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Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Has 9/11 Never Been Properly Investigated?

Why Has 9/11 Never Been Properly Investigated? by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ The reason why 9/11 has never been properly investigated is that the authority that originated the directive resulting in what happened that day run the whole shooting match. They not only call all the really-consequential shots (except perhaps those overriding them, such as solar flares and probably still most hurricanes). They also produce the narrative of whatever comes down. And nobody butts in to spoil it. Because, it’s all their show, start to finish. People who so wisely see around the tacky psy-op narrative and say that 9/11 was “an inside job” in my opinion still don’t have it – by somewhere close to a million miles. They’re primarily blaming government officials and their friends who were probably in fact ground-level puppets, at worst (and it’s still pretty bad) complicit; while the operation was much more likely what might instead be called “an upside job”, orchestrated and performed on orders. With Cheney hired to pull levers, etc. In my view, most humanly-caused shockwave events are probably like that. The lesser “terrorists” apprehended since 9/11 – the “underwear bomber, the “shoe bomber”, the Texas military base shooter, Congresswoman Gifford’s would-be assassin, were all, according to the drift of the evidence I’ve seen, proven or likely MK-Ultra subjects. The financial collapse was almost certainly engineered deliberately by international central banking to increase its wealth and control and our dependency. (The world is the new Third World.) The footage of the last reported massacre in Syria suspiciously includes recognized landmarks in Iraq. The list continues. And, my gut and my brain tell me, the movie-theatre shooter in Colorado more than likely also was such, fitting the usual suspect’s profile of no previous arrest record to speak of and no apparent sufficient motive. So, why on earth would he be programmed to do that? My guess – and it’s no more than that – is that the horrible multiple murder was staged to try to push our President into advocating or suggesting some degree of gun-control, fulfilling the right-wing narrative. And, my guess is that he will oblige or not, as ordered. In so far as the reporting goes (i.e., the dissemination of disinformation daily), the other half of the total control equation, how about this? A single European-based family involved in banking has now amassed between one-third and over half of the world’s accessible wealth, depending on your information source. And that very family just happens to be majority owner of both of the only two wire services that vet and control all of our so-called national and international news. The modern-day, and real equivalent of the gods of the ancient Greeks and Romans not only cause, but they, through their all-too-eager henchmen in the press and government, order collective understanding. So, are they going to let an impartially-reported impartial investigation overturn their preeminent specially-designed self-serving narrative of their specially-designed mega-event (9/11), carried out by their tightly-controlled agents (U.S. and Israeli security)? Really? So then, what are we (that is, the 99.99999%) to do to halt and break up their machinery? Our weapon must be refusal and defiance of their global order and its irrational signals and loopy directions to us. And, according to the thought-provoking new film “I Am Fishead” , there is a second reason, beyond just spreading the truth regarding the evidence, for us to conspicuously reject blind adherence to the droll, absurd 9/11 official narrative. Which is this: our example as role-models for questioning and thinking and countering nonsense will ripple through society like concentric waves in a pond, to eventually reach even the farthest edges. And, when many or most are in accord (as they will be if we but persist, as did our predecessors regarding the Vietnam War and slavery before that, we will overwhelm, disrupt, become ungovernable, and catch the reins as they fall. And, being victors, we’ll get to assemble and proclaim the real and true narrative. JH: 7/20/12

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