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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bear Market: Fauci Death Prediction DRASTICALLY Lowered, Weird Lights Over Empire State Building

April 1

I hear April Fools Day was canceled?
Okay, let’s just call this Hump day—not long now, and we’ll be past the halfway mark for the week.
That means we are just a little bit closer to getting this coronavirus nightmare behind us. (Yay!)
If you are now working from home, consider yourself fortunate. Many professions—aside from the obvious healthcare sector—don’t have that luxury and are now forced to continue going to their place of employment—despite the fact that there’s a pandemic going on.
That’s what some of today’s news talks about—many delivery drivers and grocery store workers in the U.S. are feeling unprotected and underappreciated by their employer, which means we could be seeing some strikes coming. (Details below)
That’s just one example of the kind of news Bear Market delivers—because it’s important for investors and entrepreneurs to know what’s going on in the world. We pay attention to the economic news, investment trends and financial red flags to save you time and energy.
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Thanks for subscribing! Here’s today’s news…


Macy’s to Furlough Most of Their Employees During Pandemic

Iconic department store Macy’s has announced plans to furlough most of its workers during their shutdown of store locations that began March 18. Despite losing most of its sales, the department store will not be doing massive layoffs. Workers enrolled in the firm’s benefits plan will continue to be covered—Macy’s will pay 100 percent of the premium until at least May.



MyPillow CEO Announces Pledge to Move Three-Quarters of Manufacturing to Mask Production

“Boy, do you sell those pillows,” said President Trump at Monday’s press conference, as Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, took the microphone and made a huge announcement: his company will devote three-quarters of his manufacturing capabilities to produce cotton face masks for health care providers instead of pillows. Now that’s one patriotic entrepreneur! 



Brooks Brothers Converting Factories to Mask and Gown Production

“MyPillow is not the only American company stepping up to fight the coronavirus—Brooks Brothers is converting factories in New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts from ties, shirts and suits to making masks and gowns. “We consider this a duty, and part of our DNA at Brooks Brothers,” said CEO Claudio Del Vecchio.


Grocery and Delivery Labor Plan Strikes to Fight for Higher Pay and Safer Workspaces

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, most grocery workers and delivery workers never stopped working—and they don’t have the option to work from home. These two labor forces are now feeling vulnerable to the virus due to what they claim is a lack of protective gear. They also feel underpaid—and are now conducting “sick outs” and strikes to get management’s attention.

Stock Market

First Quarter Numbers are In: Only One Stock in the Dow Rose Higher—and by only one penny

The bear market is off to a roaring start! The Dow just booked the worst 1st quarter in 124 years. The Dow closes 400 points lower to end the worst first quarter ever as the coronavirus continues to scare investors.


Dr. Fauci Drops Earlier Prediction on COVID-19 Death Toll From 1.7 Million U.S. Deaths Down to 200,000 U.S. Deaths

Two weeks ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Jon Karl on ABC that the U.S. could expect up to 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations and up to 1.7 million deaths. Now, Fauci is predicting a much lower set of numbers, which is good news, right?! This should make everyone happy.

Real Estate

U.S. Home Prices Rose at 3.1% Annually in January

Ah, the good old days... Just a few months ago, U.S. home prices were accelerating, as January showed solid demand for housing thanks to an economy that was being fueled by low mortgage rates and solid job gains. Because of the coronavirus, these numbers could be quite different in the second quarter.

Weird News  

New Yorkers Stunned and Creeped Out Over Empire State Building Read Light Display

The iconic Midtown skyscraper known as the Empire State Building was glowing red atop its highest floors on Monday night, and many New Yorkers were spooked and unsettled by the spectacle that was supposed to honor emergency workers fighting coronavirus.

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