COVID-19 is an actual medical disease that will lead to tragic deaths.
LIE: We don’t know much about coronavirus.
LIE: COVID-19 is more infectious and more dangerous than influenza.
LIE: The fact one doesn’t know he or she has COVID-19 makes it more dangerous.

TRUTH: COVID-19 is more dangerous to the elderly and immunocompromised.
TRUTH: That doesn’t really mean anything in and of itself because everything is more dangerous to those unfortunate individuals.

TRUTH: It is now almost impossible for anyone in the general public or general medical community to know the actual number of deaths from COVID-19.
TRUTH--THIS IS MUCH WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: On April 14, the New York Times reported New York City officials at the Health Department had increased its death toll by 3,700 who NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for the virus. They were “presumed” to have died from it. REVISED April 23, 2020. This is actually much worse than we thought.

How does a virus that killed 46,438 globally in three months (and which about 96% of those 75 to 84, and 90% of those 85 and older survive) suddenly kill 143,984 in the next three weeks, according the same

Team Trump can't even figure out what lies to tell about the ...


Color Revolution: California Declares "Nation Statehood" While Trump Moves To Quell Mutiny

Whistlebowing Docs Usge "Open Up Society Now" Because

"We Are Moving Into The End Game": 27 Tankers Anchored Off CA, Hundreds Off Singapore, As Oil Industry Prepares To Shut Down

Corona Endgame: Forced Vaccinations And Total Control And Surveillance Over Our Lives


Please Tell The Establishment That US Hegemony Is Over

The Saker: The Evidence That Covid Was A US Biowar Attack Attack On China

AfterBrainwashing People For Decades, MSM And Government Are Losing Control

This Bust Wasn't Caused By A Virus

Just When The Locked Down World Is about To o Stir Scazy, A rice Bran Molecule Helps Rescue Those With Panic Disorder, Anxiety, Depressionnion, And May Even Avert Sick Patients Being Placed On Ventillator

Praying Medic: The Calm Before The Storm - What Needs To Be Done NOW

When Corporations Rule The World And "Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick", Demtyfy

Duty to Warn

Ten Important Items that Will Help De-mystify What Entities are Behind the Mis-guided World-wide Economic Collapse

Compiled by Gary G. Kohls, MD – April 26, 2020 (2391 words)

1] Here are links to a number of important developments about “COVID” that are intentionally never mentioned on the mainstream media, all members of which are turning out to be propaganda mouthpieces for whomever or whatever entities have gotten together an decided what narrative is to be the accepted one.

2] The David Korten book that is titled “When Corporations Rule the World” explains a lot of what goes on behind the scenes whenever the propaganda machine goes into high gear. The corporations that rule the world invest a lot of money (ie, as in “anticipating future profits”) in the campaigns of almost all electable politicians, including probably every presidential candidate – even the long-shots - that has ever run for US presidency, US Senate or US House of Representatives, with few exceptions (notably Bernie Sanders, which is why capitalist bigwigs – and the corporations that have control over both the Democratic and Republican Parties - have kept Bernie from becoming an endorsed candidate for president.

3] “Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick” is a long video that surprisingly hasn’t yet been deleted from YouTube. Watch it at:

4] The World Economic Forum (WEF) consists of 1000 multinational corporations, all of whom are adept at, infamous for and very capable of Rich Man’s trickery. The WEF meets annually at Davos, Switzerland and secretly plots how to increase their domination of global markets and may even plot crises that can be profitable for their businesses. (Recall that the WEF was a major co-sponsor, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins’ Public Health Department that planned the Coronavirus Pandemic Plague Planning Commission meeting a couple of months before the actual (alleged) one hit Wuhan, China.

The WEF annual meetings attract 1000 of the largest multinational corporations, with consistent representation at the meetings (and also representation on WEF boards, planning committees, etc) from Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, Biomedical, Health Products corporations as well as international Public Health entities.

And here are some important articles with much more information exposing a number of the suspects likely to be rigging everything that looks like a rich man’s trick:

5] Duty to Warn

Why Coronaviruses that Cause 15% of Common Colds can also Cause False-positive Coronavirus Antibody Tests Results (and perhaps even future immunity)

Quotes from German Virologist Christian Drosten - April 23, 2020 (170 words)

Christian Drosten, MD, is the Director of Berlin University’s Institute of Virology, is known at “Germany’s real face of the coronavirus crisis",

Some virologists now assume that there are people who have become immune to Covid-19 unnoticed because they have had a relatively harmless corona cold in the past.” 

"It is quite the case that we expect that there may be an unnoticed background immunity - due to the (common) cold coronaviruses, because they are related to the Sars CoV-2 virus in a certain way.”

15 percent of common colds are caused by well-known coronaviruses”. 
“And these are so similar to the current virus that they can even cause false positive antibody tests.” 

"It could be that certain people who had a cold virus a year or two ago are protected in an unprecedented way."

Duty to Warn
6] Proof That Big Vaccines and the CDC Commit Consumer Fraud

7] Why You Can’t Trust the FDA, the WHO, the CDC, the AAP, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi or Pfizer

(When it Comes to America’s Over-vaccination Mandates for Gardasil or any Other Aluminum-adjuvanted Vaccine)

By Gary G. Kohls, MD - Thursday Dec. 12th, 2019
“The FDA receives 45% of its annual budget from the pharmaceutical industry. The World Health Organization (WHO) gets roughly 50% of its budget from private sources, including Big Pharma and its allied foundations. And the CDC, frankly, is a vaccine company; it owns 56 vaccine patents and buys and (very profitably) distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually through the Vaccines for Children program, which represents over 40% of its total budget.” -- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr  

“The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) derives a majority of its outside contributions - estimated at more than $25 million per year - from pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines. The pediatricians that the AAP represents derive the majority of their annual revenues from the administration of vaccines to their pediatric patients.) -- J.B. Handley  

“Perhaps the most infamous example of corruption at the CDC is how the head of the CDC from 2002 to 2009, Julie Gerberding, left her government job to become president of Merck’s $5 billion dollar/year Vaccine Division. Merck’s CEO understandably described Gerberding as an “ideal choice”. She held that position until 2014 and currently holds the Merck job title of “Executive Vice President & Chief Patent Officer, Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health”. That is to say, the former CDC director is now in charge of Merck’s propaganda efforts. One might say she’s basically doing the same job now that she did for the CDC, but even more lucratively. Apart from her salary, in 2015, Gerberding sold shares of Merck worth over $2.3 million. While at the CDC Gerberding shepherded Merck’s highly controversial and highly profitable Gardasil vaccine through the regulatory maize” -- From  

“The majority of studies that authorities point to as (contrived) proof that vaccines do not cause autism have been published in a journal called Pediatrics, the official journal of the AAP. As we know, the AAP is a trade union for pediatricians.” – J.B. Handley  

“Since vaccines are liability-free - and effectively compulsory to a captive market of 76 million children - there is meager market incentive for companies to make them safe. The public must rely on the moral scruples of Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, and Pfizer. But these companies have a long history of operating recklessly and dishonestly, even with (the many drug) products for which they can be sued for injuries. The four companies that make virtually all of the recommended vaccines are all convicted felons.  Collectively they have paid over $35 billion since 2009 for defrauding regulators, lying to and bribing government officials and physicians, falsifying science, and leaving a trail of (incurable chronic illnesses) injuries and deaths from products they knew to be dangerous and still sold under pretense of safety and efficacy.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr  

“I ate breakfast last week with the president of a network news division at CBS, and he told me that during non-election years, 70% of the advertising revenues for his news division come from pharmaceutical ads.  And if you go on TV any night and watch the network news, you’ll see they become just a vehicle for selling pharmaceuticals. He also told me that he would fire a host who brought onto his station a guest who lost him a pharmaceutical account.” -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr  

8] WHO Official and Bill Gates: It’s Time to Forcibly Remove People from Their Homes, Forcibly Vaccinate the Entire Planet and Institute Global Governance (New World Order)
By Spiro Skouras April 11, 2020
(To watch one of the best videos from Spiro Skouras on COVID-19 and the New World Order is at:
Day by day, Bill Gates is revealing himself in his own words as he calls for strict lockdowns, which cannot and must not be lifted until the vast majority of the global population is vaccinated…
Last week a top WHO official stated that it is time for authorities to come into your home to see who is infected and take them away, for the greater good of course.
At the same time, a top White House Coronavirus Task Force Doctor who has serious conflicts of interest and appears to be on Bill Gates’ payroll, just admitted the mortality rate of this outbreak is being inflated. How could this be?
Take a peek behind the curtain as we explore the latest information that the corporate media is paid not to report on…
Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!
Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance
Feds classifying all coronavirus patient deaths as ‘COVID-19’ deaths, regardless of cause
China joins U.N. human rights panel, will help pick experts on free speech, health, arbitrary detention
Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine.
AG Barr ‘very concerned’ about ‘personal liberty’ after Gates proposes digital vaccine certificates

9] COVID-19 Lethality Not Much Different Than Flu, Says New Study

Possible really good news from a population screening antibody test study in Santa Clara County, California

Ronald Bailey – Reason Magazine - 4.17.2020

(Rimma Bondarenko |

Between 48,000 and 81,000 residents of Santa Clara County, California are likely to have already been infected by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, suggests a new study by researchers associated with Stanford University Medical School.

The researchers tested a sample of 3,330 residents of the county using blood tests to detect antibodies to determine whether or not they had been exposed to the coronavirus.

If the researchers' calculations are correct, that's really good news.

Why? Because that data will help public health officials to get a better handle on just how lethal the coronavirus is, and if researchers are right it's a lot less lethal than many have feared it to be.

Currently, the (reported) U.S. case fatality rate, that is, the percent of people with confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19 who die, is running at 5.2 percent. But epidemiologists have known that a significant proportion of people who are infected are going undetected by the medical system because either they don't feel sick enough to seek help or are asymptomatic. For example, recent research in Iceland suggests that about 50 percent of people infected with the virus have no symptoms.

In the new study, the researchers sought residents through Facebook to whom they could administer the antibody tests.

The results were an unadjusted prevalence of coronavirus antibodies of 1.5 percent. After making various statistical and demographic adjustments, researchers calculated the likely prevalence ranged from 2.49 to 4.16 percent.

At the time that these tests were administered, there were about 1,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 32* deaths from the disease in Santa Clara County. The upshot is that "these prevalence estimates represent a range between 48,000 and 81,000 people infected in Santa Clara County by early April, 50- 85-fold more than the number of confirmed cases."

Using these data, the researchers calculated the infection fatality rate, that is, the percent of people infected with the disease who die: "A hundred deaths out of 48,000-81,000 infections corresponds to an infection fatality rate of 0.12-0.2%," they report.* That's about the same infection fatality rate the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates for seasonal influenza.

The researchers conclude:
While our study was limited to Santa Clara County, it demonstrates the feasibility of seroprevalence surveys of population samples now, and in the future, to inform our understanding of this pandemic's progression, project estimates of community vulnerability, and monitor infection fatality rates in different populations over time. It is also an important tool for reducing uncertainty about the state of the epidemic, which may have important public benefits.

Assuming that their findings are happily confirmed, among the important public benefits would be a quicker end to the pandemic lockdown we are all experiencing. It's high time the CDC gets it act together and conducts similar antibody population screening to determine the prevalence of the disease across the nation.

*UPDATE: One caveat is that a rough calculation applying the Santa Clara infection fatality rate to New York City's 11,000 COVID-19 deaths would imply that essentially all of the city's residents have already been infected with the coronavirus. This seems implausible.


10] Techno-Tyranny: How the US National Security State is Using the Coronavirus Crisis to Fulfill an Orwellian Vision (3450 words)

Here is the link to a vitally important video from the Jimmy Dore Show:

And below is the link to the website that has all the necessary information (including an important FOIA request) on the newest (2019)  government/Wall Street/Silicon Valley/Pentagon conspiracy that, if and when their diabolical plans are implemented, will result in a lot more job loss, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, mortgage foreclosures, teacherless schools, doctorless clinics and hospitals, the acceptance of (the malpractice of) telemedicine, journalist-free media outlets, driverless cars, cashless economies, neurotoxic and cellular-toxic 5G everywhere, and increases in robotic industries (a la Amazon) that will be only good for the industries that are represented on the secret planning commission that is discussed in the interview.  The commission, appointed by Donald Trump in 2019, is called The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Here is the link to the long document that details the conspiracy in more thorough terms.

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), created by the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), drew up a document in 2019 that outlined their plans to compete with China in Artificial Intelligence. As documented, the top secret group talked about the structural obstacles in the US that would keep Americans from wanting to adopt their plans, including the obvious privacy concerns and the normal fear of police state tactics - all of which are being far-too-easily instituted because of the coronavirus hysteria. The planning group’s focus in order to institute their agendas was “mass shootings in America” until the COVID crisis came along.

In the opinion of many, the NSCAI is as nefarious as was the George Bush/Dick Cheney administration’s pre-2001 Project for a New American Century (PNAC) that was highly likely have planned the controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001. The PNAC openly hoped for " A New Pearl Harbor" that would more easily promote their concept of a New World Order that would be under the control of America’s ruling elites.

California Governor's $1 Billion Aid Goes To... China?

The Hill's Morning Report: A Plethora Of Things Are Going On, Inside The USG And Out

The Hill's Morning Report
Presented by Facebook
© Getty Images

Welcome to The Hill’s Morning Report. Happier Monday! We get you up to speed on the most important developments in politics and policy, plus trends to watch. Alexis Simendinger and Al Weaver are the daily co-creators, so find us @asimendinger and @alweaver22 on Twitter and recommend the Morning Report to your friends. CLICK HERE to subscribe!
Total U.S. coronavirus deaths reported each morning this week: Monday, 54,877. 
Capitol Hill is bracing for another trillion-dollar legislative fight as chatter consumes a potential package that would provide funding for cities and states, and infrastructure spending to deal with the continued fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.

Fresh off the battle that led to the $484 billion interim package President Trump signed into law on Friday, bringing the total in just over a month to nearly $2.8 trillion, lawmakers are looking ahead to the next legislative vehicle. Headlining the potential bill would be the long-awaited funding for state and local governments, which Democrats and some Republicans are clamoring for. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters on Friday that she expects the next coronavirus-related bill to include up to $700 billion for cities and states, including those that have been ravaged by the pandemic.

“They have made outlays for the coronavirus that are extraordinary.  And they have lost revenue, and we want that covered because of the coronavirus,” Pelosi told MSNBC on Sunday, noting that the funding would go toward first responders and health care workers, among others.  “And what that covered too — state and local — let's say our heroes … many of them risking their lives in order to save lives. And now they're in danger of losing their jobs.”

The National Governors Association, chaired by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R), has requested $500 billion to boost state and local governments, while cities and counties are looking for $250 billion in relief (NBC News).  

As The Hill’s Jordain Carney writes, multiple fights are on the horizon as part of negotiations for what is expected to be another gargantuan bill, outside of the state and local funding and a sizable amount for infrastructure, a bipartisan issue. Among those are potential changes to the small-business loan program that has received $660 billion, including whether lawmakers increase funding again and if new restrictions on who can receive funding will be included. 

Also on the docket is a potential increase in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits  an issue that did not make it into the interim bill  and toward voting as Democrats look to give states the ability to conduct elections through mail-in ballots. 

While the details still need to be ironed out, lawmakers are struggling with one key issue of any deal: timing. Democratic lawmakers are pushing forward with the next coronavirus-related package in order to have a bill ready to bring up for consideration when lawmakers are tentatively expected to return on May 4. However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has not signed onto this timeline, having indicated that he has no plans to negotiate a bill until lawmakers return to Washington. 

The House Republican Study Committee today will release a 36-point policy framework that includes initiatives tied to the coronavirus. Among proposals: “offset future COVID-19-related deficit spending,” which signals battles ahead with the majority.

The Washington Post: Trump and Congress spar over next coronavirus economic package as Congressional Budget Office paints grim picture of what’s to come.

The Hill: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: “If we need to spend more money, we will, and we’ll only do it with bipartisan support.”

The Associated Press: Remote vote? In Trump shadow, stay-home Congress eyes change.

The Hill: McConnell state bankruptcy remarks raise constitutional questions.

The Hill: Pelosi: Governors’ impatience “will help us get an even bigger number” for state coronavirus funding.

As House Democrats seek the next massive package aimed at keeping the U.S. economy afloat, many economic analysts applaud the speed even as the public has had no time to grasp the benefits of stimulus checks and two rounds of funding for loans for small businesses. Both efforts have been ensnared in bureaucratic stumbles and brewing battles over the haves and have-nots. 

Should publicly traded hotel chains get Paycheck Protection Program funds? Should well-funded private universities get taxpayer money for education programs? Should major restaurant chains be able to compete for limited funding with mom-and-pop restaurants and small town hair salons? The public discontent about the bailouts and payouts is growing. And that worries politicians in both parties.  

The Hill: Three publicly traded hotel firms say they won’t give back PPP money.

The New York Times: Large companies take bailout aid while loans were aimed for others. Millions of dollars go to applicants facing financial and legal problems.

Bloomberg News: Resentment grows on Main Street over bailout winners and losers.

The public blowback against Trump has bubbled up in recent polling that shows eroding trust in his handling of the pandemic. His job approval remains well below 50 percent but is stabilized by his Republican supporters. Nervous GOP allies have been advising the White House for weeks to tone down the Trump-centric daily press briefings at the White House that the president dominated with grievances and announcements that wandered far afield of either the public health emergency or accurate readings of the nation’s economic duress.

Trump switched gears on Friday and answered no questions at the briefing. Over the weekend, he held no briefings and suggested in a tweet that he may stop doing them. A briefing is scheduled this evening. 

The Associated Press: The White House is aiming for Trump to pivot from pandemic to economy. 

Reuters: U.S. response to the coronavirus splinters into acrimony and uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the White House over the weekend was reported to be considering replacing Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, according to The Washington Post, The Associated Press and other outlets. Trump has reportedly been frustrated with Azar for weeks, but on Sunday evening the president denied the accounts and tweeted that Azar is doing “an excellent job.” 

The GOP is worried about Trump’s weakened poll numbers in the midst of a battle to hold both the Senate and the White House through COVID-19 devastation, high unemployment and corporate gloom (The New York Times). Looking ahead to the November elections, veteran GOP political consultant Charles Black said, “If Trump is the issue, he probably loses.” 

New White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the Freedom Caucus founder from North Carolina (pictured below), is getting an earful from allies on Capitol Hill about how to improve the optics while guiding the president’s decision making and a reelection team that cannot at the moment run on a playbook of economic mastery.   

The Hill: Meadows puts his fingerprints on the Trump White House.

The Daily Beast: Meadows’s shadow job? Keep evangelicals on board the Trump train.

The Associated Press: Trump’s focus on his base complicates a path to reelection.

Science & COVID-19: Public health experts concur: The United States needs more coronavirus infection testing and a greater capacity to conduct those tests in a nation with 330 million people. The country also needs mass antigen, or antibody testing, but those snapshot tests are not all created equal, Stat News reports. And the World Health Organization warns that antibody tests do not prove that people infected once are immune from COVID-19 going forward (NPR). Equally important, scientists do not know whether the virus is reactivating in some patients who tested negative and then positive, or if new “flare-ups” are new infections. No other coronavirus has shown the ability to go dormant in humans, but researchers have more questions than definitive answers (Healthline). 

Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, said on Sunday that antibody testing needs a “breakthrough innovation,” which has not arrived yet. ”We have to be able to detect antigens, rather than constantly trying to detect the actual live virus or the viral particles itself. … I know corporations and diagnostics are working on that now. … This RNA [ribonucleic acid in living cells] testing will carry us certainly through the spring and summer. But we need to have a huge technology breakthrough” (The New York Times).

COVID-19 is not going away. It will menace the United States well into the fall and beyond. And the nation is going to blow past 60,000 coronavirus fatalities within days. The death toll from the disease will easily exceed the lower end of the disease models touted by the White House. COVID-19 is spreading beyond the two coasts and deeper into the interior of the country, even as nearly a dozen states champion plans already started or just beginning to revive economic activities and ease stay-at-home orders (Politico).

The Hill: Did everybody get the correct message? Do NOT inject or ingest household bleach or disinfectants to try to kill or ward off the COVID-19 pathogen. You could die.

The Hill: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is devoting its “total attention” to COVID-19, Bill Gates told The Financial Times in an interview. The foundation has an endowment of $40 billion.

The Hill: Sunday talk shows: Focus shifts to reopening economy hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Leibovich: Trump turns shared American experiences into us vs. them. 

© Getty Images

$100M grant program for small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Know a small business in need of extra support right now?

We are offering $100 million to provide businesses with resources they need during COVID-19.

STATE WATCH: Four states (Alaska, Georgia, Oklahoma and South Carolina) have begun to reopen businesses, while eight more will lift stay-at-home orders by Thursday. They are Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana and Maine. The patchwork experimentation underway in a number of states ignored the guidance from the White House describing three slow-motion phases of revival. The disagreements about the potential risks of moving too quickly to open barber shops in Georgia (photo above) and retail outlets in South Carolina have pitted some mayors against governors in those states. 

> New York: Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said over the weekend that his state’s surge in new hospitalizations from COVID-19 appears to have crested, although a drop-off in new cases is gradual, and the death toll remains high. The governor outlined a plan that could begin a phased easing of shelter-in-place orders upstate after May 15 (The New York Times). Birx at the White House said on Sunday that New York remains the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak with 45 percent of all cases of COVID-19 and 40 percent to 50 percent of all U.S. deaths from the virus. She said U.S. hot spot locations with ebbing coronavirus statistics include Detroit, the state of Louisiana, and Houston.

> New Jersey: Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said his state, which is coordinating its coronavirus responses with New York and Connecticut, is still several weeks away from reopening economic activities (The Hill).
POLITICS: Allies of former Vice President Joe Biden are concerned that his campaign will be unable to compete with the financial might of the Trump operation, especially as the novel coronavirus continues to strike at the heart of the economy.

According to analysis conducted by The New York Times, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have a $187 million advantage over the Biden operation and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). While Biden raised $46.7 million in March, roughly two-thirds of the total was raised in the first half of March before parts of the nation were shut down, signaling problems for the campaign’s April total and uncertainty in the summer months. 

“That’s insurmountable,” said one Democrat who has raised money for Biden regarding the $187 million figure. “I don’t see how you make that up. People say you don’t need as much for this election because you don’t have to spend on a field team because of the pandemic. But people are stuck at home, so you better be able to match their TV spending.”

On the bright side, as the presumptive nominee, Biden and the DNC have now opened a joint fundraising account that allows individuals to contribute $360,800. As Amie Parnes and Jonathan Easley note, Democrats will also rely on dark money groups, including Priorities USA, though the Republicans are by no means lacking in that department. 

“Everyone is worried about it,” the Democrat added. “Nobody wants to think that we could lose this thing, but we very well could if we don’t address this.”

© Getty Images

The New York Times: A candidate in isolation: Inside Joe Biden’s cloistered campaign.

The Hill: Biden rips stimulus packages, labels big companies “greedy.”

The Washington Post: Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president in video remarks calling him the “personification of hope and courage.”

With Biden sequestered to his Delaware home and unable to reach supporters away from his basement, the former VP has taken a back seat to Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as legislative battles remain front and center in the discussion. 

Along with the two Democratic leaders, governors such as Cuomo have also received a sizable amount of attention, as Alexander Bolton writes, while Biden has stayed out of the spotlight, potentially out of fears of politicizing the outbreak. 

Recently, Biden has received outsize attention about who his potential running mate will be. He has also occupied a separate space, mostly on social media, where he has tried to serve as a counterweight to Trump. 

He has also tried to stake out positions on the policy front, having laid out detailed plans for containing the virus. The proposals include making free testing widely available, putting more resources into developing a vaccine, restoring the White House national security council directorate for global health security, and directing the Department of Defense to prepare for deployment of military resources to expand medical facilities and help with logistical support.

The Hill: Immigration activists raise alarm over “cruel” exclusion from coronavirus medical aid.


INTERNATIONAL: The city of Wuhan, China, the initial epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, no longer has any COVID-19 patients in the hospital after 12 people were discharged on Sunday (South China Morning Post).

> United Kingdom: Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to work on Monday, having recovered from the novel coronavirus after spending three nights in the intensive care unit earlier this month. Johnson’s return to the top of government comes as questions mount over the national response and the economic fallout from the virus (Reuters).

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has served as caretaker leader in Johnson’s absence declined to give a timetable for the country to reopen its economy, saying that the U.K. is at “a delicate and dangerous stage” in the response to COVID-19. As of Sunday evening, there were 154,037 confirmed cases of the virus in Great Britain, while the death toll eclipsed 20,000 (Sky News).

> North Korea: After days of speculation over the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, top South Korean officials indicated early Monday that the 36-year-old is not “grave danger,” as it was initially reported, and is “alive and well” in a coastal town.

"Our government position is firm," Moon Chung-in, the top foreign policy adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, told CNN"Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspicious movements have so far been detected."

Speculation kicked off after Kim did not attend the celebration of Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea and the current leader’s grandfather, on April 15. 

Reuters: Heir unapparent: If North Korea faces succession, who might replace Kim?

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> Spain: Spanish children saw the light of day as the government allowed them to leave their homes to go for walks for the first time in six weeks under parental supervision. According to guidelines, children were allowed to take short walks with a parent for up to an hour, and they had to remain within 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) of their homes. They could take only one toy out and were not allowed to play with other children.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is expected to announce on Tuesday a plan to “de-escalate” the national lockdown, which was put into effect in early March (The Associated Press). 

> Italy: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced to the nation on Sunday plans to lift some restrictions starting on May 4, including the ability to visit with relatives nearly two months after the national lockdown was announced on March 10. According to the new rules, gatherings and parties remain banned and schools are shut down for the remainder of the academic year. However, Conte said that funerals will be allowed to take place with up to 15 individuals, parks will be reopened and restaurants are now able to offer takeout and not just delivery for customers (The New York Times).
America needs to win the coronavirus vaccine race, by Scott Gottlieb, opinion contributor, The Wall Street Journal. 

College campuses must reopen in the fall. Here’s how we do it, by Christina Paxson, opinion contributor, The New York Times. 
If you need help, or can offer it.

In response to COVID-19, people around the world are coming together to help one another in a show of solidarity and resilience. Facebook's Community Help is a place where you can offer or request help from your local community. 

The House will convene a pro forma session Tuesday at 9 a.m.

The Senate will hold a pro forma session at 8 a.m.

The president will take part in a video teleconference with governors on the COVID-19 response at 2 p.m. and will meet with industry executives at 4 p.m. Trump and Vice President Pence will lead a coronavirus task force briefing at 5 p.m.

📚 Library of Congress: The nation’s premier library is celebrating its 220th anniversary through April 30 with online programs and a new app to explore digital collections. The Library of Congress buildings are shut and public events canceled through July 1. Information: Celebrate a virtual birthday.

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➔ Media: During his first interview since retiring from MSNBC, former “Hardball” host Chris Matthews told a Vanity Fair podcast that complaints about inappropriate remarks he made about journalist Laura Bassett in 2016 before she appeared on his show were “highly justified.” ...Trump fumed on Twitter on Sunday that Fox News is listening to “Democratic talking points,” complaining he wants an “alternative” to a network he once praised as reliably supportive (The Hill).

➔ Scammers: Stimulus payouts to help Americans weather the COVID-19 pandemic are quickly becoming a favorite target of thieves and scammers, who see the money (both direct deposited and mailed) as an easy way to profit during the ongoing crisis (The Hill). … Medical quackery is on the rise during the pandemic, reprising an era of charlatans, snake oil salesmen and unscientific cures. Mo Rocca with CBS News’s “Sunday Morning” talked with an author about the history of an age-old phenomenon that preys on fear, hope and misinformation.

 Economy: The coronavirus breakout is exacerbating U.S. economic inequality as analysts project a possible economic depression. COVID-19’s higher prevalence among communities of color, the disproportionate blow to service sector workers and the slow road to recovering jobs lost since March have captured the attention of lawmakers and the White House, especially in an election year (The Hill). … The oil market remains in turmoil. What happened? Five things to know (The Hill). … Financial markets have recovered more than half their losses since the start of the coronavirus emergency in the United States but some analysts think investors are irrationally exuberant about what’s ahead (The Hill). Global markets rose this morning as investors displayed renewed confidence about economic recovery (The New York Times).

 Veterans: Lawmakers and veterans advocacy groups accuse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of not doing enough during the coronavirus emergency to protect the vulnerable population the department serves and the employees and healthcare workers who provide care. More than 6,000 VA patients have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and 400 have died. Meanwhile, nearly 2,000 VA healthcare workers have been infected, resulting in 20 fatalities. The situation has not improved six weeks into federal quarantine guidelines (The Hill and NBC News).

➔ Singing for a Broadway breakthrough: Andrew Lloyd Webber is enjoying a virtual competition he created called the “Cadenza Challenge,” which may lead to a new Broadway or West End phenom when musicals resume on stage with audiences. “Everybody is needing something to lift the spirits at the moment,” the “Phantom of the Opera” composer said about entries that have arrived via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He said he’s been impressed by all of them (The Associated Press).

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And finally … I do. With you. In view. 

Around the world, loving, happy couples are innovating to turn pandemic-era nuptials into shared events despite a deadly coronavirus. They’ve subtracted their in-person guests and added hundreds of livestream and Zoom well-wishers. They’ve walked down aisles in nearly empty churches with smiles hidden by face coverings, dressed in all their finery. They’ve savored their first kisses as a married couple through those precautionary masks, and postponed long-planned wedding receptions and parties for a day when congregating is once again safe.

As we barrel into America’s traditional wedding season, this is a trend best told through photographs, so take a look: CNBCChicago Tribunethe Kitsap SunBoston 25 NewsYahooCNN.

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