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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keeping to Our Solemn Task

Keeping to Our Solemn Task by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * As I have pointed out more than once before, the only possibly productive path for the 911 Truth movement is to focus its own attention and energies and its target audience's attention squarely on 9/11 truth, rather than generalizing to work on a dozen other causes as well. To do the latter is to dilute and obscure our message and dissipate our energy and effectiveness, however worthy or related the other causes may be. There might not always be the steady stream of tantalizing new information, new information sources, or brilliant insights coming out every month these days regarding 9/11 that there once were. But the importance of the matter at hand -- to change the culture to expecting and irrepressibly demanding truth, justice, and a restoration of our stolen and trashed constitutional guarantee of due process - is at least as great as it ever was. I still maintain that our access to popular self-government, to drive the outcome of the political process, is still there. But only if we seize it and irresistibly force the issue, as the painstakingly re-educated public finally did to force an end to the Vietnam War and, a century earlier, to end, not just manage or limit, slavery. In the latter connection, PBS inadvertently handed us a marvelous template recently in presenting its stunning three-part documentary, "The Abolitionists". I strongly urge everyone reading this who did not see that series, in full or in part, to order it inexpensively from Amazon and watch it, with 911 Truth in mind. The Abolition Movement, our spiritual if not linear forebear, which finally prevailed in its objective in the time of Lincoln, began largely with William Lloyd Garrison's founding of his anti-slavery newspaper, "The Liberator", in 1829, and the start of his many speaking campaigns and tours that continued unabated, through thick and thin, sickness and health, over the next four decades. He gradually picked up converts, virtually one by one at the beginning, in a country that was at the outset fairly comfortable, both North and South, with the bondage of some human beings by others, exacted as the necessary price for preserving national unity. Eventually, that one rather scholarly man figuratively beating a drum was joined in his never-ending march by some great companions, including Frederick Douglass, Angelina Grimke, and a whole host of others. And then, a small army of followers fell into line and joined them. There were petitions galore, flooding congressional mail rooms and editors' desks, nonstop, month after month. Both fear and abject loathing of activists on steroids and the imagined and actual effect of their nonstop activism arose and spread throughout the country. They were banned, railed and legislated against, Garrison came within seconds of being hanged by a surging mob on free state soil, the meeting houses where they were holding rallies was burnt to the ground. They were, for a very long time, an even smaller minority of a minority than we are. By comparison, no one - apparently, not even the paranoid security services within our government - fears or truly loathes us enough to actually do anything to stop us, not even so much as to put us or any of our leaders on the notorious no-fly lists, threaten and occasionally denounce us as they might - even though our cause is every bit as important as that of the Abolitionists. And that's because we don't, as a proper movement, show even two percent of the dedication or nerve that they did. Instead, we get restless or clay feet and stand (or, more aptly, sit) down. Finally, a new major political party arose in the country back in their day to do something about slavery - but only to limit its spread. And the Abolitionists, split by that time between the non-violence (Garrison's) faction and the armed force, action branch exemplified by the firebrand true-believer and soon-to-be martyr John Brown, didn't find the new "milk-and-water" Republicans worth even supporting. They demanded abolition, not limitation, just as we must begin to stand up much more visibly, vocally, and energetically and demand justice, and not reconciliation, which will only confuse, and never lead to the truth. And, we must stick to the facts, avoid jumping at rumors and false leads absent proof or evidence, bearing in mind that such always could be, and at times undoubtedly are, disinformation or deliberate diversions. Let's not waste our energy, time, or precious credibility on allegations that lack strong evidence or proof. If there aren't any longer constant new developments by the bushel related to 9/11 these days, as in earlier years, there still are, I am convinced, scores of millions of people out there, including a fair number potentially willing to join us, who have never in more than a decade heard what we have to say. There are millions who know nothing about Building 7, controlled demolition evidence, free-fall speed, "hijackers" still alive, or all the many anomalies at the Pentagon and Shanksville. They don't know precisely because we haven't gotten around to telling them, even today. We sit around and argue technical points, split into our own feuding factions, nurse grudges, watch a hundred videos of the same thing, trash-talk and exchange insults in blogs, and -- what? - wait for the media to tell the people the truth about September 11? On the issue of 9/11, we are the only truth-telling, investigative media there is. Just as in Garrison's time. At the end in those days, in 1865, after the nation had effectively embraced and adopted his cause, and the newly-reconstituted majority triumphed, before politics barged in to tarnish it in the years afterward, Garrison was lavishly praised and honored by the newly-freed ex-slaves and President Lincoln for his unstinting dedication and leading the nation to what was good and decent - for in effect re-making the nation, as is our task to do. Lincoln, though belatedly, by that time, finally "got it" and had framed the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment, which set the stage for the still-radical Fourteenth, precisely because Garrison's once-miniscule, ever-dedicated band had blazed the way. And might we so re-dedicate as to come to deserve that sort of credit and success also - despite politics. JH: 2/26/13

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Tribe, Its Relations, & the "Why?"

Our Tribe, Its Relations, & the "Why?" by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization One of the several hats I've worn has been as a Brazilianist, a traveler, sometime resident, and scholar of Brazil, one of the world's lesser-known and underestimated truly great countries. (See and buy my great two-volume history of Brazil at! At the time of its discovery in 1500, Brazil's five- or six-thousand mile span of endless, mostly gorgeous tropical beachfront was largely occupied by the great Tupi (pronounced tu-PEE) nation, with non-Tupian, so-called Tapuian tribes of Indians beaten back into the interior. (A famous cartoon in Brazil has two similar-looking Indians meeting in the rain forest, and one thinking to himself, as he sizes up the other: "Tupi or not Tupi?") Anyway, the great Tupi nation was divided down the middle into two absolutely identical functioning tribes, the Tupinamba and the Tupiniquim. These two tribes of the Tupi spoke the same identical language, practiced the same culture, and shared the same religious and all other beliefs and legends, and absolutely hated each other's guts. One of the two tribes became allied with the Portuguese invaders and occupied certain areas involved in the Brazilwood trade, and the other became allied with their arch-rivals, the French, and occupied the other areas. Both went completely nude due to the climate and for want of anything to fashion clothes from, and both were cannibalistic, that practice during their nonstop wars serving ecologically to avoid catastrophic pressure on available resources by limiting population growth. But, in truth, the two great, widespread tribes of Tupi were absolute mirror images of one another. Now, as I see it, the 911 Truth Movement is also composed of two different tribes, though, at least superficially, the two are united by one or two key shared convictions. Both alike decry the official story's prima facie implausibility and the ruthless and robust cover-up and unyielding resistance to unbiased criminal investigation. I don't know about the comparative strength in terms of numbers of these two functional tribes or components. But the difference between the two stems from their different origins and nature as active parts of the movement. One contingent or component of the movement - one tribe, or sub-tribe, in my comparison - are true conspiracy theorists, in that everything is a conspiracy for them, everything from chem trails to Sandy Hook to chlorine to moon landings to hurricanes. Nothing is anything like it seems or is presented, ever. It just isn't. The government, Cointelpro, or the NWO or shape-shifting lizard aliens, or somebody, is always, in every instance and event and aspect, putting one over on us, to our arguable horrible detriment. You don't need particular evidence to know that, it just always is so. And evidence, if there is any that's genuine and beyond dispute, will only bear that out. Hence, authority, whatever authority, even (or, for some practicioners, especially) local - be it governmental or people or organizations with more money, hence more power - is always and inevitably the enemy, pre-evidence and self-evident, with only hidden or ulterior agendas and motives for everything. Case closed. The other sub-tribe, or tribe, among us are the evidence-based contingent 911 Truthers. These, in general, don't carry a chip on their shoulder, they don't pre-judge, but only consider and respond to the verdict directed by the extant, thoroughly examined evidence. Of course, they may also be, in effect, Truthers in regard to certain selected other issues, matters, and events as well. But not automatically so, and only in response to the particular evidence. These folks, scientists and educated (including self-educated), most of them, are our best, most-credible advocates to the public in general by far, being hard-sell and rational by reputation, careful of fact, and yet impressively convinced regarding 9/11, inarguably the greatest and central event of our time. And then, a third apparent - but only apparent - sub-group in our midst must be mentioned. These are the imposters or posers, who pose as 911 Truthers, either to try to misguide, confuse, or divide us, or perhaps, in some cases, just to hang out with what they consider "the fringe" - being us. A vexing question still hounding the scorned, pariah community of stubborn conscience and resistance that we've become is: why, after all, do so many seemingly decent people inhabiting positions of some power of function in the establishment shun and revile us and consider us unworthy as would-be participants in the American mainstream conversation? Pondering this question for years, I've never quite accepted the common explanation that it's because they're all deluded in some way. I don't think we've shut out, especially by the media, because they think we're wrong, or even delusional. Nor do I think that they are necessarily for the bad guys at the top who oppress us all alike and have committed compounding unspeakable acts over these past years and decades. (That term has real and important meaning when you think about it - unspeakable acts.) The real reason, in the main, that they shun us and shut us out so completely is that they are deathly afraid of what we are saying, that is, of the unspeakable truth. Because, the truth is that 9/11 was committed to enable the controllers to create or introduce a new enemy after the end of the Cold War, to justify, for the masses and their own benefit, expenditures of trillions on armaments for war, armaments for export, manufacture by companies they own and control of military goods and all manner of services, supplies, related bank and financial mega-transactions, energy grabs, public relations, and sinister mass-employment programs on the public dime. And all of this compounded and enhanced by the related engine of oppressive cruelty and greed exercised already for the specially-selected handful of private individuals via the hand-sleight of debt-serfdom banking. The truth that there was no significant overseas enemy was betrayed and ditched in the most emphatic and scary way conceivable on September 11, '01. And so, we got the new military complex, the steroid-fed, bloated and more-than-ever militarized and paleo-energy dependent economy, and an attendant reconfiguration of social rules, explicit and implicit. In law and in practice. Precisely in order to accommodate those shifts. And we're running so close to the edge in so many respects as a result, that, by tacit agreement, the "responsible" members of society lower down in the establishment are scared to death that the two great lies (9/11 and the FED) that got us in this position by "necessitating" the militarized imperial economy and foreign policy of compulsion exposed and owned up to, and all of the resulting reconfiguration might be unmasked as unnecessary and actually insane. If those monumental deceptions ever were to be unmasked, the very real feared scenario runs, the U.S. as a working society might implode and fall like the Twin Towers, and the enactors and sustainers with them. That's the deathly fear that guards the sealed vault. Otherwise (and we might actually approach this as a possibility if the new diversification attending the "green economy" and restored manufacturing base becomes a successful reality, completely displacing dependence on all-out war-based economics), a few more of the regular people in the establishment, including regular operatives in the media, might begin to see our point and join us in wanting to see all the betrayers, mega-murderers, and arch-swindlers alike swing in the breeze. In the meantime, garner your evidence and sharpen your presentation skills! If you don't justify your knowledge to others, you'll effect nothing. What a waste! Don't be a Tupi! JH: 2/03/13