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Thursday, April 21, 2011


by James Hufferd, Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     What do we believe?  We’re all different, as members of a family are different – in our case, we’re open individuals carrying information in our minds in stark contradiction to pervasive government and media messages about 9/11, still the determiner of our world going forward.
     But should our thinking in this regard go beyond a simple rejection of the 9/11 scenario – amounting to a sort of gospel of outward-directed blame and years upon years of militant vengeance-driven violence, foisted at the cost of liberty on Americans and the world beginning on the very day itself, starting less than an hour into the timeframe of the fateful incidents? Do we possess, or should we admit to, only negating ideas, amounting to a simple rejection, based on evidence, of the official story? Or can we legitimately give expression to notions, however sketchy, regarding what the evidence suggests DID happen that day as well?
     Some of our number draw the line at negation, and (questionably) claim to have “no idea” what actually did take place, or at whose instigation, holding that developing any positive conclusions from the available evidence would amount to mere “speculation”, serving no good purpose. Frequently, these purists remind us that constructing and promoting theories as to what happened is the role of professionals (prosecutors in this case), not amateurs like ourselves, who are less systematic and far more prone to error. And they are probably right, as far as that goes. Still, many of us draw additional assurance and persuasive credibility with others from applying the considerable amount of courtroom-ready evidence we have available  to determining what very well may have occurred.
     Such is the role of prosecutors, to be sure. But, we all extrapolate for ourselves every day regarding matters in virtually every other part of our lives. So, why refrain from speculation anchored in solid evidence regarding 9/11? It certainly creates more interest in the subject.
     Working with our local 911 Truth groups and reading our daily blogs and posted articles exposes us regularly to all the different mindsets and styles of dealing with what has become known and been alleged about the incidents of 9/11 and their broader context and tragic aftermath of policies, actions, and cover-up.
     Some of our number, mainly the first category I described, only deal with and comment on the forensics of the events and note that the pertinent data fail miserably and repeatedly to match up with the details of the official story. These more-or-less purist Truthers are invaluable to us, because their sharper focus enables them to better spot and emphasize contradictions and violations of physical laws in the official narrative, alerting and educating the rest of us.
     At the other extreme are all those among us who don’t pretend to stop with 9/11, but inform themselves and us also and endlessly about chemtrails, vaccinations, Waco, Oklahoma City, JFK, FEMA camps, the North American Union, BP, the Federal Reserve, NWO, HAARP, Bilderberg, Operation Mockingbird, alleged gun control plots, the global warming hoax, yada, yada.  All of which is fine for personal investigation, and no doubt deserving of attention.
     But, when thrown at the public in our outreach as a mammoth, mind-blowing package in addition to and conjunction with 9/11, it tends to fuel the common accusation that we’re “conspiracy theorists” and cranks. And widening our scope to such an extent naturally destroys our focus as a movement dedicated to the truth of 9/11, perceived as the operational vortex of the matrix of evil we’re trying to confront. There is, after all, plenty of substance in 9/11 itself for us to deal with, and new findings and aspects revealed almost daily. Hence, we need to strive to maintain our focus.
     What about the different styles and modes of presentation we encounter and practice ourselves? What about Alex Jones, a real polarizer among us? True, he wields a mean bullhorn and, in true Texas fashion, is all elbows and shoulders at times and tends to bully and monopolize. And he doesn’t always seem to completely fathom all the nuances. But, at the same time, he’s a great encourager to us all to reject the thought of intimidation. And he certainly reaches and persuades infinitely more people than, for instance, I do, or probably than you. So, he has my support.
     The same with Jesse Ventura, a great guy and a tower of courage, possibly dulled a bit by blunt object trauma over the years. He’s nobody’s idea of an intellectual. But, when well-scripted, he sways and informs tens of millions. What an asset! Different folks, different strokes – and don’t ever forget that! Rejoice in our Kevin Ryan, and our Steven Jones and Richard Gage as well, scientifically grounded, indefatigable and monumentally courageous all, and in Dr. David Ray Griffin, the genius and soul of 911 Truth.
     We could go all the way through all of us as filters and presenters of the truth we all know, and we’d all differ somewhat in our style and our message – and it’s all to the good. And it is vital that we all come to understand that, as long as we are in agreement that the evidence we have disproves or very seriously challenges the official, malignant version of what happened on 9/11, it’s nothing less than self-destructive for us to argue viciously and splinter over personal differences or versions or details of versions of what caused the collapse of the Towers and Bldg. 7 or made the hole in the Pentagon. Our common demand for a real investigation alone is enough to unite us all.
     So, as long as we stay focused and make logical and scientific sense, and don’t misstate the facts that all of us share, we are good to go. Multiplicity is our name; the truth of 9/11 our game. Let’s change the world – as only we can!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Might Work

What Might Work

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

     Strap it on – This could be a wild ride! I, for one, admit to being a radical, in as much as “radical” means literally going to the root of the matter, as opposed to superficially dealing with or being content with merely tweaking old chestnuts, turning trifling truffles.

     We in the trenches of the 911 Truth movement generally content ourselves with the low-key, slow-but-sure task of spreading our vital core truth one person or one DVD at a time. Meanwhile, up topside the movement, our designated superstars often hurl one bold hail-Mary or lightning-bolt after another, in the not totally unreasonable expectation that, while most will be knocked down, one or another may eventually land and score. In that same restless spirit of derring-do and devil-may-care virtuosity, let me suggest a sort of ultimate logical solution – a panacea, if you will – to our vexing bugaboo of getting “our” government to do what it ought to have done long ago regarding a real investigation and prosecution of 9/11 and other mass crimes of the elite.

     Let’s start with the basics. Why does the 911 Truth movement exist? Answer: to try to remedy the abject refusal of the government and institutions of this country to provide or permit the exercise of constitutionally-guaranteed due process with regard to the notorious 9/11/01 crimes, arguably the most egregious uninvestigated criminal acts in the entire checkered history of the country.

     So, why aren’t more people more upset and adamantly insisting on the revelation of truth and justice pertaining? I believe the answer to that is two-fold. First, less-vigilant citizens are fooled by the establishment’s ridiculously specious explanation. And those who are able to overcome their sentimental inhibitions and thus know or sense the basic truth generally can see no point in getting exercised, because they don’t know what they could do about it anyway.

     Now, just what is it that this world’s powers-that-be uniquely value and respect? A: Unlimited profitability and cash flow and unlimited power to command and control.

     Nonetheless, of the world’s two current superpowers, the U.S. Empire and World Public Opinion, I’d put my money on the latter as being the more powerful. But, this second behemoth is like a brainless muscle-bound adolescent: unorganized, undirected, and without a clue. But, look: globalization isn’t necessarily all bad: its advantages are simply yet unrealized. Every regular person in the world wants to live an unimpeded and self-directed rewarding and purposeful life, not as anyone’s slave, but as a free person. If there were a way for the world public to effectively demonstrate its uncontrollable, absolutely intimidating strength in its own behalf, things could be turned around quite suddenly and dramatically. And, in fact, there may be.

     In at least a couple of instances in the past, impressive mass feats were accomplished “just for the heck of it.” One such startling example was pulled off a few years ago. Remember “Hands Across America”? What did that stunt accomplish? One thing: It showed such a thing could be done – that people could do it. (And, note that corporate billionaires joining hands, for instance, wouldn’t have reached nearly as far).

     Similarly, but on an even more ambitious scale, what if people who are good at organizing and promoting such things all got together, and promoted extensively online everywhere, nonstop, for a year or more in advance, or however long it would take, a world-wide all-day work-stoppage or (optionally) perceptible slowdown, maybe vital services exempted, to start on a set calendar date and extend for two, three, or more days? Without ordinary people’s participation, the world’s economy would come to a grinding halt. Indeed, if everyone, or even half, got the message and participated, just to show what “ordinary” people could do, the world economic system would probably be close to crumbling after an idle day or two – something none of us would want.

     But, let’s say 8%, or 4%, actually participated in the global work-stoppage or slowdown, something far more achievable. The result in that case would surely be a tremendous shock and awe demonstration that the powers-that-be wouldn’t want to ever see repeated.

     And, the second time, once the effectiveness and benefit of the technique had been realized, the potential for mass participation should be relished and consolidated. And once raw global people power had thus been demonstrated, its awful threat could be used very selectively to achieve concessions and victories for the oppressed. For one thing, this ultimate tool – a sort of peaceful nuclear option – could be used to impose a sort of “writ of mandamus” on U.S. public servants, requiring that organs of government and justice fulfill their mandated duties. In consequence, uninvestigated elite mass crimes for which manifest bodies of evidence existed would have to be prosecuted, not just selectively at the pleasure of the constituted officials. A raft of other pro-people objectives might be fulfilled thusly, too; and a whole list could be applied to one instance. And, thus, the proper balance between the people and the organs of government of which we have lost control could be regained.

     Why shouldn’t the emerging seven billion be so empowered against the few hundred?

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

     There is abundant evidence that our movement’s unique raison-d’ĂȘtre – which is the propagation of truth regarding the discernable facts of 9/11 and their inescapable implications – is more or less rapidly flourishing. It’s not that our numbers of activists are growing at anywhere near the rate they should be. But, in our principle objective of increasing public awareness and receptiveness, in the face of rigid and sustained official and media denial, I find we are steadily gaining ground, aided by circumstances in the country.

     Locally, in the process of promoting and attending to matters of venue and leveraging precious little money to do big things in connection with our imminent Richard Gage speaking event strategically placed a mile from a major technical university campus, we’ve been experiencing a striking dichotomy of stances and attitudes among the people we’ve needed to try to enlist to achieve our purposes.

     First, we got turned down flat in our in-person attempt to get the event scheduled in a technical department auditorium – or any auditorium -- on campus. Those people sure know which side their bread’s buttered on! (Now, we’re hoping these same swell-head, upward-bound folk will come and lay in wait with their best quivers of questions for poor Richard – because I’m confident he can eviscerate them and turn very many of them around).

     When it finally occurred to me, vexed for a solution, to go a short distance off-campus and contact the director of the giant City Auditorium – practically a coliseum by comparison – I unexpectedly found not a denier and obstructionist, but an extremely receptive and helpful ally.

     Likewise, the (dare I say) stodgy city daily paper, once they learned what our event was about, required that my personal name and phone number, as the lead rogue, would have to be printed in the ad – something I’d never heard of – as a condition for running it. (I told them I didn’t mind being associated with the ad’s purpose if that’s what it would take). At the university’s student paper, by contrast, they not only welcomed the same ad for a three-day run, but also threw in some great-looking graphics of the WTC.

     And at The Des Moines Register, where placing a free announcement in the venerable Thursday Datebook section usually requires almost a client-vassal insider relationship, the young employ I asked – once I had read the description of the topic as “Controlled Demolition of the WTC”, said immediately, “I can get that in for you!” And so it went, the dichotomy of those who knew and those who merely thought they knew, and reacted with resistance and barriers.

     My friend Dave, a prominent member of our group, regularly rents a table at a giant three-day gun show on the state fairgrounds every two months, to give away DVDs, show dramatic, looping footage on a monitor of Building 7 coming down, and talk to people about 9/11. When he first started going, almost a year ago, I feared for his safety. And he met with a lot of hostility and derision the first time. But, since, many of the same individuals stop by multiple times to talk and see what new DVDs he has, of which they can pick up armloads to share with their friends. And, when he does still run into a sour customer occasionally, someone or other who formerly passed him by usually comes to help him in deflecting the verbal darts.

     And from the many reports I receive from unsung 911 Truth heroes in correspondence from across the continent and around the world, I’ve learned of many similar experiences and observations in lots of places. There is a strong undercurrent of impatience that we are progressing so slowly. But, progressing against all odds, we are – which is a wonder to be noted!

     And to me, the minor buzz being circulated that 9/11 “was and was not an inside job” is patent, numb-scull, Orwellian doublespeak. And likewise, the claim (presumably serious) that the only real crime to concentrate on is not the blatant act on 9/11, but its cover-up, is also nonsense, because neither aspect would remain a heinous, un-redressed crime at all without the other.

     So, what is our bottom line? I believe it is justice (utterly dependent on truth). Because, the health and well-being of a nation whose ideal is personal freedom and the political partnership of everyone can never return while the adverse agents who caused the cancer of which 9/11 was more than symptomatic still lurk, plot, and pull all the strings. And by no means – remarkably – is everyone, even now, aware that there is a struggle. Meaning we have lots of basic work left to do.

     And so, rest occasionally, my friends; but don’t yield ground to oppression – ever!