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Monday, December 23, 2013

Revised Bottom Line: American "Defense" Ruse Imperative

Revised Bottom Line: American “Defense” Ruse Imperative by James Hufferd, PhD Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization #-#-#-# What’s the biggest or key realization to keep in mind from 2013? For me, it’s that the extreme, desperate and all-but-air-tight cover-up of 9/11 by the whole government/corporate establishment is not primarily maintained to protect the individual perpetrators of the operation, planners or operatives – more or less foot-soldiers or mercenaries for the real power hurling devastatingly lightning-bolt lethal directives daily as its M.O., but rather to protect the precisely-calculated super-effectiveness of their rationale and excuse for mounting the endless cycle of war that sustains them and uniquely serves their multiple radically anti-social purposes. The incalculably deadly everywhere fractiousness that we – nearly all of us – don’t want, that we hate and dread, is what our vulnerable cultures are tricked and endlessly cajoled to permit, with the alternative being to succumb to “them”, the other, devious, subhuman, inhuman, un-American aliens, shown to be, quite obviously, over and over on TV, desperate to devilishly murder YOU. So, we’ve got to combat them over there. And this cartoon-fashion ruse is carried out and much-repeated stone-faced in real time so that the lackeys of the true Mr. Big’s at the very top can be kept in line for the accelerated economic squeeze of every single dollar, pound, and shekel from the pockets of the piker and relatively-piker six-plus billion on earth to the coffers of the handful of Central Bank trustees by according those rich lackeys of the top dogs unrivaled war plunder and both-sides funding opportunities. To wit: Eisenhower’s “Military Industrial Complex” has yielded the upward transfer of profits unproductive to every-day humanity amounting to an estimated $7 trillion since 2006 alone. And if the public at large were ever to “get it” – to see through the sleight-of-hand to discern what was really happening (for instance, just for starters, that there were no “Muslim terrorists” as such on 9/11, but rather controlled demolition or bombs of whatever sort at the Pentagon and thrice at the WTC), the game would be over and the mechanism run over and knocked apart by raucous and uncontainable public demand, or else every recalcitrant, reeking carcass of a creature of administration and Congress would be ignominiously scorned and carried out bodily or by ballot. One thing we’ve got to get straight – the “cover up” may be as despicable as the root crime on 9/11, maybe more so, maybe less. But it’s still a separate crime, because 99.9% of all those involved and complicit in the cover-up were not among those responsible for the original crime. They are twin related, essentially separate grievous offenses against this nation and the world. No, the name of the game, the reason for the outrage itself, and all the aftershock outrages and ruses of every stripe since has been WAR. War to keep the supportive minions, the otherwise idle wartime investment class and military profiteers and all that bloody-handed ilk fat and happy and supportive of the rapidly progressing Big Squeeze by the very top-dog central bankster trustees who mandated the order that resulted in 9/11 (which wouldn’t have been authorized otherwise) and many other indignities to humankind before and more so since. The U.S. military is in fact their military, in liege to them. Even the real foot soldiers and grunts are hateful of the bloody, loathsome business they do and are quickly or slowly destroyed by it themselves – though less so when it’s got off by equally-lethal and heinous drones and high-enough altitude bombs. And the professional jackals at the top of the top-down moribund “anti-war movement” are complicit and drip blood, showing their true identities by their consistent spurning of any and all involvement with 9/11 Truth, which cuts to the Achilles’ heel of the perpetual war cycle. And meanwhile the reality of democratic (according with the popular majority) decision-making is avoided and thwarted by the political system, because, overwhelmingly, people detest and would end war in an instant if not psyched. And the media is afraid to tamper with, even note the mechanism of the game that signs its checks. Can’t have the whole house of cards crumble! The purpose is resoundingly not to win and end wars, but to have them and keep them going, and more coming. Which is why the almighty U.S. and Allied militaries are still “fighting the Taliban” after 12 years, the same Taliban the skimpy tribal “Northern Alliance” in Afghanistan routed by itself in a week just before. And why reasoned theories of what happened on 9/11 are derided without a glance. “Don’t you support the troops?” I’m sometimes pointedly asked. My response: “I never support gangs of brainwashed trained killers.” There’s no answer to that, ever. Pull on the thread of 9/11, press the evidence enough so people will get it, and the whole woof and warp of our insidious growing oppression (the World-Wide Whack) will unwind. Peace on earth! JH: 12/23/13

Friday, December 13, 2013

9/11: The National Sore-Spot

9/11 : The National Sore-Spot by James Hufferd, PhD Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * One of the great themes of modern literature is that of the Chosen, the few, the proud, survivors of a cataclysm or apocalypse. So, welcome to the party! You are The Redeemed! Let me explain before you go and blow it. It seems the emergent world (if that’s what it was doing) of rational humans ended on September 11, 2001. And you who stubbornly continue to apply the promising highest product of mind-propelled civilization, millennia-distilled principled scientific reasoning, to its ultimate test-case for most among us, at least in modern times, our understanding of 9/11, are in a real sense the survivors, the surviving seed for repopulating an evolved human culture on this planet. All others capable of apprehending mega-events remain in various phases of denial or still holed up in protective caves of their own construction, amounting in practical terms to the same thing. Meanwhile, myth-dependence and faith-based, as distinguished from evidence-based navigation as a mode of global- or cosmic-scale understanding, long thought to be dying out among the normally- or well-educated, seems to have received a spectacular shot of adrenaline as a protective reflex in the presence of what people are told, and the untrained eye construes as a terrifying, purely-evil alien attack, well beyond our capacity (we are told) to construe rationally otherwise: What you see is what you get, to quote Walter Mitty, or somebody. Hence, we’re told, it’s foolish (as well as unpatriotic, mischievous, and affording comfort to the enemy) to consort with anyone who’s such a blatant idiot as to not accept what couldn’t be more obvious. They are out to get us, and that’s that, it’s reasoned, shortsightedly, by nearly everyone for outward consumption. We know who did it and we saw what they did, leaving no need to quibble. Go sick ‘em! And beyond the simpleminded reluctance to critically examine society-wide, as Constitutionally-guaranteed due process would require, there is a profound fear dictating avoidance for most “good citizens” in the prospect of being seduced by heresy. Religious dissenters have traditionally been shunned and avoided by others, who want to claim and keep all the goodies, assurances, and comforts held out as rewards and inducements for conformity to community-wide consensual beliefs. If all else fails to dissuade from straying, resort is even made by those in gainful authority to ginned-up threats of eternal torment, based on “the Deity said…” And in the case of 9/11-related obedience to orthodoxy, all things quite literally work together for bad for you, at least superficially, if you seriously wander, and especially if you try to persuade others to deviate from the explanation that serves and suits authority. All other conspiracy theories are authoritatively declared “outrageous” (implying that the official conspiracy – OCT – is merely “rageous”, one must suppose). And if you deviate, you will lose or loosen ties with friends and relations. Many of your fledgling social contacts and prospective friends in particular will cut you off and avoid any and all contact. People will warn others about you. Your employer and public and private patrons, funders, and buyers of your services will set you adrift. Your career, if any, might well be toast, your perks gone. Another step beyond: many fear that FEMA camps that some warn of will turn out to be the new post-modern leper colonies, Gulags, or “resettlement centers”, mostly incommunicado, placed away from access to the herd in cold, isolated places with inadequate heat and dwindling edibles. I don’t personally know if the FEMA camp legends are true or to what extent. But I do know that 9/11 is a sore-spot in our scoured and myth-laced national record even to professional chroniclers and mainstream historians of all stripes, who conspicuously leave its details and origins either out of their otherwise just-coherent-enough narratives altogether or deliberately render it vague and indeterminate. Because they could easily simply plug in the official story (as a few do) to fill in these gaps, this maddening tendency of the balance of them probably means they secretly comport with our assessment that the truth has been covered up, but would fight to the death to avoid actually saying so – because they know the consequences. It’s a glaring instance of the “spiral of silence” spotlighted by German writer Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann in her 1990s book by that title: don’t dare be caught naked alone. To tempt ostracism myself, even here (though I am not an atheist, and probably he isn’t), I quote the wisely-anonymous little boy who once observed, “Religion is believin’ what you know ain’t so.” And venture to opine that most people probably know down-deep lots of things they won’t let on and are unwilling to face head-on. But, in this case, what they refuse to embrace or believe can hurt and maybe kill them. Because the perpetrator strain are still at large and at work. Our national motto ought to be, “Say it isn’t so.” Which doesn’t change one iota the verifiable fact that it is. If there is a breaking point to come at which all of that deeply-held knowledge I posit exists will come whooshing out and can’t be bottled back up is anybody’s guess. JH/12/13/13