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Sunday, March 26, 2017

OneSide OrThe Other Has An Unsustainable Position On Wiretaps


by James Hufferd, PhD
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Our existential enemy is globalism, the feudalistic plan subscribed to by the global elite (that obviously-existent thin veneer of unimaginably wealth-endowed at the very top of humanity who fancy themselves as the driver of the carriage and us at best as hapless passengers or pushers conditioned to their every whim). Think masters and slaves. Of course, they’re all for that – it gives them what they want. But then, we keep making a fuss, a lot of unpleasant noise and rocking the carriage, even threatening to sack the driver and subvert their direction of it. Wouldn’t you be miffed?

So, their plan must include means of getting everyone on earth onto the same page, singing the same notes and chanting in unison; desiring outcomes and paths in sync with what they want. 9/11 was a violent shock event they pulled off as an attempt to get everyone on the same page, agreeable to the annihilation of the hardest-to-manage segment of humanity perched astride unifying routes affording imperative-to-control materials. And it worked, at least in the immediate aftermath of that falsely-attributed event – although the consensus has weakened, frayed and broken down to a considerable extent as doubt and awareness of the ruse and brutal over-exploitation of it as an excuse for genocide and diametrically-opposed mass-annihilation has developed, blotting out by now two decades of human affairs and opportunities for many millions of what would have been healthy individual lives.

The universally-abusive gross false overreaction, meantime, has fed the elite’s limitless appetite for spectacular gain in their power and wealth by effectively siphoning trillions of dollars of the slavish taxpayer productive earnings of their underlings upward to them to pay for their vastly-inflated price, otherwise unbeneficial production by the war industries, giving us in the US and the west a money-starved, oxygen-less domestic economy sustained literally by debt and the ravenous thirst for blood by the top echelon who, unelected, alone urge, bribe, and extort global deployment of our military including special forces to technologically desecrate painfully, bloodily and erase from the face of the earth nations that never meant us a second of harm in their lives. “Love thy neighbor?”

And we’ve remained too feeble to figure it all out and coalesce to resist. And so we continue to pay in a million ways, year after year, until we are stripped to bare bones, dry voices, and we ask ourselves why we feel so beaten down.

Even so, 9/11 wasn’t enough. They need to keep shaking us to explosive bewilderment and anger by staging repeated shock events in our midst, one after another after another, to render a dwindling consensus onto the same page with them, to agree, if far more feebly, to support the stupendous war machine against, realistically, hundreds or thousands, inflated by propaganda to millions, of unseen ragtag overseas enemies before they somehow come over here and overwhelm us, crossing our borders in endless, relentless streams and torrents.

Everything we see or hear in the media and the press is very intentionally manipulative. The geopolitical rival Russians are the next designated enemy, once the orchestrated fear of Middle Easterners breaks down. And it’s not a conspiracy by a few invisibles; it’s part of a staggering plan to literally pacify the world. We are the diabolical (for them), mentally feeble and-unhinged real enemy they need to subdue and scientifically lobotomize to reach the peace and endless happiness of their Valhalla, where their merger into the machines of their “transhumanism” will bring them eternal, blissful life. With us a fading footnote. Don’t doubt it for a minute.

It’s the seven billion of us, or them.

JH: 3/26/17

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