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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Donate to Ellen Mariani, Last Holdout 911 Truth Plaintiff

Ellen Mariani wants to take her appeal regarding 911 to the US Supreme Court but she needs our help All of the 911 plaintiffs who sued for wrongful death after having lost a family member on 911 (and who refused to opt in to a special Victim's Compensation Fund) – about 96 cases – were routed through Judge Alvin Hellerstein’s federal district court in New York. He has pressured and/or manipulated ALL of them to settle out of court, without a trial. Not one of these cases has been allowed to go to trial and everyone is being given “hush money” and no one is allowed to talk because they all (apparently all of the plaintiffs) have gag orders or were required to sign non-disclosure clauses. Ellen Mariani’s case was settled over her strong objections by a lawyer with dubious motivations, John Ransmeier, who appears to have been working with the powers that be. Mariani has refused to take the money and is the last person still fighting to get justice in the courts and to find out through the courts what happened on 911, something Judge Hellerstein and the federal courts and the powers that be do not want. It is in the interest of all of us that this appeal should go forward. Ellen Mariani’s latest filings show improper connections on the part of Judge Hellerstein with several of the defendants in her case. The filings also show gross conflicts of interest involving attorney Ransmeier, who was actually representing United Airlines at the same time that he was settling Ellen Mariani’s case against United Airlines and other defendants. Judge Hellerstein has repeatedly rebuffed Ellen Mariani’s efforts to revive her case. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals also doesn’t want anyone rocking the boat and that court issued a very hostile order dated 6/26/12 which threatened (on p. 6) to issue sanctions against both Ellen Mariani and her attorney, Bruce Leichty, after he filed a motion dated 4/19/12 exposing some of these conflicts of interest. Ellen Mariani’s best (and possibly last) opportunity now is to file an appeal with the US Supreme Court. But she is short of funds and needs to raise $11,000 by 11/1/12 in order to proceed. The Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund ( has been set up to collect that money. Our August 30, 2012 News Release has more information about this case. Please distribute our news release as widely as possible and, if you feel you can, please chip in and donate and/or urge others to do so. -Vincent Gillespie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund

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