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Sunday, October 30, 2011

9/11 and History

9/11 and History
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organiazaion
     We all live within a continuing narrative of events large and small that is more-or-less fixed inside our heads, spun into ordered and complex layers and infused with familiar meaning by succeeding decades of accretion and experience. Our internalized mental narrative representations of the world are as much a landscape, with features just as prominent and orienting for each of us as the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, your local thoroughfare, or the drug store or fire or police station on the corner of your street. And the features and shape of your narrative are as fixed in your own constellation as the stars in the sky and as textured and comfortable as the covers on your bed.
     It’s four steps and a right to the bathroom door. If it became suddenly five or three, we’d bang into the wall or panic would set in. Altering the nighttime or daytime temperature of your room by five degrees either way can spin into a major issue in search of resolution – either call the repairman or change your wardrobe.
     People with stories to tell or points to make comparing the world before 9/11 and after 9/11 very seldom endeavor to tell us what it was about 9/11 that elicited the changes or, even more rarely, what actually happened on 9/11 to account for the dramatic before and after changes in life, mores, attitudes, agendas, expectations, requirements, and events that have followed.  Have you noticed? 9/11 has, thus, become our greatest non-event.
     Thus, 9/11 intrudes itself in our history as a clear break, but normally without plausible definition. The orchestra conductors of our collective existence have imposed on us a mythical account of happenings that day certainly less compelling, but akin to murky cock-and-bull stories from the Old Testament or Greek mythology – a story absurd on its face, maximally insulting our adult intelligence.
     But, contrary to popular belief, few educated people in our culture are fully buying it these days. You don’t believe me? Just think about how nearly all of the plethora of social commentators and decriers of our country’s stupendous dysfunction and failure to provide for and coddle us these days talk and write in detail about things both before and after the life-changing events of 9/11, but conspicuously avoid saying anything at all about the events themselves – what lay behind them, what brought them about, what they consisted in and what produced the effects we observed, who bore responsibility. And the stock excuse for this jaw-dropping omission of the very heart of the matter that flew for most people in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 – that everybody knows anyway – certainly doesn’t apply now.  Because, people don’t “know” these things. If, indeed, they ever did, they’re really not so sure now.  (I, for one, attribute this suspension of certainty, or greater acuity of judgment, to us. Because, who else has been busy disabusing people of 9/11 fairy tales, albeit subtly and from afar in most cases due to our failure to grow into a numerically-large movement?)
     And so, to me, it’s a sign that we’re actually getting someplace, thanks to our persistence, and that even (or especially) people who are asleep eventually do wake up to smell the coffee. The glue that held the old, ridiculous narrative at least loosely in place for a decade is no longer sticking very well, and the country – as we all know – is, as a result of cruel disappointments on many fronts, now coming unglued!
     And now, there’s an at least even chance, it seems, that our main, great issue, our chief demand, that 9/11 be really and seriously investigated, as something eminently pertinent to real American justice and our constitutional guarantees, is going to gain inclusion as one of the small number of prominent demands put forward by the far-more-accepted and better-understood Occupy (Wall Street) Movement that has surged into being. And, to my mind, such may well be the most momentous and propitious happening in our existence as a movement to date, increasing whatever chance there is of our referendum and other efforts and maneuvers’ success. Because, no matter what ultimately happens to the Occupy Movement itself, whether it dissolves and breaks up in the chill of winter, succeeds in eliciting meaningful adherence and reform, or is coopted or hijacked or diverted, as our legions of Cassandras expect, its high-water mark of public acceptance will help to legitimate our demand for many and get them to think seriously about the subject of 9/11 perhaps for the first time.
     Short of that, we are asking multitudes of people to change their whole way of looking at how our country and the world works, going back to the good guys (us) vs. all the successive bad guys from before World War II forward in order to see that true, menacing evil can lurk and operate from and amid our side, and not always from the conjured lesser-known alien others. And, for most, growing up on pulp fiction and westerns, saccharine founding fathers and chest-thumping speeches and sermons, that’s quite a stretch.
JH: 10/30/11

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Are People Supposed to Believe?

What Are People Supposed to Believe?
By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     One of my favorite truisms for 911 Truth (9/11 Truth, 9-11 Truth, etc.), which I repeat to my own group all the time, is “On this key, central issue of our time, we ARE the media!” And no one disputes that statement. Since the regular media is allergic to, or intimidated from, investigating and informing objectively on the super-catalytic mother of crimes known as 9/11 – which just keeps unfolding day after day, with continued barefaced irresponsible neglect accompanied by reams of disinformation calculated to consistently confuse and misinform and dissuade people from bothering to ever find out the verifiable facts of the case, presumably for reasons of dire policy, we few who are informed and convinced of the unmatched importance of what came down on that day are morally motivated as decent world citizens to inform everyone of the truth.
     So, we ARE the media on this! We don’t need bullhorns or stunts to try to get ourselves arrested to do the job. In fact, we don’t even have to make a lot of noise, period. And probably can’t, being a rather small group of people in any one place at one time. We just need to make like the little persistent noise (a rattle, or knock, a squeak or grating – I don’t often say a whine!) that you start to be aware of while driving. The key is not volume, but persistence and repetition. And, if you ever eventually hear it, (i.e., unless the radio drowns it out completely), you WILL CHECK IT OUT! If there’s something wrong (and there is!) people who are alerted, unless they are incurable fatalists of some sort, or over 106 and past caring, WILL eventually – probably pretty soon – investigate. And then, it will be up to them and their personal ethic what they do with the knowledge. But, deep down, they will know!
     So, what is it we want them to find out and come to realize and know? I may, somewhere in the dark recesses of my grey matter, or in my bones, cherish a full-blown conspiracy theory that could vastly outshine the government/pet media’s touted cockamamie conspiracy theory about 9/11 (which we never imagine for a minute they believe a word of themselves). I happen to regard my conspiracy theory as vastly superior to theirs (as you, undoubtedly, do yours, too) because it is squarely based on established facts about 9/11 that the official conspiracy theory couldn’t begin to comport with, let alone account for. My theory accounts for ALL of the established facts I am aware of that I have been able, in a decade of doubt and then conviction , to gather and internalize. My resulting story of 9/11, I believe, is good, wholly adequate for its purpose, basically defensible, fit to share with anyone interested.
     But, to my amazement, others exposed to the same basic set of established facts have constructed an understanding that differs from mine in sometimes crucial respects. And their reasoning for their somewhat different conclusions doesn’t always impress me, nor mine them. But generally – and I emphasize generally – we will still both agree on the established facts and that a full, impartial investigation is needed to sort them out.
    And, unless your message is to be “Don’t think. Just accept my conclusions, I conclude that the facts, and not the details of our individual conclusions therefrom, should be what we urge on people as we spread the word. Because, those facts are the truth, whereas our personal conclusions and epiphanies may not be.
     On a more somber note: At this point, I was going to illustrate what I meant by a reliance on facts alone by reproducing my very recent review on Amazon .com of a brand-new children’s book explaining 9/11 purporting to rely on the “facts” that planes hijacked by Muslim terrorists – terrible people – were flown into the World Trade Center on that day, causing catastrophic fires and wreaking havoc and death. I carefully responded by stating the established facts regarding temperatures and steel and the profiles of the buildings’ collapse, the anomaly of Building 7, and the presence of nanothermite, criticizing the author for ignoring virtually all of the facts that have been established and can be properly verified. I didn’t mention the Pentagon only because the author of the book didn’t. And, today, I found out when I went to scan my review that it has already been removed. And, likewise, I discovered that my review of David Ray Griffin’s Cognitive Infiltration, the second or third one posted, has also been selectively removed. A source of pride, I suppose, to be singled out like that; but, instead, I feel crushed, almost water-boarded. The Bill of Rights is down.
     Currently, there is a move underway to define a consensus view from the conclusions reached by 911 Truthers on most conceivable aspects of our subject of concern. That is a legitimate, though necessarily flawed, exercise, and I think both its content and applied methodology with be interesting. But, I doubt that the consensus positions arrived at will ever be seen as of great significance. I hope not. For one thing, it may be that no one single individual will ever agree with or agree to adopt all of the consensus conclusions as her or his own. So, could everyone’s thought in fact be no one’s? Consider the meaning of that! Speaking for myself, I know that speculators will continue to speculate, convincingly or not, regardless.  And facts will still be facts – even when they are misconstrued. And, I’m sure some haven’t yet been discovered.
     Plus, it may even be discovered, when the pond is drained, that there were a few, or even more than a few, false positives (scavengers, or infiltrators) represented among the responders.
     Besides that, if a “consensus” view comes to be urged on us and widely advertised in the media as “our position”, or “the position of the movement” on such and such, then it will become sort of like our “Apostles’ Creed”, with all of us viewed as “believers” or “members of the body”, or something like a “church”, however “democratic”. And, may God fofend!
JH:  10/4/11