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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


WHO IS HAMMERED FOR MASS-MURDER & WHO IS HAILED AND FUNDED UP THE WAZOO? By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * Murderers in our midst we collar with gusto. We yell obscenities, scream, foam at the mouth to get at them! We salivate to annihilate and eviscerate the scum (even if robotized, which is always a likelihood in big cases) with maximal pain and suffering! We want to murder them back! Dungeoning such dingus forever is really never going to be enough punishment for them (us). No! We want to flay them! Shoot their eyes out, splatter their brains! If the victims are too young, or the perpetrators happen to have a funny-sounding name, or let on they don’t really care that much for us, or wear a turban on their noggin, especially atop non-European faces or skin-tones, why then, conviction in court isn’t even at all necessary. We know, because they’re circumstantially guilty and walking on egg shells with us to begin with. Our culture wants to skin them and violate them in some way from the word go anyway. “Blow them _____________s to smithereens!” (Just fill in the blank according to what year it is: Injuns, nigras, spics, waps, huns, rag-heads… etc., etc., etc.). The kinds of government programs Americans, by and large, tend to strongly support and pay up for without a whimper are not the sort that aim at helping people cope in our exhausted economy or fix our bridges or clean up after disasters or directly invest in our future. No! But who has ever suggested we should put “Black Budget” programs on the chopping block, or defund us some military drones or “smart”-bombs, or put our continued base presence around the world up to an up or down vote of the locals? Or dump our growing exorbitantly-priced and brutal civilian contract military? Blitzing those programs significantly might, in fact, balance more than just our budget! But the programs that wreak violence and swing a big, bad stick to keep the other 95% of the world in obeisance in our name are rarely considered for cuts – Americans who say they want a tiny government applaud and insist on those particular big government programs and the bloated military with nary a qualm as necessary to “protect us” from a few dozen patsy terrorist cells somewhere our trillions and doomsday weapons seem to be never completely effective against (although the Afghan Northern Alliance, to our embarrassment, originally pacified the Taliban in a week!) In the never-to-end process, we wipe out scads who don’t like us there or just get in the way. And now, our forces might be compelled to do more policing (probably more than they can handle), in Syria, maybe Egypt, almost certainly Iran. The real trouble with our overlords ultimately in charge of everything is that they are us writ large, times a hundred. They are infused with our awful kill culture, but far worse than we are. But, since they’re supposed to be our protectors, we largely ignore the daily news (abundantly available daily online from International Clearing House, etc., for anyone interested) of them taking out whole tribes and villages in Iraq or Pakistan, or anywhere else they please over there, of allying with the worst local murderous bastards, of killing innocents, sometimes by “mistake”, adding to many times the whole populations of Aurora or Newtown or Oak Creek with door-to-door trained thugs (who virtually everyone now claims to agree shouldn’t be there in the first place, and who, if they’re still sane, don’t want to be there, for the fifth or the eighth time, either). And it’s done also by remote from Kansas or Georgia using even more-cowardly detonator buttons. And, again, those true monsters in secret, black-budget “security” agencies and arms-dealing “defense” contractors who expend half our tax dollars in killing devices to deploy or sell – those, too, are our mega mass-murderers (MMMs), rewarded by us far better than anybody you personally know. And add to them the way-higher-ups who advise (i.e., inform the president what he must do to keep from running suicidally afoul of the NWO / “higher Mafia” kingpins to avoid his own violent debacle). Included are those, in particular, who brought the WTC buildings down, and bombed the Pentagon, killing thousands in a couple of hour spree, plus scores of thousands of First Responders slowly over a number of years, for “strategic reasons” – to get the unthinking, not-much-uncaring public to give a green light to murder a million-plus more, and to regiment, terrify, de-constitutionalize, and flat-out rob us to continue the homicidal game, while effectively disengaging the government from legitimately governing for ten-plus years and counting. Those, our MMM (mega mass murdering) killers are applauded, in stark contrast to the piddling, one-off killing-spree assassins of a mere twenty-eight or fourteen or five unfortunates, not to be minimized. But, the former, our mega variety of mass assassins, are permitted in contrast to effectively write their own checks at the public till, wiping out along with the legions of humans, quickly as opposed to slowly, our national budgets, year after year after year, which we relinquish to them in an orgy of gratitude. It’s the price our nation gladly pays, without mentioning it during the Congressional balancing wars, for not having to acknowledge the, by magnitudes, truest and largest crimes and criminals operating among us and “for us” – including the criminals responsible for 9/11, which virtually no one is or ever was seriously interested in bringing to justice. They are also busily at work wrecking the balking, recalcitrant world (which would like to put a check on our incredible, stupendous excesses and mess at everyone else’s expense), and at feeding by heinous example our national sickness / addiction to and taste for murderous violence, even as our “entertainment”. We won’t confront or indict them because they, as a group, are the ones counted upon to protect us from the cinematic made-up bad guys in a world that is dangerous mainly because they make and keep it so (because it super-nourishes them). The peace of mind of the nation won’t allow us to know who really did 9/11, so we can fix the problem. Is that crazy, or what? Carl Jung said it best: “The cause of insanity is avoidance of tolerable pain.” As a distinctive class apart, along with the major CEOs and banksters, our true, professional mass-murderers walk astride the world like giants. And we all pay the price in full many times over. So then, if not this, what kind of a world do we really want? How about one safe for six year olds, certainly, and puppies, and other overwhelmingly nice people? And, by the way, when did anyone ever really ask us? For heaven’s sake, tell the world what 9/11 is and what it means, so we can get serious (not stay crazy) and arrest the killing and let people live and no longer eat, breathe, sleep, and dream death at the beck of psychos! Basta! JH: 12/25/12

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Hot Rock of Zion: Did Israel Do It?

The Hot Rock of Zion: Did Israel Do It? by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ O.K. Let’s take the bulls by the horns. (The bulls = 1) the hyper-tense Israeli-American Establishment, just waiting to sound the alarm and demonize on the most-egregious or slightest excuse, and 2) those within the greater 911 Truth Movement who are equally hyper-sensitive, and equally eager to eviscerate anyone who is perceived to cut Israel, or probably any Jew on earth, any slack.) So, tossing caution to the bulls, and mindful of what bulls always do, I shall proceed. To brush up for this formidable task, I went back and re-digested what I consider the least-venomous and most-reasoned current source for the fast growing certitude among a lot of 911 Truthers that “Israel did it”/”the Jews did it”/”Zionists did it”. That would be Christopher Bollyn, in his recent book, Solving 9-11 (2012). Not having read the book in depth before, I had the impression that Chris Bollyn was maintaining and more-or-less credibly documenting that Jews or Israel were involved in the operation. Not so! What a closer reading showed was that he was maintaining that Israelis (including lots and lots of Israeli-American dual citizens) planned and carried off virtually unaided, the whole job, lock, stock, and barrel. Indeed, the roll recited in the book of I-A dual citizens and Israeli-owned companies allegedly involved that were operating in America is in itself rather staggering. Indeed, with such key people and companies omnipresent and lurking on 9/11, how could it have possibly been otherwise than an Israeli (Mossad-Israeli establishment) operation, start to finish? Bollyn makes an excellent case, in a powerful book full of vital facts, citing credibly as precedents the Liberty and Lavon affairs and a plethora of Mossad and Israeli false-flag ops going back to before Israeli statehood. Crucial differences exist between Bollyn’s theory of 9/11 and the memorized-by-heart litany recited by most aware and informed 911 Truthers. These include the following: 1) Bollyn states his belief, surprisingly in light of his usual thorough documentation, backed more by points of ideology and their previous terrorist practices, and no discernible hard evidence, that a series of Israel’s present and past prime ministers and leading cabinet members were among the actual perpetrators. They could have done it. Their past deeds in particular so indicate. But, so equally could Dick Cheney, “Poppy” Bush, the signatories of PNAC, and/or the CIA, also with false-flags on their collective resumes. 2) Instead of a stand-down order preventing intercepts issued by Cheney, or otherwise built into the drills that day, Bollyn tells us there was an Israeli-owned electronics firm that had perfected a device to cancel systemic communications between the aircraft and the responders. 3) He describes an Israeli-owned private company operating in the U.S. that manufactured nanothermite on its own, outside U.S. military supervision. He also cites another Israeli private firm that he suspects obtained authorization from specially-placed fellow-Zionist Larry Silverstein to implant explosives and wire the WTC for demo. 4) Neither airliners nor U.S. military drones or missiles were involved, Bollyn posits, but instead remotely-controlled aircraft specially-built in the U.S. by an Israeli-owned private manufacturer. The logistics of switching from flights that took off, or didn’t take off, is not theorized. 5) Verifying the existence of all of these shadowy, specialized firms, a veritable exotic Israeli-owned subversive, discrete infrastructure (exostructure?) within the U.S., would be a must for me. Were they all established just to produce that one day? Additionally, a major point of omission that would have to be dealt with to convince me that Mr. Bollyn’s tantamount to “completely Israeli” theory is true is how the Muslim Middle Eastern patsies (the 19), trained and coddled on U.S. military bases with CIA shepherding, were really Israeli patsies. Jewish-background lockdown ownership and control of the U.S. media is manifest. But, as I’ve stated, Bollyn’s attribution of operation and planning of 9/11 to Israelis (including Israeli-Americans) strikes me, on the face of it, as at best equally as plausible, notwithstanding all of its requirements, as the usual attributions (i.e., to U.S. government agencies and allies and implanted agents) that 911 Truthers customarily cite. But no more than equally. Conversely, I tend strongly to doubt the Israel-only attribution strongly favored in Solving 9-11 because I believe that Israel’s future existence would have been placed in very grave danger if an Israeli-alone operation somehow were to go awry, were thwarted or sabotaged by any one of a fair number of potentially incensed U.S. operatives or personnel, or if the U.S. public somehow got wind of it. It would almost certainly have been perceived by Israel’s overlords as just too much of a risk to take. Furthermore, the particular grave risks of operating alone, even if such were permitted at the top, could have easily been avoided and the operation pulled off much more easily with U.S. establishment cooperation. Furthermore, too, the sponsors of PNAC and U.S. moneyed interests, in the last analysis, were still the bigger gainers from 9/11, counting profits, convenient destruction of documents (and, in some cases, personnel), and access to untold Middle Eastern lucre, clout, and positioning. Israel gained sympathy. My own preferred theory goes back to an observation – attested in black and white and interviews by at least some of its likely members. It is that there likely exists a sort of “board of trustees” advising and sharpening and carrying out the general will of at least the heads of the single family that, through ruthless fractional interest banking, today controls between a third and more than half of the wealth on earth itself. That still-powerful entity (“the board of trustees”), in my view, is not predicated, even tangentially, on any sort of religious sentiment. And it’s certainly not headquartered in Tel-Aviv. Try Basel, if anywhere. And membership is instead based on the power of concentrated super-wealth. Many of its likely members are from families of Jewish origin, to be sure. Because Jews were originally advantaged as bankers in the Middle Ages, because they, uniquely, lived under no prohibition of usury, and so could hoard. But, such prominent likely members as the Rockefellers (Baptist) and the J.P. Morgan clan (Episcopalian) – Rothschild agents, but powerful in their own right – are anything but Jewish. And they – the cabal – are at the bottom, un-secretly, at least in general, of all of our great shock events and trends of at least the last century. Of everything short of cosmic collisions. And both the U.S. and Israel are their living vassals. And the Mossad, CIA, NSA, MI-6, ISI, etc., etc., are their united tool, along with the U.S. military and NATO. See Henry Makow, Ph.D., Illuminati, The Cult That Hijacked the World, (Winnipeg, 2008). Merry Christmas!! JH: 12/11/12

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Barriers & Obstacles: Overcoming Adverse Psychology

Barriers & Obstacles: Overcoming Adverse Psychology By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization This writing will be utilitarian. It’s focus: what adversities do we, the movement for 9/11 truth and justice, need to overcome, and how can we effectively triumph by countering them? The mode of presentation will be essentially an outline, or inventory, with only a modicum of discussion. Please feel free to add your own elements to mine, and please share! The psychological and corresponding behavioral barriers and obstacles I see can be divided into two operative types, Type A – Disincentives and Barriers for Individuals, and Type B – Institutional and Establishment Defenses Against Evidentiary Truth-Seeking. Obstacles and barriers to individual acceptance (the A List): 1. That people insisting on 9/11 truth are considered a radical, loony fringe, unhinged from known reality. This is the message that has been successfully sold. 2. 9/11/01 was long ago; there are now more relevant issues – a demonstrably false and misleading evasion. 3. Unawareness that there is evidence disputing the official story - Conventional news has never reported any such resistance. 4. Futility: so what? - There is a pervasive feeling of powerless, regardless of the truth. 5. Structural disincentives – the totally-rational fear of being shunned, ridiculed, and fired if you deviate. 6. Avoidance of civic engagement – Many citizens operate only as family people, pals, and consumers, and couldn’t easily imagine principled civic involvement. My Type B list, of Establishment and Institutional Defenses and Disincentives, is as follows: 1. Political or Occupational Suicide – The real threat of rejection and ostracism for deviance applies to elected and other civic officials and functionaries as well. 2. Loss of Sources and Funding – Publications, journalists, and ideological organizations and their representatives are effectively kept in line by invaluable incentives and disincentives. 3. Fear of National Trauma and Institutional Unraveling – Belief in the de facto political and economic system is at an all-time low, and definitive failure of the myth of national benevolence and evidence of pervasive moral treachery could leave the nation shattered, bereft and adrift. 4. Fraternal Self-Justification – We function as a tribal nation, and security operatives won’t rat out fellow operatives, doctors won’t testify against other doctors, police won’t betray other police, clergy protect other clergy, etc. 5. Cooperative Support for Medicinal Storyline – Functionaries supporting the official story don’t accept responsibility for its ultimate truth, but just for its “positive” purpose of unifying. 6. No Credible Opposition – If a famous, powerful, or knowledgeable person were to seriously question the official narrative, there is no realistic or credible counter-organization in view to join forces with. Hence, untold numbers no doubt keep their thinking or suspicions private regarding 9/11. Finally, Part C – My answers to the above, in outline, are as follows: 1. Continue to Inject the Truth (Evidence) into the National Conversation, Prepare the Ground – We have kept awareness of this vital national issue alive (if barely) up to now, and must continue to bravely spread what we know. 2. We Must Continue Our Stand visibly Despite the Strong Head-Wind – If we give way to discouragement, we’ve lost; so, we must persevere. 3. Create and Spread a Compelling Counter-Narrative – We must imaginatively produce and successfully pedal a more-compelling counter-narrative, raising and credibly accounting for all the known facts relative to 9/11 and persuading the nation that the official narrative doesn’t do that. In my judgment, the new film Operation Terror, written, produced, and financed by Art Olivier, is capable of going a long ways in that direction, if we can get it into enough theatres, represented in the national media, and imbued in the national consciousness. I say, we must try! Get the film if you haven’t. JH: 11/25/12

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mind Control and the New World Order

Mind Control and the New World Order by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization It is, it seems to me, something to ponder that, in dealing with us who stubbornly stick up for and demand 9/11 truth and justice, the powers-that-be never, or almost never, dispute any of the actual evidence we cite specifically. Instead, through their media schlocks and in blogs, they call us the equivalent of idiots and blockheads, of worse than questionable character, for not going along with the preposterous official story like everybody else. President Obama has berated us on more than one occasion for disputing the “established fact” that our nation was attacked by Arab terrorists on September 11, ’01, without pointing to any evidence (evidently non-existent) of any such fact. So, on what basis does he (do they all on that side) berate our evidence-supported claim that the official allegation could literally not have been the case? Purely on the basis, when you get down to it, that an unquestioning faith (albeit unfounded) in the official version must be maintained. It must be because it is indispensable to at least seem to justify the unjustifiable deadly decade ongoing of illegal assaults on innumerable innocents in the Middle East and potentially elsewhere, the theft of their commercial birthright (minerals and also sovereignty), and a huge chunk of our liberties as well. If unquenchable revenge and prevention are not seen as in order, the only remaining conclusion to be drawn is that our leaders are heartless bullies and murderers, worthy of only the support of looters and profiteers on a grand scale. And they can’t have that as a viable conclusion: hence the ludicrous web of myths and false news surrounding us, still being woven. But women’s suffragists faced that sort of reception. It was widely declared “absurd” that women should be voters or office-holders. Because, you didn’t see any such, did you? And, if black men were freed, it would destroy the nation. The South would separate or face economic catastrophe, and the North couldn’t live without a prosperous South. Besides, if you put it up to a vote in the South, with the propertied white Christian men directly affected voting, democracy would keep the institution in place. We are democratic, aren’t we? People who wanted to do away with slavery were, thus, enemies of the public, of public order. Like John Brown, whose what goes marching on, according to his supporters? Truth! Something that you can’t have, that won’t be tolerated, that this world (by which they mean its perennial “leaders” and their die-hard lackeys) can’t handle! And that is why its proponents end up getting shot and strung up and declared outlaws throughout history! Thus, the law must be a lie (to a certain degree) to serve the interests of the powers that really control society. And all else, including the laws of physics when inconvenient and pretty fictions like equality before the law and due process, must be cast aside when push comes to shove. And that sort of genuine truth, friends, defines our desperate and necessary cause – that the truth must be whatever is scientifically and reasonably discoverable, and not “what we say it is”. And our only hope is pitting knowledge against ignorance, by spreading the word. And not simply getting the presently misinformed public to vote on the issue. That cannot work. An unprecedented tool for spreading the word, in my opinion, is the newly-released feature film, directed by Paul Cross and just out on DVD, OPERATION TERROR., the most stunning portrayal of 9/11 ever made. I believe you should google its home page, order and watch it, and endeavor to show it everywhere. I must add that it’s so graphic and real that regular theatres have banned it. So then, what about retaining Barack Obama in the presidency for four more years? Is that a grievous error or abomination? Not if you care about Social Security and Medicare surviving, possible talks with Iran instead of suicide, and the environment. As for continued violence on a slightly smaller, more gradual scale, I’m with David Icke. Any leader with a gun held to his head would go along with that. The true originators – what I call the “board of trustees” – are much higher. As Charles Fort wrote decades ago, “I think we are farmed.” JH: 11/11/12

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jacking Us Around: 9/11 In Context

Jacking Us Around: 9/11 in Context by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization Our friends in Europe in particular have a field day on a more or less regular basis accusing Americans of being hopeless duffuses. Why else would we make such awful electoral decisions, and then make them again? Why do we consistently show up at their airports, cafés, and hostelries proudly displaying our utter ignorance of the world as they know it? What they forget, or maybe have never entirely come to realize, is that they are bombarded these days perhaps with only a small proportion of the endless barrage and barrier to reason of induced shock events and scamming and mental programming via media that we are. The only other explanation is that we’re different species. It could well be that this current shock event, the anomalous pre-election October Surprise massive hurricane devastating most of the Northeast is an entirely natural occurrence, and not engineered. It could just be a case of nature jacking us around to somehow throw a wrench into our election. Or, it could be a HAARP-related operation using chemtrails. (See . There were similarly those who held that the August 23, 2011 Washington, DC/Virginia earthquake – a thing unheard of, or virtually so, was promulgated by one internal faction to destroy the elaborate underground virtual 51st state domain of the unelected Provisional Government cabal pulling most of the strings now. These wacko theorists (if that’s what they are) point to a Colorado quake that occurred that very same weekend to also crumble the western retreat version of the same thing, which was reachable, according to some, by high-speed underground Interstate. And don’t forget that none other than Webster Tarpley told us that 9/11 was primarily a battle in an ongoing civil war between factions fighting over possession of security codes (for data access? for launch?) that came off as a behind-the-scenes coup d’etat. The truth for us emerging from all these highly telling more-than-possibilities, and more than a few events conclusively proven to be staged for mis-attribution, but not widely reported as such, is that we need to say, definitively, “No más!” The roaches always there behind all the scenes need to be pulled out and beheaded, or whatever it takes – hopefully in response to convinced and unremitting mass insistence. And, it is we, my fellow change-agents, who must do the convincing! Indeed, No mas! This is no way to have to live! And, I am convinced that Belgians, for instance, would see through this type of ruse instantly if it happened more than ten times to them. Don’t be shy! Start spreading the word! JH: 10/30/12

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What We Have To Overcome

What We Have To Overcome (The Crusades Template) By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization Flash!!! People are not solitary minds occupying bodies. Juries work by, in effect, converting random human specimens into discrete minds, reprogrammed for the express purpose of processing evidence logically. And that’s what we 911 Truth activists are also asking people to do. But in crucial counter-distinction, the people we ask to render a logical evidence-supported judgment are not likewise reprogrammed or protectively shielded in any way to drop their socialized encumbering baggage to permit them to do that. Indeed, they are socialized out in the world to not only recall at all times which side their bread is buttered on, but also from whence come the customary currency, kudos, connections, and perks, that condition and constitute their circumstantially-negotiated existences. Let’s face it – as much as we 911 Truthers might enjoy patting ourselves on the back for being super-perceptive and logical and seeing reality uniquely rationally and scientifically, we are very largely a tribe made up of folks who have gone through the fire, are retired (or have been ejected) from sobering and compromising employment or somehow self-employed, hardened, relatively self-sufficient skeptics, having less than most personally left to lose. We are the modern Seminoles, kind of, sort of, in a way. The reason we are having such a hard time shaking the apples from the tree in convincing people about 9/11, which seems so self-evident, is that it’s perceived as so far to fall for most, who, unlike us, are still connected vitally to the tree (if only in their dreams); so, they hang on precariously, even if it demands maintaining and defending positions counter to all good and decent sense. Again, let’s face it – the empowering current and signals that energize the collective-level operating system of our civilization at large emanate primarily from above and are conducted to receptors and bulbs (however dim!) throughout, without the aid of a lot of reflection (producing resistance). And, to be realistic, probably an overwhelming number, at this point, of those who do respond favorably to our entreaties of evidence and appeals to reason and science are either footloose from the system, like most of us, or just being agreeable and polite and might just about as well agree with us if we were passionately promoting the opposite side. Whoever knows? Most people aren’t activists unless they somehow become “tuned in and turned on” That’s our task. What I’m saying is that it’s not really that people at large are too stupid (as all too many of us are accustomed to allege), meaning by implication that we are that much smarter. The fact that random citizens function satisfactorily as jurors and juries (but only if their personal immunity from negative repercussions is assured satisfactorily) belies that. Instead, the difficulty we’re facing has to do with them being systematically programmed to be docile and go along – programmed by repetition and factoids (lies), by masks of well-meaning and independent thinking, by disinformation, by reinforced fear of deviancy, derision and shaming, perhaps by hypnotic suggestion, and by every known means encouraged to internalize and ratify, no need to think it through. Something the representative authority figures themselves usually don’t do, being likewise empowered from above by the amoral material gods they also serve and fear. In the words of Charles Fort, “I think we are farmed.” So, if we reject the implications of this set-up, it’s our daunting task to go about the challenging, major-league business of learning how to, in effect, re-program and re-orient society sufficiently, as did our spiritual forebears who involved themselves in the businesses of Anti-Slavery, Women’s Suffrage, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement. All of which, by at long last triumphing, prove it can be done. It is time for us, the 911 Truth movement, as divided and dispirited as we are and have long been, to decide that we, too, mean business. We’ve proven so far that we can keep the issue alive. But, it should be evident by now that we can’t win unless we more than double down on everything. But, win we can! Because, in this current case, desperately-repeated false flags and loathing and scapegoating of Muslims portrayed as ungrateful and untrustworthy subhuman fiends is not an ultimately-winning proposition or rationale. And it hasn’t been since the pathetic end of the Crusades, the thousand-year-old template for what it is we’ve now got to overcome. Talk about backward and yesterday! We certainly ought to be able to displace that by advancing, multiplying, and ramping up our persistent, drumbeat message: “Investigate and justice! It wasn’t the Muslims who did it!” JH: 10/14/12

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black Arts & Eschatology

Black Arts & Eschatology By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization A deep pall of gloom and doom is cast over the earth by its relatively privileged scribbling pseudo-class just now. Relatively-privileged? Yes! We’re not being racked and guillotined too much lately, just banned from commanding theatres – ask Paul Cross, whose reveal-all film “Operation Terror”, realistically portraying the murky inner-workings of the ironically-denominated “Security establishment” in planning 9/11, has reportedly gotten universally blackballed. Or, ask anyone who’s tried to get the unvarnished truth about anything into newspapers or on radio/TV of late (with the noteworthy exception of Colorado Public TV, selling Truth access as an effective funding mechanism). So, they let us live, usually, but, in effect, cut our tongues out. And then, there’s Trine Day publishing house, a mighty little engine that puts forth Bilderberg exposés and twenty-first century blitzkrieg, and whose latest infamous offering is a volume by an unheralded guy named S.K. Bain, entitled modestly The Most Dangerous Book in the World, 9/11 as Mass Ritual. In it, Bain (Bain Capital?) delves more deeply into the already widely-acknowledged occult and obscure ancient religious fetish supposedly fueling the whole 9/11/01 black operation than anyone else that I know of has. Mr. Bain really gets into it. As if it would come as a surprise by now, he finds or assigns deep occult numerological and anagramatical associations, with Marduk, devil-man Aleister Crowley’s writings, Satan Rock lyrics, and whatever else imaginable, for literally every conceivable detail of 9/11 and its plotting, placement, ponerology, and personnel including extras – as if the medium were the madness. And, if you read him, you will become convinced of that degree of depravity – guaranteed. Otherwise, all the coincidences would be just too impossibly overwhelming. He makes his initial case (better, I believe, than others who have gone there before). And it’s an amazing read. But, having re-invented the wheel once again, Bain pronounces, in effect, that the fruits of those who labor to demonstrate or prove how it was done – by thermite or whatever – are largely beside the point. The point being, simply, that inside-connected operatives, and not Muslim terrorists, planned and pulled it off. (True, but signatures come with the methods that are being established, not attributable to outsiders like the supposed Muslim fiends. Mr. Bain does what he does in the main part of his book well. It’s intriguing. It’s informative. It’s convincing. In a sense, it’s sociology. And then, he moves on to what I would call a rather lame (and long, drawn-out) prediction of a bigger and even worse – nuclear! – hecatomb, to befall yet in this Mayan-marked year, courtesy of the very same fevered brains. And, at the risk of ashes in my mouth, I’d say that’s no less likely to occur than a hundred other reasoned guesses might be. And no more, based as it is on practically nothing. A locally-famous and beloved Brazilian soccer star was once asked how his team intended to confront the “problematica” (problematics) of a specific perceived team weakness. His much-heralded answer was that his team was not into the dismal intricacies of problematica. What they were concerned with was something to be called “solucionamatica” (solution-matics). In other words, he coined a new word. My conclusion is that we need to get on more to solution-matics! We’ve had about enough description of the problem – the crimes and their aftermath of criminal deception, described and decried endlessly for eleven years. Now, what are we going to do about it? How are we going to counter and re-reverse it all, to overthrow the overthrow we all so much lament of our very lives, fortunes, and sacred honor (to coin a phrase)? How are we going to reverse the flow away from us and bring justice back prominently to define the picture? That must be the question we now dare ourselves to grapple with moving forward. JH: 10/10/12

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Ellen Mariani wants to take her appeal regarding 911 to the US Supreme Court but she needs our help All of the 911 plaintiffs who sued for wrongful death after having lost a family member on 911 (and who refused to opt in to a special Victim's Compensation Fund) – about 96 cases – were routed through Judge Alvin Hellerstein’s federal district court in New York. He has pressured and/or manipulated ALL of them to settle out of court, without a trial. Not one of these cases has been allowed to go to trial and everyone is being given “hush money” and no one is allowed to talk because they all (apparently all of the plaintiffs) have gag orders or were required to sign non-disclosure clauses. Ellen Mariani’s case was settled over her strong objections by a lawyer with dubious motivations, John Ransmeier, who appears to have been working with the powers that be. Mariani has refused to take the money and is the last person still fighting to get justice in the courts and to find out through the courts what happened on 911, something Judge Hellerstein and the federal courts and the powers that be do not want. It is in the interest of all of us that this appeal should go forward. Ellen Mariani’s latest filings show improper connections on the part of Judge Hellerstein with several of the defendants in her case. The filings also show gross conflicts of interest involving attorney Ransmeier, who was actually representing United Airlines at the same time that he was settling Ellen Mariani’s case against United Airlines and other defendants. Judge Hellerstein has repeatedly rebuffed Ellen Mariani’s efforts to revive her case. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals also doesn’t want anyone rocking the boat and that court issued a very hostile order dated 6/26/12 which threatened (on p. 6) to issue sanctions against both Ellen Mariani and her attorney, Bruce Leichty, after he filed a motion dated 4/19/12 exposing some of these conflicts of interest. Ellen Mariani’s best (and possibly last) opportunity now is to file an appeal with the US Supreme Court. But she is short of funds and needs to raise $11,000 by 11/1/12 in order to proceed. The Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund ( has been set up to collect that money. Our August 30, 2012 News Release has more information about this case. Please distribute our news release as widely as possible and, if you feel you can, please chip in and donate and/or urge others to do so. -Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund

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Our Agenda and the Missing Molecule

OUR AGENDA AND THE MISSING MOLECULE by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * Why do we demand that the truth about 9/11 be divulged and proclaimed to all, in place of medicinal lies deftly woven into myths? Is it just that we’re perverse and have to be right? Or are we crackpots craving undeserved validation? No! Let us never, ever forget that we have enormous grievances – enormities that cry out to be redressed – as much now as ever! There is a recognized (even hallowed) right we have to seek “redress of grievances”. So, again, what are these grievances for which we are so rightfully and persistently seeking redress? We are seeking nothing less than 1) redress for the denial of justice for all Americans and others affected, and 2)for the thereby enabled diversion of our civilization’s mandated attention and wealth – our society’s very sources of sustenance and allotted public operating capital, both financial and mental, for now over a decade – from serving the public’s ongoing needs, individually and at large. That stock of funds and source of well-being, amounting to trillions, and hundreds of millions of anxious days, has been diverted since 9/11/01 to fund the murky and violent agenda of a miniscule anti-social élite that is misleading society into worldwide imperial wars and aggressions spearheaded by secret-budget super-technologies. The grim purpose of the heist of our money and resolve, successfully sold to all the avatars (media and leaders) and servants down the line, is to enforce central control for perhaps a few hundred truly mega-capitalists over all world profits and materials, quashing all challenges. Toward this second end, our political and command class is indoctrinated into deflecting and smothering fundamental questioning of the radical agenda and, thus, maintaining ignorance and controllability of the potentially uppity serf underclass. I was reminded of this élite mandate to maintain public ignorance and deception recently by my failed attempts since early in July to opine in a guest piece in our local/regional newspaper of record, The Des Moines Register, citing a particular set of nonpartisan facts that seem to amount to a taboo. I stated calmly and with civility that virtually any reader could verify with a little checking online that a – perhaps the reason for our calamitously cumulative economic shortfall is that a) our “money” supply is spun by the internationally conglomerated central banking cartel (the Federal Reserve in our case) out of thin air with no actual reserve backing, and that all federal taxes collected go to repay unnecessary interest accruing to the private Fed for unconstitutionally providing our money for the past 99 years, necessitating massive borrowing and resultant debt to make good all of the federal government’s massive expenditures. I pointed out that citizens needed to know these verifiable facts in order to decide whether to continue to deal with the Fed to provide our money going forward or to opt for independence, as many of our earlier, uncontrolled presidents, obeying the Constitution, opted to do. Nope. The Opinion Pages Editor wouldn’t give me an answer regarding printing that. It turns out he was swamped and, after five weeks, still hadn’t gotten to it. The Editor-in-Chief, when I alerted him, praised my efforts and “passion” and promised to get back to me that week – three weeks ago. Even though I pointed out that me assertions were the suppositions of many, but, for all that, certainly open to a better-informed, illuminating rebuttal, perhaps from experts, it ain’t going to happen! So, 9/11 isn’t the only cause célèbre for maintaining public ignorance to protect the élite agenda. On the continuing overseas front – in that other 96% of the world that is our controlling élite’s designated imperial shatter zone, or playground, the puzzling faux narrative of the recent dangerous protests over the odious film once again involves what has become a constant element pervading the ceaseless Middle Eastern unrest – al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda operatives reportedly led and dominated the Arab Spring manifestations – which the U.S. and NATO managed to hijack. Al-Qaeda in Syria reportedly dressed in Syrian military uniforms and conducted the notorious massacres as false-flag operations. (See Webster Tarpley: The Houla Massacre... - YouTube) If I made a film, however odious, and stuck it up on the internet, believe me, no one would pay any attention. Al-Qaeda fanned the flames in twenty countries (the skunks), making sure everyone knew about the film which, in turn, led to untold ugliness and scariness, complete with lots and lots of fire and explosions, on film for Western audiences watching TV. But, who, exactly, is al-Qaeda? Why, it’s none other than al-CIAda. You know its pedigree. Spread that word – which is a “missing molecule” needed to explain so much of the endless Middle East turmoil and license for continued U.S. intervention and militarism. Study up and transmit this essential bit of “game-changing” truth to everyone you know! Americans would not go along so patiently nor pay so docilely if many more knew such facts. How can we, as Truthers, ever hope to actually achieve a redress of the enormous 9/11-related grievances of the world citizenry that we seek? We have to gain the upper hand in the information war. We must spread the truth every day, as the ceaseless protesters of the Vietnam War did until they won, and once again, make the controlling élite own up! Don’t ever let up on them! Because, they’ve long been dedicated to not let up on us! JH: 9/23/12

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from 911 Blogger: Harritt, Jones,et al Study Upheld

Millette study fails to refute crucial findings by Harrit et al Accelerant is on the chips, not in them by Poseidon Abstract The study by Dr. Jim Millette has confirmed that the red/gray chips found in the dust associated with the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) are paint chips. The WTC steel featured several different primer paints, with Tnemec used for the perimeter columns, and Laclede - which contains no zinc - for the floor trusses. However, this does not mean that the paper by Harrit et al is useless. On the contrary, the Harrit study did find physical evidence of accelerants. The paint chips are certainly not thermitic; they contain no elemental aluminum. But they were contaminated by a small amount of accelerants, with elemental Al part of the composition. The most likely source is fireproofing that was directly adjacent to the primer and was "upgraded" between 1996 and 1998. For WTC1, there is an exact match between the five floors of the impact zone (94-98) and the five contiguous floors with upgraded SFRM of a high density compared to SFRM on other upgraded floors. When Harrit's chips were heated to 700 °C, the primary exotherm seen in differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) traces denotes combustion of the paint's organic material, which is probably Laclede primer's epoxy binder. The yield from thermite - or from aluminum reacting with iron oxide in the paint - was up to five orders of magnitude lower than the yield from organic material. This would explain the absence of a secondary peak from thermite, although the Intermont curve has an interesting trough at 640 °C and then gradually goes into positive territory at 700 °C. The MacKinlay samples' 395 °C peaks are consistent with polyisobutylene (BR), used as a binding agent in plastic explosives. Millette found no elemental Al after an MEK soak, and no evidence of thermite. Harrit et al not only found elemental Al after an MEK soak, but also iron-rich spheres in the residue after chips were subjected to heating in a DSC - evidence that a thermite reaction had occurred. The conflicting results may be due to the fact that Millette's chips were "washed in clean water" prior to analysis, whereas Harrit's "samples were left unwashed and uncoated unless otherwise specified". Elemental aluminum and oxidizer(s) from the accelerant weren't in the chips; they were on the outer surface of the red layer, which corresponds to the left-hand side of Harrit's Figures (12) (b) and (15) (c). Information contained within this page not only proves beyond all doubt that OBL and KSM did not orchestrate 9/11, but identifies the principal perpetrators. Introduction What the thermite deniers got right - and why they have ultimately lost the debate How the accelerants were applied Why 9/11 researchers know the official story is false Which accelerants were used? The window of opportunity Were the accelerants sufficient to bring about collapse? The mysterious multiple gray layers Why Millette's results differed from Harrit's Shouldn't "suspicious" chips bearing evidence of accelerants be a tiny proportion of all the red/gray chips? The evidence of elemental aluminum The iron spheres The evidence for Laclede primer paint Who are the "racists"? Analysis of the "High Fivers" Conclusion Future studies Appendices An eye-opening compilation of news reports

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Those Who Dodge the Central Question Sell Us Out

THOSE WHO DODGE THE CENTRAL QUESTION SELL US OUT by JamesHufferd,Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization It’s long been evident (for instance, see my “9/11 & History” article posted on Oct. 30, 2011) how fashionable it’s become among book and article authors chronicling the shock events following from and related to 9/11 to simply leave the actual events of that horrific day or the verifiable facts of their commission aside. Such has become a general tendency even when discussing the shock nature of recent U.S. history and the post-9/11 darkening of our daily lives. For a great many, the blame factor for the horrific events – let’s call them what they are, horrific crimes – has shifted from “who performed these ghastly deeds?” to, in fact, “who dares to speak the unmentionable truth about them?” No one, it seems, wants to be blamed for that breach of decorum and common sense! For 9/11 itself has become taboo (unmentionable) to the vast army of commentators who’ve sprung up largely as a result of it. Lately, Michel Chossudovsky (see, who I believe established his bona fides as a genuine Truther long ago, along with Peter Dale Scott, are two of the very few “big picture” analysts who do assign responsibility as indicated by the available evidence. They do dare draw scientific conclusions and advance clear and compelling hypotheses. Even lauded giants like Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges do not. By definition, our very proud name is accurate and exclusive – we 911 Truthers are truth-tellers. And all others, who shrink from processing the evidence and drawing a reasonable conclusion, plainly are not. By definition, we don’t dodge or evade the central question. Indeed, while our numbers among the public seem to be growing daily, our numbers among the literati seem to be dwindling, as more and more authors and activists find they can escape being tarred with us as “delusional” or “desperate” or “disloyal” by simply skipping over the events themselves and concentrating attention instead on those who used 9/11 as a pretext for invasion, for targeting and condemning Muslims, and /or for militarizing the U.S. and brutalizing the world. Indeed, many so-called peace activists and left gatekeepers thus claim to deal with the core of 9/11 without ever actually braving the fallout (for them) of doing so. And the resulting trend toward absence of scrutiny in what passes for analysis of the central, original day of death-dealing shock and awe conducted to fool and control the U.S. public goes over just fine with the sponsoring establishment, which would like nothing better than to denature out of existence the movement and meaning of 911 Truth. The point I’m trying to make is that the primary crime(s) of 9/11 are still and must remain the destructive and deadly acts of those who planned and carried out, and attributed to others, the acts themselves on that day. The cover-up and exploitation of those events later were secondary crimes – not trivial, but secondary. And the horror and special guilt attaching to those secondary crimes, still unfolding, devolves of necessity from the nature and guilt for the primary, 9/11/01 crimes themselves. And the more pedestrian responsibility and guilt for the secondary acts must not be allowed to substitute for or divert attention from the primary, 9/11/01 crimes themselves. By way of analogy: it might be painful and even damaging to look at the sun. But, the very existence, as well as the nature, of the effects that the sun has on an almost unimaginably-wide area of its celestial surroundings, including our world, depend entirely on the primary object itself – the sun. In either case – that of the crimes of 9/11 and that of the sun – abandoning ones focus on the nature and action of the primary object may relieve the observer’s pain and vulnerability to damages resulting. But shifting the focus onto the secondary, dependent crimes and objects (the effects, as it were) will lead us away from understanding into the realm of denial, myth, and, in the case of 9/11, de facto collaboration by evading the uncovering of the truth and, thereby, disarming justice. Meanwhile, the answer to our possibly-fatal current national malady remains, precisely, justice for all. Viva 911 Truth – undiluted and not diverted, its goal remaining justice via the truth. Truth leading to justice. To quote an old song, “Ya can’t have one without the other!” (And peace will result, too, if the people get their will). JH : 9/4/12

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9/11: Writing a New Narrative by James Hufferd,Ph.D. Coordinator,911 Truth Grassroots Organization I believe we can state with some confidence the following: that George W. Bush was the operative figurehead of a regime that facilitated and substantively abetted the 9/11 false flag criminal project and spectacle. The complex acts involved were intended and served to provide the catalyst for that misbegotten administration’s assigned mission of offensive war, mayhem, and reconfiguration of the hijacked American state it was illegitimately installed to launch and superintend. (So, who dispatched this assignment? See my August 13 article for my best supposition, or hunch regarding that). On September 11, 2001, eleven years ago, we were too close to the horrific violent action of the day and so, for a few minutes up to a few years, deceived by the pre-written storyline that was trotted out, ready-made. The script of the melodrama that was introduced to us full-blown almost immediately, without setting forth any but ludicrous manufactured evidence, blamed the series of catastrophes in and near the country’s East Coast nerve-center on the orchestration of a shadowy, utterly alien and arch-evil bogeyman clad in robes, maneuvering from a an unreachable location ten-thousand miles away. A bit of checking quickly revealed that this odd designated evildoer was known to have been trained and shown around the U.S. by military and security escort in preparation for this and other roles. He and his small band of participating on-the-ground henchmen all, curiously enough, hailed from, of all places, the very Muslim Middle East the militaristic sponsors of the perversely-installed new regime had been for years whining, stomping, and chomping at the bit to bust into and subjugate. And so it was that all them A-rabs and other assorted questionables over there were going to have to pay indiscriminately and taught not to mess with what our leaders had in mind. Another factor contributing to the slowness of most to see through the deliberate ruse was that many, if not most of us, still had our heads reeling from the recent mangled election a few months earlier and unprecedented sort of rough installation of the new laughable while tragic regime. Due to the sheer overload, it just never occurred to very many of us until very much later to connect those two widely different types of deliberately orchestrated shock events emanating from a single, desperate source, in fact calculated to serve a single-minded assigned intent. We were, never let us forget, the exceptional nation. That fact had been drilled into us since pampers. Consequently, the vanishingly few serious readers of history among us may have realized that such coordinated, in retrospect schmaltzy shock events were once promulgated by the Nazis in Germany as spectacles to manufacture, coopt, and harness pre-existing racial and national myths to intended effect. But here, we were assured, we had the rule of law, free press, and a benevolent social contract rendering such a thing on such a scale utterly preposterous. And so, what informs us that what took place on 9/11/01 could not have been the schmaltzy plot of our government’s version of the ingrained Mongol horde or the Hun, and must have been instead their version of the “Polish” false attack at Gleiwitz that started WW II? Evidence! The available evidence from 9/11 itself tests the false “hypothesis” pushed by our official sources and finds it not only badly-wanting, but pathetically bogus, contrived – a monstrous LIE! And what was it that the illegitimate regime in power feared above all else in the wake of that horrible orchestrated set of deeds on that day that will not die? “Outrageous conspiracy theories”. We were sternly warned not to harken after any of those – and if we promulgated any, we were “with the enemy!” George W. Bush was not the perpetrator himself. (That really would be preposterous). Instead, as the figurehead of a collaborator puppet regime, he undoubtedly knew little, except to fear that a conspiracy theory so well-founded from available evidence (evidence he and other henchmen of the real higher-up perps had not been able to confiscate or destroy) would convincingly resemble the actual truth of what was done. If such an inspired conspiracy theory were to get around well enough to enable people in huge numbers to see through the compounding lies, everything could crumble around him, and his outlaw regime could fall faster than that which had inspired its psychotic massive-scale magic. Sometimes, we are advised by the more scientifically-minded among us to stick to simple facts, the simplest evidence in our presentations to people, not to try to construct images and scenarios (even though the Scientific Method has to do with constructing and testing theories, not with simply hoarding facts). Fact is, whereas the evidence our primary investigators have gathered might well convince an unbiased court, the judicial system is deliberately so stacked against us that there are no courts open to admitting that convincing evidence. And that in itself is a solid piece of evidentiary fact. And it happens to be one of the key facts discovered by the 911 Truth Movement. In addition, applying just a smidgen of common sense, we also know that in a nation whose power structure depends on maintaining that 2 + 2 = 5, any judge who came up with the “delusionary” notion that it really equaled 4 would instantly go either into denial or, as an example, re-education. We have, in fact, recently seen litigants whose convincing truth threatened the official 9/11 dogma be outrageously fined and enjoined as a lesson to us all. So, judicial avenues to establishing 9/11 truth and justice through due process are not likely to be thrown open or amenable to us. Nor are political means likely. Politicians eligible for accolades as statesmen for beginning to pursue 9/11 truth were sidelined swiftly, in some cases brutally, a fact known well to all of their flock. But still, achievement of 9/11 justice through political means is not impossible. We must remember that, at least in general, “politicians do not lead, they follow”. And they tend to follow whoever commands the narrative. Any attempted short-cut, such as a ballot initiative without sufficiently extensive public education as groundwork, is likely to be easily batted aside by those controlling the media, Instead, we have our work cut out for us to make justice for 9/11 make widespread sense politically by coopting the narrative through persistence and clear, fact-based explanation. Remember that abolitionists were in despair during the Civil War, finding the administration firmly in control in Washington disinterested in ever actually freeing the slaves – until it became politically feasible to do so. As I have sought to remind numerous times before, plenty of our predecessor movements, in the past of the United States alone, have ultimately triumphed by making their view the nation’s prevailing view. I refer not only to the Abolition Movement, but also the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Movement (for all the good it did; it woke a lot of people up), the Civil Rights Movement, apparently even Gay Liberation. And we must fight as hard. Never stop talking and learning. Always tell the truth. Spread the conspiracy theories, firmly bolstered by facts that the Bush regime (and now their successors) so fear, forswear, and smear. Spread the best DVDs, the most perceptive and eye-opening videos, new and undeniable revelations. Band together to share the load and multi-task. Stay defiantly strong. Don’t fade, escalate. Win! Challenging and changing received wisdom and spreading information everywhere is probably the only way we will win and people will embrace the new paradigm and its full implications. And while you’re at it, watch this video and support in intent its project: . JH / Sept. 1, 2012

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Ellen Mariana, last 9/11 plaintiff, needs help to ...

Subject: Ellen Mariani, the last 911 plaintiff still standing, needs help to get to the Supreme Court Hi, I am Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee for the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund. Every single 911 Plaintiff who filed a wrongful death claim after losing a relative due to the 911 terrorist attacks has been forced to settle their cases without a trial. Our federal courts have worked hard to prevent any of them from coming to trial because a trial would involve a formal investigation of 911 and the powers that be don't want that. In the case of Ellen Mariani, a 911 widow, a corrupt attorney/fiduciary (John Ransmeier) who was previously handling her case acted without her consent and settled her case without a trial. Ellen is still fighting and trying to reopen her case, despite very unfair and improper treatment by the courts. Her best bet now is an appeal to the US Supreme Court which she wants to do but she is very short of funds and needs the public's help to raise money very quickly to proceed. Please review the attached news release and please post it on the web and distribute it as widely as possible. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Best regards, Vincent Gillespie Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee for the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund P. O. Box 1284, Greenfield, Mass. 01302. 413-512-0634 News release of Ellen Mariani LDF 1a.pdf 66K View Download

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What’s Going On? Ten Hunches About 9/11 by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization As John F. Kennedy once observed, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie , but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.” And hence, the untruth of the official myth concerning 9/11 is easily demonstrated by resorting to the all-but-unvisited realm (in the world of public belief) of scientific laws (that is, facts). But the problem is that the power of the myth is not based on its truth, but rather, in public perception it’s perceived the other way around. Thus, a newly-formulated scientific law might read: “The momentum of a going idea is nearly impossible to reverse.” And furthermore, the perpetrators of 9/11 can feel reasonably secure, at least for now, in the knowledge that no evidence can penetrate, let alone reverse, their scientifically untenable grip on the narrative as long as the gates of the judiciary and general access to public opinion are kept tightly closed. To add to their confidence by being brutally candid, it occurs to me that all or virtually all that we Truthers can properly claim to know as 100% fact regarding 9/11 is negative. That is, the twelve or a hundred and ten, or however many, iron-clad, verifiable scientific reasons why every known aspect of the official conspiracy theory is definitely not true, are about all we can point to with total certainty. As to what really did take place and what lay behind it (that is, factors that are positive), what we have is a whole superstructure – varying from individual to individual – of suppositions, or even hunches, educated by a plethora of circumstantial evidence, reams of colossal coincidences, star-studded fantasies, and pure guesses. In this spirit of being brutally and totally honest, I’ve jotted down some of what I think are the outstanding hunches I’ve had – things that seem plausible or likely to me and that have contributed to my overall view of 9/11, but that I can’t prove, at least at present. All the while, I’ll keep in mind – as I’m sure you will – that, since the following are not firmly evidence-based facts, at least for now, but mere hunches, I could easily be mistaken. (And you might profit from trying the same exercise for yourself, of listing the less-than-completely-founded suppositions, or hunches, on which your view of the subject of 9/11 in part relies). HUNCH 1 – That one root (Pre-conceptual) of what eventuated as 9/11 was a longstanding order (from Orders Central) for a canned “terrorist attack” to be activated as needed for an intended result. HUNCH 2 – That one root (Conceptual) of what eventuated as 9/11 was most likely a cockamamie plan for hijacked airliners flying into buildings hatched by a national security establishment asset cell (al-Qaeda or other) on assignment to fulfill the intent of #1. This would explain the mysterious reported “interceptions” of such a 9/11-resembling plan from patsy groups in far-flung locations in years and months prior to September, 2001. HUNCH 3 – That the operation that eventuated as 9/11 was, however, completely subsumed and carried out by the security establishment and possibly its institutional allies (for instance,the Mossad), relying totally on automated guidance of impact aircraft as by far most certain to yield success in creating sufficiently-impressive diversionary strikes. HUNCH 4 – That a sort of boggling signature artistry and symmetry were intentionally incorporated into the operation, visible for instance in the multiple military exercises reminiscent of the real thing, in the symbolism of the particular date selected, etc. HUNCH 5 – That the Pre-conceptual order to develop a canned, time-flexible, horrific shock event (#1) originated above the nation-state level, from an incomparably uber-rich anomalous entity probably small enough to avoid the need for a visible or identifiable structure. The root perpetrators may be a small handful of trustees for governance of the world’s incomparably-rich individual or family. HUNCH 6 – That the official story of 9/11 is an action chapter – a sort of crest of a long-breaking wave – in an endless day-by-day accelerating narrative perhaps written in general outline years or decades in advance, sometimes in anticipation of the technology it requires for plausibility. HUNCH 7 – That the leading secret stockholders of the world’s central banking structure were involved in at least approving and coordinating with the 9/11 plan. HUNCH 8 – That the de facto separateness of the world’s national governments and national militaries is a fiction, they all being vassals and firmly controlled from above, with assigned roles. (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, perhaps Venezuela, are problematic). But the vassals' leaders are just as prone to guilt, because they are Quislings and still morally and legally responsible, and could resign or tell all instead of collaborate in 9/11, etc. HUNCH 9 – That the world’s wars and partisan divides are all epiphenomenal theatre, with the real event flow being the induced accelerated flow upward of monies at interest to concentrate wealth and suffocate, poison, strangle, and discourage “excess” and marginal populations: the “Great Squeeze”. HUNCH 10 – The main reason the whole (government + corporate) establishment in the U.S. is so supremely protective and unyielding of anything remotely close to the truth of 9/11, the pervasive financial system, etc., etc., is that, if the truth became generally known, creating national un-cooperation, the spigots of sustaining artificial wealth from Rothschild central banking sources would, it is reasonably feared, dry up and be delivered elsewhere, the U.S. as a favored realm being abandoned and relegated to history. A BONUS HUNCH – The above eventuality (#10) would probably not be all that bad, though, since we’d get to see what we could do relying on our own resources and labor unleashed, free of the burden of imposed mega-indebtedness in support of artificial financial system worldwide enslavement. What we may have to fear and fight is a profiteering transfer of our residual or newly-created wealth out to apply at profit elsewhere. BOTTOM LINE : Proclaim the truth and its evidence! JH / 8/13/12

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Observations and Recommendations from William F. Pepper

WILLIAM PEPPER is an eminent attorney. He has represented Sirhan Sirhan and other high-profile political accusees and proved their innocence and, resultingly, the conspiracy to frame them. He was (is) the lead attorney for NYC-CAN. He authored this statement, providing a focus and recommendation for the 911 Truth movement, on request. Your comments will be most welcome and helpful as we search for a meaningful direction. -jh A SIDELINES VIEW OF THE STATUS OF THE 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT As one who has supported and followed the 911 Truth Movement, largely from the sidelines I have been asked to submit some observations about the current status and potential future direction of the effort. As a result of my detachment from the ongoing activities, thus being unaware of events in various areas of the country, I am not at all clear that my views may be as relevant as those of others who have been more closely involved. At the outset, allow me to express my respect and admiration for the many individuals –architects, engineers, lawyers, theologians, educators, researchers, documentarians and other professionals, along with victims’ family members, former military officials and ordinary citizens who have kept the search for the truth alive for over a decade. Their tenacious commitment is precisely what is required of citizens of a Republic when it faces governmental obstruction manifested in the blatant refusal to provide answers to questions and issues ignored by the official investigation. One of the difficulties that this, and any other such Movement faces is the fact that its member/activists have often greatly differing degrees of political awareness. This is bound to affect policy and practice. The process of radicalization of committed activists is a gradual one and results in some individuals seeing the events of 911 as a single issue rather than being a part of an ongoing multi faceted effort to exercise control over the lives of the citizens and the fruits of the earth’s natural resources earmarked for the profitable use by the few. In this respect, an alliance with the Occupy Movement is long overdue. I know that sections of that Movement (which itself is suffering from fragmentation and loss of direction, as well as infiltration and subversion – the latter may also be considered by the 911 Movement) have had an ongoing interest in the events of 911. My sense also is that the Movement could benefit from a more unified approach and that the many activities which are going on need a coordinated public relations presence. Mainstream media will continue to ignore these efforts and fragmentation aids and abets public ignorance. When one becomes aware that the left/liberal or more progressive media also has been co-opted and that some of the more illustrious commentators have become gatekeepers, the problem is clearly compounded. This reality needs to be addressed by some in the Movement who have media experience. At the end of the day, I believe that the forces of power are simply waiting out the 911 Truth Movement, and that all of the books, articles and documentaries will become part of the dust heap of history. That would be a tragic end of this significant effort. I have long believed that the memorialization of all of the good work and factual revelations would only be historically perpetuated and possibly result in justice for the families of victims through the commencement of a well planned legal action brought in a viable Federal District Court Jurisdiction. The cost would be enormous; the results, probably worth every penny. With respect to all those who have previously tried to go this route, the efforts have been flawed, in one way or another. The experience is a valuable teacher. I believe that critical witnesses are still available and that the evidence has continued to be developed. I hope that these thoughts, or some of them, may be of use to the Movement and the very special individuals who have kept it alive. I am humbled by their struggle. W.F. Pepper

Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Has 9/11 Never Been Properly Investigated?

Why Has 9/11 Never Been Properly Investigated? by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ The reason why 9/11 has never been properly investigated is that the authority that originated the directive resulting in what happened that day run the whole shooting match. They not only call all the really-consequential shots (except perhaps those overriding them, such as solar flares and probably still most hurricanes). They also produce the narrative of whatever comes down. And nobody butts in to spoil it. Because, it’s all their show, start to finish. People who so wisely see around the tacky psy-op narrative and say that 9/11 was “an inside job” in my opinion still don’t have it – by somewhere close to a million miles. They’re primarily blaming government officials and their friends who were probably in fact ground-level puppets, at worst (and it’s still pretty bad) complicit; while the operation was much more likely what might instead be called “an upside job”, orchestrated and performed on orders. With Cheney hired to pull levers, etc. In my view, most humanly-caused shockwave events are probably like that. The lesser “terrorists” apprehended since 9/11 – the “underwear bomber, the “shoe bomber”, the Texas military base shooter, Congresswoman Gifford’s would-be assassin, were all, according to the drift of the evidence I’ve seen, proven or likely MK-Ultra subjects. The financial collapse was almost certainly engineered deliberately by international central banking to increase its wealth and control and our dependency. (The world is the new Third World.) The footage of the last reported massacre in Syria suspiciously includes recognized landmarks in Iraq. The list continues. And, my gut and my brain tell me, the movie-theatre shooter in Colorado more than likely also was such, fitting the usual suspect’s profile of no previous arrest record to speak of and no apparent sufficient motive. So, why on earth would he be programmed to do that? My guess – and it’s no more than that – is that the horrible multiple murder was staged to try to push our President into advocating or suggesting some degree of gun-control, fulfilling the right-wing narrative. And, my guess is that he will oblige or not, as ordered. In so far as the reporting goes (i.e., the dissemination of disinformation daily), the other half of the total control equation, how about this? A single European-based family involved in banking has now amassed between one-third and over half of the world’s accessible wealth, depending on your information source. And that very family just happens to be majority owner of both of the only two wire services that vet and control all of our so-called national and international news. The modern-day, and real equivalent of the gods of the ancient Greeks and Romans not only cause, but they, through their all-too-eager henchmen in the press and government, order collective understanding. So, are they going to let an impartially-reported impartial investigation overturn their preeminent specially-designed self-serving narrative of their specially-designed mega-event (9/11), carried out by their tightly-controlled agents (U.S. and Israeli security)? Really? So then, what are we (that is, the 99.99999%) to do to halt and break up their machinery? Our weapon must be refusal and defiance of their global order and its irrational signals and loopy directions to us. And, according to the thought-provoking new film “I Am Fishead” , there is a second reason, beyond just spreading the truth regarding the evidence, for us to conspicuously reject blind adherence to the droll, absurd 9/11 official narrative. Which is this: our example as role-models for questioning and thinking and countering nonsense will ripple through society like concentric waves in a pond, to eventually reach even the farthest edges. And, when many or most are in accord (as they will be if we but persist, as did our predecessors regarding the Vietnam War and slavery before that, we will overwhelm, disrupt, become ungovernable, and catch the reins as they fall. And, being victors, we’ll get to assemble and proclaim the real and true narrative. JH: 7/20/12

Wednesday, July 4, 2012



by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                 Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     One-by-one, month- by-month, the 911 Truth movement is losing heft (that is, losing its fat, IMHO) as ambulance-chasers and romantic excitement seekers find the endless, unrequited waiting to celebrate uncertain victory too much for them and break off to switch attention to more-promising, self-fulfilling objects of interest.  Meanwhile, the muscle, gristle, and bone of the cunning, if sometimes perplexed, beast that is you and I cubed remain. And many have observed – as if nobody ever thought of it before – that we need to get our collective head straight.

      If our purpose is to stand for and unalterably insist upon the truth – i.e., the scientifically-verifiable truth for which there is compelling neutral evidence, and not “received truth” from self-serving authority (unsubstantiated, incongruous, and mythic in character), then we have to sort out what that is. What evidence do we have to substantiate our inextricably-linked claims of criminal conspiracy and criminal obstruction of justice?

     Lately, there have been two main opposing tendencies within our movement. One, perhaps best represented by the Toronto Hearings of September 2011, is to showcase and cultivate a consensus of our most agreed-upon, least-provocative evidence, mainly concerning, by process of elimination, the Lower Manhattan sites, leaving the Pentagon and Shanksville largely aside, along with explanations other than controlled demolition. This tendency is, in my opinion, a little too tame, seeking to simply shunt aside, at least for now, as unnecessary or inconvenient all that its “expert” partisans find they can’t definitely explain. Going only as far as this self-selected camp is willing to go in presenting a position – presumably, to represent the whole movement – seems intended to offer a basis for an agreement, based on something like a suggested limited stake-out position for the powers-that-be,  who would then, presumably, apologize and promise to desist and clean up their act (my foot).

     Now, let me be original at this point and remind everyone that “for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction”. And that that’s not dialectics, but science.  Voila! The Vancouver Hearings of last month! Let a hundred flowers bloom, the opposite tendency cried, because out of those exotic blossoms just may come the next great thing! Directed Energy? Explain what the source was and how it impacted. No planes / photo trickery? Well, seismographs did register something., and if it were so, it would still be establishment-done and massively covered-up. And Dean T. Hartwell’s explanations seem to cover everything, including epiphenomena most of us hadn’t heard of, better. I myself would go with unmanned aircraft in the diversion phase and pre-planted bombs in the demolition.

     And even though James Millette claims to have negated the results of Jones, Harritt, and company’s peer-reviewed analysis of the dust, it’s one unknown quantity at this point, at least, against nine more-eminent scientists in agreement and convincingly so to peer reviewers (who are in trouble now and suspended, I understand, because they dared betray the establishment).

     Dwaine Deets seems to show us that simply looking and thinking harder and more systematically about the Shanksville anomaly can lead somewhere.

     Amidst the unseemly scrum over the exact nature of 9/11 phenomena at the Pentagon, still being played out, there awaits an accurate explanation. Just because we haven’t yet heard out all of the disputants there doesn’t mean we can shunt that theatre of action aside by any means. Nor should we conclude we yet know all of its truths.

     Meanwhile, the increasing amount of disinformation coming in almost daily tells us that the powers-that-be – U.S “security”, the Mossad, whomever, mere vassals all, led by puppets controlled in every move by invisible far higher-ups in the NWO – are paying attention. And they know that a ripple, unstopped, will turn into a tide. And a tide with enough droplets becomes a tsunami. Bye-bye, NWO.

JH : 7/4/12

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Does and Doesn't Lead to Truth?

What Does and Doesn’t Lead to Truth?

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     In America’s creed (the commonly-acclaimed beliefs or preferences that distinguish us as Americans – in our own minds), there are five tenets. (See my e-book on entitled Troublesome Country. I know this sounds shameless, but read it! Read it! Much pertains to 911 Truth and will astound.)

     The five tenets of America’s creed are: 1) The people should control the government. (In practice, a sham: In practice, what the people want means nothing). 2) The government shouldn’t control the people. (The government/establishment-controlled media in fact controls the public’s thinking), 3) All people are created equal. (Laws prod and punish the poor and weak by design; the powerful are abetted, and in practice exempted, and subsidized), 4) Liberty and justice for all (i.e., due process, to be routinely and invariably applied for all crimes whatsoever), 5) National and personal independence (Our abundance ought to permit us all to provide well for ourselves). The fact is, if we would but practice and really insist upon these five tenets we all say we favor, everything would be much different. (And that’s why their promulgation was properly called a Revolution).

     Instead, the people control nothing. The government/establishment has us all practically in a death-hold. Ordinary people are ruled and controlled (in effect, practically herded), while the powerful walk unaccountable and uplifted. Criminal law is applied or not, depending on who did it. While foreign-controlled banks keep us buried in debt and very exorbitantly sell us our own currency, backed by nothing and costing us 100% of all that is collected in taxes, despite a clear but roundly-ignored Constitutional prohibition precisely forbidding that, because it was already being urged.

     So, you might say, as bad as all that may be, what does any of it have to do with 9/11? Well, did anybody ever ask your permission (or, for that matter, use of your taxes) for a predatory, bullying, and murderous foreign policy to cow the world, or for black operations to pump up, by deceit, public demand to run amok murdering and maiming? Did you say you wanted a government/establishment that would clog the airwaves and the majority of brainwaves in America with disinformation designed for thought control? Do you want to see white-collar mass-murderers and extortionists walk, while clueless pot-puffers rot in lock-up and suspects who can’t afford a decent lawyer are there for fried?

     Does big, smug central banking, mostly invisible, ultimately controlled by a single family that hordes in excess of half of all the world’s money and, fittingly, owns both wire-services emitting what passes for our world news, deserve to eat your lunch, keep you poor in a fabulously-rich country and, of late, cancel and cash out your future?

     So now, do you think we should compromise and only hold the vassal 9/11 perps to answer in so many slick words for a few “indiscretions” they might agree to admit to, and then reconcile and give them a big, wet national hug some week in passing? Or, must we insist steadfastly on finding the full truth and exacting full justice for unmitigated mass-murder and treason – just as if those élite murderers were your average Joe Blows down the road?

     I heard a good new slogan for us on an edition of Dateline the other night: “We just need a fair judge.”  That’s about it.

     And, if this be a rant, make the most of it!

     Can we change any of it at all? If enough won’t support the way it is, if we insist on practicing what we always say we believe instead, I’m thinking it will have to give way. No contest!

     Spread the word!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Enver Massud on the Directed Energy Theory

June 2, 2012
The Wisdom Fund

A Note on the Technical Feasibility of the Destruction of World Trade Center 1 and 2 by a Directed Energy Weapon

by Enver Masud SUGGESTION: Read the FREE ebook "9/11 Unveiled"
Watch author's rebuttal of The 9/11 Commission Report
Some in the 9/11 truth movement have advanced the theory that a directed energy weapon was used to destroy World Trade Center 1 and 2. Before one entertains this theory, one must determine if this is technically feasible.
For example, if I were to state that I will transport 1000 people, 3000 miles, in my BMW z3 Coupe, in one week, it would immediately be obvious that this is not technically feasible.
Similarly, when one considers the possibility of a directed energy weapon having been used to destroy World Trade Center 1 and 2, a little research (undertaken between 3:00 am and 4:00 last night) shows that this too is not technically feasible.
The goal of the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System, launched following a research breakthrough by DARPA in 2003, was to fabricate and demonstrate a system with an output power of 15 kW. "Based on the results of this demonstration, additional laser modules [would] be developed... to produce a 150 kW laser weapon system demonstrator."
The Defense Science Board Task Force on Directed Energy Weapons in its December 2007 report proposed 1-3 MW (i.e. 1000 to 3000 kW) Free Electron Laser prototype in 2020.
Note that a few years after the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, directed energy weapons of the order of 15kW, to 3000 kW by the year 2020, were targets for development. A 15 kW system was yet to be "fabricated and demonstrated".
Could a 15 kW directed energy weapon (not yet developed in 2001) have brought down the World Trade Center?
To put this in perspective, "Measurements show a house will occasionally use as much as 15 kilowatts for short intervals".
In other words, the 15 kW directed energy weapon (not yet developed in 2001) is equivalent to the maximum demand for a typical house. Even a 3000 kW directed energy weapon (a target for 2020) would be equivalent to the maximum demand for 200 homes.
One doesn't need to do any calculation to conclude that directed energy weapons available in 2001 were not sufficient to bring down the World Trade Center. Even directed energy weapons that were targeted for development by 2020 would not be sufficient to bring down the World Trade Center.
Therefore, one may safely conclude that a directed energy weapon having been used to destroy World Trade Center 1 and 2 is not technically feasible.


"What Really Happened on September 11, 2001," 2002 - 2012

[Whether Tesla's idea was ever taken seriously is still a mater of conjecture. Most experts today consider his idea infeasible. . . .

In 1958 the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated a top-secret project code-named "Seesaw" at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory to develop a charged-particle beam weapon. More than ten years and twenty-seven million dollars later, the project was abandoned "because of the projected high costs associated with implementation as well as the formidable technical problems associated with propagating a beam through very long ranges in the atmosphere." . . .

In the late 1970s, there was fear that the Soviets may have achieved a technological breakthrough. Some U.S. defense analysts concluded that a large beam weapon facility was under construction near the Sino-Soviet border in Southern Russia.

The American response to this "technological surprise" was the Strategic Defense Initiative announced by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. . . .

Today, after a half-century of research and billions of dollars of investment, the SDI program is generally considered a failure--"A Weapon to End War," PBS

[One major problem with laser weapons . . . is their high electric energy requirements. . . .

This problem could also be lessened if the weapon were mounted either at a defensive position near a power plant, or on board a large, possibly nuclear powered, water-going ship. A ship would have the advantage of water for cooling.--"Directed- energy weapon," Wikipedia]

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