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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     The greatest enemy of freedom from unrepresentative government and the ability to govern ourselves as a nation and other nations to govern themselves, is untrue information. I am almost certain that we have the Constitutional system in place right now to facilitate free expression and attainment through the government and its forbearance of exactly what the majority of the people want.
     The problem is with the new definition of truth that is operating in this country. We say, “truth is always what the complete, unfettered evidence will indicate and prove.” Our stubborn and willful opponents in government now think of us and refer to us derisively and dismissively as “the evidence-based community”, an out-of-step minority. And, so far, they have won the argument. Why?
     I submit that (most) people don’t recognize or pay attention or show interest in the convincing scientific proofs and common sense logical arguments supporting our contention that Muslim terrorists didn’t perpetrate and carry out 9/11 and its destruction and mass-homicide, as our government said. And that, instead, necessarily, insiders known to the highest echelons of our government did that. Because, most people just don’t and won’t think, period.
     With all the deference in the world to Dr. Griffin and the great new film, I don’t think “nationalist faith” is the main problem. Sure, for many baby boomers and a relative minority of highly-ethical and community-minded others, it probably does play a large role. But, I don’t see the rest of the vast nation feeling that good about ourselves now.
     Likewise, it’s often said that people are just too filled with fear, too terrified of terrorists attacking them to let up on the gas when it comes to blaming the perceptively awful Hun/savages (who we this time see as “Muslims”) and want to swat or slaughter them all. Yet, I haven’t talked to anyone in a long time who expressed fear of any foreign terrorists invading. Have you? I submit that that line of reasoning, at least at present, is another media/government construct, and doesn’t explain our problem getting through.
     No, I think the main reason the opposition to and impatience with our message seems to be hardening now is, instead, an aspect of tribalism. (And, quite possibly, most of you won’t buy what I’m saying here because of it!) This is what I’ve found: People, by and large, don’t actually think. They (not wrongly) find the world just too bewildering and complex to even begin to figure out. So, instead, they simply take their cues and adopt their views from their perceived tribal leaders – adopting in this case the ready-made narrative referred back to every day, unanimously, by the news gurus of their choice and the spokespersons for every shade of orientation in the government, who all lip-sync exactly the same message (with slightly varying emphases) on the subject of 9/11.That’s an impressive lineup of supposedly-informed tribal leadership for a humble person here and another one over there to buck!
     So, why do journalists, who are supposed to be truth-seekers and ferret out the real story, so consistently go along with this? Well, first, roughly half of their employers (news outlets) get the bulk of their news via a wire service called the Associated Press – which is reported to be majority-owned by the holdings of a single family whose name is something like Rockshells. The other half or so are fed by a different wire service, Reuters, owned largely by Rockshell family holdings also. As stated on good authority in an earlier posting here, upwards of $6 trillion (from a cash-flow not to be endangered) has been filtered upward from the humble folk to enterprises actively lubricating and operationalizing the Rockshells’ sociopathic wet dreams from financing wars and home-front operations in response to 9/11 since 2001. (Which is precisely why, by the way, you and I find ourselves in the financial mess we are currently in). And the Rockshells’ dream now coming to pass, I am fairly convinced, is of government conducted either openly or covertly by a worldwide Dick Cheney-style unitary executive.
     And completely accordingly, the news organizations invariably weigh heavily on the individual journalists not to wander off on their own in search of stories. (And, at this late date, the journalists and analysts are so heavily invested in the preposterous official story that they could probably never remove the thick coating of omelet from their faces if they reversed themselves now. How could they ever face their incredulous fellows and their bosses like that? Such must be their thinking when tempted to interpret the evidence!
     And, as for the individual “news” (or just daily culture) consumer – who wants to be labeled a “delusional, irrelevant, unpatriotic nut-job?”
     Hang tough! We have our work cut out for us! If we can only get it to court…
JH / Sept. 21, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011


By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     The biggest, most-significant gridlock in America is not that in Congress, or between the Obama White House and Congress, but between the powers-that-be and the truth. Truth is verboten. No truth whatsoever is permitted either in the halls of Congress, nor in the administration, nor in the major or 99+% of the minor news or information outlets nor the courts nor published books, or periodicals, nor, in so far as possible, the private market of thoughts. It is the ultimate banned substance, vying with courage these days for rarity. For, once it (truth) is let in, and the mere possibility of its relevance acknowledged, even a smidgen, well, who knows what mischief, what unraveling, would follow? The whole universe could come down!  No! The Story As Told must be accepted, 100%! Otherwise, we’re finished!  It’s chaos!
     My proudest recruit to the 911 Truth cause to date is a splendid practicing neurologist, a gentleman and solid citizen and the nominee of one of the two major parties for Congress in my district a couple of cycles ago. In fact, I’m convinced he would have won handily, despite the money, but for his lack of name recognition at the time. I was convinced he was a good man, and he subsequently has proven it. He has to somehow get past his objecting life partner to come to our monthly meetings and other events, but, attend and contribute he often does.
     A couple of days ago, I received an email from him, stating he had submitted a letter to the editor of a sizable metropolitan daily in the area, in response to an article urging readers to solemnly observe the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11 as a major benchmark  of change in American life and culture.  My friend and staunch fellow Truther ( and far more of a solid member of the community than I) submitted a reply noting that the vaunted American system had failed to properly investigate and prosecute the crimes, resulting in misappropriation of the blame, two tragic and bloody wars, and the curtailment of our Constitutional rights.
     He shared with me that the opinion page editor – who he swears is “a nice guy” – contacted him offering to publish the letter if he would re-submit removing the reference to the government and media lying and covering up – likening that reference to the flap over Obama's’s birth certificate.
     After receiving this information, I took the liberty of emailing the editor of the opinion page, asking him how he could justify denying especially someone of the known integrity and depth of my friend a voice on this all-important issue, especially given that polls have shown that over 40% of the American public tends to doubt that the government is telling the truth about 9/11. I asked him if he could come anywhere close to matching the scientific qualifications of my friend to render a meaningful judgment, and how he could justify dismissing and silencing such a highly-respected person as, allegedly, a fringe thinker.  My friend told me my email would “just piss him off”. And that may be what happened, because I haven’t heard anything back.
     The question that lingers in my mind about this episode is, “what ready-made conclusions and what thought processes caused that opinion page editor to respond to my friend, someone whom he clearly knew, in the manner that he did?” Relatedly, why would someone in as responsible a position as the opinion page editor of a sizable newspaper – no doubt both a newsman and a person of some intellect – steadfastly refuse to consider any actual facts or evidence pertaining to the central event of our time? Was it really because he thought he had every reason to believe that someone of the stature of my Truther friend would submit and harbor an absolutely preposterous judgment regarding something he had clearly studied enough to form a judgment about? That doesn’t seem likely.
     Instead, I think the answer – in this case, and in numerous analogous cases of steadfast refusal to consider on the part of perfectly sane and intelligent people you have encountered as well, is that they simply refuse to own the consequences if we are correct.
     Many people refuse to let register in their minds the consequences of someone being murdered or tortured or verbally or physically assaulted in their presence for the same reason – because anybody admitting to be in the presence of such an act automatically has heavy responsibilities that they will not shoulder. Hence, they check out mentally.
     That, my friends, is where we are in America. All of the cover-up and disinformation that we continue to encounter daily only abets, only blesses the process. It’s a stupendous but classic case of co-dependency.
     And so, we continue to beat our heads against the solid wall – a wall more solid than the Berlin Wall or the Great Wall of China or the Iron Curtain or Hadrian’s Wall ever were.  We keep thinking, “if we can just make a break-through”. Let us guard lest the “break-through” we make is in our own head!
     And, what is our best chance? In my opinion, it’s that one faction of the psychopathic/ sociopathic mass-murderous insiders or mass obstructers of justice will eventually “rat out” another faction and all the linkages and the story will come pouring out. We already have seen some glimmers of that. Let us be strong and  ready to insist on justice!
     Happy 9/11, everybody! And, thanks a million for taking responsibility!
JH: 9/05/2011