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Saturday, March 31, 2012


A RECORD FOR POSTERITY By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization How It Goes (On a Good Day) This is a record for posterity of a rather typical, every-day encounter between a 9/11 Truth activist and a member of the public, circa 2012. It is not based on any single conversation, but contains common elements of many. “U.S. means us,” he said. “We can’t be bad! We’re the good guys, the exceptional nation!” “Then, what’s good for General Motors is good for us? Like, the bail-out?” “Huh? Hey, you’re confusing me! Now get those filthy DVDs and pamphlets and all that loose-brained talk out of my face and shut the truck up!” “Loose-brained talk? What are you talking about?” “That stuff about letting those rotten Muslims and awful terrorist Osama bin-Laden off from that horrible deed of killing three-thousand Americans, destroying the economy, and freaking everybody out for the last ten going on eleven years! Don’t you know it’s evil to support those guys?” “Well, what if they didn’t do it? What if no Muslims were responsible? “O.K., Loony Toons, then who, in your warped estimation was? Can you tell me that?” “I think it was an inside job, because that’s what the evidence clearly indicates.” “What? You think the president had a button under his desk that he pushed to demolish those buildings?” “Aha! You’ve been watching Chris Matthews! That’s his dismissive line!” The storekeeper blushed a little. “Well, that’s basically what you’re saying, isn’t it?” “Hell, no!” I answered. “Bush was in Florida at the time – as everyone surely knows! And, I doubt he personally knew much about it, really. He probably only knew what the other psychopaths, pit-bull chicken-hawks, originally his sire’s circle, who he encircled himself with, thought it advantageous to fill his head with – whether it was true or not.” “So, you don’t think the president even knew what was going on?” “I doubt they would have him know too much, because I think they knew he wasn’t that great at keeping secrets.” “And so, ‘they’ would be….?” “Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith. All the Vulcans, neocons, PNAC signatories. Or their agents. Bush, Sr., probably. Probably complying with mandates from much higher up.” “Oh! You really are delusional!” “You think so? Then, how would you explain Building 7? It wasn’t even struck by an aircraft.” “Building what?” “Building 7 – the Solomon Brothers Building. A 47-story several blocks from the Twin Towers. It collapsed gracefully, straight down into its own footprint late in the afternoon on that day, directly through the path of most resistance, at near-freefall speed.” Jeepers appears stunned at this revelation. “Well, what did the 9/11 Commission say about it?” he asked. “Although it was a major element, they didn’t even mention it once.” At this, the merchant just stood there behind his counter, trying to think of a rejoinder. I followed up my advantage. “And unignited nanothermite residue was found in abundance – a unique weaponized substance, a super blasting agent developed by the Army and only produced in their labs. It was found in abundance in the dust from all three of the high-rises that collapsed.” “It may surprise you,” he said, “but I do remember reading about that. It’s not what you think it is. In fact, it’s really nothing more than an alloy of melted steel from the buildings and aluminum from the planes.” “And that brings up another problem with the official fairy tale,” I said. “Fires from jet fuel – nothing but kerosene, really – can’t burn a bit more than half hot enough to melt, soften, or liquefy steel, even under optimal conditions, which were not present. Such fires as there briefly were could not possibly have caused those beams to give way, all simultaneously, in order for the buildings to collapse extremely rapidly straight down as they did. No way.” “Even office materials fires?” “Nope. Sorry. No way, Jake. And what we’re talking about with the nanothermite is micro-chips or flakes, like miniscule paint-chips – which very much do not form naturally – and not micro-spheres of molten metal alloyed coming from separate sources.” “But, even if they wanted to,” the storekeeper observed, “the Bush administration wasn’t smart enough to have thought up and executed all of that. In fact, they were barely able to understand what had happened after it happened!” “Of course! They were no more than a vessel for authorizing and, presumably, a resource-provider for putting it all together and carrying it out. Whoever came up with it had the whole government/corporate elite and command structure to draw from in getting it carried out. The security agencies have infamously worked undercover like that for decades.” Jeepers looked glum and thoughtful. “You weren’t even over across the pond fighting the gooks in the day, were you?” he asked out of nowhere. “No,” I admitted. “I didn’t think so.” “Why?” “It raises you consciousness of sneaky, foreign-looking people carrying out something diabolical against us,” he admitted. “Oh! So, first it was the Indians, then the Waps, and the Huns, the Spics, then the Japs and Krauts, Chinks, now…” “Come on! I didn’t mean it like that!” “Well, what did you mean?” “I mean, there were these nineteen, definitely looking around, and spoke of on cell phones…” “Oh, brother! First, there were no actual cell phone calls from altitude. Those have been proven impossible with the equipment. And the only reference to ‘Middle Eastern-looking men’ was a faked cell phone call.” “But, we know they were around, down in Florida and other places. There’s ample proof of that!” “Yes. But not that any were on any airplanes. No surveillance tapes. Nothing.” “I still say…” “Look. Tons of evidence disproves it. The nanothermite. The straight-down, all-too-rapid collapse of the buildings. Building 7. The hole blown in the Pentagon, from the inside out, and no actual, certifiable plane wreckage. No wreckage in that little crater near Shanksville, where they said, but debris from something scattered across six or eight miles nearby…” “And, what would that ‘something’ be?” “I think all of them – all four main, associated aircraft – were remotely-guided military drones or missiles. But, that’s just my educated surmise.” “A little too-educated. Then, what did they do with the passengers on the flights scheduled that day?” “Well, it’s been established, I think, that at least two or three of the supposed airline flights weren’t even scheduled for that day. The flight manifests issued by the airlines afterward were all curiously lacking for customers – a curiously low percentage of the seats taken. And the lists issued changed from day to day. And few if any credible family members of the plane passengers have come forward, in stark contrast to the relatives of people who perished in the buildings. The anomalies just go on and on. And also, there’s lots of evidence proving that insiders knew in advance it was going to happen.” “I don’t want to believe what you’re saying.” He stood rigid, chin-forward. “ I am not convinced.” “You’d rather live with lies and falsehoods setting the agenda for your country, and the world? And let heartless mass-killers go free, to strike again? To continue to rule?” “I don’t know. I still think you guys… And, how would they keep it covered up for all these years?” “Oh, they have their ways. And, they’ve had the media, from the first, all buffaloed and in their pocket, too. The Manhattan Project was kept secret for years – so secret that Harry Truman had never heard of it until he became president!” Jeepers stopped and thought. “So, what does it even really matter, now? There are so many more-pressing problems.” “Well, again, who do you want to run your country going forward? Is this to be the land where murderers and traitors walk?” Jeepers looked serious now. “Well, are there other explanations?” “Could be.” “I’ll think about it,” he finally said. I scrawled something on a piece of paper I had in my pocket. “Here’s some web sites,” I said, handing it to him. “And, pass it on.”

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A Preliminary Imperative--
Unanimity on Claims & Controversies
by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
Our unanimity on some points is essential to our success.
9/11 – a tragedy blotted from view by searing pain and comprised of – no, shattered by – so many details that it’s an impossibility to define, to describe, to solve, to credibly attribute, except by gut instinct. So, folks went along with the narrative presented as reportage, and reinforced over and over and over for years, until they were both inured to and sick of hearing about it. Part of the evidence, they’d seen with their own eyes – the plane slamming, improbably, into the building. That had to have had consequences. You can’t tell me, they would genuflect, that an airliner flying hundreds of miles per hour straight into the side of a building – say, my house – won’t catastrophically affect it, even if it’s a steel building. We know what we know.
And then, along comes Mr. Science and says it couldn’t have happened – it being the collapse(s) – couldn’t have happened just from that. Don’t bother me with the “facts”, the people would say, that contradict everything we know and, even more incredibly, implicate our government. Our government, we are told, is us! So, don’t point your grimy finger at us – at me! Hell no, it’s got to be people who are different – that hate us for being different. They must have done it. So, don’t give me that g.d. evidence baloney! What’s that you say? Do you want me to lose my job? To fully convince people I’m crazy and not to be trusted?
As all of us know, meanwhile, our nation is demonstrably subjected daily to mass mind-control and hour-to-hour conditioning by tamed and managed news outlets which saturate, which surround. So, in light of that, how do we who doggedly apply science to seeming minutia of events and investigate glaring contradictions and anomalies back to their sources, convince our fellows to unite to throw off the deliberate bondage and reclaim rationality? By informing everywhere, everywhere, everywhere!
But, before we can succeed (as I believe we can), we have to agree among ourselves to abide by a few important principles:
1. First, we must each agree not to become too invested in our own honest conclusions. If I have spent thousands of hours over several years carefully investigating some aspect and concluded I understand that terrain perfectly and can explain everything about it, and someone comes along and disproves that with genuine evidence I overlooked or didn’t have, the new conclusion will most likely be valid, regardless of my protestations to the contrary.
2. We must agree to argue only logically applying facts, completely avoiding off-putting bombast and invective.
3. We must agree not to demonize fellow discussants, nor to accuse of being an infiltrator or agent, unless we can provide proof or probable cause. We might need to appreciate and work sometimes with people we are not necessarily fond of personally.
4. We must remember that our available evidence is incomplete, and therefore admit the possibility of valid hypotheses besides our own.
5. We must recall that today’s heresy in the 911 Truth Movement could very well become tomorrow’s conventional wisdom, and remember that it’s happened before.
6. We must bear in mind that the most important thing is to unite around our shared conviction that the perpetrators of 9/11 are not those officially accused and scapegoated, and that the true perpetrators are egregious criminals who must be brought to full justice and not tolerated.
7. To ultimately win, we need to not lose heart.

JH : 3/14/12