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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jacking Us Around: 9/11 In Context

Jacking Us Around: 9/11 in Context by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization Our friends in Europe in particular have a field day on a more or less regular basis accusing Americans of being hopeless duffuses. Why else would we make such awful electoral decisions, and then make them again? Why do we consistently show up at their airports, cafés, and hostelries proudly displaying our utter ignorance of the world as they know it? What they forget, or maybe have never entirely come to realize, is that they are bombarded these days perhaps with only a small proportion of the endless barrage and barrier to reason of induced shock events and scamming and mental programming via media that we are. The only other explanation is that we’re different species. It could well be that this current shock event, the anomalous pre-election October Surprise massive hurricane devastating most of the Northeast is an entirely natural occurrence, and not engineered. It could just be a case of nature jacking us around to somehow throw a wrench into our election. Or, it could be a HAARP-related operation using chemtrails. (See . There were similarly those who held that the August 23, 2011 Washington, DC/Virginia earthquake – a thing unheard of, or virtually so, was promulgated by one internal faction to destroy the elaborate underground virtual 51st state domain of the unelected Provisional Government cabal pulling most of the strings now. These wacko theorists (if that’s what they are) point to a Colorado quake that occurred that very same weekend to also crumble the western retreat version of the same thing, which was reachable, according to some, by high-speed underground Interstate. And don’t forget that none other than Webster Tarpley told us that 9/11 was primarily a battle in an ongoing civil war between factions fighting over possession of security codes (for data access? for launch?) that came off as a behind-the-scenes coup d’etat. The truth for us emerging from all these highly telling more-than-possibilities, and more than a few events conclusively proven to be staged for mis-attribution, but not widely reported as such, is that we need to say, definitively, “No más!” The roaches always there behind all the scenes need to be pulled out and beheaded, or whatever it takes – hopefully in response to convinced and unremitting mass insistence. And, it is we, my fellow change-agents, who must do the convincing! Indeed, No mas! This is no way to have to live! And, I am convinced that Belgians, for instance, would see through this type of ruse instantly if it happened more than ten times to them. Don’t be shy! Start spreading the word! JH: 10/30/12

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What We Have To Overcome

What We Have To Overcome (The Crusades Template) By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization Flash!!! People are not solitary minds occupying bodies. Juries work by, in effect, converting random human specimens into discrete minds, reprogrammed for the express purpose of processing evidence logically. And that’s what we 911 Truth activists are also asking people to do. But in crucial counter-distinction, the people we ask to render a logical evidence-supported judgment are not likewise reprogrammed or protectively shielded in any way to drop their socialized encumbering baggage to permit them to do that. Indeed, they are socialized out in the world to not only recall at all times which side their bread is buttered on, but also from whence come the customary currency, kudos, connections, and perks, that condition and constitute their circumstantially-negotiated existences. Let’s face it – as much as we 911 Truthers might enjoy patting ourselves on the back for being super-perceptive and logical and seeing reality uniquely rationally and scientifically, we are very largely a tribe made up of folks who have gone through the fire, are retired (or have been ejected) from sobering and compromising employment or somehow self-employed, hardened, relatively self-sufficient skeptics, having less than most personally left to lose. We are the modern Seminoles, kind of, sort of, in a way. The reason we are having such a hard time shaking the apples from the tree in convincing people about 9/11, which seems so self-evident, is that it’s perceived as so far to fall for most, who, unlike us, are still connected vitally to the tree (if only in their dreams); so, they hang on precariously, even if it demands maintaining and defending positions counter to all good and decent sense. Again, let’s face it – the empowering current and signals that energize the collective-level operating system of our civilization at large emanate primarily from above and are conducted to receptors and bulbs (however dim!) throughout, without the aid of a lot of reflection (producing resistance). And, to be realistic, probably an overwhelming number, at this point, of those who do respond favorably to our entreaties of evidence and appeals to reason and science are either footloose from the system, like most of us, or just being agreeable and polite and might just about as well agree with us if we were passionately promoting the opposite side. Whoever knows? Most people aren’t activists unless they somehow become “tuned in and turned on” That’s our task. What I’m saying is that it’s not really that people at large are too stupid (as all too many of us are accustomed to allege), meaning by implication that we are that much smarter. The fact that random citizens function satisfactorily as jurors and juries (but only if their personal immunity from negative repercussions is assured satisfactorily) belies that. Instead, the difficulty we’re facing has to do with them being systematically programmed to be docile and go along – programmed by repetition and factoids (lies), by masks of well-meaning and independent thinking, by disinformation, by reinforced fear of deviancy, derision and shaming, perhaps by hypnotic suggestion, and by every known means encouraged to internalize and ratify, no need to think it through. Something the representative authority figures themselves usually don’t do, being likewise empowered from above by the amoral material gods they also serve and fear. In the words of Charles Fort, “I think we are farmed.” So, if we reject the implications of this set-up, it’s our daunting task to go about the challenging, major-league business of learning how to, in effect, re-program and re-orient society sufficiently, as did our spiritual forebears who involved themselves in the businesses of Anti-Slavery, Women’s Suffrage, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement. All of which, by at long last triumphing, prove it can be done. It is time for us, the 911 Truth movement, as divided and dispirited as we are and have long been, to decide that we, too, mean business. We’ve proven so far that we can keep the issue alive. But, it should be evident by now that we can’t win unless we more than double down on everything. But, win we can! Because, in this current case, desperately-repeated false flags and loathing and scapegoating of Muslims portrayed as ungrateful and untrustworthy subhuman fiends is not an ultimately-winning proposition or rationale. And it hasn’t been since the pathetic end of the Crusades, the thousand-year-old template for what it is we’ve now got to overcome. Talk about backward and yesterday! We certainly ought to be able to displace that by advancing, multiplying, and ramping up our persistent, drumbeat message: “Investigate and justice! It wasn’t the Muslims who did it!” JH: 10/14/12

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black Arts & Eschatology

Black Arts & Eschatology By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization A deep pall of gloom and doom is cast over the earth by its relatively privileged scribbling pseudo-class just now. Relatively-privileged? Yes! We’re not being racked and guillotined too much lately, just banned from commanding theatres – ask Paul Cross, whose reveal-all film “Operation Terror”, realistically portraying the murky inner-workings of the ironically-denominated “Security establishment” in planning 9/11, has reportedly gotten universally blackballed. Or, ask anyone who’s tried to get the unvarnished truth about anything into newspapers or on radio/TV of late (with the noteworthy exception of Colorado Public TV, selling Truth access as an effective funding mechanism). So, they let us live, usually, but, in effect, cut our tongues out. And then, there’s Trine Day publishing house, a mighty little engine that puts forth Bilderberg exposés and twenty-first century blitzkrieg, and whose latest infamous offering is a volume by an unheralded guy named S.K. Bain, entitled modestly The Most Dangerous Book in the World, 9/11 as Mass Ritual. In it, Bain (Bain Capital?) delves more deeply into the already widely-acknowledged occult and obscure ancient religious fetish supposedly fueling the whole 9/11/01 black operation than anyone else that I know of has. Mr. Bain really gets into it. As if it would come as a surprise by now, he finds or assigns deep occult numerological and anagramatical associations, with Marduk, devil-man Aleister Crowley’s writings, Satan Rock lyrics, and whatever else imaginable, for literally every conceivable detail of 9/11 and its plotting, placement, ponerology, and personnel including extras – as if the medium were the madness. And, if you read him, you will become convinced of that degree of depravity – guaranteed. Otherwise, all the coincidences would be just too impossibly overwhelming. He makes his initial case (better, I believe, than others who have gone there before). And it’s an amazing read. But, having re-invented the wheel once again, Bain pronounces, in effect, that the fruits of those who labor to demonstrate or prove how it was done – by thermite or whatever – are largely beside the point. The point being, simply, that inside-connected operatives, and not Muslim terrorists, planned and pulled it off. (True, but signatures come with the methods that are being established, not attributable to outsiders like the supposed Muslim fiends. Mr. Bain does what he does in the main part of his book well. It’s intriguing. It’s informative. It’s convincing. In a sense, it’s sociology. And then, he moves on to what I would call a rather lame (and long, drawn-out) prediction of a bigger and even worse – nuclear! – hecatomb, to befall yet in this Mayan-marked year, courtesy of the very same fevered brains. And, at the risk of ashes in my mouth, I’d say that’s no less likely to occur than a hundred other reasoned guesses might be. And no more, based as it is on practically nothing. A locally-famous and beloved Brazilian soccer star was once asked how his team intended to confront the “problematica” (problematics) of a specific perceived team weakness. His much-heralded answer was that his team was not into the dismal intricacies of problematica. What they were concerned with was something to be called “solucionamatica” (solution-matics). In other words, he coined a new word. My conclusion is that we need to get on more to solution-matics! We’ve had about enough description of the problem – the crimes and their aftermath of criminal deception, described and decried endlessly for eleven years. Now, what are we going to do about it? How are we going to counter and re-reverse it all, to overthrow the overthrow we all so much lament of our very lives, fortunes, and sacred honor (to coin a phrase)? How are we going to reverse the flow away from us and bring justice back prominently to define the picture? That must be the question we now dare ourselves to grapple with moving forward. JH: 10/10/12

Donate to Ellen Mariani, Last Holdout 911 Truth Plaintiff

Ellen Mariani wants to take her appeal regarding 911 to the US Supreme Court but she needs our help All of the 911 plaintiffs who sued for wrongful death after having lost a family member on 911 (and who refused to opt in to a special Victim's Compensation Fund) – about 96 cases – were routed through Judge Alvin Hellerstein’s federal district court in New York. He has pressured and/or manipulated ALL of them to settle out of court, without a trial. Not one of these cases has been allowed to go to trial and everyone is being given “hush money” and no one is allowed to talk because they all (apparently all of the plaintiffs) have gag orders or were required to sign non-disclosure clauses. Ellen Mariani’s case was settled over her strong objections by a lawyer with dubious motivations, John Ransmeier, who appears to have been working with the powers that be. Mariani has refused to take the money and is the last person still fighting to get justice in the courts and to find out through the courts what happened on 911, something Judge Hellerstein and the federal courts and the powers that be do not want. It is in the interest of all of us that this appeal should go forward. Ellen Mariani’s latest filings show improper connections on the part of Judge Hellerstein with several of the defendants in her case. The filings also show gross conflicts of interest involving attorney Ransmeier, who was actually representing United Airlines at the same time that he was settling Ellen Mariani’s case against United Airlines and other defendants. Judge Hellerstein has repeatedly rebuffed Ellen Mariani’s efforts to revive her case. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals also doesn’t want anyone rocking the boat and that court issued a very hostile order dated 6/26/12 which threatened (on p. 6) to issue sanctions against both Ellen Mariani and her attorney, Bruce Leichty, after he filed a motion dated 4/19/12 exposing some of these conflicts of interest. Ellen Mariani’s best (and possibly last) opportunity now is to file an appeal with the US Supreme Court. But she is short of funds and needs to raise $11,000 by 11/1/12 in order to proceed. The Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund ( has been set up to collect that money. Our August 30, 2012 News Release has more information about this case. Please distribute our news release as widely as possible and, if you feel you can, please chip in and donate and/or urge others to do so. -Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund