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Saturday, April 25, 2020

To Conservatives - From The Desk Of Ann Coulter

From the desk of Ann Coulter
Hi Fellow Conservative,
Do you want to drive liberals crazy (crazier than they already are) and give young people a chance to hear some really “inconvenient” truths?
Well, I’m your liberal antidote.
At the typical institution of higher learning these days, an Ann Coulter speech produces screeching lunatics, violent Antifa thugs, and complicit college administrators.
Luckily, I’ve got panther-like reflexes... and a bodyguard.
Why bother, you ask?
Today’s college students can easily go through four years of a (very expensive!) education without once hearing a conservative idea.
Throughout my life, I have met my “biggest fans” — who had their eyes opened when they came to protest a speech I was giving at their campus.
Not to brag, but there’s no one the liberals hate more than me. (Well, maybe Donald Trump, but he’s new to the party. I’ve got staying power.)
Too many of these students are beaten down by the leftists who run their campuses. They’re brainwashed, bullied, and harassed. And when they utter the mildest dissent, they’re shut down hard.
So having ANN COULTER UNPLUGGED come to their campus gives conservative students a jolt of confidence! “If Ann can do it, so can I....”
Having a big-name speaker like me visit is one of the best ways for campus conservative groups to raise funds, gain attention, and most important, recruit new members — more often than I can count, these are former college liberals.
I’m honored to do what I can to swell the ranks of brave, committed conservative young people. And I hope you will be too.
Thanks to my friends at the Leadership Institute, you can help today to send me into the frontlines of the battle for free speech.
The Leadership Institute kindly offered to launch me on a high-profile campus tour this fall. They know better than anyone the value of rallying and recruiting young campus conservatives, and I’m delighted to work with them.
Led by my good friend Morton Blackwell, the Leadership Institute has trained a whole generation of conservative leaders: including me!
The Leadership Institute trained me way back in 1984 while I studied at Cornell University. As editor of the conservative Cornell Review, I got my start at the Leadership Institute’s Student Publications School.
I am just one of more than 224,000 Leadership Institute graduates.
There’s no one else who does such a great job of reaching, recruiting, and training young conservatives as the Leadership Institute. They go into the belly of the beast -- college campuses -- and organize young conservatives to battle the left effectively.
The Leadership Institute understands that there’s strength in numbers. Individual students are vulnerable to leftist bullies. They’re inclined to think, “is it just me?”
Meeting other like-minded conservatives, working with them, sharing war stories and laughing at liberals with them, makes all the difference in the world.
Right now, the 2,197 active student groups in the LI network demonstrate the appeal of the truth to young people. The Leadership Institute trains students how to stand strong in the face of the left’s assaults and not take guff from liberal administrators.
You can find these conservative student groups at colleges and universities in all 50 states -- probably at your alma mater too. They provide a home for tens of thousands of young people who don’t buy the leftist garbage of their peers and professors.
That’s why I’m so happy to work with Morton and his team on this new campus tour. I know I can trust them to have my back, and to make the most of this tremendous opportunity to spread our conservative ideas.
This fall, with so much on the line for our country’s future, I’m setting out to some of the most high-profile schools in America. Those include planned visits to:
  • The University of Texas-Austin
  • The University of Michigan
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • And the University of Illinois
These are big-time schools with leaders of the future.
If you and I can draw hundreds of students to each speech, that would provide a big boost to campus conservative groups.
Will there be protests? I hope so!
But there will also be a whole lot of new students who are inspired to join our conservative cause.
Every college student you and I release from the left’s clutches represents a huge victory for our cause.
These young people will go on to challenge their professors, stand up to leftist bullies, and vote for conservative leaders. The more of them you and I can persuade to join our cause, the better!
That’s especially true this year, with so much on the line for our country.
As those angry, violent protesters make clear, the left has an iron grip on many in the younger generation these days. They’re crawling out of the liberals’ roach motels to support far-left, all-out socialist candidates and causes.
Yet many young men and women long to break free of all this nonsense -- they really do crave the truth. And you and I must help them.
I’m here to do my part, starting with this fall’s campus tour. I hope you’ll help me by supporting my friends at the Leadership Institute today.
With your help I’ll bring a fascinating conservative message directly to young people at campuses where the left is indoctrinating students to embrace socialism.
I’m really excited about this speaking tour. This is just the beginning. If all goes well, my friends at the Leadership Institute are eager to have me back out on the road more in the semesters to follow. They want to keep me busy and ensure more young people hear what I have to say.
The more such powerful events conservatives generate, the more you and I gain a foothold and our ideas spread -- and, of course, the more the left freaks out. Help me make it happen!
Let’s save America,
Ann Coulter
Author and Columnist
P.S. Look out campus lefties -- here I come! By supporting my friends at the Leadership Institute today, you’ll help sponsor a major, timely campus tour for me at the Universities of Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. I’m excited by the opportunity to make campus leftists squirm and inspire more students to join us. Will you help me get out there this spring?
And oh, and by the way -- if you should happen to be in the area for one of my speaking events, we’d love to have you there as well. They’re not just for students!

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