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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ellen Mariana, last 9/11 plaintiff, needs help to ...

Subject: Ellen Mariani, the last 911 plaintiff still standing, needs help to get to the Supreme Court Hi, I am Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee for the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund. Every single 911 Plaintiff who filed a wrongful death claim after losing a relative due to the 911 terrorist attacks has been forced to settle their cases without a trial. Our federal courts have worked hard to prevent any of them from coming to trial because a trial would involve a formal investigation of 911 and the powers that be don't want that. In the case of Ellen Mariani, a 911 widow, a corrupt attorney/fiduciary (John Ransmeier) who was previously handling her case acted without her consent and settled her case without a trial. Ellen is still fighting and trying to reopen her case, despite very unfair and improper treatment by the courts. Her best bet now is an appeal to the US Supreme Court which she wants to do but she is very short of funds and needs the public's help to raise money very quickly to proceed. Please review the attached news release and please post it on the web and distribute it as widely as possible. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions. Best regards, Vincent Gillespie Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee for the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund P. O. Box 1284, Greenfield, Mass. 01302. 413-512-0634 News release of Ellen Mariani LDF 1a.pdf 66K View Download

Monday, August 13, 2012


What’s Going On? Ten Hunches About 9/11 by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization As John F. Kennedy once observed, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie , but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.” And hence, the untruth of the official myth concerning 9/11 is easily demonstrated by resorting to the all-but-unvisited realm (in the world of public belief) of scientific laws (that is, facts). But the problem is that the power of the myth is not based on its truth, but rather, in public perception it’s perceived the other way around. Thus, a newly-formulated scientific law might read: “The momentum of a going idea is nearly impossible to reverse.” And furthermore, the perpetrators of 9/11 can feel reasonably secure, at least for now, in the knowledge that no evidence can penetrate, let alone reverse, their scientifically untenable grip on the narrative as long as the gates of the judiciary and general access to public opinion are kept tightly closed. To add to their confidence by being brutally candid, it occurs to me that all or virtually all that we Truthers can properly claim to know as 100% fact regarding 9/11 is negative. That is, the twelve or a hundred and ten, or however many, iron-clad, verifiable scientific reasons why every known aspect of the official conspiracy theory is definitely not true, are about all we can point to with total certainty. As to what really did take place and what lay behind it (that is, factors that are positive), what we have is a whole superstructure – varying from individual to individual – of suppositions, or even hunches, educated by a plethora of circumstantial evidence, reams of colossal coincidences, star-studded fantasies, and pure guesses. In this spirit of being brutally and totally honest, I’ve jotted down some of what I think are the outstanding hunches I’ve had – things that seem plausible or likely to me and that have contributed to my overall view of 9/11, but that I can’t prove, at least at present. All the while, I’ll keep in mind – as I’m sure you will – that, since the following are not firmly evidence-based facts, at least for now, but mere hunches, I could easily be mistaken. (And you might profit from trying the same exercise for yourself, of listing the less-than-completely-founded suppositions, or hunches, on which your view of the subject of 9/11 in part relies). HUNCH 1 – That one root (Pre-conceptual) of what eventuated as 9/11 was a longstanding order (from Orders Central) for a canned “terrorist attack” to be activated as needed for an intended result. HUNCH 2 – That one root (Conceptual) of what eventuated as 9/11 was most likely a cockamamie plan for hijacked airliners flying into buildings hatched by a national security establishment asset cell (al-Qaeda or other) on assignment to fulfill the intent of #1. This would explain the mysterious reported “interceptions” of such a 9/11-resembling plan from patsy groups in far-flung locations in years and months prior to September, 2001. HUNCH 3 – That the operation that eventuated as 9/11 was, however, completely subsumed and carried out by the security establishment and possibly its institutional allies (for instance,the Mossad), relying totally on automated guidance of impact aircraft as by far most certain to yield success in creating sufficiently-impressive diversionary strikes. HUNCH 4 – That a sort of boggling signature artistry and symmetry were intentionally incorporated into the operation, visible for instance in the multiple military exercises reminiscent of the real thing, in the symbolism of the particular date selected, etc. HUNCH 5 – That the Pre-conceptual order to develop a canned, time-flexible, horrific shock event (#1) originated above the nation-state level, from an incomparably uber-rich anomalous entity probably small enough to avoid the need for a visible or identifiable structure. The root perpetrators may be a small handful of trustees for governance of the world’s incomparably-rich individual or family. HUNCH 6 – That the official story of 9/11 is an action chapter – a sort of crest of a long-breaking wave – in an endless day-by-day accelerating narrative perhaps written in general outline years or decades in advance, sometimes in anticipation of the technology it requires for plausibility. HUNCH 7 – That the leading secret stockholders of the world’s central banking structure were involved in at least approving and coordinating with the 9/11 plan. HUNCH 8 – That the de facto separateness of the world’s national governments and national militaries is a fiction, they all being vassals and firmly controlled from above, with assigned roles. (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, perhaps Venezuela, are problematic). But the vassals' leaders are just as prone to guilt, because they are Quislings and still morally and legally responsible, and could resign or tell all instead of collaborate in 9/11, etc. HUNCH 9 – That the world’s wars and partisan divides are all epiphenomenal theatre, with the real event flow being the induced accelerated flow upward of monies at interest to concentrate wealth and suffocate, poison, strangle, and discourage “excess” and marginal populations: the “Great Squeeze”. HUNCH 10 – The main reason the whole (government + corporate) establishment in the U.S. is so supremely protective and unyielding of anything remotely close to the truth of 9/11, the pervasive financial system, etc., etc., is that, if the truth became generally known, creating national un-cooperation, the spigots of sustaining artificial wealth from Rothschild central banking sources would, it is reasonably feared, dry up and be delivered elsewhere, the U.S. as a favored realm being abandoned and relegated to history. A BONUS HUNCH – The above eventuality (#10) would probably not be all that bad, though, since we’d get to see what we could do relying on our own resources and labor unleashed, free of the burden of imposed mega-indebtedness in support of artificial financial system worldwide enslavement. What we may have to fear and fight is a profiteering transfer of our residual or newly-created wealth out to apply at profit elsewhere. BOTTOM LINE : Proclaim the truth and its evidence! JH / 8/13/12